RAYA OS : You're Beautiful Priya

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You're Beautiful Priya


Yes ?

Am I pretty?

Why do you ask?

I don't know but am I?



You're beautiful


I...don't know but


Stop Priya nd listen you'r beautiful you'r beautiful at 2am in the morning when you woken up for some unholy reason nd your hair's all massey when you look so beautiful

My hair is not funky at 2am

Ram told her that she looked the sexiest in the morning when her hair was a mess and her nighty her wiggles

was ridiculously casual nd then there were the moments when you looked the sexiest there again when you wearing your red nighty that was definitely the time when I thought you looked the sexiest

You're beautiful when you're wearing your Red nighty nd one of my kruta then you look so s**y nd hot

Does I ever tell you you're beautiful?

The kind of girl diamonds are made for

The kind of girl dreams are made of

Does I ever mention how lucky I'm?

Lucky as any man on earth

Smart funny caring and courageous

You'd be amazing even if you weren't beautiful

Does I tell you you're beautiful?

Ram stood and Priya looked up at him oh god Ram why have you never told me that happens he smile and carried her to the bed he sit on bed and make her sit in his lap

You're the best I ever had the kindest most loving girl you have a wonderful personality the sweetest girl I've ever met you care about everyone you have such a big heart your touch is so gentle your embrace so warm

your kisses so absolutely wonderful your skin and hair so super soft you have such an adorable smile nd beautiful large black eyes they r oh so deep absolutely mezmerizing I can get lost in them so easily your laugh is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard nd your smile lights up the room nd wipes my tears away you're the most beautiful girl I have ever met in so many different ways nd these things and so much more are exactly what makes you beautiful it means more than any words he could say I wouldn't trade a thousand diamonds for the way he smiles each time I laugh

With a wink and a smile

He told her never to change

Ram shrugs his shoulders his grin making her heart thump slightly

Unless I see a change in you honestly wont keep fighting and loving me I'll only fight for you if you fight for me I'll only fight if you become more romantic with me I'll only fight if you don't cheat on me I'll only fight if you respect me I'll only fight if your more serious with me I'll only fight as long as it's for you I'll only love you if you prove your love for me I'll become your lover and fighter but only when you prove these things to me

Ram through? oh god that's not very

You're beautiful when you cook dinner without a recipe and the steam's made your face red

What do you mean ?

You're beautiful when you'r talking to someone and you're using your hands to describe things and you'r making everyone smile when you bit your lips you look so beautiful

The smile on your face filled with beauty and grace In the night sky like a star shower I can not resist it's power at times I picture your smile In my mind remaining for a while your smile brightens up my day nd all my troubles fade away that smile if you couldn't show would make me feel down and low there is a sadness that blankets my life but your smile cuts through it like a knife let your smile remain on your face for it belongs in that place to succeed to cheer up all that see It means so very much to me Priya let nothing make your smile retreat In the hopes the day I come home nd in your eyes I deeply stare nd in my kiss my love I share for on that day your smile will show like a gift wrapped in a bow each time I see that smile you possess

my love for you grows in excess

Priya laugh nd kissed his forehead

You're beautiful when you laugh as in a real laugh when your nose wrinkles up and your eyes go cross eyes and you lose the plot over some stupid thing and snort a little

Your laugh I can't help but think every time I hear it when you laugh you look so beautiful

I love it turned on by your bit laughter is sexy too tasty as a kiss on the lips when you look so beautiful

I don't snort when I laugh you look so beautiful

You're beautiful when I see you you look so beautiful

Every time I see you my heart feels like a torn paper wing not that I want to but it's always so unexpected for me not to I try to deny the feeling at first to walk the days waiting for more Imagining the cute your eyes tasting the happiness in your smile but soon I realized you've never broken my wings nd that feeling is more beautiful than all the beautiful things...so I know I will never have enough of simply seeing you again and again

You're even beautiful when you r sleep next me I lay awake without realising that your I was kissing you because I love you and you'r beautiful

I look at you fervently your eyes closed slowly breathing your blanket over your body lying by my side facing me watching you sleeping what a joy it brings me to see you sleeping next to me that incredible chance of being able to glance at your beautiful face peacefully dreaming nd as I join you in your rest having your head on my chest hugging you or holding your hand together in fantasy land as I awake finding you

still lying beside me happiness so true when it's you I see I want to slowly kiss your lips to awaken you and you smile at me and hug me...how I'd love to see you always beside me sleeping so I could watch you

when you're dreaming and wake you up with a kiss and a hug always ready to tell you Priya Wake up now my sleeping beauty

Priya then hiding and burying her face into the comfort of his neck

Priyaa he murmured nuzzling his face into her hair softly as Priya laugh Ram smiled he caressed her soft cheeks

Did you hear me when I told you that your lip is stain halfway to the moon?


Frist time when you kissed me on my cheek suddenly I was shocked It was like nothing else mattered nothing but this feeling in its place I sometimes reread all the love notes you gave me when I feel this way count all the times you could've missed me day dream of all the times I dreamed about you nd I've never dreamed about anyone as much as you so sometime I want to touch you in a small way every time I see you during the day just to tease you and know you'll think of me all the same but for now I only wish to savor your lips nd this feeling surging unexpectedly from my chest

Priya's lips parted into a gentle smile and she lifted her hand to touch and gently grab his cheek softly turning his head towards her so she could look him once again in the eye

You're beautiful when you come out washroom after bathing and when you dry you'r wet hair with the towel when you look so beautiful Priya look at him you look so beautiful i can't take my eyes from you I feel like I just see you whole life to live

Your blush oh you made me crazy Priya evryday when I see in you're magical eyes

The longer you see something I gaze upon you the less imperfections I see you are all that is beautiful to me all that is desirable I want you I want you like I have never wanted anything before my very bones my soul ache with need for you I need you more than my lungs need air I love you more than life itself you are my everything and everything is embodied in you I can not gaze upon a single object without a memory of you surfacing I can not spend a single moment of any second thinking of anything other than you u are always there in my mind I have no escape from you In my thoughts you are there In my dreams you are there remembered warmth in my arms remembered taste on my lips remembered happiness upon my heart In my soul you are there my heart is no longer mine it belongs to you as do I I am yours no matter what no matter how long words do not pass between us I will still be yours even if one day I hurt less and can think about something else for a moment I will still be yours you will always have a place with me because you hold my heart right now it is my whole heart one day it could be less but you will always have a piece you will be forever in my heart in my mind in my soul. I will always care I will always love you

Tear feel in her eyes I love you too RAM

Ram put his hand around her waist & pulls her closer..Priya's hair locks fall on her forehead Ram tucked her hair behind her ear Priya closed her eyes n feels his touch after sometime she opened her eyes

As he rolled her onto her back and started to tickle her immensely after not too long they were both rolling around on the bed laughing and tickling each other

Suddenly they both stopped and just stared at each other both panting and grinning they both knew what was going to happen next no words had to be spoken

Slowly Ram leaned down and kissed Priya passionately drinking her in nd enjoying every invigorating minute of it she wrapped her arms around his neck tightly keeping him there and pulling him in closer making the kiss much more passionate

Both were lost in each others eyes

It's like finding a connection into my own heart to gaze into the beautiful of something that could one day feel terrible trust in that you won't look away at least not before your heart slips from mine nd I wish for it to never slip from mine because the only music I long to hear are your whispers in my ears the only promises of happiness I need nd perhaps a little more taste of your soft soft lips I love you incredibly nd hope you feel the same indefinitely because I feel I want you so much you could not possibly imagine nd love you in a way where no part of my heart could be left hidden I expected your kiss just not the flare of this craving in return

wanting more of the soft sensations of your lips nd never did I expect you to taste so good as if nothing else seemed to exist for a moment but you the love I can feel in you and the denial that I couldn't possibly love you more nd your whispers unexpectedly made me think of scented oil leaving me day dreaming of caressing you nd realizing it's how your voice always makes me feel

Priya hug him thigh he hug her back

My Dearest Wifey

You are delicate and gorgeous like Red Roses bathed in moonlight

Though roses in the moonlight couldn't hold a candle to your beauty

Though we'll never be together I'll hold you in my heart forever

You'r beauty has no comparison

You'r heart is full of love

You'r life is lived for others

You'r soul is naught but good

You brings to others happiness

You asks for nothing back

You lightens up our lives

with you 'r dazzling gentle smile

No matter how far you may be

I'll always hold you close

The Flaming Twisted curls that frame your lovely face

Your tantalizing smell

The beauty of your lips

The twinkle in your eye

The roses that grace your cheeks

I'll love you for eternity and even after that

I'll dream of you beside me

I'll dream of you every night

And though dreams of you will find me

They'll never compare to the beauty of your light

Forever and for always

My life is forever a love that will always be yours

He whispered feeling the sleep behind his eyelids as well he softly laid her down and did so himself Pulling her against his chest he felt her steady breath on his neck

Ram slowly hesitantly leaned his face down to her lips his lips hovering so very close to hers his heart racing and beating so hard as if to jump and leap out of his chest in excitement

What would I do without you? Ram softly asked her though it was clear to both of them that it was as he was asking his own heart that out loud

Priya's heart sped up to match his as their chests pressed against one another's her eyes sliding shut as she could feel his breath teasing her soft lips as he spoke those word words that made her feel so much more important so much more valued not only to him but to her own aching heart when his warm lips finally connected with hers it was like she was being swept up into the skies and that somehow she knew that he felt the same way too

They lay close to each other Ram holding her in his arms not wanting to let her go he rested his chin on her head feeling her heart beat against him the soft curves of her body pressed against his own

You never been loved like that before? Priya heard him say

She looked up at him and could tell it pleased him when she shyly shook her head

Ram chuckled good I mean I'm glad I got to be Priya cuddled closer to him nd It'll always be you

It'll always be you too Ram replied and held her tighter

But she wiggled out of his grasp and eyed him with a playful smile seriously?

Without warning Ram grabbed her wrist and pinned her to the wall nearby he studied her surprised and blushing face as her skin glowed under the moonlight they had no idea how long they had been staring at each other

You'r beautiful Priya he said in a low voice

She blushed madly what does this have to do with...

Ram tilted her head up and kissed her he tasted her tongue making him intensify the kiss

She slid from his grasp and wrapped her arms around his neck she pressed her body against his wanting to feel his warmth his presence

He unzipped her vest slid his hands inside her undershirt her skin was as soft as he had imagined it her appetite for him as strong as his Ram felt her hands slide down his chest her fingers toying with the zipper of his vest before she pulled it down when she touched his skin his breath shortened

God was there any luckier man in the world ?

Priya gripped the lapels of his vest and led him to the bed

Y know Priya whispered sometimes you can be a real pain

She let him fall over her when her back landed on his bed

But that's how I like you

Just...like? he teased

Priya giggled a bit and it was a beautiful sound oh sorry Priya leaned upwards and kissed him again That's how I love you

This time she kissed his neck nd I'll keep saying it again and again she kissed him on the mouth I love you She pushed him down on his back smiled mischievously when he grinned I love the way you look at me I love your voice I love the way you touch me I love your everything Priya pressed her hands on the sides of his face kissed him again god I love you so much...

I love you more Ram whispered before rolling over her again

They were the only lovers in the world and they reveled in the miracle of it

Ram? Priya said sleepily


I love you

I love you too Priya so much...Ram whispered and gave her a light kiss right on her lips then their minds wandered off together away from the present world


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Posted: 2015-04-10T07:04:52Z
First. Beautiful...
Beautiful... Beautiful...
Keep writing. Thanks for pm.
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Posted: 2015-04-10T07:12:27Z
That was brilliantClapClapClapStarStarStar
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Posted: 2015-04-10T08:02:10Z
Superb...beautiful OS...
Thanks 4 pm...
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Posted: 2015-04-10T11:53:01Z
nyc...beautifully pn dwn..lvly...
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Posted: 2015-04-10T17:42:03Z
Beautiful OS!!
Very well described!!
And thanks 4 pm!!
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Posted: 2015-04-10T22:46:16Z
it was amazing Star
i mean how can you describe smile, laughter, anger, wriggles, everything so beautifullyClap 
you have perfectly defined her beauty in everything she do, i simply loved it Thumbs Up
ummm...can you please train me on how to praise someone LOL i am too bad at it OuchLOL
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Posted: 2015-04-11T00:14:23Z
beautiful os. very well written. in every word and in evey scene i was just visualising sakshi..ufff yaar miss her so much.
thanka for pm.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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