TaaRey OS : Sweet Revenge?

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Hello Guys! I'm here with a random one shot. Hope you like it.

Sweet Revenge?

"Taani have you seen the new professor. He is so hot" Ashi said to her best friend taani, dreamy look on ashi's face didn't go unnoticed by taani which made her rolled her eyes at her. 

"Even hotter than your Ranveer?" Taani asked her, teasing her about her crush on their college's cool dude.

"Babes, Ranveer is nothing in front of him. The new professor he is the sexiest man alive. You should see him, the way he walk, the way he talk everything is so f**king fantastic but I had heard he is arrogant & full of attitude. he came here as substitute teacher and  also he is one of the trusty" Ashi said to her, Taani was in deep thought. 

"Is that so? then lets show him who is the boss here?" Taani said smirking at the plan forming in her mind.

"Taani. No. I know you are up to something. Please don't do anything that will cause trouble, I had heard he is very dangerous when he is angry" Ashi warned her knowing her best friend, she knew taani had some plans against the new 'hot' professor.

"Chill babes. Nothing will happen" Taani assured her, she stood up from her seat and left the class room. She look here n there, not knowing where his cabin is. Then she asked one of the student who was passing by her, The girl told her direction along with a small essay on such-hottie-he-is which made her rolled her eyes at their college's girls who were treating that new professor like he is some celebrity came from hollywood.

She walked down toward his cabin. Taking a deep breath she stood before the door, her gaze fall over the name plate.

"Reyaansh Singhania" She whispered with a smile. She knocked on the door and waiting for his reply.

"Come in" Came a reply in huskiest voice, She opened the door slightly and entered inside and closed the door behind her. He was engrossed in his file.

"Hey professor" She greeted him in her sweet voice, Rey looked up from his file, stare at her with confuse expression. For some odd reason her insides were squirming with weird emotions seeing him. She could feel his penetrating gaze roaming over her figure that made her nervous unwontedly.

"Ms. Shekhawat, You need anything?" Rey asked her in husky tone that made him look more handsome. Gaining control over her hormones she took steps toward him, confidently. She went and sat on chair opposite to him earning a amused look from him.

"I was wondering how come a hottie like you become a boring professor" She whispered in seductive tone, she rested her face on her palm and look at him, deep into his hazel brown eyes. Rey smirk and stood up from his place. Like a predator walk toward his prey he walked toward her and stand beside her chair.

"Taani, Don't you think you should be in your class room not here?" Rey voiced out, gazing at her intensely as she played with strand of her hair. She bite her lower lip and smile sweetly at him.

"I came to welcome My new professor and not to mention a irresistibly hot professor" Taani whispered, winking at him. His eyes widen at the bold nature.

"Irresistible? Huh?" Rey asked tracing his fingers on her arm then holding her wrist he pulled her up, making her stand very close to him. She gave him surprised look causing him to chuckle at her. Rey leaned, bridging the gap between their lips, Their lips were inches apart when she placed her hand between their lips making him smile.

"Whats the hurry Mr. Professor?" She asked smirking at the irritated expressions of Rey. Rey gave her fake smile, he hold her waist on pushed her on table, Rey stand between her leg where as she sat comfortably on his table.

"You are inviting trouble for yourself Miss. Taani" Rey mumbled caressing her cheekbone with back of his hand. She shudder at the feeling of him being do close to her.

"So? Wanna punish me?" Taani asked him with a hint of sarcasm which didn't go unnoticed by him.

"Want me to?" Rey questioned back, she gasped feeling his hand on her thigh. She looked into his eyes, his chocolate brown orbs darkened with desire pulsing through his veins.

"We are in college, mr. professor" Taani reminded him trying to push his hand off but he tighten his hold on her thigh and nodded negatively at her.

"You should have thought that before entering my cabin, You are in my territory, You can't do anything " Rey said winking at her. She rolled her eyes at his over confident self, decided to show him with whom he is dealing, Taani put her arms around his neck and bring him close to him.

"Has any one ever told you how beautiful you are?" Rey breathed tucking the strand of her hair behind her ear. His eyes were fixed on her beautiful face that was red by now under his intense watch. Rey gripped the back of her neck and smack her lips against her. Kissing her feverishly making her feel dizzy slightly, he tighten his hold on her and pulled her close to him. She begun to kiss him slowly, smooching his lower lip. Rey took charge in kiss, wetness flooded between her legs. His hold on her was dominant yet gentle. He thrust his tongue inside her mouth, she let out a gasp feeling rey junior touched her core. She broke the kiss and look at him.

"You have got a problem down there, Mr. professor" She said smirking teasingly, she placed her hand on his chest, she started rubbing his chest then going down reaching his waistline.He groaned and hold her hand before they reached their destination. She look at him with innocent pout. Rey shook his hand at her and freed her hand. 

"I have solution too" Rey stated as he slide his hand inside her top, feeling her velvety soft skin under. He leaned to captured her lips but she pushed him away slightly.

"Sorry Mr. Professor, This solution is not available today" Taani told him before she pushed him slightly and got down from the table. Rey groaned frustratingly try to hold her but she was fast enough to ran away, she stand near the door and turn around to face him.

"Taani come here. Right now" Rey commanded her but taani shook head negatively.

"Revange is sweet honey." Taani said to him, he gave her confuse look, he angrily look at her, first she aroused him to extent from where he can't back out before taking her now this revenge thing. 

"Revenge? What are you talking taani? This is not some joke Time, Come here baby i need you" Rey almost pleaded to her, she laugh seeing him so frustrated..sexually frustrated.

"This is what you got when you leave you newly wed wife alone at home and go on some damn business trip for a month. Bye Mr. Hubby, see you at home" Taani said as she opened the door and stepped out of the door.

"And yeah don't forget to take cold shower. I don't want anyone to think bad about you hubby" Taani said laughingly before she ran away from their leaving him frustrated and amused at his wife's way of taking revenge for going on business trip.

"Damn. Leaving my business aside i took this offer of substitute teacher, so that i can spend some time with my wife but here madam is taking some stupid revenge. I will not leave you Mrs. Singhania just wait for tonight, then you are all mine" Rey thought to himself, as went inside the washroom in his cabin to get rid of the problem he got because of his crazy yet cute wife antics. For his wife it may be sweet revenge but for him it was a bitter one.

I know it was crap but still I want your feedback.
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Posted: 2015-04-12T01:50:29Z
wow soo amezing os
loved it

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Posted: 2015-04-12T01:53:34Z
Res for me / unres
Hey pooja as u said it is sweet revenge 
Lol it was damn cute to see hot aggrognant professor and student oops no no his sexy revengable wife 

Reallt girl ur amazing
I enjoyed throughly 
It was so romantic Embarrassed
TaaRey were cutest couple in this 
Loved it 
Thanks for pm dear
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Posted: 2015-04-12T01:54:37Z
osm os di !!
Taani is very intelligent..LOLpoor reyy..
wish this wasn't a os and could continue...
but still loved t..Smile
this for the pm..1st tym commenting so early.. !!yipeee !
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Posted: 2015-04-12T01:57:40Z
wow awsm os
loved it

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Posted: 2015-04-12T02:01:12Z

Beautiful os...
Taani took a revange from her hubby who came as a professor for her only... Awww...so cute...
Loved it...
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Posted: 2015-04-12T02:02:08Z
so cute yet hot loved it.
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