MAGICAL MAANEET- journey of maaneet UPDATED PART-31,32,33,34,35,36

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Geet is a show about the life and troubles of an 18-year old girl named Geet. Geet marries a man because her family told her to; as a girl, she has no power to go against her family. She marries Dev on her family's wish and three days later, Dev ditches her, takes her family's money and property and heads off to Canada. Dev leaves Geet pregnant on the airport. After severing ties with her family from Hoshiyarpur for attempting to wrongfully kill her (due to her pregnancy), Geet moves to Delhi and is now working under Maan Singh Khurana. Maan is a man she coincidentally met in her hometown and had frequent unpleasant encounters with. Maan has saved Geet's life many times; after wishing for not seeing each other again, the moment Geet's in trouble, Maan comes to her aid. Furthermore, since being new in Delhi and not knowing anything, Geet works in Maan's office. By accident, Maan is Dev's elder brother; Dev returns to India after Maan clears Dev's debts. Dev is oblivious that Geet works for Maan, but can see a visible change in his brother due to Geet's presence. The ever-increasing love between Maan and Geet is constantly trialled and tested. 

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PART-1-11 check below 

PART-31 TO 36

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written update

                     geet 5th april  
  • The episode starts with alot of guys covered faces running after a girl and when they find her she asks one of them to forgive her and that it'll not happen again but they still kill her and she screams GEEETTT!!!!
  • In a courtyard a bunch of ladies are working and making masalas.
  • Then a lady asks where Geet is and Ranu comes and says that dont you think that there is something wrong with the masala and the other lady says its okay if there is something wrong but make sure nothing's wrong with Geet.
  • Ranu says dont worry god will take care of everything and then she says that first time a guy is coming to see her and that to from Canada and i hope they say yes.
  • Then paarji says they'll says yes but only after seeing her and where is she.
  • Ranu tells her that she went to college and paarji says why did she have to go to college if Daarji comes before her then they'll be trouble.
  • On the other side a bell rings and all the girls dressed in white and Blue come out and one girl runs out and another after her saying geet stop and geet says i cant today someone is coming to see me.
  • Then geet runs on the bridge where there are band people and she starts to dance with them.
  • After few minutes she leaves and runs through the market where she sees Rajji.
  • Geet goes behind her and imitates her mom and rajji gets scared and drops her food and turns around and see geet and goes back to eating golgappas.
  • Geet then asks her what wrong because she has tears and its not because of the golgappa and Rajji says she has a math test tomorrow and i found out today and didnt get to study at all now im definitely going to fail.
  • Then geet tells her that dont think too much or your hair will turn white and then she says that lodi is at night so study in the afternoon and then she says that i'll do all your work and then both of them ahead towards home.
  • Rajji gets home and she's going inside when paarji stops her and asks her where Geet is and rajji says how im i suppose to know i went to the tailor right after school because DollyBhabhi wants to get a suit fitted.
  • Then Dolly comes out and asks the tailor where his father is and he says that he wasnt feeling well so i came and the paarji says that if brij comes then he wont spare both of you and then says that if he doesnt make the tailor hang upside down then my name's not Ruchmainder and the tailor runs away.
  • Geet is running through the fields and then she reaches a scooter and calls out titu.
  • A small boy comes out and he tells geet that she 5 minutes late and geet says that its okay and then titu asks her if she remembers her promise and geet says i do but not today some other day.
  • Then titu gets sad and then geet says that you tell me something and i dont do it and then both of them get on the scooter and geet starts to ride it.
  • Then geet says that if someone sees us here then we'll be in trouble and we have to get home fast too and titu says because the Canadian guy is coming and geet says i dont want to go to Canada.
  • An old man and 2 other guys with him come to the temple and pray and then the old man sees ranjit and goes to him and says whats this i hear your daughter with someone and then he tells ranjit that its your fault and you should have keep an eye on your daughter and then he says that dont worry everything will be alright.
  • Then a lady comes to ranjit and asks him where he was and that she looked all over the place and says i cant find our daughter and daarji says go and save it before its too late and just as they both leave the mom sees a guy and stares at him and then goes and the guy goes and touches daarji's feet.
  • Then the guy says that i made him understand that either he lowers the price or else and other guy says brij i told you i'll make him understand and then he asks the guy behind him to go look for his sister and he says after what she did she cant be my sister.
  • Then Brij says that if Geet did this then what would you do chacha ji.
  • Geet's dupatta flies away and she goes behind the truck to get it and crashes into a the truck.
  • A guy comes out of his car and goes towards geet and says that wait i'll get your dupatta out and once he gets it out he sees them walking away and calls after geet but she still keeps going.
  • Geet and titu go towards the house while looking all around soo they dont get caught and on the other side brij is driving towards home with daarji and everyone.
  • Geet and titu are about to go in when the jeep comes in front of them and geet is shocked to see daarji and everyone else.
  • Then inside Daarji is hitting Geet's hand very hard with a stick and everyone is hurt and then he says that girls from this family dont go anywhere without a dupatta and your roaming around without one.
  • Geet says Daarji and daarji tells her to be qquiet and not to talk back and then titu says that its not Geet Di's fault and Brij says OYE and says who asked you to talk in between and titu says that she's getting punished because of me.
  • Then Brij says that shes a girl and she should know whats right and wrong and next time dont talk in between.
  • Then Daarji says your about to get married and your going to have to grow up but you and is about to hit her when a lady comes and says that the Boy's family is here and there in the guest house and Geet is crying and everyone else is sad watching her and the episode ends on her face.
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   ep-2 /6april

Dadi ji is telling off Geet's mum for allowing her to go to college, especially when the boy's family is coming; Geet and Titu are rushing home when Geet's dupatta flies away; Geet is caught by Dar ji without a dupatta and is punished...

The episode starts off when an aunty telling the family that the boy's family is in the guesthouse. Everyone is shocked, and Geet's aunty says that all preparations haven't been finished. Dar ji tells them that all will be done.

Geet is then shown in her room with her mum, Geet's aunty (Nurpinder) and Dolly Bhabhi. They are preparing her, and Geet tells her mum that she doesn't want to get married so early. Her mum tells Geet she's 18, and that when she got married, Geet's mum was only 16. Nurpinder then pipes up and says "it's not as if you're getting married straightaway - the boy's family have only come to see you." Dolly interferes and says "I mean, look at me, such a beautiful girl, and four boys saw me all from Canada before Dar ji approved of me." (Funny scene b/w Dolly and her mother-in-law). 
Dolly & Nurpinder leave to do some last-min prep, and Geet tells her mum again to not let her get married so early. Her mum tells her that whatever Dar ji decides is always for the best. Dolly comes and tells them that the boy's family is here, and Geet is told to get dressed, all the while she is crying.

The ladies of the Dev's family have come - his mother, his bhabhi (Naintara) and his sister (Kamna). There's small chitchat, and Dar ji introduces his family to them. He then asks where Dev is and Kamini tells them where he is... Dev is then shown walking into the courtyard, and on an upper level Geet is being escorted to the room where everyone is.

Food is brought out, and Kamna & Geet's uncle (Rajinder) have a bit of a laugh. Geet's father then says that Geet is here, and Dev's mother says "Oh look, my son is here too." Cut to Dev and Geet coming in (such beautiful background music)... When Geet and Dev see each other, there's shocked looks on both their faces.
A flashback is shown of Dev's family seeing Geet (in the previous episode) without a dupatta. All women are disgusted. Cut back to the present, and Kamna jumps up and says "Highlight dekho, highlight! Mum, it's that same girl we saw on the side of the road!" (She's such a bimbo.)Geet's family are shocked, and continues to tell the family what her mum said. Naintara tries to quiet Kamna, but she turns around and questions Geet directly. Geet looks down, and all her family are upset. They all ask Dev's family for forgiveness, and Dar ji says that if they turn down the rishta - Dar ji will understand, and Brij says "Because a girl from our own house has shamed us." 
Dar ji looks like he's going to kill Geet, and Geet's dad mentions for her mum to take Geet into her room...

BUT, Dev (finally) tells them to hold on. He tells the family that he is happy with this rishta, and everyone is shocked. Everyone is amazed & happy (except of course for Dev's family). Geet looks at Dev, and he's smiling...

Precap: Geet and Dev are standing on the terrace, and Dev wants to know Geet's opinion. She politely tells him she doesn't want to go to Canada...
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The episode begins with Dev telling everyone that it doesn't matter what happened with Geet that day. He wants to marry her. Dar ji turns to Pammi and asks for her opinion. She says that if the children are happy, then so is she. Naintara says that if Dev is happy with Geet, then they will accept her as a daughter-in-law. Everyone is really happy, except Geet. Dev notices this and asks Dar ji for Geet's opinion to be heard. Everyone stops and stares. Geet's dad (Vrinder) says "Why not, of course" and goes to Geet. Geet falters, but nothing comes out. Dar ji interferes and says "Enough... What the elders in the family have decided, the girl has decided the same." Brij asks Geet if she accepts the rishta, to which Geet doesn't reply...

Kamna congratulates Rano, and says "Now our work is done". Everyone looks at her, and Naintara corrects her - "it's not work, but a new relationship." Rano then tells Geet to ask Pammi for her blessings. Naintara teases Dev, and asks him if he's just going to stare at his new bride instead of asking his mother for blessings.
Dev & Geet (hereby known as D&G for now) touch Pammi's feet at the same time, and Geet quickly takes back her hand. Dev asks "Why did you stop?" D&G look into each other's eyes... (ai hai.. I'm definitely falling in love with this jodi!)

Naintara prompts Pammi to give her bangle to Geet as a form of shagun, and Pammi blesses Geet. Dar ji gives money to Dev as a small gift, and Dev at first refuses, but Rajinder tells him that it's a blessing from the elders, to which Dev agrees. Naintara says that they don't have words to express their happiness, and Kamna says that they must have a roka. Geet's family is shocked, and Rano silently tells Vrinder not yet. Vrinder tries to make excuses, but Pammi says that the children are right in saying there should be a roka. Dar ji says there will be a roka, and Dev just looks at Geet.. which prompts him to ask if he could speak to Geet in private...

Geet looks up, worried.. and Brij tells Dev that Punjab isn't Canada where girls & guys can talk before marriage. Dev says that he isn't trying to be disrespectful, but he just wants to know Geet's opinion. Brij tells him that Dar ji has already made it clear that whatever the elder/s decide, goes; and that girls & guys do NOT talk before marriage. But Dar ji stops Brij, and relents for D&G to talk. Brij tries to tell Dar ji, but Dar ji replies that sometimes one has to move ahead with the times. He tells D&G to talk on the terrace.. and Brij looks angry at this.

Dolly leads D&G onto the terrace, and tells them to go to the far side of the terrace, and that she will wait there. Geet still looks worried, so Dolly takes her aside and says "Why are you still worried Geet, it's not as if he'll eat you!" Dev looks on, smiling. 
(God, this woman makes me laugh..)

Geet has her head down (I swear at this rate, she'll have massive neck pains), and Dev starts by saying that ever since their marriage has been finalised, she's been looking apprehensive. He understands that it's only been 2hrs since they've met, and already their roka has been set. He wonders if she doesn't like him... but all this while Geet has her head down. He mentions that when he saw her on the road, in b/w her anxiety, there was a smile.. but ever since the marriage has been mentioned, her smile has gone. He says "it's obvious you're not happy with the marriage." To which Geet looks up and says no and hurts her foot on a piece of wood. She cries in pain, and Dev tends to her wound, telling her to close her eyes while he pulls out the splinter. She reacts to the sudden pain, and Dev makes a bandage out of his hankie. Geet watches him as he tends to her foot...

Cut back to the families sitting down as Rajinder passes around food. Someone calls out Brij's name, and he goes to them (I think the guy was the brother of that girl who got killed.) Brij asks him what he's doing here, as there's guests, and that he'll talk to him later. Rajinder starts telling Dev's family that b/w the roka and the wedding, they won't have to worry about a thing. Nurpinder notices that Naintara & Pammi are a bit distressed, and calls them out on it (nicely of course). Pammi replies in the negative, but says that she has a suggestion about the wedding - "Every wedding that has happened in our family has happened at Jaddipind (I think that's what it's called)... I would like for D&G's wedding to happen there as well." Geet's family are shocked (gosh, they definitely get shocked easily). Vrinder doesn't want it to happen there, but Nurpinder & Rajinder say it's okay. Rano asks for Dar ji's say in this matter. Dar ji agrees to have the wedding over there as long as all the traditions are followed, Vrinder looks upset...

Cut to D&G. Dev asks Geet if her feet hurts, and helps her to her feet. He asks again if she's happy with the rishta.. and says that marriage is very important for a girl.. he tells Geet to say what's on her mind without any worry. Geet falters but tells him that she doesn't want to go to Canada. Dev looks slightly annoyed. 

Dolly watches D&G and Rajji comes to see what's going on. D&G hear them, and Geet walks away leaving Dev staring after her...

Precap: Geet's family are celebrating something (not too sure what as I didn't see Dev's family) when a lady comes crying & screaming for her girl (the one who was killed in the 1st episode presumably). She points to Brij and says she knows he murdered her...
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Geet & Dev comes back in the hall then Kamna says there must be very long conversation on the roof she ask Geet to tell something new sister-in-law what u talk?
Dev says to his mom its late we should leave. Then Rano say to Geet's father now we are going tomorrow we'll tell u the Roka date after consulting to priest.Daaji told Dev mother i forget to tell you important thing that in the evening 
there is lohri party we always celebrate it on big scale this time we all want that in today's evening you all celebrate lohri with us
All were happy.then Rani say we have little request that till that roka isn't done we dont want this news to spread in society
All geet's family look worried then Dev's mother says when people hear that boy is from canada they seem panic already our experiences are very bad & you know that people 'll be jealous about this.Daaji agreed that till then roka's date 
wont fixed we'll not tell to anyone then Geet & Dev look at each other & Dev family left.
Then Geet father ask not telling people thing i dont understand then Daaji says we are giving them our daughter its better we agree with them Geet's father ask why our geet is perfect she dont have any problem then geet's brother say isn't it enough that she is a girl its better that she early go to her house
Geet goes on terrace thinks about Dev how he care for her.Geet's mother comes there & told her i bring some clothes for you choose one

Geets mother says that my daughter should look the beautifu you are going to marry 
be happy the she asks you both are made for eachother then she ask you like boy? Geet say yes her mother ask if u like then what you talk with him Geet say i think i talk too much infront of him her mother ask what you say tell me? Geet says i told him i dont want to go Canada leaving my family.
Her mother becomes angry & told her girls love that sort of boys & you reject him what you'll gonna do after studying alot girls study to get good husbands.She says if Daaji comes to know abt this
Geet says i didn't say anything wrong he asks me to say whats in yours heart tell me i tell him truth.Her mother scolds her about this then when Geets mother about to go back she sees that her sister-in-law standing behind she ask that what to do she tell i can go & tell them all she said o you cant all 'll be ruined & if men come to know they 'll be angry
they left from there
In the Lori party all peoples celebrating Daaji was happy & talk about fields.Geet's mother & her aunty talk her mother says i m very fear if boys family 'll come?
In the room geet thinks about her mother then she thinks about her talk to Dev.she takes Dev's handkercheif & thinks about Dev then her younger sister comes & drag her to outside
Her aunty pissed that she comes out.In the room Geet's sister gets frustrated that why they sent us back?they talk about her friend then Geet say dont talk about this.Geet says hope Deev's family arrive her sister tease her
Daaji ask Brij call boy's family & ask them where are they?Brij's mother ask him to do house work he say Daaji told him to call De's family then Daaji ask what you both are talking? then one women arrive & shouts
One women arrives & asks where is my chunni she cries please tell someone where is she?
Womens in party talk with eachother she is someones wife why she is shouting like this?If her chunni lost why she is asking to Daaji's family
Chunni's mother says i know you hide her Daaji shouts what the hell is going on how we know where is yours daughter?She shouts if you dont know then ask to yours grand son.
Brij thinks about beating some girl that girl crying & begging please leave me.That women says i know you hide her.In Brij's imagination he kills that girl.That women ask tell where is she?Brij shouts why you dont stop yours daughter when she was affairing with low cast boy
she have to pay for that?Chunni's mother stunned saying my daughteri know you kill my daughter?she falls down saying my Chunni then Dev's family arrive all family sees them & gets tense


Channi's mom curses that no girl from daarji's parivar will ever be happy.. Dev's family comes.. they say maybe we came at wrong time.. daarji says Channi's mom has gone mad.. pay no heed to her

then everyone wishes each other for lodi.. Dev wishes Geet and then says we will celebrate lodi in Canada like this.. will make Canada an India for you.. trust me.  Geet smiles and wishes him.

Then while everyone else is celebrating.. D&G are standing off to the side.. Geet asks looks like you didnt tell anyone what i told you one the terrace Dev ji.. he says ofcourse not.. that was between us.. and it will always remain between us. And then he does a cute gesture of holding his throat and saying promise.. smiling at Geet.. she smiles back.

Then Dev takes out his cell phone to take a pic of Geet.. she blushes and runs away.. but she looks back at him shyly.. he sees that ;)
Seeing a kid run by with a plate in his hand.. Dev places something in the plate and points at Geet.. the kid gives it to Geet.. she sees that Dev gave it.. taking the plate she runs off and hides behind a wall.. she sees a letter on there.. looking back at Dev shyly she opens it..
It says "we are far now.. till we are together.. a picture please" she blushes!

Dev gathers whole family and takes a pic of the whole family.. then he says one more.. but he zooms in on Geet.. just when he is about to take pic.. he gets a phone call.. 

talking on the phone Dev's expression changes.. he goes and talks to his bhabhi and mom..

Scene change to everyone in the house.. Geet listening from inside.. when it looks like pammi is hesitating.. brij says looks like you have some demands.. we are girls side after all.. tell us.. 

Dev says no way.. i would dont want anything.. i will take Geet as she is  (something like that) .. and then he says but.. 

Geet behind is freaking out saying.. oh no rajji my heartbeat is increasing..

Precap: D&G meet on that bridge where we saw Geet dancing in the first epi.. Dev says ever since i have seen you.. i have been making a dream in my head.. of how i will put this (he has a laal dupatta in his hand) and take you with me..
Brij comes and ruins the moment.. by beating up Dev.. and telling Geet to leave..

                                                ep-6/12 april 2010
   episode starts of with the whole family, including Dev's family together. Dev's says how he was ready to take Geet as his bride since ever, but he has just recieved a call from Canada concerning his business and he has to go back to Canada ASAP and he only has about 4 days left to stay in India.
Brij tells Dev what's the problem... he can go back to Canada and finish of his problem. but then Dev claims that the problem is so big that he cant return back to India with in a year.
Dev's family really wants to make Geet their bride, and asked Geet's family if they cant wait a year for Dev's return.
The Dada ji calls Geet and takes of the Kangan which was given by Dev's mother, and returns it back to them... Both Geet and Dev looked shatteredCry
The next day people could tell Geet was upset. All the women claim that the dada ji made a mistake my rejected Dev's proposal, but he claims he didnt accept their proposal because what if Dev never returns. Their family will be disrespected and Geet will remain single.
Just then the little sister comes and sneaks Geet out. Geet was scared and confused as to where was being taken, but then she see's DevEmbarrassed
Then comes a really adorable Dev and geet scene. It was sooo cuteEmbarrassed
Dev gives Geet a bridal outfit...
Geet says i have to go, and Dev says i have to go also... but i want to tell you something before i leave... "when i first saw you my heart had a desire to make you wear this red dupatta and make you my brideEmbarrassed"
"Tomorrow where ever i am i wanna feel that i am apart of you.."
he hands her da bridal thingy but she say's how she can't take it... and he understands..
he says before leaving he has a request... he wants her to look at him once, and she looks up.
he goes like how they met at this place, and this is the last time their meeting... just then Brij comes and punches Dev and tells Geet to get out of here.
Brij takes and axe looking thing and places it on Dev's neck... while Geet is crying.
Dada ji takes a stick and tells Geet to put her hand out. He's about to hit her hand, when suddenly Dev puts his hand in front of Geets hand..


                                         ep-7/ 13 april 2010

                 The show starts with Dev and Geet on the bridge. Dev says the first time we met here and last time also we are meeting here only. Geet is about to say something when Brij comes there. He shouts at Geet to go home and starts hitting Dev very badly in anger. Geet who is standing behind the tree is traumatized. She cries but feels helpless. 

Geet then goes home..Darji loudly shouts her name. She goes in front of Darji and brings her hand forward so that he can hit her. All the family members look on. As Darji was about to hit Geet Dev comes and keeps his hand over Geet's. He says sorry for what happened and takes the blame that it was he who called Geet and its not Geet's fault. But Brij and Darji dont agree. Brij is about to hit Dev with the talwar.

At that time a few police officers come and inquire about Channi's death. They just handle it somehow saying that Channi's mother is gone mad and is lying. The police ask Dev how did he get hurt as he had some bruises on his face. Dev answers that he fell down. The police then goes. Dev with folded hands apologizes again and says that their family respect matters to him too as he also cares about their family. He says that hes feeling very bad that he is leaving something else and going..Something is not right. As he was leaving , Darji is touched by his behaviour and asks Dev if he is ready to marry Geet within 3 days. 

Next scene is Geet with her sis and bro. They tease her regarding her marriage and Dev. They go to get ready for the roka ceremony. Dev and Geet's roka is performed with traditional punjabi music in BG. Jewels is given to Dev's family and all hugs are going on. Geet is looking very sad and scared. Dev's bhabhi and mom smile and give each other cunning looks.

Pre-cap - Dev and Geet are talking at the fields with her younger bro and sis. Brij comes and shouts at them to go inside. The kids run away. Brij hold Geet's hand and is about to take her , when Dev catches his hand and stops him

                                      ep-8/14 april 2010
Recap: Dev tells Darji that Geet meeting him wasn't her fault at all; the police come in and tell Darji that Channi's mother has blamed Brij for her death.. Darji turns around and says that Channi's father called his wife crazy, and that the police need to find evidence first; Darji says yes for D&G's rishta, and everyone is shown celebrating the roka...

The episode starts with Rajji  taking Geet upstairs to fix her dupatta.. Rajji is called downstairs and leaves Geet alone to her thoughts. As she's fixing her dupatta, she feels her dupatta (the one Dev gave her) and thinks of Darji's words - "Now this house's respect has become yours" (or something to that effect). She stands there thinking.. when her father comes upstairs.. He tells her that everyone is waiting for her, when he sees her face.
He asks if she's scared.. she nods yes.. He asks "Canada?".. she nods yes.. He asks "in three days?".. she nods and asks how he knows everything in her heart. He tells her that she's been in his heart since she was born, and that whatever Darji (at least I think it's Darji he said) does, he does it for her own good. But Geet tells her father that HE was the one who told her to study, to meet new people.. she doesn't want to get married so quickly. 
Her father tries to re-assure her - "put it this way, after marriage, you'll meet so many new people.. you'll see the colours of a new time. And his family isn't so strict that they won't let you study after marriage; you are a "baghawali" (lucky) that you've gotten Dev as a husband." Geet is upset, she never thought that she'd be so far away from her family, that she'd live in a different country. Geet's father pulls her in for a hug..
Rajji comes in with Titu and Dev, and Geet's father exclaims.. "Dev ji.." Dev looks shy (so adorable!)

Scene cuts to Dolly, Nurpinder and Rano who are walking with a tray of tea, when Dolly pipes up and says that when she got married, she got 3-4kgs of gold, and heaps of stuff from them.. but all Dev's family has given Geet is two gold bangles. It turns out that Naintara & Pammi have heard. Nurpinder tries to reassure them that they're not fussed.. but Naintara & Pammi exchange sad looks. Naintara tells them they tried to exchange dollars, but no one could help them.. and it's not like they came to Punjab prepared for a wedding. Naintara says that in their family, there's a tradition that when the new daughter-in-law comes, the "guldeva" (explain that one as well) gives her lots of jewellery. They've organised a pooja to be done that night.. but what are they going to give Geet?
Rano quips for them not to worry. They have a lot of jewellery, and for them to take it to give to Geet that night. She reassures them, and tells them to sweeten their mouths. Nurpinder looks angrily at Dolly, and walks away towards Pammi, Rano & Naintara. Dolly says to herself "Look what happened because of my big mouth! And look what I was meant to do!" She walks away 

Scene cuts back to D&G, Geet's dad, Titu and Rajji. Geet's dad mentions for Dev to come inside, and Rajji teases Dev by saying that ever since Geet went upstairs, all he's been doing is talking about her, so she thought she'd bring him upstairs as well. Dev goes all shy and says that Rajii is just teasing.. he was only inquiring about Geet. Geet's dad smiles and mentions for Titu to show Dev the property. He had put some away for Geet, but Dev hasn't even asked for anything. Dev replies - "By saying that, you're making me embarrassed. The most expensive thing there, you've already put her hand in mine.." Geet smiles in the background, and Geet's dad tells her to go out with the kids..

Scene cuts to Rano & Nurpinder, who drags her into the kitchen and asks if Rano's gone crazy. Rano replies that she's doing the right thing, and that Nurpinder should bring her jewellery as well so that Pammi can choose which ones she wants to give to Geet. Nurpinder angrily replies that her jewellery is HERS, and that she won't give it to any relatives. Darji overhears, and berates Nurpinder - the jewellery isn't hers, it's the family's.. and Rano is right in asking her for it.
He walks away, and Nurpinder angrily agrees to give her jewellery, but not to ask for her necklace.. she's kept that for Rajjo.

Scene cuts to D&G, Titu & Rajjo. Dev is telling Geet that his family has said that since he's met her, he's changed. He agrees with that theory, and says he's a bit lost.. he sits there smiling to himself all the time. He sees Geet smiling, and says "one minute. I want to keep this memory safe.. this is the first time you've ever smiled at anything I've said." He looks at Rajji & Titu, who are busily talking about something, and moves closer to Geet - "So should I assume that you're happy with the marriage.. or not?" Geet looks up and says "No.. I mean yes.."  Dev teases her, and then asks if he should take her silence as a yes.. Geet finally looks up at Dev.
Brij is shown walking with one of his men, and Geet hears them, and turns, worriedly. Geet, Rajji & Titu are worried, but Dev sees Brij and smiles.  Brij walks up to Geet with an angry look.. and Geet notices a bag he's holding - "That's Channi's bag, isn't it?" A flashback is shown of Channi running through the fields, and her bag drops. Back to the present, and Geet says Channi used to bring that bag to school.. when Brij cuts her off and asks what she's doing here alone? He raises his voice and tells them to go back to the house. Geet isn't moving, so he grabs her hand to drag her away, when Dev grabs Brij's arm. He asks for him to let go of her hand, but Geet silently tells him not to say anything. For her, he drops his hand. 
He tells Brij (with folded hands) that Geet is his fiance, and he doesn't want anyone telling her what to do. Brij looks at Geet, and lets go. Brij walks away...

Scene cuts to Rajinder & Vrinder, who's asking about dibbas for the wedding . Vrinder replies he hasn't got any ideas, when his phone rings. Someone tells him that the family he's getting his daughter married to has a hidden past. Vrinder asks who's speaking, and she replies to meet to her the next day at 9am, near the gurdwara. She hangs up.

Scene cuts to the women putting out their jewellery for Dev's family to choose for Geet at the pooja. Vrinder tries to tell Darji he wants to talk, but they've started looking. Naintara & Pammi look very distressed, and Nurpinder silently tells Rano to put away one set of jewellery.. Naintara looks upset, and says that once they get back to Canada, they'll repay them. Darji tells her they are his daughters, and to think of this as a gift. The family agrees.  Pammi has a request.. not to tell Dev about what is happening, as he'll get upset. As the family is looking at Pammi, Kamya looks at that expensive jewellery Rano put away, and Vrinder looks worried. Kamya steals the necklace, and only Vrinder notices.
D&G, Rajjo & Titu return to the house. Naintara again mentions to Rano about not telling Dev.. Rano reassures Naintara nothing will be said. Dev's family get ready to leave because the pandit should be at their place very soon. As Dev's walking away, he looks at Geet and smiles. As they're walking away, Geet thinks about what Dev said to Brij.. her moments with Dev. She says to herself - "Dad was right, Dev really is a good man."
Vrinder is standing there thinking about the phone call, what Kamya did, and what Pammi said.. he looks extremely anxious. 

Precap: Darji tells Brij to call Dev; Vrinder wonders if Dev's family is bad and if they stole the jewellery; Rajinder, Vrinder & Brij run to a house.. but it's locked. 

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                   ep-9/ 15 april 2010

Recap: Geet's dad explains to her that Dev is a nice guy and he'll keep her happy! While Dev and Geet go for a walk with Rajjo and Titu...but Brij shows up! He holds Geet's hand to drag her away but Dev stops him. Geet's dad gets a call from a lady who wants to tell him something...while Kamya sneaks a necklace.





Daaji and Tayaji talk about how everything turned out to be really good...Tayaji asks the servant to press Daaji's legs properly (why not his neck?) Geet's dad comes to daaji to tell him about the phone call but Tayaji interupts to ask Rano to bring Chai quickly. Taayji calls Rano and tells her didn't she tell her not to give that necklace but you still gave it to them...while Mahinder looks on shocked. Rano denies that she didn't give that necklace to them...everyone look on shocked when Mahinder remembers Kamya looking at the necklace admiringly. Rano continues that no one even liked that necklace you know that right...Taayji says yes but the necklace is missing...Rano is swearing that she has no idea when Mahinder interupts. He says that he saw Kamya standing right there...while Daaji looks at him with an unreadeable expression. He says that the necklace was still there...while everyone looks on with shocked expressions..then where did it go. Dolly exclaims maybe Kamya stole it (she has no idea how right she is!) She says that she always doubted Kamya but Daaji gets up exclaiming Dolly's name in anger. He says that she is such an innocent child how was she suppose to know that the necklace wasn't there to be given away. She must have picked up by Mahinder says that you're right she is a child but for a long time I've been trying to tell you that after the roka I got a...but before he can complete his sentence Brij shows up. He asks if something happened since he can't find Dev...his dad says maybe they went to their guest house but Brij says that no they are headed toward Hoshiyaarpur. As usual everybody look shocked out of their wits. Geet who is busy eavesdropping is shocked as well! Tayaji exclaims the name of the city while Brij says yes...(may I add that he is still looking at the floor) why what happened...why are everyone so quiet? Daaji asks if Brij saw them leaving with his own two eyes (or was he busy looking at the floor :P) Brij replies yes! I heard them asking some dude on JT road about the route to the city. Flashback: Brij is spying on Dev who is busy asking the directions.


Taayji says but they told us that their khandani pandit is somewhere this moment they are with 40 lakhs worth of jewelery. Daaji asks Brij to call Dev and as always Brij says yes sir! As he is calling everyone are either praying or holding their breaths. Mahinder asks what happened and Brij says that the phone is switched off. Everybody is shocked while Geet is hyperventilating again.


The men of the house minus Daaji arrive at Dev's guest house...Tayaji exclaims that they are definately at their guest house and Brij is mistaken. When they arrive by the door they notice the lock! Geet on the other hand is lost in her thoughts as she remembers Dev folding his hands in front of Brij and telling him that Geet is his to be wife and he would appreciate it if no one treats her badly. She also remembers him walking away as they both smiled to each other (how cute!) But then her mind goes to the words of Taayji who said in front of them no one likes those this is outright theft. And then she remembers Daaji asking Brij to call Dev (ughh I am getting tired of all those flashbacks!!) Finally end of flashbacks! Rajjo comes to Geet and says that she will do her chores. Geet wipes away her tears as Rajjo takes over...Rajjo asks her if she is alright and Geet replies that ya she is what will happen to her. Rajjo goes no...outside everyone were talking about Dev jiju...Titu comes in as well. Titu goes but Dev jiju is so nice...he wouldn't do something like that..right? Rajjo goes ya you're right...Geet says that if all three of us feel the same then that's right! I believe him...I believe that he will return for sure.


Brij on the other hand is killing the poor plants with gamlas sameth...Mahinder says hold up let me call them! but the phone is still switched off...Brij exclaims that Dev has fleed...just once I get a grasp of him...I'll do aisi ki taasi of him. Mahinder looks worried when Tayaji says that what's the use of standing here...let's go to Daaji and we'll think about our next move. Brij and him leave...while Mahinder stands there looking worried and says that what will I say to Geet? She must be weaving dreams...what will I say to her?


Geet opens the door with a smile as she sees the men of the house entering...when they hear Dev saying sasrikaal! LOL Brij is all ready to pounce on him but his daddy stops him. Dev says that daaji told me that you were trying my phone (Brij looks like somebody stole his talwaar from him :P) Brij asks what happened to your phone? Dev replies that the phone wasn't charged while Tayaji smiles. Before anyone could ask anything else Rano comes asking for Mahinder that come look and see what they have brought for our Geet. Tayaji says that oo we thought maybe you went to your panditji! Dev's mom says that when Dev found out that we took jewellery from you...he was really angry and immediately took us to Hoshiyaarpur. Nayntara says that we exchaged dollars at whatever rate we could get and brought all these stuff for Geet. Dev and Geet look at each other admiringly! Kamya says but listen to the highilight...our program to go visit panditji was also delayed by Dev. Rajjo whispers in Geet's ears...isn't Devji doing a lot for us? Dev's mom says that my youngest DIL is really pretty while Dev looks admiringly at her. Naiyantara gives back all the jewelery and says that don't worry we've made new ones for Geet. But Daaji says that it is our responsiblity to give you stuff as well...though Mahinder and Brij seem to be really upset (they have no idea how right they are!) Naiyantara says that they should leave's not right to keep Panditji waiting. They get up to leave when Daaji reminds them to take the jewelery along with them...Dolly and Taayji are sort of upset with that. Dev and Geet have a starting contest with their signature music when Kamya comes up to her and says why are you looking at him slyly? If you want to thank him just go ahead and say it! She pulls Geet's cheek and says aww you're blushing! Looks like Dev's jewellery gesture has won your heart when Geet tries to explain herself but Kamya says listen to the highlight if you want to become Dev's queen of hearts make him a fabulous lasagne! He really likes lasange but don't go and tell them that I told you! Geet looks on worried as Kamya leaves. She remembers Kamya's words!


Her mom comes into the room and says that you should wear this for your will look really pretty! She notices that Geet is upset so she asks her what's wrong? Why are you so quiet? Geet says mother that I am feeling awkward...I don't know anything about them...what they eat...what are their likes and dislikes...I don't know anything. Rano says that's all! You're worried at such a minor thing...don't worry all girls who are about to get married think like that..even I thought the same. Everything will be alright once you all get to know each other. But Geet says that their lives are very different from our's...his favourite dish is you know what that is? Rajjo and Dolly come in! Dolly says that you are worried about such a minor thing? Just put lasan ka tarka on noodles...Rajjo says but I have a questions...does Canada have lasans (no we make desi food with lassans) Dolly says that they might have it otherwise how would you put lassan ka tarka on noodles. Geet teases Dolly by saying that it is not a chinese but an Italian dish. They all laugh!! awwEmbarrassed. Rano caresses Geet and prays that your bidaai is also filled with happiness. She wipes her tears and says that oh ya I came with these stuff for you.


On the other hand Daaji says that they are a nice family and Tayaji says yes but the boy is a gem while Mahinder still looks upset. Look at the way he dresses and says that he loves guys like him. Daaji notices that Mahinder is upset and asks about what's wrong. Mahinder says that I haven't told you that a woman called me and talked about Dev's family...she wanted to tell us something about them. Next morning I am going to go meet her...but Daaji gets angry and says that a woman that you don't even're going to believe her. Don't you dare go meet her! Mahinder says but we still haven't found Taaji's parjai's haar...when Titu comes in and says look at what I found. Turns out to beTaaji's necklace. Tayaji asks Titu where he found it when he says that he found it under the sofa...he sends him away.


Dolly and Rajjo tell Geet that in Canada she will have to wears jeans because they don't wear salwaar suits there (um..excuse me but I am wearing one right this instant) Geet says that I don't want to wear jeans what's wrong with my salwar suit. The phone rings and Taaji picks it's Dev on the other side...he says that can I talk to Geet? She calls Geet saying that there is a call for her..Dolly asks but who has called Geet...when Taaji exclaims in anger her gharwale ne who else? Geet is nervous! On the other hand, Daaji yells at Mahinder for doubting Dev's leave this matter and get ready to go the wedding tomorrow. But Mahinder thinks please forgive me but I am going to go and see that woman tomorrow for sure!


Precap: Geet is running as goondas chase her...Maan's entry!

                       ep-10/ 16 april 2010

The episode starts with Rajji, Geet & Dolly in a room, with Dolly saying that in Canada, Geet will have to wear "jeena-sheena". Geet says that there is nothing wrong with salwar kameezes. 
As they're talking, the phone rings and Taiji picks it up - it's Dev. He wants to talk to Geet.. and Taiji's a bit shocked. When she calls for Geet, Dolly asks who called, and Taiji angrily says, "her family, who else?" Rajji and Dolly drag Geet to the phone, put it on loudspeaker, and Rajji pretends she's Geet 
Rajji asks Dev what girls wear in Canada, and Dev replies "Jeans, short skirts, tight tops.." Rajji asks if that's what he wants Geet to wear, Dev replies in the affirmative.. all 3 girls are shocked. Rajji is a bit hesitant on the phone.. and Dev replies "I don't know how Geet will look.. but I'm sure Rajji ji you will look very sweet!" Rajji asks him how he knew it was her, and he tells her he knows Geet very well. She'd never asks questions like that.. and Dolly takes the phone, and tells him that Geet has been very worried, that she doesn't know what they eat.. and that she wants to make Dev "lasunia".
Dev smiles, and asks Dolly & Rajji if he could speak to Geet privately. Geet is very hesitant to do so, but Dolly picks up the reciever, and gives it to her. As soon as she says yes, Dev asks her where the lasagna popped up from. Geet replies that Kamya told her.. she doesn't know anything about his world, and she won't make a good.. wife! Dev simply tells her that he wants to make her his life partner, not his cook. However, Geet still feels that she should know his likes, and dislikes.. right? Dev replies that she doesn't have to change herself for him.. she's perfect the way she is... but, if she does want to be a good wife, she should meet him the next day behind her house... 

Cut to the next day. Mahinder is shown waiting at the bazaar next to the gurdwara, anxiously waiting for that lady. He turns around, and he sees Naintara! She tells him that she came to do some last minute shopping for Pammi.. and wonders what he's doing there so early. Mahinder stammers that he came to get some stuff for the pooja.. and will be awhile. Naintara leaves.. leaving Mahinder very worried, when a lady calls his name.

Geet is shown walking out into the garden, and sees a trail of roses from the step to the tree in the middle of the courtyard.  As she's walking towards the tree, she thinks about how amazing he is, but where is he? She reaches the tree, and rose petals fall on her.. she slowly turns around, basking in the petals.. and Dev comes. He tells her that the flowers light comes in the morning, and for him, light came when she came into his life. She smiles, and turns to leave, but Dev won't let her until she says something..

Cut to Mahinder and that lady. She asks him his name.. and he replies yes. She admonishes him for agreeing to the wedding without asking about them. She tells him that her bosses' niece was approached for marriage.. and at the last minute, they turned it down - "everything was in place, even the wedding details.. they forced him into selling everything for dowry, and then they said no."

Cut back to D&G. Dev tells Geet that the road they are travelling on isn't his or hers.. it's their journey. It is his responsibility to make sure that nothing happens to her - "The roses you walked on? I personally made sure to take out all the thorns.. because I love her " D&G look at each other.. and again Dev asks Geet if she won't say anything. 
She says "Thank you. " And Dev smiles and remarks at least she hasn't said that she doesn't want to go to Canada.. to which Geet replies "To be honest, I'm still not ready to go to Canada.. but Papa told me that you're a good man..." But Dev wants to know what Geet thinks of him, but Rajji calls Geet inside. Dev lets her go, but insists on an answer next time. She blushes, and runs away.

Cut back to Mahinder & that lady. Mahinder is convinced that the lady is telling the truth, and asks for her to accompany him back to his house, so she can tell his family, who don't believe him. The lady agrees, as Dev's family needs to be taught a lesson.
Back at the house, Darji, Rajinder & Brij are making preparations to leave for Samarpur. Dev's family comes, and they are getting ready to leave, as the journey takes 6hrs. Darji asks where Geet is.. and Dev turns as Geet makes her entry in blue.. 
Mahinder also makes his way back to the house, and Darji wonders where he's been. He looks stern, and tells Dev's family that he wants to clear up some issues first. The lady comes in, and Pammi, Naintara & Kamya all look a bit worried..

When the lady comes in, Mahinder tells her that they are the family he's getting his daughter married to. She looks at them, and is surprised. They aren't the family she referred to . She apologises, and leaves. The families are standing there, shocked.. not having anything to say. Naintara asks Mahinder who that lady was, and what was said. Mahinder stammers for words, and Dolly opens her mouth and says that the lady was saying they were "chor chakki types". Brij & Darji glare at Dolly, and she looks down. 
Pammi tells Mahinder that if there were any doubts.. couldn't they have asked them? Kamya says "Highlight to dekho - she said something, and they believed them?" Mahinder tries to assure them it wasn't the case, but Darji says "STOP! Mahinder, you have made a mistake. Now apologise to Dev and his family." Just as Mahinder is about to apologise, Dev notices how distraught Geet is. He tells Mahinder not to apologise, as he understands a father's worry.. it is his daughter's life he's thinking about. 
However, Darji asks for Dev not to interfere in this matter, and tells Mahinder to ask for forgiveness. Geet looks on, extremely upset as her father apologises to Dev's family.

Precap: Men are chasing Geet from the mela.. and she falls into the water.. cue Maan's (Gurmeet) entry as he saves her.

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                Episode 11 ~~~ 19th April 2010

 Precap: Daaji asks Mahinder to apologize to Dev's family since he doubted them...Mahinder aplogozies to them while Geet is sad because he has folded his hands.


Now for the episode:

Dev's mom walks in anger thinking back at Dolly's words about a woman calling them to tell them about Dev and his family. And then she remembers Dev going up to Mahinder and saying let's just end this matter while Naintra said that they have no ill feelings toward Mahinder after that she remembers her own words. She seems to be really scared when Naintra puts her hand on her shoulder...she slowly turns around while Naintra asks her what's wrong? Dev's mom is freaked out and says what if that woman had recognized us then? Naintra smiles and says calm down mommyji when DM yells Shanti! It's peace that we don't have...she was definately the same woman. Remember last time when we went to see the other girl...Oh Rabba what are you making us do? Please forgive me...please forgive my kids! If that woman had opened her mouth in front of that shareef family  what would have happened? Naintra says how would she open her mouth? Mommyji looks at her shocked...I am the one who went to the market early in the morning to shut her mouth with money  For some reason the dialouge is repeated three times...Kamya comes in clapping while DM is shocked! Kamya says wow parjaji you are great! You saved all our lives...right mom? DM is not happy and looks worried...Kamya asks what's wrong? Naintra answers that mommyji is freaked out...she puts her hand on DM's hand and says mommyji we're not going to let anything bad from happening even I know that this small mistake could be really costly for us and even you know this very well. So please keep yourself in control and now let's go before they come here looking for us...let's leave! DM leaves in anger as Kamya and Naintra are happy with the turn out.


Everybody is going in a car to the mela...Dev and Geet are in the same car. Geet remembers her dad apologizing to Dev and his family. Dev moves the rearview mirror to look at Geet who has her head down in sadness. Kamya notices Dev looking at Geet and says why are you looking at her slyly...she tells him to look ahead. Dev says oh I was just looking at the smile of your bhabhi that went into a hiding is back or not. Geet gives a small smile and says that it's not like that. Dev says Geet please don't be sadden...whatever uncleji did was right and still he was forced to aplogize. Geet says daaji...but Dev interupts and says that maybe he doesn't understand that if one has a naive girl like you then not only uncleji but even daaji should be fully satisfied before getting you married to me. Naintra smiles and looks at DM who is worried. Dev is still looking at Geet through the mirror when she looks up and smiles. Naintra says Devji I didn't know that you were this romantic. Dev smiles and turns on the music "Tujh mein rab diktha hai" comes on as they both look at each other.


They all arrive at the mela as the song continues to play...I guess Kamya yells Mela!!...nvm it was Dolly! She is really excited to see the rides. Dev sits down with the rest of the men (minus taayji who is with Dolly and Titu) while Geet and him look each other...chupke chupke. Geet wants to run to him when he burns his tongue while drinking hot tea but stop herself. Rajji notices this and comes to Geet...she stares at both Geet and Dev who are both busy stealing glances at each other. Geet looks at Rajji who says I know everything now can we go get bangles? They both come to a bangle stall when Geet says Rajji glass bangles...let's get them for Maa...(oh Rajji is Tayya's daughter aka Geet's cousin) Rajji says yes chachiji loves glass bangles...she asks for green and blue bangles. Geet says if we are buying...let's buy for taaiji as well...she asks the shopkeeper to give the red bangles as well. Rajji wants to go see the duppatas (ughh freaking duppattas!) Rajji likes a duppata and says it's perfect for Dolly parjaji...when Geet asks what should I buy for dev's family? Rajji teases her and says that isn't everything available in Canada? so what will you give them? Geet is worried as Rajji thinks...Dev interupts while Geet is hyperventilating and Rajji exclaims jiji in excitement...she asks Geet to turn around. Geet slowly turns around to face Dev. Dev says that get Ganpatti ki murti for mommyji and bangles for Bhabhi and Kamya. Rajji makes an excuse that her mom is calling her Geet tries to stop her...she leaves not before waving to Dev. He comes to Geet and says that you got something for didn't buy anything for yourself? Do you always take care of people like this? Why are you blushing? When geet interupts and says no but stops in the middle of her sentence. Dev says thank goodness at least you looked at me when Geet lowers her gaze again. Dev says you haven't bought anything for yourself but you didn't buy anything for me either...right? Geet looks worried as Dev means you think of me as your's...Geet looks up and they both smile Embarrassed. Geet tries to leave but Dev catches her hand Shocked Geet looks worried and holds onto the side of her dress in nervousness...she looks like she is about to cry. She says that somebody will see them like this...Dev looks around and lets go of her hand. She runs away as Dev calls out to her and thinks dammit I think she got angry. She keeps running and then stops to look back...she looks at her hand and blushes. Dolly taps her on the back when she turns around in shock...Dolly asks what to do...tell tell LOL When a girl blushes as she stands alone then admit it kk hogya ji. It even happened to me...Geet says dhat parjaiji...Dolly says what dhat LOL when she hears some guy saying come and find out your future from a parrot. She takes Geet along with her to know their future.


Rano sees that Kamya likes something and asks her to take two of them...since you won't get them in Canada. Kamya says yes we don't get these things in our...but Nainatra interupts her and says Canada mein  Rano says take more.


The Parrot baba says Geet and asks the parrot to tell the future of Geet...the parrot pickes a card...the baba looks at it and says ooh congratulations your humsafar is going to come into your life today Geet and Dolly look shocked when Dolly says that he is not going to come...he has already arrived. the pandit says oh if he is here already no matter...take this taveez and make him wear it and babaji will always bless you both. Geet looks at the pendant and thinks back at the words of Dev who said you didn't buy anything for me either right? Dolly and Geet not before Dolly says bye bye to the parrot! LOL Titu comes and says you both are sitting here and I've been looking all over for you both. C'mon let's go everyone is ready to leave and Brij bhaiyya is calling both of you! Dolly says let's go then when are we delaying LOL. Rajji comes running to Geet and says that I have to deliever Ranjha's message to Heer...I am the one who always get into trouble. He has called you behind some place and wants to talk to you. Dev waits for Geet as she walks to meet him...he gets angry at himself for holding her hand. I guess she is really angry and won't she walks toward him...some guys start to misbehave with her. She runs away and both of them miss seeing each other. Dev walks away as she comes...Geet doesn't find him and gets worried thinking where is he. Dev comes back to the car..Dev's mom asks where Geet is..he says that she is sitting in the other car while Raajji says the same to Rano. Dev asks Rajji about Geet but she just motions him thumbs up which he interprets as she is in the car. Geet goes toward the car but hears an announcement  the guys come back to Geet to tease her...Geet runs away and tries to look for her family. She notices everyone leaving and wonders where everyone went. She runs around looking for them...when the guys come again and tease her.


She starts to run again as they chase her...when she bumps into...who do you think ???????????? Time stops and so do the goondas as she looks at him pleadingly. Wow she is holding on to his collars as he looks at her with an expression that says...get away from me!  And the end!!!!!



Precap: He gets out of the water holding Geet in his arms...She is yelling help when he tells her to be quiet. Didn't know Geet knew how to drive a jeep...she is seen driving one...she can't really drive and runs into a tent...and  he is the one in it! he stops the car by pushing against it..


               MAANEET PICS GROUP

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