RAYA OS : Do you ever shut up?

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Priya nd Ram had been fighting for a while now it started with him confessing his love for her but honestly she didn't love him back ever since she told him that every time she saw each other she ended up getting into a horrible person

Priya nd Ram ended up bumping into each other in the hallway watch where you're going Priya said nd push Ram

Ram turned around nd push her what's wrong with you? Ram asked

I told you to watch where you're going you idiot Priya shouted

I'm the idiot? you'r the idiot Ram shouted back

Priya slapped Ram before storming off in anger nd she walked downstairs she heard footsteps behind her nd she turned around to saw Ram run up behind her

Wait...Ram grabbed Priya's arm

Don't touch me Priya pulled away look I told you to leave me alone Ram respect my personal space would you? Priya said

I'm not finished talking to you yet Ram said

I don't want to talk to you Priya said angrily

Too bad Ram shouted

Priya rolled her eyes nd stood there you have five minutes Ram Priya said

Why don't you love me back? Ram asked

Ram you asked me this already I don't have any feelings for you Priya said sternly

Why ? he asked

You'r you Priya get up nd leave whenever you want to you can be a good sometimes you can be very cold hearted Priya said

Ram was silent nd walked closer to her

Priya backed up into a wall she gasped as Ram gently pinned her against the wall get away from me Priya said

I love you I would never get up nd leave you without notice I would stay here nd protect you are my life I'm not leaving here until you say you love me Ram looked deeply into her magical eyes

You can't force me to love you Ram nd she pushed him away

Your answer wasn't good enough Ram pinned her against the wall again

Get away from me Priya shouted at ram nd slapped him

Ram looked at her shocked he said angrily

Another thing Priya get so angry so easily I don't love you it's as simple as that can't you just leave me alone? Priya asked gently pushing Ram away walking upstairs nd lacked to there room

Ram followed her but sighed when she slammed bedroom door in his face he walked into guest room which was beside their's he closed the door nd punched the wall before falling to his knees

Priya gasped hearing Ram in the room next to her she sighed sadly honestly she missed being friends with Ram

You are my life my wife my everything your beauty is more to me than the sun and the moon when I hold you my worries go away and my nerves calm thanks to you I have survived not being able to work

You have been my rock these last few months and I apologize deeply for anything I have said to hurt you

We fight we yell but remember life is not a perfect thing but instead to be married is to still feel for someone despite their flaws or even because of them

I have and always will accept you for your flaws as much as your strengths

Don't say anything Ram and went from there

Later that night

Priya couldn't sleep at all she yawn tiredly nd got up walking out of room she peeked into guest room nd saw him sleeping she entered into his room nd got into bed with him she snuggled up to him trying her best to fall asleep

Ram awoke screaming nd panting heavily he looked down realizing some weight on his body he also noticed that Priya were hugging him tightly

Priya's eyes closed tightly she slowly opened her eyes nd looked up at Ram looking at him worriedly are you okay? Priya asked

What are you doing here? Ram asked

I couldn't sleep Priya muttered softly what's wrong? r u having nightmares again? Priya asked

Why would you care? Ram asked

I still care about you Ram I thought you're nightmares stopped? Priya looked at him worriedly

They started right after we started fighting...Ram muttered softly did I hurt you?

Priya shook her head I'm fine...she mumbled just hugging Ram

Ram pushed her away get away from me Ram said sternly

She looked at Ram hurt see this is what I mean you're so cold hearted nd such a jerk Priya cried nd walked out of room nd into thiere room closing the door she slid down to the floor nd began to sob quietly

Next morning

Priya awoke nd saw Ram sitting on a chair snoring away she got up looking shocked Ram gasped nd woke up he rab his eyes nd look at her nd smiled softly

Neha told me the truth...he crossed his arms why did you lie to me? Ram asked looking at Priya not impressed

What? What are you talking about? Priya asked looking at Ram nervously

Neha told me how much you loved me... make up your mind princess...Ram said slightly

Priya were silent nd just stared at Ram her concern was growing

Neha told me you couldn't keep your eyes off of me I don't understand you I don't even understand why I'm so in love with you why just by you looking at me drives me crazy Ram stood from his chair

Priya got out of bed and walked up to Ram

Now you're just ignoring me what the hell is wrong with you? Ram shouted angrily

Priya grabbed Ram nd pulled him toward her kissing him passionately

Ram wrapped the back of his hand around Priya's neck nd pulled her into the kiss he kissed back deeply he managed to slip his tongue into her mouth

Priya slowly pulled back blushing do you ever shut up? Priya asked

Did you just do that to shut me up? Ram asked

What else was I supposed to do I was trying to talk nd you wouldn't let me speak so I had to kiss you to make you stop talking... now hurry up nd kiss me again... Priya wrapped her arms around Ram's neck kissing him lovingly

Ram looked at her shocked but kissed back he pulled back does this mean that you uh? Love me? he asked

Of course I love you...Priya smiled happily nd kissed Ram again

Just making sure...Ram chuckled kissing back he pulled away once more why didn't you ever told me? he asked looking at her curiously

I was too... embarrassed... nervous...nd she looked down

I didn't mean to make you nervous I swear I'm sorry for shouting at you why would you be embarrassed? I mean it's not like I'm going to go wearing a shirt saying I'm dating Ram said

Priya grabbed Ram by his shirt nd pulled him toward her kissing him again she pulled back I was nervous because I was afraid of getting hurt nd I was embarrassed you might laugh at me when I told you why I love you...Priya muttered softly going all red

Why do you love me? Ram asked

Because your my golu molu Mr.Kapoor ...Priya looked down then looked back up at Ram also you're all big and tough I love your personality your funny your caring and you love me so much she blushed even more now your so cute Ram chuckled nd pulled Priya into a loving hug she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his head down to kiss him they poured their love into the kiss trying to express all the things that they couldn't find words to say their tongues clashed bathing each other before they finally broke the kiss for air gasping together they look at each other eyes with all love they smiles...and kisses each other once more

I love you Priya he whispered and ran his fingers through her hair

I love you too Ram she whispered


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Awww awesome priya shuts ram this time great now pls keep writing n thanks for pm
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Posted: 2015-04-08T06:32:04Z
A very cute, sweet story. Just awesome.
Keep writing more & thanks for pm.
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Posted: 2015-04-08T06:33:37Z

Originally posted by dhristikpd

Awww awesome priya shuts ram this time great now pls keep writing n thanks for pm

Thank you very much for reading and commenting!Smile

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Posted: 2015-04-08T06:34:09Z
Originally posted by Sakshiashu

A very cute, sweet story. Just awesome.

Keep writing more & thanks for pm.

Thank you very much for reading and commenting!Smile

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Awww!sooo cute & romantic os! Embarrassed love it.thanks 4 pm! Smile
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Posted: 2015-04-08T06:35:24Z

Originally posted by RaShiLover

Awww!sooo cute & romantic os! Embarrassed love it.thanks 4 pm! Smile

Thank you very much for reading and commenting!Smile

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Posted: 2015-04-08T06:47:40Z

Originally posted by maira94

Lovely os

Thank you very much for reading and commenting!Smile

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