(Software Symphonies-15) (In)divisible Siblings on 132 - Page 107

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Arya1991

Humare itne saare demands hain...
I can totally imagine one of those typical protest yatra slogans...



Posted: 6 years ago
(For Ashu, Arya and other Lasya loversEmbarrassed)

Lasya for Lunch... and Dinner

Lasya arrived when II rushed between the formal dining and kitchen trying to finish up dinner, set the table, make minty lemonade... Minion had BBQ the baingan on the grill in the backyard yet she felt her clothes smelled like smoke
She ran up and changed into a pink kurti and white capris... she ran down and did what Amma had been scolding her to do for a monthOuch

LIGHT THE EVENING LAMP... the prayer room was cold because of all the marble and QUIET... her anklet echoed through as she walked, she lit the lamp, took forever to find the agarbathis
Things had a thin film of dust over it, like nobody entered the room, she had noticed Ranjan some mornings but nobody else, she hit all the lights and lit an incense stick and stood there inhaling

"Mmmh mmmhhh" she didnt think the scent was too strong, she made a mental note to buy Malai Mandir agarbathis next time

Tan brought Lasya... "Sam was working on a writing project with Nandu" he said a summer "camp"

She leaped from Daddy's arms to hers... she gave the tyke a tour of the prayer room, introduced all the dieties to her, she found it too amusing, she clapped and cooed

She was rested, napped and fresh... like a syrupy rasgulla, chilled... II just pressed her nose on the fat cheeks and walked around the temple like prayer room encased in marble

"Onna apdiye kadichu tingattuma?" (Can I eat you up?) she asked Lasya

Lasya wanted to eat up II 's nose ring, it was too tiny to be grabbed, she cried in frustration

"yenn di Mama madiri irukke nee?" (why are u like ur Mama?") she scolded

 II's face was covered in Lasya's drool, II sang two lines of hymns for Ganpati, Ram, Sita, Durga and Shiva, and Parvati... one for each marble idol

Lasya listened, when she stopped she began to chew on her nose ring or grab it

"Yaaru di kathu kudutha onakku? (WHO taught you that? vaal!! (tail, an Iyer expression for someone thats very naughty, like a monkey) Mama ku nanna adi kudukalama? (can we beat up your Mama?))

She frowned "Dont you dare?" look... "I will do whatever I please" He does whatever he pleases with ME" II defended whispering the secret in lasya's ears

She whispered more things...

"SEEE I TOLD YOU... Selvi gave me the LOOK. Yellam onnoda Mama daan responsible (hes guilty)"  "My laddoo kutti... (my lil laddoo) I am going to eat you up for dinner"

"Ishita main ja raha hoon yaar" Tan called out
She turned, found her husband and Tan starying at her
"Kyon? I want you to eat with us" she ordered

"Kya bana hai?"

"Bharta, chaney ki dal and roti, dessert mein golu" she crushed the baby to her body

"My wife is making lamb tikka, sorry" he said, "Lunch mein we had her for dessert, too meetha" he winked

"How mean, Then I am not returning her"

"Koi gal nahi aur bana lenge" (I can make more), Ranjan walked by so he left her alone

Her husband had beer in his hand, she gave him a "I am staying inside, coz u cant come in with beer" look, he cant cross the threshold with a beer could he?

He set the beer on a runner table by the wall and stepped in

"Rakshasan!" she hissed

He took the fat mass of cookie dough from her, he didnt have to take, she beamed herself off II's arms"

"Hey love" he cooed.. AND SHE COMPLAINED ABOUT II

II was straightening her nose ring stud... "Podi!! Traitor... ask ur Mama to pierce his nose" II ordered

"I agree she should get another one, like a Iyer woman" HE TOLD THE BABY!!

More rings more to suck on!!

shameless ass...

Posted: 6 years ago
But I called dibs on Nandu, Shravu, Vandu's soon-to-be-born baby girl and II's first baby girl!

Ipidiye ponaal... R&B unna kadichhu tinniduvaan, II (R&B will take a eat you up, II)... And we will all be very very happy readers. 
#SoManyPuns ROFL

But. This was a much needed light episode... In the midst of all the tension. 
I still want the #TheDhamaka!!
Edited by Arya1991 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
I love you nisha!!!! 
Thank youuu
Sooo blooody cute this is!!! 
The kid is sooo cuteee mann!!! 

Posted: 6 years ago
She is shooo cute Nishaaa
I re read the update like thrice now!! 

Just let her stay at MM re

The dude and his endless fetishes! 

Posted: 6 years ago
I might end up dreamijg about this no face kid now!! 
I need to stop gushing so much ROFL
Posted: 6 years ago
Like, like and super like...especially the prayer room, the incense, the butter ball, the nose pin, the dad, the mama, the grandfather, minion and even the BBQ baingans. Just right for a lovely lazy Sunday afternoon.
 Reading rhis while eating vanilla ice cream with fresh mangoes...And hot jalebis, a new mithai walk has opened shop in our town and makes really good jalebis.. The small crispy types.
Posted: 6 years ago
Ashu I may have a picture of a lil baby girl that comes to mind every time I write about her, she is a Kannadiga kid, from 19 years ago, she must be in college now, almost you guys' age... I cant for the life of me recall her name, the Mom's name was Arthi... TOO TOO DAMN CUTE, FAT AND LUMPY like Lasya

Let me find her picture and post it I have to scan it first, its from the non digital era

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