(Software Symphonies-15) (In)divisible Siblings on 132 - Page 142

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Posted: 6 years ago
For the first time in this story this update
almost made me cry
It's all that manny fault
I hope in comin updates nisha makes manny apologise ll and cry buckets Angry

Ek to ghar pe rehti nahi , jo karna karti hai
aur zoban par koi control nahi. Go r&b sort
ur sister out
Posted: 6 years ago
Wonderful laptop updates Nisha.
You showed how one's insecurity and pride could blow simple situations out of proportion.
II sending laptop to Manny is certainly a hasty decision, but her reaction towards Manny's accusation is totally understandable.
Boy I loved Raman giving it back to Manny in a way she would understand. And it looked like he was not defending II because she is his wife, he would have done the same to anyone, who he thinks is not in the wrong. Raman definitely scored some browny points with me. To me his supporting II in his own way is more romantic than any steamy update.Embarrassed
You just showed how fragile relations are and how easily they can go sour because of ego and pride with these updates.
Good to see Raman softening towards his dad.
Hope Appa does not come to know about this. Ranjan and Sam are more scared of Appa.
If Appa comes to know, then it will be Raman who will be dealing with himLOL. Ranjan is a softie, he won't be able to answer him.

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Posted: 6 years ago
i was wondering from yesterday how sam and ranjan will react.the way now you showed is the perfect one for it.as that video woman zadie smith says clarity is what she aims for, you are in its best.you have created a hand full of characters who makes me wonder whether they are in real world and i am a fictional character...love you lady...Edited by ishruhi - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
I'm crying with them...Cry.
The laptop seems to be so trivial nowOuch..it's the feelings that've taken center stage
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Posted: 6 years ago
The discomfort between II and Manny is out in the open... II was walking around eggshells around manny and by sending the laptop, she ended up popping it..
And Manny , pig headed as she is, instead of sorting it out with II stroked it by adding fuel to fire... She is demanding attention by calling Sam and sort of saying" see, I was not far off the mark when I said that II is not an angel, she has got a bigger agenda than what we think". In a way, II got sucked into the trap.

Sam, intuitive lady that she is knows that her sister and SIL have not hit it off well. Sam feels responsible in a way to hold the family together in her mothers absence.. She missed savvy the most today... She realises that the " family does not have it in them to survive one more "divisibility fall out" BR]
Not one day goes in peace for Ranjanji... But he lives on to fight another day... He is pained to see the ladies of his house in tears.
Now more grilling awaits II, one side of the iyer meat was grilled by cooking range in the kitchen and the other side will be grilled by the 'Monet'
And I have already bought the ring side seat.
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Posted: 6 years ago

Your sense of balance wrt to all characters is stupendous!!! It comes out vividly in this last update. Everybody's reaction is so bang on. Manny here I feel is a catalyst to expose II's recklessness to the rest of the Bhalla clan. Till now it was just R&B who was privy to this aspect of her.

II's sense of misplaced pride  will take time to sort itself. 20+ years of middle class principled living justifies that reaction from her.  Till then R&B and her will continue to be at loggerheads. The fact that you overnight do not become or feel  family'   stares loud in the face in this update.  

 Absolutely real!  

Posted: 6 years ago
He came to her... "Aage se koi
bhi, YEH BHI, aapko kuch kahe
aap mere paas aaogey" (you
will come to me) Got it?

Ranjan: ishar aao beta. Did
someone say something to
you? ISNE kuch kaha? (giving
R&B a angry glare)

how lucky is this girl!!!!she has the best FIL in the world...
Posted: 6 years ago
Indivisible sibling - 142

Cry ok very upset with this one beautifully written Nisha like always was perfect actually all of today went for me thinking what could happen and then this update after a looong day just lovely.
3 dialogs stood out for me ( every line was lovely but these 3 somehow stuck)

and sister in law is a reckless BRAT" sam was angry
why did Sam get so angry .. i would have done the exact same thing II is not reckless II is pavam post marriage i am so  siding with her i can really relate to her.. hopefully when sam cools down she will realize II , i know she is angry right now

SHE IS ALL MINE, EVERY homicidal reckless inch of her belongs to ME)

had me go aaaw thats where R&B rules , he is going to butcher her in his way but his thoughts about his wife are so clear..but he wont support her i guess ..

khushi aur is ghar ka waasta khatam hai shaayad (choking)
dont say that Ranjan plllease bahoot khushi hai aur bhi aani hai , cant see him cry more ...CryCryCryCryCry

Manny = Meanie why could she not have called up R&B and told him,drama queen. and why are the 3 folks not trying to think from II's POV , R&B knew right Manny was being a pain, Sam should know her sister and Ranjan his daughter why couldnt they give II the benefit of down.
Right now me #teamII the bhallas are right now not seeing the Iyer pride in their DIL unfortunately all middle class girls come with looots of it.. we will starve but be blamed for something.

@Errant yes i did Ranjan gush this morning when Ashu was doing LAsya gush and then i had swaram and Ishru and Jug i believe :-) we will do a ranjan gush session one of these weekends post my daughters dance next week.

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