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Rey entered in her room through window to talk to her one last time. It was a night before her engagement. His eyes filled with pain when he saw her sitting on bed and weeping silently. Re ran toward her and knelt on floor before her.

"What happened taani? Why are you crying? Aren't you happy with with engagement?" Rey asked her, he might had put up a smile on his face but from inside he was dying seeing his love going away from him..forever.

"I don't want to do this engagement Rey, Please take me away from here. Please" She pleaded to him, hearing her his eyes went wide in shock. He couldn't deny but feel happy with the hope she was showing to him.

"Taani what had happened? Please tell me, You were forced in this relation? I promise I will take you away from here" Rey assure her, his eyes were teary too seeing her so broken.

"Rey i never wanted to marry vishesh. I don't love him nor in future i will be able to love him." Taani cried while telling him. Rey enable to hold his emotions hugged her tightly. She buried her face in his chest, she couldn't deny she was happy being back to her home, his arms.

"Then why you said to this marriage?" Rey asked her in painful tone.

"Rey taauji took promise from me. I couldn't deny him, it was him who raised me after mom-dad's death." Taani told him still weeping remembering how after returning back jodhpur from mumbai her tauji brought her marriage topic and asked her promise him that she will marry to the guy of his choice. Helplessness and her respect for tauji bound her to that promise. But after seeing Rey in her engagement she couldn't help but wants to be with him. She was angry and hurt when she came back from mumbai but staying away from him had made her realize he is what she want in her life, she want him back

Separation had taught her they can never be happy in being away from each other, He complete her then how can she live her life without her other half. 

"But tauji knew I love you and you also love then why? why he forced you?" Rey questioned her, before ndc her tauji come to know about their relation but that time he didn't said anything as they already broke up with each other and Rey was trying to get her back.

"Because you are a dancer Rey. Taunji hates dance and dancers that you already know, When i return back from mumbai he was furious on me for falling for a dancer then he decided to get me married to vishesh, his business partner's son and my childhood friend. Tauji knew that some or other day i would return back to you but he didn't wanted me to have any kind of relation with a dancer thus he fixed my marriage and took a promise from me but i don't want this marriage Rey" Tani broke into tears as she finished telling him. Rey's heart broke seeing his love suffering.

"Come Taani, We are going away from here, I can't let you suffer anymore. we will go away from here and start our new life together. Come" Rey told her, he can't let this engagement happen and see her suffering in that loveless relation

"But rey, tauji he will never let us go? If he come to know he will kill both of us" Taani feared her tauji, her tauji can do anything in anger. Rey cupped her face in between his palms.

"Taani you can't destroy your life by marrying that guy you don't love. We will go away from here without anyone's acknowledge. Trust me sweetheart no one will ever be able to separate you from me" Rey told her softly. She was forced to think over his words. He was right she can't destroy vishesh and rey's life along with hers, she knew her rey will never move on nor can she.

"Take me with you" She whispered looking into his eyes, asking him to take her away from this, away from the pain. He was ready to take her in their own world.

"Lets go" Rey helped her in packing her necessary stuff then they both jumped out of the window, to their luck her room was on ground floor.

"Its start of our new life, I promise this time i won't let you go away from me, even for a minute" Rey promised her bringing a smile on her face after so long. They couldn't believe they will re-unite like this and eloped from here but as it said destiny always have her own plans and  this time she wanted this love birds to meet.

As it was past midnight, no soul was awake to catch them. Rey had brought his car with his, they sat in his car and drove away to their new destination. Where happiness was waiting for them, they both had suffered alot, it was time for them to get their happiness back. This time even fate couldn't separate them, they were meant to be. He took her away from the pain into world of their love without caring what world will say. 

Random one shot. I know it was crappiest thing i have ever wrote.
Do leave your feedback and tell it was bad or worst Dead

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Res for comment/ unres
Hey dear its not crap yaar 
Damn cute it would super cutest when really happened
Loved it 

Loved it 
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Posted: 2015-04-18T11:09:21Z
Nice OS.
Keep writing dear :)
Love : Ale Heart
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Posted: 2015-04-18T11:09:29Z
Nice os di
Loved it Big smile
Beginning of a new life
Keep writing more.Edited by Miss_Sparkles - 2015-04-18T11:13:22Z
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Posted: 2015-04-18T11:12:25Z
wow soo good
wonderful os
amazingly decribe
last part nice
keep writing
take care
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Posted: 2015-04-18T11:14:21Z
it was not a crap poo...i loved it...kash saach mai aysa hota ...loved it
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Posted: 2015-04-18T11:29:27Z
Kaash D3 Mai aisa kuch ho jaataWink Nyc OS
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Posted: 2015-04-18T12:31:11Z
nice os
banner pic is amezing
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