(Software Symphonies-15) (In)divisible Siblings on 132 - Page 115

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by blue5sky

Originally posted by nadira26islam

can anybody giv me the link of ss10,plzzz?i want read that again.dont know y i cant find out the thread :( plz help me ...

Hey hope this works

it dosnt work :( whnever i m tryng to open this link it says this ''The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.'' :(
Posted: 6 years ago
Undercover love

Appa showed at 7 ish at the Hyundai showroom in Gurgaon, the roads were a "mess" he said, she waited patiently, she was working in the showroom so she didnt care.
She texted Ranjan "dad Appa gets his car today I will ride with him, so I am sending the car home"

"Hmmm... congratulate Mr Iyer, he did not give me an opportunity to bedazzle him with a Maruti" Ranjan texted

"I will Dad... and will tell him the next time he must consider a Maruti only" II said out of politeness

"You should take it for a spin and buy them dinner" Ranjan texted

"Absolutely! Dad" she texted



"But you must come home tonite beta" Ranjan ordered

She smiled, quivering at the warmth

"I will try Dad" she typed and sent a wink



She laughed out loud

"Afraid" she texted

They signed the papers, were handed the keys, and Appa began to cry, "Ayyo pa DONT cry ellarum paakara" (everyone's watching)

"U and Vandita both are out of control, pecha kekarde ille" (u dont listen) he scolded with prideEmbarrassed

"Thats how daughters SHOULD be pa" II gushed

She hugged him

Appa was actually able to forget R&B for a bit, his daughter was HIS now... cute, argumentative and chirpyLOL

"I will pay what I can towards the installment, and with the retirement money I will pay it off"

Ii had locked the invoice in the glove compartment she wondered how she would be able to filch it now

Appa might get Rs.15 lakhs or Rs.20 lakhs altogether, he would be broke if he paid off the car, not sure how much loans remained even for weddings and treatments

"Appa LETS talk or fight later, lets go home Pa" II begged

They got to Malai Mandir in a hour and a half, at 9 ish.. the temple was closing at 10, Akka Shravu, Athim and Amma waited...
A priest was summoned he broke a coconut and poured water over all the tires, applied vermilion and turmeric all over, and draped jasmine

Vetri and Shravu chased each other back and forth around it

People gawked, the tiny lane outside the gate was extremely busy

II took pictures and videos and the vadyar/priest chanted...

Vetri:Akka enna enga kootitu porey (where will u take me?)

II: Neeyum Shravu, Nandu naan movie polama? (the three of u boys with me)

Vetri: Tamil Sangam la "Idu Namma Aalu" Simbu Nayan movie ka" WinkTongue

II: Ayyo Nandu ku Tamil teriyadu da , na nee shravu polaam, dey I will take you to English movie da (Nandu doesnt know Tamil)

Vetri was overjoyed

Appa: Lets go up and do darshan and go home, Amma cooked a lot

Amma: I made chakara pongal and venn pongal (savory pongal) and gothsu kanna (gothsu is a tamarind gravy with egg plant)


shravu:Why didnt you bring Uncle R

II:He was too busy to see you (she began to brain wash)

Shravu:thats a lie! He said he will take me on a trip in summer

II: Ya to Munirka (sniggering)

Shravu:Ammmaaa Chithi is lying, tell her shes lying


II: Do u really think he will take him?.. I AM EVERYTHING to Shravu TELL HIM ka

Bala:Hes a good guy

II: Ya... to friends and strangers

Amma:Ayyyoyo dont lie, paavam di

they laughed and chatted while Bala took it for a spin with Vetri and Shravu...

Amma: Tell her no? She is spending too much, Hyundai says instalments are in the range of Rs.14,000 to Rs.17,000 a month

Vandu was startled

Amma: she gets around a lakh a month, she wont tell us clearly
Vandu:How will she pay this now
Amma:: I am just going to give back the the money she left for the car

Vandu:Amma I brought some of that to the Sringeri hall no?
Amma: Yes... how much is in there? I think Appa paid Sitaraman too
Vandu: Ughhh!!! Can Appa get a portion of his PF withdrawn?
Amma:I will talk with him...
II and Appa talked about her work, Bally's new role... Appa told her about the changing role of Finance Ministry in the years to come
There was actually  a little less bitterness in their interactions today...

Amma and Vandita didnt notice until they bumped into Subbu's Mom and Dad and Subbu... Amma turned away preoccupied pretending to look for Appa

Subbu saw all of them, "Hello Mami epdi irukel" he demanded (how are you) "hello Vandita"

""hello Vandita" Subbu was doing eveything to to "regain a lost friendship"
His Dad was pleasant and normal, almost apologetic/embarrassed at the chance encounter

Vandita and Amma barely smiled

Subbu's Dad: Congratulations Vandita, Eppo ma due (when are you due?)
Vandita: In August Mama (pleasantly)

Subbu: Congrats on Ishita's wedding Mami

Amma smiled full of pride...
Subbu: Is Mr Bhalla here? (his eyes began searching)

Vandu: Nope! He couldnt make it he is so busy

Subbu:I know, he does multiple things (envy)

Subbu's Mom: He might actually go to Japan for a while

Subbu's Dad: Thats not confirmed yet

Amma nodded texting Appa "WHERE ARE YOU"
Vandu wanted to escape before Appa saw them, he knew Appa would kill Subbu with his bare hands
But whatever we hope for in life doesnt always happen

Subbu's Mom: Came for darshan

Amma wanted to say "No we came to watch a movie"
Appa and II wandered up from wherever they were, Appa's face stiffened with rage at the sight of Subb

Subbu's Mom:We saw Ishita two days after her wedding Gurumurthy Mama lives in our building

Amma:So you guys bought where he has been living for 15 years?

Subbu's Mom nodded

Vandu:where were you di?

Subbu: Hi! Ishita

Appa: Lets climb the hill (completely ignoring Subbu)

Subbu's Dad: How are you?

Appa barely smiled

Subbu's Mom: Daughter is married I see... we met the Punjabi boy
Subbu's Dad smiled and greeted Appa pleasantly

Appa: Yes yes, very handsome very educated, Subbu should know him, I hear he goes to sell cars every week to my son in law's showrooms

(Appa spontaneously jumped to the defense of the man he he otherwise detested to the core)

II got  a text " Home?"


"Did they like the car?"

"So far" she sent a wink

"And he let you live?" R&B asked curiously

"You would love that wouldnt you? RAKSHASAN!! Har koi apni biwi ko protect karta hai, tum to mujhe har khatre ke saamne le jaakar khara kar dogey" she cursed

"Boy! That Hindi is good" he texted

"Comes with a price tag" (since he refused to pay earlier)

"name it"

"One night a week at D II!!" she bargained biting her lower lip
"thats illegal"

Subbu's Mom: Ya, he is a Sales Director now

Subbu's Dad: Avarukku teriyum di (shut up Mr Iyer probably knows that)

Appa: Ishita has no time today we insisted she go with us to the temple. (changing the topic)
Subbu's Dad: Son in law couldnt come

Appa: He part owns a company, he helps his Dad out with his... he is extremely busy

Subbu: Appa (to his Dad) the venture capital firm I talked about
His Dad nodded... " Oh Paris? Correct?"

Subbu's Dad: He seems like a very accomplished boy Mr Viswanathan

Appa: yes he is, he speaks very little but exceptional achiever

Subbu's Dad nodded agreeing "He tells me he zips between countries?"
Appa: Yes he is too much busy... I dont agree with that  (gently, complaining)

Subbu's Mom: We are late no, Neeraja will worry

Bala and Vetri and Shravu came running


Vetri: Appo na ka? Na enge? (where will I sit Akka?)

II: U can sit with me da

Subbu's Mom: Did you buy  a Maruti?

Appa: No Hyundai..


They got home at 10 ish, sat down chatting, Amma approached the topic of returning II's money to her

Appa shushed her "Adukku oru plan irukku so keep quiet" (sternly)

Amma: Lets give her a check for a portion today

Appa: shsshshhh!!!!
Ii and Vandu sat on her bed chatting

Shravu: Why didnt you bring him Chithi?

II: he claimed he was busy da, he refused to come

Shravu Can I call him?

Ii nodded.. she heard him talk , rolled her eyes in "Whatever!!"

Ii asked about Akka's BP, how many times she does the stairs at home... what meds she is on if it goes really high etc..

Amma: go call the girls for dinner

Bala was on his laptop, in the study, Shravu jumped from couch to couch like a monkey in the living room talking with Uncle R on the phone

Akka went to the bathroom

Ii lay down stretching eyes closed, she heard chatting all over the house, she was reminded of her pre marriage days and teh evenings Akka would visit

Shravu came running: He says hes here!! (running into the room)

II: i bet he is (sneering)

Shravu: he says he bought me a frisbee

II: he will buy you things to buy your love, my love is very pure like Himalayan snow.

Shravu: So will you stay here tonite Chithi?


R&B: Cant!!!

She turned, and he stood there all of 6'3"

Vandita walked out "Arey wah, I see you twice in three days?
R&B: Hello Vandita!! (hugging her)

II sat up"when did u come?

R&B sat down by her "when u told Shravu your love couldnt be bought"

Vandita began to laugh, as Bala walked into II's room... Amma and Appa heard it all from the living room.

"He came to get her, she is such a vaal (so naughty) she would have just stayed" Amma said proudly

Appa grunted unhappily...
AND things were back to normal at D IILOL

Posted: 6 years ago
*I solemnly swear I will update my LONG overdue review here. By tonight.*
Edited by Arya1991 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Appa grunted unhappily...
AND things were back to normal at D IILOL
Hahahahhahha love this line ROFL
Posted: 6 years ago
Sleep aid & Sneak off (yet to read comments )

BEAUTIFUL update.. first i was gushing over how sweet these two are with Lasya will make great parents and R&B getting treated with the short and long breaths on a swing sooo perfect Day Dreaming

BUT BUT BUT for me the high light was
"Is everything OK?" he asked Ranjan

"Uhh... ummm..CCCouldnt be better puttarji, Changa.." he said fumbling to find words in English/punjabi/Hindi

I think seeing my inlaws gush over every thing we do is going to make me gush over Ranjan more if thats even possibleLOL
Just loved this conversation..and the fact he slept without an aid kya booloon ClapClapClapClap..
I also find now that  R&B is more and more like his dad..
Even though Ranjan is not at home all the time he knows exactly what is happening in his house.. and guesses perfectly what his DIL and Granddaughter and son must be doing ClapClapClapClapClapClap

I so what this in MM

1) II and Ranjan watching andaaz apna apna and dozing off and R&B putting them both to bed Day Dreaming
2) II starting to practice in the pooja room and Ranjan /R&B both listening
3) II and Ranjan starting to play something together - chess or carrom
4)R&B starting to pack fruits for all 3 of them because they dont eat fruits  (Random my husband is doing  for the 6 of us now i hate fruits LOL)
5)Ranjan and II taking the boys  to a movie
6) II throwing a fit - Ranjans BP is 5 over normal LOL
7) II and Ranjan going over R&B's childhood pictures Day Dreaming

Aaj ke liye ithna he kaafi hai :)

Regarding the Manny confusion i want it to turn into  something funny and for II to realize she is not in this wierd home where they will crucify her for a lost laptop :)

Thanks Nisha for giving me a reason to gush over Ranjan on monday morning good start to a work week LOL

Posted: 6 years ago
What could be better than having an update stare at you the moment you open your eyes. From dreaming about SOSY to reading it the first thing in themornjgncan be termed pure bliss. 
Appa defending RbB...the himalaya has moved albeit just to put the arch enemy down...but moved nevertheless.

What can I say about RbB can't keep himself away from the brat. He's got to be the most intriguing, romantic giving husband ever with all his idiosyncrasies...

II financial crisis climaxing...poor thing doesn't have money to buy a. Decent meal, sooo sooo want RbB to discover this so that there can be another Mahabharata...love their fights and making up later...
Posted: 6 years ago
totally missed undercover update on 115

Posted: 6 years ago
Appa can easily shift sides no...LOL
And whats his plan to return the money Confused I am pretty sure it will be a fail ROFL

The dude comes ?! To pick up his wife or bargain love Wink ?
I loved his line...I would want to see what he does to buy the priceless Hug

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