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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by SAKIV-RAM

Actually we can expand it to deep.

Our guy is too lazy he will give minimum support while she is trying hard.
Then if she accidentally falls.
He will just call ambulance to tell some one broke their leg and needs immediate medical help.
He then goes back to reading.


That was the best! I was laughing so hard that my kids are wondering if the mom has gone crazy
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Hsp.canada


That was the best! I was laughing so hard that my kids are wondering if the mom has gone crazy

I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 6 years ago
RnB was never that emotionally involved with M.
Then it is just from her side mostly.She was into it completelya dn was thinking same that RnB was serious over it.

In start only some where it is mentioned that RnB was not attached to her much.
As we know our guy he would have never spoken about relation in words.So it is like in stage whether there was any or not.

That was one weak thread nfrom one side relation buddy.
So it has never chance of standing.
Posted: 6 years ago
Kinsfolk & Kindred spirits

The caress never happened, they heard some one walking around in the lounge the stairs led to,
not one but many, it was chachi's
bahus (hoping to take a shower upstairs), all three were giggling over some wall art... and the voices receded like they walked towards the sun room
She held his wrist firmly "I think thats Seema" she said leaning on his bent forehead.
He moved and she shut and bolted the door temporarily
"So did u win @ poker?" she enquired, staying in his embrace

"Mmm... mmm... Bala took all my money" he chuckled on her cheek
She gently let her arms slide around his ribs and go on his back... "U smell like Sam's house"
He nodded... "u smell like our wedding day"
"The girl from the parlor said I cant use soap for a day after the essential paste massage" she giggled
"Do u want to go see Periappa today?" she asked

"I am playing 8 holes, Tan (and Bala and Mihir and Tan's cousin) are all playing 16" he muttered, gently rocking her, as she stood on his sandal clad feet

"Kitne baje"

"If u let me take a shower" he said

"Hamesha yahi kehte ho tum, let me work, let me shower, if u will let me take the call" she stiffened

"OK I would rather hold u than play golf?" "does that sound better?" flatly, emotionless

"If u say it with such feeling"  she was offended

"U look lovely in that outfit" he said softly
She purred on his chest "thanks, thats better.. where is akka"

"Taking a nap on the swing" he said

She stiffened "what if she falls?"

"She is not laying down II"

"I am just so afraid" she cried


"Docs say she has high blood pressure, she wont tell me any more"

He held her warmly, firm... leaning her on the wall,

"I can ask Bala if she can be seen by Sam's doctor" he offered

She smiled weakly, "I hope everything goes well" her tears flowed freely

"Shhh shhh" "I think she is fine" he wiped her tears off

"I LOVE HER KIDS... even the one she hasnt handed to me. Shes promised, she said "The world needs another II" she sniffled laughing uncontrollably

"Shes brave" R&B muttered biting his lower lip

"MEAN!!!" II hissed

"I am just picturing both of u in the same house" R&B pretended to shudder

"Tumhe chinta karne ki zaroorat nahi hai I will move to Akka's" she said pushing him away

He held her firmly... "shave" she begged

"No" he said

There was a knock on the door...
He took a sink and ran the water... she took one and picked up her hair brush, opening the door

It was Seema "Hey can I take a shower here?"

"Ummm ya... sure, nee first kulikreya? (will u take a shower first) U have golf ille?" (right?)

"Thats fine, I can wait" he told her
"Hey" he smiled at Seema

"Hey, I got that Bangalore design show hosting" she threw her hair back smugly

"Nice" he said

"HE KNOWS SO MANY PEOPLE" she gushed like a teenager

"Oh" II was miffed she tried not to show it

"I hear many female leads are SPOTTED there u know. CANT wait, its in May. I am so excited"

R&B was hoping to get out of the bathroom fast, he didnt care to
have random conversations with women he didnt know much, standing inside the bathroom

"How do u know Rizwan?" she asked batting her eyelashes

"We went to school together" he said, asking his wife to hand him a towel, she handed him his favorite blue striped

She tidied her area, didnt tidy his, she turned to walk out...

"Modern?" Seema asked

"Umm no CMU I meant" he said watching his wife go

"Hey" he called out

she didnt turn back

"Oh wow!!! he seems really nice" Seema was really gushy


She was in the balcony when he went out to the balcony, eating by the railing, staring down at Diya and Evelyn taking a walk in the lawn below

"Is Dad home?" she asked

"Dont know" he said

"Ofcourse not, U only " she stopped



"never mind I am going down"

"He was in the media arts whatever program, Utkarsh texted me" he said

He softly grabbed a piece of pancake from her plate...

"Are u going to go watch her host the show?" II sulked, fighting over the second piece he was about to grab

"I might" he chuckled

"great" she said

Akka stirred

"Do u want second dose coffee ka?" "I am going down" she asked, walking down handing him her plate

"Sure kanna" Akka shut her eyes again "Tumhari seva karti hai yeh?" she asked R&B

"kabhi kabhi!" he said with a smile


Chachus bahus were reluctant to leave, they had a strong bond between them... they giggled and gossiped about what Vaibhav's choice may be

II felt bad for who ever it was going to be.
Chachi had called her twice unable to make contact with her 3 bahus

"Can they come back? I have a store opening invite at the Emporio Mall we were all going together"

She didnt invite II...

"I am sorry, two were upstairs, I thought I saw one here, but pata nahi kidhar chali gayin, kab hai opening?" she asked politely

"Oh thats at 4, but we have to be someplace else first" cryptic

"I can tell them as soon as I see them" II offered

"Seema is leaving tomorrow for a big fashion gig" Chachu supplied information II already knew

"Oh?" she pretended not to know or how Seema landed it

"Utkarsh is so influential. He is fully behind her doing everything he can in making her dream come true"

"Thats very nice" II agreed sincerely

"We are very excited for her. Chachu says we might have to move to Mumbai" Chachi giggled like a teenager


"He will still manage Excelsior" Chachi quickly claimed what was not hers

"Right right... I hear he is very busy" II said politely

"Now there is so much to do and not enough people, Samar had to stop whatever he was doing and
Trehaan and now both are going to be at Spectrum" Chachi said with pretend weariness

"Oh! Thats great" Ii said

"Trehaan studied in the UK, he is planning to help jethjee with a big Software thing he is doing. He is extremely intelligent


"Yes I will see u sometime for coffee we can go out to lunch or something... your employer is there as well right?" Chachi confirmed,
two things, where II worked and the fact that II WORKED FOR SOMEONE.

"Yes Chachi on 7th" II supplied, preoccupied

"Gotta go puttar please tell them to call" Chachi gently ordered

"will do Chachi" II hung up

The "play date" ended at 2 ish, she asked Akka to stay and go with her to D II at 7, but she refused horrified

"Hey I have a house and family, its like I have parked myself at Malcha Marg"
Sam had to rush back after "brunch" as Nandu sprained his ankle after a fall from the play equipment in the
backyard as both boys were chasing each other with water guns

Tan had to go play golf so she took off

Weekends they had one or two less help, II hadnt figured that one out yet, Minion had asked her
if he can have them come back, she had declined saying "If my boss cancels my vacation it would piss me off too"

"Do u want to begin on the top floor or the bottom?" she asked

"None" he said stretching on the swing with a book , on the ground floor patioo

"when is your game?"


"U have ALMOST TWO HOURS" she said sternly

"And 362 pages to read" he waved a book at her

Ranjan observed the exchange, amused, walking in slowly..

Ranjan: Can I help you beta?

"NOOO!!! U absolutely may not" II ordered

R&B looked up from his book and actually half smiled at his Dad

"I tried puttar" Ranjan  appealed to R&B

He nodded gently
If II knew the gravity of animosity between father and son, she would realize what had just happened but since she doesnt pay attention to such thing she let it pass
A RARE once in the four year visual of son smiling at father and father's affection being returned

"Aap Lasya ko kyon nahi laaye?" she asked eagerly

"Tan hadnt seen her in 24 hours, he said she couldnt go"

"I TOLD YOU, We shouldnt have let her go" II accused R&B

He went back to his book twirling his locks

"Kya karwa rahe ho apne shoher se?" Ranjan asked happy for a change.

A good Saturday afternoon it was.. for him...like luck was shining on him along with the sun, he was no longer wandering the front lawns at Noon, his son wasnt reading a book in the balcony.
The help werent wandering a sparklingly clean museum of a house wondering what to do. Nobody visited, only Sam did... occasionally...
 Even the Zambian embassy was busier on weekends...
There was things every where, cushions strewn on the floor, Lasya's toys and blankets, a couple friends had forgotten their stole/scarves.. there were plates and cups...

The help was cleaning up brunch in the kitchen there was so much to do, AND HIS SON WAS DOWNSTAIRSEmbarrassed

Ranjan didnt know if he will ever be able to live through the joy of today

His daughter in law pushed patio furniture around, rearranging potted plants to her liking, she flung a cushion at her husband he ducked easily
He had showered and changed into black cargos and a white BR tee, "A Sam Adams and however long it takes me to drink it?" (is how long I will read then I shall get up and help you out)

"A glass of water and how ever long it takes you to drink it WITHOUT reading" she argued

He set his book on the swing and got up, Minion appeared.. he waved "sam Adams laayenge"

"Would you like one?" he asked Ranjan civilly

"YES YES" Ranjan replied agreeing to drink the brand he absolutely hated "Thanks beta, beer will be great, its so hot"
He followed his wife, as Ranjan thanked his lucky stars

Posted: 6 years ago
Never really attracted but stayed for 5 years with her ??
Not convincing enough!!

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Ashu25

No body paid attention to my question in the previous thread...
Koi bolo..WHAT could have been the reasons for RB-M break up ?
 We need to explore this line as well
We simply cant go about with II subbu all the time no re

From what I recall, before II he seemed rather blase about relationships...a very westernized view. And maybe he just had enough. They didn't seem invested in each other emotionally as much as physically and she seemed to have no adverse reactions to him at the dinner party, so it was 'mutual'... and if it was that then whatever it was it wasn't serious enough to cause  hurt feelings or leave either of them with any baggage to deal with.

Surely her sense of his waning interest was part of the reason... just thinking out loud.  But I know some of my [non brown] friends that broke up simply because  they 'weren't feeling it anymore' and it was no hard feelings at the next meeting, they both had an understanding of what they were getting into when it started and when the end came it was a mutual recognition and desertion...

With II he is very different, because she is so different from anyone else he's known... but he and M weren't like that.  This is the non complicated proposal... so what's the more interesting one?Wink

@Ashu:Hug Glad to be back amongst you all... can't believe the pace of the story and the threads- not that I'm complaining!Tongue
Edited by RomComFan - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Thread 15?!
And here I was thinking I'd only missed 4 threads Confused


Congrats, Nisha!!
It's been an AMAZING journey.
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Ashu25


And give possible real reasons

can you guys seriously stop!  this is too funny. My supervisor in the cube opposite me is wierd wierd looks.

anyhow Ashu, I guess our dude must have realized in a rare moment of truthfulness that M is merely a time pass. It could be that she wanted to take it further but dude wanted no commitment, only SEX. what we do know f her that she's pretty ok, not the soapy vamp types. a little dumb perhaps.. spends money and buys furniture... not exciting enough for RB to be committed for life. if they did get hitched Kitna furniture hoga unke ghar mein.. Imagine! 

she doesn't challenge him, doesn't make him angry, he doesnt clench his jaws with her and perhaps doesnt do anything reckless... CONNECT NAHI THA YAAR. 

I also have a question... In Paris when they went out to eat idlis why did he keep wanting II to take subbus name... testing waters? di he want to see her reaction... keen observer that he is? couldnt quite get that, because he seems pretty OK with Subbu hanging around. 

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