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Hello guys! Many of you asked me to give second part of Sweet revenge. So here I'm with second part. Read First part before you read this one. Sweet Revenge?

Warning : This part contains mature content. Read only if you are comfortable.

Sweet Revenge - 2


"Miss Shekhawat, Your presentation was nice but not perfect. You need to work on it there were so many mistakes." Rey said announcing the result of presentation students gave yesterday.

Taani stare at him with wide eyes in fact whole class look at him with same expression, Taani was college's topper and her presentation was best  then how come he find it not perfect. Taani was fuming in anger, she had spent one month in that presentation yet he didn't find it up to his expectations.

"Are you serious? I spent my whole month in that presentation and you are saying it was not perfect." Forgetting everything she shouted at him in front of whole class making their eyes go wide in shock.

"If i were you i would have mind my tone. Detention for two days" Rey said to her in stern commanding tone, Taani glared at him. Whole class was watching this with open mouth, till now none had dare to talk to him in that tone and here taani is shouting at him, it was scary thing..at least for them.

Taani was about to retort back but bell rang, all the students left in hurry, Taani too collected her stuff, was about to leave but his voice stopped her.

"Where do you think you are going?" 

"Detention Room" Taani answered him bluntly.

"In my cabin taani, you have detention but not in detention room" Rey told her smirking at her. Taani rolled her eyes realizing he was taking his revenge for what she did yesterday.

"Yes Sir" Taani went away from there She had dance rehearsals but couldn't attend as she got detention for the first time in her life that too because of her arrogant husband. She was angry..really angry.

She went in his cabin and sat on couch there waiting for his arrival. She was more frustrated as ashi also chose this day to take leave.

"Oh so sir finally decided to grace us with his presence" Taani said sarcastically as after waiting for half an hour she saw him entering the cabin. Rey noted the sarcasm with anger in her voice and understood she is in her angry lioness mode. After bolting the door Rey walked toward her.

"I'm in detention but what should i do SIR? Belly dancing?" Taani asked sarcastically causing him to chuckle at her irritation.

"But i like strip dance so how about a small strip show" Rey stated just to tease her more. Taani stare at him with wide open mouth.

"You Dirty-Professor. Its no use to talk to you" Taani told him, Rey let out a throaty chuckle.

"Okay doll. Sorry. I won't tease you more. Now talk to me?" Rey said hold his ear and made an innocent face which melt her in seconds but her smiled wiped away remembering how he gave her detention and called her presentation not up to his level.

"Now care to explain what were the mistakes in my presentation?" Taani asked him, Rey sighed and sat beside her.

"First while giving presentation you looked  little nervous, that should never happen, You should be confident while giving presentation. Then there were things you missed or skipped in your presentation in hurry of finishing that soon" Rey explained her, Taani listened to him carefully.

"Okay Mr. Sharp-Observer. I will keep that in mind next time." Taani gave in realizing he was right, but it amused her when so many students didn't noticed her mistakes how come he caught them just like that.

"But why you gave me detention?" Taani asked him. Rey smirk at that and shifted close to her. 

"Now Thats what i call revenge which I'm going to make sweet" Rey whispered in her ear, She bite her lower and smiled at him innocently.

"Revenge? But for what? I didn't do anything" Taani said innocently. 

"Yeah right! You didn't do anything. It was your bhoot who went to her brothers home yesterday night leaving her husband at home alone" Rey said with sarcasm dripping from his every word.  Taani smiled sheepishly at him.

"Bhai called me. How could i say no to him. He is my sweet bro" Taani replied with a smile in return Rey gave her fake smile remembering how sleepless night he spent because she wasn't there beside him to hold her her.

"Now you have to pay for that Mrs. Singhania" Rey whispered in her ear, he gripped her waist, pulling her close to him he kissed her hard on lips making insides of her stomach clenched as current pass through her body. Rey pulled her down along with him and slowly made her lay down on floor with his body hovering over her. Taani gripped his hair tightly in her fist. Rey smooched her lower lip seeking for her permission to enter which she gave. He deepened the kiss by entering his tongue into her mouth tasting every corner of it while his lips devoured hers. His hold tightened on her waist as he felt her tiny hand move between them and run against his chest, he smooched her lower lips, occasionally biting her lips. He was demanding and rough yet passionate, Rey broke the kiss leaving her breathless.

"I want you Now" Rey growled her in her ear sending shiver down her spine. Rey unzipped her dress and slide it slowly making her catch her breath. She gripped into his hairs as he moved his hand to remove her dress leaving her only in her lacy blue inner wear. Running her fingers through his hairs, she fisted them into her small hands as Rey bite her skin giving her a hickey, making her moan louder. Rey unclasped her bra, taking her peak in his mouth.  His other hand caress the curves of her chest. then he moved downward, removing the last piece of clothing from her body. 

Rey got up and got rid of his clothes, she stare at the perfect greek god like body of her husband and felt blessed to have him. His arousal was touching her core, giving her goosebumps. Rey attacked her neck with hungry kisses. He growled voraciously, as he let his teeth bite the hollow of her neck, soothing out the reddened mark the next minute, with his tongue. soon he got rid of his jean by pushing it away into heap on floor.

"Easy, sweetheart." Rey smirked as she wildly scratched his chest  with her nails. He rubbed his arousal against her core, making his wild intentions clear to her. She bite her lower lips making him groan. she adjusted herself and clenching his shoulder blades with her sharp nails while her hissed out with bliss as he moved in his entire length inside, filling her completely. He thrust harder and deeper, making insides of her clench. He captured her lips in his once again, tasting the sweetness of her mouth. 

Their bodies merged together as one at that moment, and it felt blissful. Both of their hearts felt like they would explode in unison with their bodies. Rey's face buried into Taani's hair after 2 hours of intercourse. They laid there in comfortable silence, enjoying the moment.

"Baby this is what  we called sweet Revenge. Sweeter than honey" Rey said as he made her wear her dress then he made her hair straight. Taani smiled at him.

"Lets go home, I'm tired so you have to carry me" Taani pouted cutely causing him to chuckle at his cute wife. The content and calm look on her face made his heart sweet with happiness, Finally after the wait of whole one month they got time to spend together. Indeed it was sweet revenge, for both of them this time.

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I thought you said yes for FM also

Wow Taarey sexy hot cabin romance
love it ;)) rey giving taani detention
like that rey want taani perfect uff
taani was anger on rey but rey know
how to cool her down thanks for part-2
& thanks for PM Edited by raddhi - 2015-04-12T18:17:29Z
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Posted: 2015-04-12T11:08:06Z
Res for comment/ unres
Pooja u r so sweet 
Thanks for updating part dear 
As usal their romance played in ur hand 

He he he tic for tac i was cute to see annoyed taani when rey said presentation was not up to the mark

Rey and Taani ufff their romanceEmbarrassedEmbarrassed no words to comment
I extremely loved it 
Thanks for pm dear 
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Posted: 2015-04-12T11:08:28Z
Wow :)
That was damn hot :)
Superb :)
You really are fabulous in writing romance :)
Mind blowing :)
Loved it :)
Thanking you so much for writing the second part :)
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Posted: 2015-04-12T11:09:20Z
Originally posted by raddhi

I thought you said yes for FM also

What is FM?
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Posted: 2015-04-12T11:13:34Z
That was voraciously hot
beyond expectations
well written
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Posted: 2015-04-12T11:19:34Z
soo hot
beautifully writtenClap
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Posted: 2015-04-12T11:20:22Z
super hot mood freshner
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