RAYA OS : My Big Teddy Bear

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My Big Teddy Bear

Priya woke up in the middle of the night she yawned tiredly and walked into the bathroom and closed the door after she come out she looked in the mirror and wiped the sleep from her eyes

Ram slowly opened his eyes and looked beside him hoping to find her at his side but she weren't there he quickly sat up beginning to panic

Ram looked at watch it was almost 2am she make angry on me she had to go leaving me alone again

Priya?Ram looked around extremely worried Priyaa?

Priya heard Ram call her name she walked out of the bathroom and saw Ram looking around the room madly

Ram looked relieved Priya there you are Ram muttered softly

Why did you look so frantic? Priya asked looking at Ram sleepily you were worried about me weren't you? I knew it I knew you had a soft side Priya teased

Shut up Ram grumbled

She climbed onto the bed and sat on Ram cupping his cheeks just admit it, you were worried about me priya smiled kissing Ram's forehead

No I wasn't Ram mumbled

Yes you were Priya giggled and pinched Ram's cheek

Was not now go back to sleep jst promise you'll stay in bed for the rest of the night okay? Ram muttered softly

Awww you were scared I left Priya gently pressed her lips against Ram I promised you I would never leave Ram don't worry I'm not going anywhere Priya smiled softly

I wasn't scared Ram snapped now go back to sleep Ram growled slightly

Just admit it she teased tiredly

Will you just go back to sleep? Ram asked

Not until you admit it she scratched Ram's chest smiling

I wasn't scared nor was I worried about you now go back to sleep Ram gently pushed her off of him he rolled over and tried to go back to sleep

Ram...Priya scratch his arm Ram she shook his arm again

Ram tried his best to ignore her

Rammm Priya shook him over and over again

Ram turned over and looked at you sitting up what? he asked

I love you Priya smiled and kissed Ram lovingly now come on admit it my big teddy bear you were worried about me Priya smiled

I wasn't worried Ram shouted rubbing his eyes tiredly

Yes you were she grinned

Was not Ram shouted now shut up come hear Ram pulled her into his arms and held her close Ram lay down with her and tightly caressed his arms around her waist

Priya smiled happily and cuddled up to Ram why would you think I would leave you? Priya asked looking up at Ram

I was just worried something might have happened to you Ram muttered softly

You sat up ha you admitted it Priya laughed evilly

Oh shhh Ram hit her in the face with a pillow

She giggled and kissed Ram passionately come here my big teddy bear Priya smiled brightly

Okay... now can we go back to sleep? Ram asked

Yes...Priya yawned tiredly and lay back down gently resting her head on Ram's chest I love you Priya whispered to Ram I love you too Ram whispered to Priya holding her close both Priya and Ram soon fell sound asleep

The next morning

Ram slowly opened his eyes seeing her standing in front of the mirror getting dressed Ram sat up and looked at her up and down smiling

I woke up from a nightmare when I saw that you were gone I thought that  you go you'r parents house leaving me hear alone again Ram sighed

Priya turned and looked at Ram that's not going to happen again Ram Priya walked over to him and kissed his cheek.

Priya you can't go he begged Priya's eyes watered

I have to Ram as much as I love you I know for a fact I'm not wanted here

You are wanted here I want you here in my arms Priya sniffled letting tears fall on her face she couldn't leave him she didn't want to leave him but everyone else wanted her gone her safety was threatened one too many times although she knew that Ram was doing everything he could to stop it she knew it wouldn't be enough She had to leave for him looking at the heart broken Ram she slowly walked to him tears fell from his eyes

Priya plz she shook her head and kissed his cheek

I love you she whimpered at that she turned around tears dropping to the floor and walked down the how he wanted to run after her grab her kiss her embrace her and never let her go again he wanted to protect her even if it cost him his life in the process they both knew that he sprinted to her holding her his eyes leaving behind trails of tears from his eyes she stared at him watching him run to her his eyes turned puffy and red

Don't leave me I don't care what everyone else wants I just want my wife by my side I'll do anything plzz stay Priya he whispered in her ear her hands grabbed the back of his robe desperately gritting her teeth she laid her head on his shoulder trying to hold back her sobbing and kissed her lips

I can't lose you Priya you're my everything Ram said sternly

Priya blushed and smiled you'r my everything to Ram I love you and I have to go to classe now bye Priya  quickly walked out of the bedroom door

Ram quickly got up and grabbed her arm and turned her around I really mean it Ram said

Hmmm of course I know you mean it are you going to get fresh you have office too you know? Priya asked

Yes Ram looked down realizing he was only in his b...s Ram smiled innocently and quickly got fresh and dressed

Priya patiently waited downstairs

Ram walked downstairs and took the to go coffee that was in her hand Thank you Ram kissed at her cheek and set on dining table they had thiere breakfast after breakfast he kissed her lips and walked out the door

Priya smiled and followed Ram out the door she quickly come out of the door and turned around getting into Ram's car Ram started the car and smiled at her as he drove toward his office

While Ram was the driving the car she turned her head and looked at Ram he looked at her curiously then looked back at the road

What? Ram asked

Nothing you smiled brightly

Come on baby tell me Ram whined

Sometimes I wonder how I could have ever have found such a wonderful man like you as Priya looked down and blushing

How come we always talk about this when we r going to work hmmm? Ram asked do not like me? Ram teased

No no I love you sometimes I just feel like I'm dreaming and she blushed

Ram gently pinched Priya that's to prove your not dreaming princess Ram said and laugh

Rammm and try to hit him

Ram stop her and poting toward her class and said what if your studant see you like that

Priya like that means

Like you hit your husband tn front of your classe what will be the impact on your students and wink

Priya got out of the car and watched Ram get out of the driver's seat

Ram leaned against the hood of the car and cleared her throat holding Ram's file she smiled and watched  her Priya smirked

Ram looked at her and poting his lips for kiss

Nooo way what if some one see us like that Priya said

Ram no one see as come on kiss me you r my wife na plzzz make pappy face 

Someone just told me If anyone sees that we and after all i'm a teacher  what will be the impact on my students and smiled


Priya gave Ram his file and about to move Ram grab her and kiss her lips Priya was shocked his sudden behavior  she struggle for come out from his grip but he is not in his mood to let her go after some time she also start responding him before wrapping her arms around Ram's neck kissing him passionately she gently ran her fingers through his thick hair

Ram grinned into the kiss and slowly said I'll pick you up later baby

No need for that I have to extra class today so I come home a little late Priya said look hear and there and smiled before wllking toward an classes where she worked at

Ram smiled got into the back of the car and he left for his work

Priya came home late that evening she walked into the corridor of her house and stopped on her tracks when she noticed Ram sitting in the semi dark living room her heart tightened as it sensed that something was terribly wrong

Ram was sitting in the dark room the only source of light was the moon the dim rays of which were coming through the window he looked lost there was great bitterness and sorrow in his eyes he was gripping a glass of whisky in his hand

Priya entered the room and walked to her husband soundlessly she took the glass out of his hand to his great surprise and placed it next to the bottle which stood on a table Ram gifted her with inquiring glance as a response she pushed him gently on his chest and forced him to fall backwards ending up in a half lying position on a sofa she sat at his lap and caressed his cheek feeling a light bristle under her fingers

Ram didn't say a word he was just looking at her with so much torture and anguish

Priya unbuttoned his shirt confidently and threw it open revealing his bare chest to her view Ram gulped uneasily in response to her daring attitude she stroked his smooth chest tenderly and stopped her hand on a spot she wanted to reach so much Priya looked down and held her gaze on her hand where it was laying she took it away slowly bending down her face and then kissed the very skin under which his heart was beating

Ram didn't except her acting so strangely his face showed total bewilderment as he froze under the effect of her magical kiss just a single touch of hers could make him understand that he wasn't alone and thrown into the cruelty of the real life without pity she was there for him whenever he needed support he had never believed in destiny but when she came into his life it took his breath away It filled his world with so many things he had never known existed her love had found its way to his heart and he didn't even notice when she had become his everything

Priya broke the meaningful contact of their skins and looked at the result of her efforts there was a trace of her pink lipstick on the spot she had kissed Priya smiled to herself feeling pride for leaving her mark on his heart then she shifted her gaze on his face his eyes still held the same misery and sadness as before but an almost invisible smile bloomed on his lips

You must not drink alcohol darling I will mend your broken heart and soon the nightmare will leave it without a trace

Her declaration was said in a very emotional and confident voice her eyes were glowing with selfreliance and Ram couldn't but response his beloved woman he threw his arms around her slim body and pressed her to his chest tightly burying his face in the crook of her neck with one swift motions of his hand he freed her hair from the her pony tail and made fall loose down her back and shoulders Ram breathed in its floral scent hungrily

Priya let him have his little moment of vulnerability she answered his embrace and hugged him in return placing a gentle kiss on his collarbone

Priya what would I do without you? you are always there to save me Ram whispered in her skin with tenderness as he held his wife even closer to his body never getting enough of her kindness and softness

You are the most precious I have Ram I shall always come to help you and support you in everything you do I will warm you with my love and heal your wounds Ram answered her husband sincerely letting out a sigh she lifted her head up taking him by the chin to gaze into his dark eyes she could see her own reflection in them which was illuminated with the inner glow of the love and tenderness he held and treasured for her in the depth of his heart Priya felt like charmed by his candour and fascination she pressed her forehead to his slightly sweaty one and closed her eyes blissfully enjoying their special moment of mute conversation she felt the union of their souls and pleasant yet stirring proximity of their bodies

The entire whirlpool of those emotions was giving comfort to the couple nd they couldn't dare to make any move to ruin that fabulous state they were sharing only in each other they could derive support and understanding nd all the problems and troubles would be definitely chased away because they would face and defeat them together

He lent in close and kissed her holding onto her tightly just the moment would be enough for him forever her fingers curled into the fabric of his shirt kissing back losing herself in the wave of emotions that crashed over her

I love you Ram caught himself thinking I have always loved you My Big Teddy Bear

Ram smiled and hug her thigth I love you to baby don't leave me alone

Priya hug him and said never Ram


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Beautiful story of two souls.
Thanks for pm.
Keep writing...
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super,,,beautyfull os
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Lovely OS pls write ff na
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Lovely OS!!!
Do write more!!!!
And thanks 4 pm!!
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Awesome os! Clap thanks 4 pm! Smile
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Posted: 2015-04-06T08:30:28Z
Beautifully written...
Thanks 4 pm...
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Posted: 2015-04-06T11:10:52Z
Beautiful writing
Ram's emotions towards priya
N his fear of loosing his wife
Very nice...
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