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Hello everyone!!!

Everyone must be thinking k OS ka naam "Step Mom" kyu hai LOL when I started writing this, this was the only title going on  in my mind LOLI don't know how apt it is but I find it aptTongue. We have always seen Priya-Pihu relation to be very sweet and loving, instant connection etc but I thought why not make Priya work towards making a good relation with Pihu Wink Pihu will be not that good to Priya, she will try to create troubles for Priya and also do not treat her nicely LOL on other hand Priya will try to mend her relation with Pihu in her own wayWink It may have less of RaYa and more of Pihu-Priya. LOL


Here comes the first part


It was Priya's first day in Kapoor Mansion and she was very hurt with the behaviour of Pihu. She had not any slightest idea that Pihu will behave in such a way with her though she was expecting Pihu to be upset but shouting at her n asking her to leave the home were certainly not on her mind. But she can't even expect maturity from a 5 year old child. She remembers how Pihu reacted when Ram introduced her.

Few moments ago:

Ram and Priya had court marriage. Priya was constantly worried thinking Pihu's reaction but Ram comforted her saying that Pihu likes her and she won't be having any problem with her but when they met Pihu n announced their wedding, Priya's fears were proven right.

"Pihu", Ram makes Pihu sit on his lap and continued, "I and your Priya miss got married, aapko Priya miss bahot acchi lagti hai na toh wo aaj se yahin rahengi...aapki  mumma bankar"

Priya was observing Pihu's reaction changing from confusion to anger.

"yeh meri mumma nahi hai, yeh hamare ghar pe nahi reh sakti", Pihu shouts n gets back to her room.

Priya was in tears, she told Ram that it won't be easy for Pihu and she may react like this but Ram constantly assured her that Pihu is matured child and she'll understand. Priya was afraid that now Pihu won't even talk to her.

"I told you Ram, it won't be easy for her", Priya said in tears.

"common Priya...bacchi hai wo, dekhna kal wo khud tumhare paas aayegi", Ram comforted her.

"sacchi", Priya confirms

"haan...sacchi", Ram smiles.




Ram and Priya were college mates and secretly loved each other.  But as luck would have it Ram was forced to marry a girl of his mother choice.  Ram's mother was on death bed and she wanted to see her child settled in life before she dies. Ram wanted to introduce Priya to her mother but he was not  sure if Priya too loves him. Firstly, he needed to confess his feelings to Priya and if it's a yes from her then he can make her meet his mother and unfortunately he didn't have the time to follow this lengthy procedure, his mother was breathing last. He tried to reached her out but she was abroad for higher studies.

Ram unwillingly gave in his mother's last wish and married Ananya.


When Priya got the news that Ram had married, she was heart broken but she explained herself that may be Ram never loved her and it was one sided love.


There Ram wanted to be honest to his wife so he confessed that he had loved Priya n may keep doing so for rest of his life. He made a promise to her that he'll try harder to be good n dutiful husband to her and to live upto her expectations.  Ram and Ananya were living a happy married life as Ananaya too put in hard efforts, gave Ram his own space, she was too understanding. When Pihu came in Ram's life, she became his priority, he was very happy, their life was a smooth ride. Everything was going fine until Ananya met with an mistake. It was not clear who was to be blamed for the accident: Truck driver or Ananya's driver. As luck had it, Ananya died in that accident leaving behind his husband and 5 yr old daughter.


After Ananya's death, Pihu was affected most. She stopped going out, she stopped talking to her friends, she was lost, her innocence n naughtiness too died. She  used to be silent all the time and Ram was dying seeing his rockstar like this. He tried everything he can do but it fetched him no results.


Ram decided to make Pihu busy by enrolling her in painting classes.  Ram went to the best painting classes of the city and he was surprised to see Priya there after ages.


"hi", Priya smiles at him.

"kaisi ho?", Ram asks.

"thik hoon", Priya replies

"tum yahan kaise", Ram questions

"this is my painting school, i love teaching kids", Priya replies.

"How can I forget your craze for paintings!!! you were so mad about it", Ram chuckles.

The thought that Ram still remembers her craze for paintings makes her smile. She wanted to ask about his  wife, she wanted to ask why he married someone else, how he never saw love for him in her eyes and many more questions but she kept calm.

"aap yahan kaise? " Priya asks him.

"meri beti ko bhi painting karne ka bahot shauk hai to usi k liye aaya tha", Ram smiles.

Priya was too hurt but she put up a smile n asks, "how is your wife?"

"she isn't anymore, she died last month in an accident", Ram says gloomily.

"I am sorry", Priya apologises

"ah...its fine...Pihu bahot akeli hogayi hai toh maine socha k usey kisi tarha se busy kardu isiliye usey enroll karne aaya tha", Ram reveals to which Priya simply smiles.

Ram continues, "Now that its your school, I can be relaxed about Pihu, you'll take full care of her", Ram looks at her for confirmation, she just nods her head in yes.

"I'll give extra attention to Pihu, i promise", Priya says.

Ram holds her hand shocking her, "Thank you, Priya"

"its ok", Priya takes back her hands.


Priya was feeling sorry for Ram, his wife has died and he is facing problems in handling his daughter. She appreciated the fact that he was trying to be best father. She badly wanted to help him and if taking care of Pihu is the only way of helping him then she was ready to do that.


Next day, Ram dropped Pihu at Priya's school at 4 pm and promised to pick her up around 7 pm while coming back from his work.

Priya closely observed Pihu and found  her to be exact replica of Ram, her mannerism, her way of walking and talking. Pihu hardly interacted with her, she just answer the questions thrown at her in syllables. Priya too didn't forced her much considering her state of mind.


Days passed on, Ram was observing little changes in Pihu, she was coming back to her original self in bits. Ram and Priya were re-discovering their love for each other. Priya was pleasantly surprised whenever Ram remembers slightest things about her likes and dislikes. Priya's bond with Pihu was growing slowly, Priya was too fond of her. Though Pihu won't talk much with Priya but she does likes Priya's company and Ram took this as a cue to think about marrying Priya. He wanted to marry Priya not only for his love for her but for Pihu too. He was thinking how to talk to Priya about this? Will she accept his proposal? Will she have any problem to play Pihu's mother? Will she accept Pihu as her own daughter? Ram was thinking of all the possibilities. He put a full stop to his over thinking and decides to talk to Priya as over thinking weakens the decision.


Priya was stunned and surprised at Ram's proposal.She couldn't believe her prayers were answered though late, she was happy but then a thought about Pihu made her sad. It was not that she don't like pihu or she don't want to be her mother , the thing that matters to her was Pihu accepting her as her mother. If pihu don't accept her as mother than what??? She decides to hold back her feelings for Ram and say no.


Priya: I can't marry you Ram...I am sorry

Ram: don't you love me?

Priya: I do love you but Pihu too is  involved in this

Ram: she'll be fine Priya

Priya: I am afraid Ram

Ram: afraid of what??? Pihu??? bacchi hai wo  Priya

Priya: darr lagta k Pihu mujhe apni ma manegi ya nahi, wo apni ma se bahot attached hai, I don't know wo kaise react karegi

Ram: Pihu bahot samjhdar hai Priya, aisa kuch nahi hoga, She do need a mother,

Priya: usne kabhi kaha aapse

Ram slaps his forehead in frustration: Look Priya, I have lost you once by not expressing my feelings to you but I dont want to loose you again, Pihu is equally important to me, I don't want to lose her either aur sirf tum meri help kar sakti ho

Priya wiping her tears: how can I help you???

Ram: Pihu likes you, pata hai maine usey kitne waqt baad muskurate huye dekha aur yeh sirf tumhari wajah se possible hua, she needs someone who can understand her, make her smile and be with her 24*7, my work don't allow me to give her sufficient time , had Pihu not liked you, I would have suppressed my feelings for you but now I know We(Ram n Pihu) badly need you, you can fill the void left by Ananya, you can be best mom to pihu

Priya was left in confusion, she was in dilemma what to say or what to not???

"I promise you, Pihu will be ok with our marriage, she will not be affected by it", Ram assured her

 After thinking for long and Ram's constant persuasion, Priya gives in, " Okay...I'll marry you"

Ram was relieved which was evident from his smile.  He took the decision of marrying Priya not only for the sake of his love but considering Pihu too. He noticed some changes in Pihu after joining Priya's classes. Pihu was comfortable with Priya, she always talks about Priya at home, Pihu was getting back to herself slowly. This gave courage to Ram to ask Priya for marriage, Priya was the only girl on this planet with whom Ram can trust his daughter, he was sure she'll be perfect and best mother for his daughter.

Back to Present:

Ram enters the room, sits beside Priya with his hand on her shoulder.

 Priya: I told you Ram, it won't be easy for Pihu, shayad hame usey thoda tym dena chahiye that. usey is cheez k liye mentally prepare karna chahiye tha

Ram wipes her tears: calm down Priya, I agree k hame usey thoda tym dena chahiye tha par humne nahi diya, can we do that now?

Priya nods her head in yes.

Ram: we'll try our best to make Pihu understand why we married

Priya: wo maan jayegi na

Ram: tumhe mujhpe bharosa nahi hai

Priya: i trust you

Ram: come on, stop crying and give me a smile

Priya smiles half heartedly: If she is not happy with our marriage, promise me we'll separate our ways

Ram was having difficult time handling both the girls of his life, he was trying his best not to get angry or frustrated and keep calm.

Ram: we'll discuss it later, lets catch some sleep now, i am tired



Next morning, Ram and Pihu were sitting on dining table enjoying each other's company. Pihu was in good mood. Ram gives her glass of milk to drink but she makes faces.

Ram: come on Pihu, badi hokar aapko Rockstar banna hai

Pihu: aapki Rockstar toh mai abhi hoon, badi hokar mai aapki beti banungi

Ram smiles at her: beti toh aap abhi bhi ho

Pihu too smiles and takes glass of milk. Priya joins them, "Good morning"

Pihu didn't liked it, "papa inse kaho k yahan se jaye"

Ram: Pihu wo hamare saath nashta karne aayi hai

Pihu: agar yeh yahan rahengi toh mai chali jaongi

Pihu was getting on Ram's nerves, Ram was not liking her misbehaviour with Priya, his Pihu was humble and grounded not ill-mannered

Ram: thik hai, aapko jo karna hai karo, Priya yahi pe Breakfast karegi

Priya tries to intervene but Ram stops her. Pihu glares at Priya and leaves for her room.


Priya: Ram you should not have talked to her in that tone

Ram: kya karu Priya, uska behaviour dekha hai tumne, wo aisi nahi thi pata nahi itni arrogant kyu hogayi

Priya quips, "bacchon pe ma baap ka bhi asar hota hai"

Ram: what do you mean?

Priya: when you are arrogant why not your daughter

Ram: mai arrogant hoon??

Priya: ofcourse...agar arrogant nahi hote toh Pihu se aise baat nahi karte

Ram: what do I do? kya karu mai

Priya: give her some time...aapne hi kaha tha na...ab chale Pihu ko manane

Ram: tum chalo mai aaraha hoon


Pihu was lying on her bed reminiscing about her mother: how her mother never scolded her, how she used to make her favourite dishes, how she used to pamper her.


Pihu: wow mumma!!! aloo ke paranthe

Ananya smiles: wo bhii garma garam

Pihu: aapko kaise pata mumma k mujhe paranthe khane hai

Ananya: wo isliye kyunki saari moms ke paas super power hota hai jis se unhe pata chal jaata hai k unke bacche ko kya chahiye

" toh aap us power se super man ki tarha fly kar sakte ho?", Pihu asks in amusement

"nahi, I can't fly", Ananya laughs


Pihu was brought back to reality by a knock on her door, she glance at door to see who have come. On seeing Priya, she turns her face otherside.

Priya: can I come in?

Pihu: no...aap jao yahan se

Priya goes back as she know Pihu won't allow her to enter her room. Ram asks her why she came back and Priya tells her that Pihu don't want to see her, Priya asks him to go to Pihu and cheer her up.

Ram goes to Pihu's room and knocks on door. Pihu, assuming that its Priya, shouts, "aap abhi tak nahi gayi, jao yahan se, mujhe aapse baat nahi karni hai"

Ram: mujhse se bhi baat nahi karni hai?

Pihu turns her face and smiles, "papa aap, andar aao na"

Ram goes inside and sits besides her, "aapko mujhse bhi baat nahi karni hai?"

Pihu: aapse baat karni hai

Ram holds his ears, "Papa is very sorry for shouting on you"

Pihu too holds her ears, "Pihu bhi sorry hai papa, aapse rudely baat ki na"

Ram hugs her, "papa ko bura nahi laga"

Pihu hugs him back, "Pihu ko bhi bura nahi laga"


Priya who was watching all this drama from door was happy, she wanted to be with them in their happiness but it was difficult. She need to understand Pihu, reason for her such behaviour, her insecurities, her fears and then work on that to make a lovely relation with her. She was aware that it is a difficult job as Pihu is stubborn just like her father but she was determined not to shed any tears and use her brain to do the work on hand



So this was the first part of probably 2-3 parts of this OS. It took me around 14 days to write it down LOL, now you can have clear idea when you'll be getting next part ROFL It can be early too(depends Wink).


Waiting  for negative or positive feedback.LOL

 will send Pm's shortly LOL


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Posted: 2015-04-07T00:56:20Z
good concept...!Clap
ohh priya is step mom to pihu..!
hmm any how finally raya got married 
pihu will b comfortable with priya..
hope so..!
continue ASAp
thanks for pm..Smile
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Posted: 2015-04-07T01:05:12Z
Beautiful & hatke storySmile
Loved itStar
Waiting for the next part
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Posted: 2015-04-07T01:05:49Z


So u back with new Story very good but plz thoda jaldi Jaldi update
Karna (14 days so early compared to ur old write upLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL)
ok jokes apart

Very good concept...When first i read title i thought Related to movie Step Mother but when i
started Reading its different But good one...now waiting For next do update soon LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
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Posted: 2015-04-07T01:43:08Z
different but nice story...
feeling sad 4 priya
she loves peehu but little peehu how could she hates priya
anyway wil c how priya wil make her understand...
becharaaa Ram!!
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Posted: 2015-04-07T03:22:57Z
It's very different write up of yours compare to other you have written till now
So good Ram able to win back his college sweetheart as Priya accepted his proposal of marriage
Now a big problem ahead they both had to face and make Pihu understand
Continue soon I liked it than for the pm
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Posted: 2015-04-07T04:36:11Z
Good one!!
Love it!!!
Priya is pihu's step mom!!!
Plz continue soon and thanks 4 pm!!
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Posted: 2015-04-07T04:46:06Z
Very nice concept
Priya is Pihu's step mom
Plz continue soon
Thanks for the PM
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