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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

Originally posted by srividyamouli

Smile Tanjore girl your post got me thinking and into the topic of treks...i have been trekking since i was a 4 year old and it was something unheard of in chennai... My father sent me off an an Himalayan trek when i was 13 and in the last  few decades i have trekked over a 100 times and 5 times to the Himalayas...the youngest who came on a trek to Kodai with me trekked 25 kms at age 6...it is not age that is a constraint and i whole heartedly agree that we must provide kids a love of the outdoors as theres a lot to learn there than from books my brother and i really feel we learnt more from our treks than the hours in university or in B School.

As a family we have been on innumerable treks and my son travels  backpacking now...

In india today eco tourism and treks are commercial operations...you trek with a porter or mule carrying a ruck sack...you have special menus at each camp and there are tents allotted to honeymooners...
I agree the trek with the kids will convince II and R& B of the others love for kids and strengthen their bonds the kids will add a new flavour to their interaction.

wow vidya amazing that you went on treks from chennaiClap i did an NCC camp in panchmadhi MP thats it.  i am from chennai btw :-) T.Nagar ..
i sooo want my family to trek in himalayas when we visit india next i will ping you .
I dont know how they do it in India 0 experience wow menus in campLOLLOLLOL .
 In US u actually make ur own food , REI is an expert in selling camping utensils to stoves .. a completely different experience, i have heard u have the luxury one cropping in US too but not the majority in the Grandcanyon one near colorado river u had to bring back the water bottles and there was no trash bag in the base and u hiked 8 mile down camped and then 8 mile up but its amaziiing.

wow I am loving this thread which honestly gets so many cool folks in Clap
my name is Anu though i dont mind being called TanjoregirlBig smile

Whoo! True that! I love it that I am finding trekkers here Smile I have been trying to trek every year since the last seven years. Yes mostly the Himalayas.

@Vidya. Awesome! Since 4!! Impressive indeed.

@Anu (I hope I can call you that way) I have heard people say that treks in  the US and here are entirely diff because here it is wilder. There it is more organized. You should hit the Himalayas before they disappear.

Posted: 6 years ago
Flour & Fear of Appa

Amma had painstakingly cooked, chholey, stuffed baingan, malai koftas and cilantro rice, and rotis with chilled kheer for dessert.
II had brought ice cream with her.
Amma had scolded her the whole time she helped her make rotis in the kitchen, about how frovolously she spends

"Sh shshhh" was all II said in response

"I am not sure when Appa will explode but he will about the car, just pray your husband stays here longer so Appa is quiet out of politness" Amma worried

"Its ordered, and paid for, ippo appavala onnum panna mudiyadu" (he cant do a thing now) II sniggered

"That was wrong, unapproved and out of line" Amma said sternly

"It was needed, required and MY PLEASURE" II hissed

"If u keep going like this very soon you will be out of control, sollitten naan (I am telling u)" Amma warned

"U mean I am OK NOW?" Ii giggled

"EDUKKU DEE RS.12 LAKHS CAR?" (Why do we need) Amma was baffled

"Summa iru ma, I WANTED TO BUY IT" (Keep quiet ma)

"How much is your installment?" Amma asked

"Rupees none of your business" II giggled

Amma smacked her soundly

II yelped in pain...
"Sollu pinna" (tell me then)

"Umm Amma PLEASE let somethings be private between husband and wife" II begged

Amma looked at her oddly

II eye signalled her... Amma turned to find R&B at the door, "Is it OK if I use your ipad Mrs Iyer?"

"Ayyo, yes yes , please go right ahead, where is Mr Iyer?" Amma was irritated, Appa was not doing a good job of entertaining him

"Oh! no worries hes on the phone" R&B said

Amma dusted flour off her hands and went to get it from the bedroom

He wandered into the kitchen, a sweaty II was flipping one over the fire, while she rolled... he dipped a finger in the
flour and traced her arm, she let him do it, he dipped all fingers in the dusting flour and touched her neck, she squirmed, leaning on him,
She deftly tossed the new one on the tava, and turned the handle away from him so it wouldnt accidentally tip over on him,
she continued rolling, he continued making flour imprints on her waist, neck and arm, when his hand moved up over her rib.. he heard a purr..

"really?" "Now?" she whispered
The flour stuck to her damp belly...

"I am just putting u through a stress test" he muttered, her pallu, tucked, in a no nonsense manner exposing delectable midriff where his left hand was

"I didnt recall applying for a job" she said
"U didnt I decided to conduct random testing" he said
"Vendaam da" she begged as he bent on her shoulder "U are going to have atta all over you" she warned

He continued messing with her, she took a sheet of dough and taped it around his fingers...
She moved from the stove to the rolling area, symphonically... while continuing to ward him off she had made one more,

"Its hot and humid here, go to the living room, the exhaust is name sake only, they cant even change it since its all government owned" II explained

He didnt care... he held her waist "I can shut this off, do u want to go do this in the living room" she challenged

"No right here" he said, grabbing her curve with his left hand

"there happens to be all sorts of stereotypical humor about how violent a woman with a tucked in saree, belan and hair tied in a knot can be...
 arent you afraid?" she asked huskily

He chuckled

"Amma is taking forever to find the ipad" she cursed
"enna melellam atta tadavitte da ne" (uve applied flour all over me) Appa will notice it" she said warningly

The mention alone made him want to smear it all over her body, he got a handful and   poured it into her cleft

"Ayyyoyo" she shrieked, shutting off the gas, and balling up a half rolled dough

Frantically looking for a kitchen towel

She turned to rub herself off on him as her hands were full of flour.. "yennn da" she shrieked softly

The land line rang in the living room she hid on his chest, grabbing a towel from the sink rail, and wiped herself off,

"U are sweaty and and u ruined my clothes" she complained
He bent down and wiped his forehead off on her saree clad shoulder

"Do u want me to take it off? u can have a bigger towel then?" she asked smiling humorlessly

"Do it" he said unflinching

"RAKSHASAN" she hissed, angrily.. he washed his hands off on the sink, drained the droplets off and pulled the tucked it edge from her waist and wiped it off and walked out, as Amma came talking on the cordless
II had water running full speed at the sink, as she tried to wipe off flour from every where.

R&B got a call he took it in the balcony...
Appa spoke about his work at dinner, about the possibility of getting another extension
"These two will be here, so what is the point in goingt o Madurai or Tanjore" Appa muttered

"Bala can get a transfer" Amma said normally

"Ya but these two will never move to Chennai" Appa said accusingly

"I dont want to work in Chennai pa, they dont have aloo tikki there" II giggled

R&B giggled

"She has made her life in Delhi" Appa said, still in disbelief

"She doenst listen to anybody" Appa informed R&B, he acted suitably worried

As if he listened

"She has gone ahead and booked a car, do u know?" Appa demanded

"I do... Sir" he said

"Did she talk with you and not with US? Naanga avlav mattama ayitoma? (are we so worthless?) Appa asked

"Appa its called a SURPRISE. And NO ivan kitta pesala (I didnt tell him)" II defensive

"IVAN? How can u say Ivan?" Appa demanded

"Umm.. I dont know" II mumbled

R&B "Thats fine Sir"

Amma:these days youngsters talk like that only, he doesnt seem to mind"

"there is a point we have culture and traditions for Madhavi" Appa said

Amma nodded "Ishita kanna please dont address like that"

"OK Ma" she said mock politely

It was startling to R&B that Appa was attempting to get him respect from his own wife. He would have expected the contrary though

"She booked an expensive car, and she wont tell us how she paid for it" Appa said angrily

"Welcome to my world" R&B thought

"Appa its OKKK" "I am not going to tell you" II was firm

"Shes right, its done now" R&B said

Appa noticed a unspoken harmony, it frustrated him intensely

"She would always follow rules, she was very disciplined and always obeyed authority" Appa told him

He nodded

"Now she does her own thing

Amma served more for everyone

"Is it too spicy for you?"

"Not at all Mrs Iyer, quite delicious..." he said softly

He ate like he was polite, soft and unpretentious, he tore the roti very cleanly and his hand was untarnished...

He drank her water, stole her spoon... made room for things around her plate... she chuckled when he did that...

Amma was very happy, Appa? Appa was beginning to see what he did to her

Amma noticed specks flour all over her..

"I like the neighborhood" R&B said

"This area of Delhi is its pride" Appa nodded proudly

"when they say Lutyen's Delhi they talk about Central and South, it began in 1950s" Appa continued

"do u have anyone that works for the government?" Appa asked

"None... Sir, umm... just yourself I mean" he corrected
Appa and him held the gaze for the longest time

Did he mean he was part of Iyers?
Or was II part of Bhallas

Both were unsettling facts for Appa...

"i was hoping she will work for the government, I will pass the baton on to her" Appa said fondly  "she is so brilliant, always topped her class"
II blushed shy... Thanks Pa" "See" she whispered poking his thigh, he held that hand

"Topped in acandemics, topped in singing, topped in work, never had to say anything to her... naughty and energetic" Appa spoke fondly. "Always will open the door when I come from office"

"Appa bag la enna irukku" she will ask (what have u brought for me)

Appa teared up... II did too

Amma: she is very affectionate (Amma struggled to label the father daughter love) they fight a lot and they love each other a lot

Appa nodded, bending down to wipe his tears off with his veshti edge

Appa: She is the life of this house... Madhavi and I wander aimlessly..

II ate quietly, red, with embarrassment

Appa: NOT ONE QUIET day, friends coming over, Shravu and her, or reading to my brother, or singing

R&B smiled

R&B: he seems very fond of her too (R&B made that stunning observation in watching that challenged man interact with his five less than 5 times)

Appa stared dumbfounded like "So u know that already?"

R&B looked at him like "I am quiet, but not an IDIOT"

Appa: I wish it was 1950s, and i wish she was a boy, she could have stayed with us
Amma laughed at Appa's thoughts  
II: thats why I am saying dont go to Tanjore or Madurai

Appa:How can we go when you two are here? (impossible!)

R&B realized Mr Iyer was going to be around his wife for a long time... she seemed happy...


He lay in bed with her Amma's ipad.. she helped Amma clean up the kitchen, Appa had convinced them to stay,
he had gotten a bag of clothes Sam had thrown in the car, his clothes from staying over at her place a while ago

Changed into cotton draw string pants and a tee...

she went off to chat with her parents and returned only after midnight... shutting the door gently... he lay face down... " Toongiyacha kozhanda" (she giggled "Baby's asleep?)

He grabbed her and swung her over the bed, over him and lay her down climbing over her "Wont that be nice" (u can go back to bonding)
he said nipping her earlobe punishingly with unconcealed jealousy...

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

#CampwithBrats (yet to read comments or latest upate )

Disclaimer : My opinion and my opinion alone based on my experience :-) I have never camped in India

I know nobody is supporting me but i thought before I even comment on the update I will put forth my thoughts Wink
I am married to an R&B of sorts introvert and very very out doors oriented so camping,hiking,skiing(for him ) is a way of life for us, every sports he watches NFL,cricket,soccer, NCAA (duke this year)
so i have camped in grandcanyons and yosemite to smokies and therefore felt kids should go and here are the reason why :

#1) you dont take condoms to a camping trip LOL i have never seen anyone makeout during a camping trip ,wear make up or hold hands and walk during hike.. folks only travel as pairs when they are doing cross county even R&B in europe went mostly with a group.
You make love to nature ,camp sites specially the really beautiful ones dont provide a lot of privacy and in the night when you have a camp fire you have folks just come in with beer and talk and hang out and get ready to catch the early morning sun rise or animals in the river.  so I dont view camping as a second honey moon i view it as a this amazing experience you have with like minded people and the romance for me was that he made sure everything was taken care. and the fact that he cooked me a bread toast and actually got me perfect shoes to hike Embarrassed
I dont ever see even goras make out during camping it would be so EEWWW.

#2)If you have nephews age 9/10 whose parents cant take them to camping for atleast 4 years i couldnt dream of not taking them like II I would have said the same..it would be so unlike R&B and II to not take them .This is the perfect age to camp IMO my kids love to hike they can hike 6 miles easily and wont complain because they are used to it .

#3) Just like romance doesnt end when you get married it actually begins I feel kids are never a deterrent to a couple in love  . The boys could have a separate tent and the couple a separate ,more fun if they slept in a 4 people tent together .. they can have a blast trying to cook, making smores,hiking just laughing, getting their moments together and out of experience you have so much fun spoiling nephews

I know i am a total minority and the only one going #CampwithBrats but i still feel its fun and I rest my case LOLLOL

Hey Anu:

Camping in India is very different from America, there very few places where u can actually put your tent on your own.( not in the two national park i went to in India, there was a cottage in the middle of park) The place Nisha has picked is very commercial place, so the kids can without a hitch. They will have their own tents and bonfire is only for meet up after you are done with the activities around the camp. People sing, dance and drink at the bonfire. I did one those camp in team building excersie back in India in Mussoorie. Tents were already in place. We just parked there. Smile

I did some camping in the college days, in HP and couple of places in UP. They were very rugged but the food was provided for. No cooking. They were fun. You plan your day around sunrise & sunsetEmbarrassed You fall in love with nature.Smile

Here in US it's very different, I am been on hiking trips haven't camped for the night as my husband idea of the camp is to find the nearest Marriott for a sleep over. We do mini hikes with kids now around the local national parks. I miss California just for this. Hiking was so much fun as you get to peak at Pacific all around US 1. 

My vote is still neutralLOLLOL

Posted: 6 years ago
Such an endearing update!!!
More in a while...
Posted: 6 years ago
Why is he found always at the doors ROFL Kabhi MM mein balcony ke yahan kabhi DII mein kitchen ke darwaze par...Something he has got to do with the doors everywhere 
R&B giggled - Soppanama ille nejamava ShockedShockedShocked (Sapna hai ya sach ROFL)

I am quiet, but not an IDIOT" - LOL 

Why does she call him a baby EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Sooo cuteee these two are Day Dreaming
He is one smug ...Kitchen mein hi he romances her always nahi ?
Putting her through all the sweat and dough...

Yeh banda itna sweet aur cute kyon hai LOL

I am sure he will get up early kal and she will be sleeping like  alog till mid noon earning Appa's ire LOLLOL
Appa will go " He is torturing my daughter" ROFL

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by taara113

@Errant...Il not say he is totally unmoved he reacts thoda thoda...and its his upset time gng on so initiation will be hers and well RB is gng to take his sweet time...so maybe i expect her to be use to this by now and play along...you knw ur gng to Bangalore fine il make a trip to DII and not go *sob sob* plump face all the time...

Considering the person he was he already gives itnaaa attention to her; does it go all unnoticed ???

And ye ladkiyon ka im angry at u bcz ur not talking to me and then wen u tlk to me il not tlk bcz i was angry...is something that anyways irritates me alot (personal bias)

@ Taramira...aaawww so much Ranjan love and i may say he has a more loyal fan following or maybe we shld wait fr the day he errs and then see hw u guys react...hehe...

If its insecurity then i wld not want her to be so apparent with it ( i think evn she doesn't want to show)... And I mean RB the man of few words; evn in his anger is trying to give an explanation...hardly he does it... insecurity bcz of dng seema a favor; d favor doesn't sound so big or time/mind consuming to me...sorry...
The Lasya bit is all playful you knw how she runs and gets Nandu...counter attack kinds...i like dat...maybe a cool il come along to Bangalore...

With all the explanation you guys trying to put in my head im getting where such behavior is coming from but im not liking it much...she iea standing at the doors of becoming a woman whining fr a man all the time which i don't want...

@Nisha...it takes me alot of time to comprehend ur explanations il try getting back...


@ Taara,
The characters in a story, dynamic ones, promise to take a story's audience on a journey. It's my belief that the characters act out the issues    Of the human need that engages the attention of you, the reader.
What I mean is, the story teller can set a character in an environment that's compels them to act in a particular way.
Madam writer has arranged the story's elements to deliberately beat down and place characters in great danger to experience the need for the characters to act as such and why the readers should care .
We are moulded by our beliefs that has shaped our personalities and when the story has been talking to you day in day out and has engaged you for a while,you want to believe in the possibility of how a particular character can react , again I believe that we secretly put ourselves in their shoes wanting to do that... For instance why II is finicky and stuff... Why can't she hold her emotions this way and stuff
In a way , the readers can understand and identify a particular character and you expect them to behave in a certain way. So along the way, when they don't behave the way their characters are laid out, it confuses you, for instance you couldn't identify with the R&B you have come to know on the night he returned bk from Switzerland right??when he behaved in a manner that you felt , that it elicited response that seemed out of sync with his character, right??

My perception is that the story teller has a sense of how the types of characters and their emotions that populate a story arise from the dramatic purposes that the story serves to establish...

In how they react to those situations, we give voice to our feelings and concerns on the inner conflicts and issues faced by them. The story gives meaning to the readers/ audience with similar feelings and issues.

Well-told stories populated with dynamic, dramatic characters with larger than life passions and needs act out issues those in the audience might struggle with. Such characters battling with other determined characters shape a story's course and outcome of a story to its fulfilling end.
Creating such characters is another art in the craft of storytelling.

It's perceptions right... Yours , mine and others at the end of the day!! Pata nahi yaar, mein kya sochke likhne beti thi... Phir se lambi katha ban gayi!! I am sorry yaar, you know what? I feel like saying , chalo just forget it , chodo yaar,but ab lambi type ki hai tho post karhi doon!!

Posted: 6 years ago
Madam writer, there I did it again!! I was going thru posts , read Taara's and Ramayan likhne bet gayi thi ki I did not see that there is another update!! And I am really late to review the last nights update !! So I'll better not attempt one now!! Again with my mantra that I shall read the current one and get bk...
I really feel bad for my posts which come right after an update which is a spoke to the flow of the story!!
Posted: 6 years ago

I don't want to call appa a troll after reading this update.Smile He will come around. If not love but will be more civil to RnB. He is just a man who loves his daughter very dearly and is still processing the fact "her choice".

Totally loved when appa & RnB shared a long glance after the working in govt question.  Hmm... the car convestation was not that awkward. Appa still in awe about RnB and II being on the same page "harmony".  RnB surprised appa when he mentioned that perri-appa's love for II.

So conviviality is back between the two, loved the atta banterEmbarrassed. Nice to see that they have decided to stay back in DII

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