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Hello! I'm back with new story, this time its five shots urnm little dark. Last night I was wondering what would have happened if after the break up Fiasco Rey turn into angry young man instead of Devdas and then this idea came in my mind then couldn't hold myself back from posting it And plus i was missing writing Dark love stories. Hope you like this one too, Its after Taani come to know about Rey's fake break up plan and decided to leave the city and go back jodhpur but our hero have some different plans here. read to find out about it.

- Chapter One -

The guilt turned into anger as he saw her packing her stuff, ready to leave the city, ready to leave him. No he won't let that happen. He wont. She is his and will always be his, He can't let her go. Pushing the door with forced he barged inside the room. Taking the clothes and suitcase from her, he throw them away on floor. She looked at him with wide eyes. (Dress)

His eyes were blood shot red, anger was visible in his honey brown orbs. Rey grabbed her hand  and dragged her outside.

"Rey what are you doing, leave me?" Taani said trying to keep up with his pace, he was dragging her forcefully, his grip was tight and painful. Rey stopped seeing her struggle.

"Ssh. Not a word more Taani" He hissed angrily, Scooping her in his arms he come outside the house, Taani was wriggling in his arms, mentally cursing her brother to go meet sharon today, didn't he got any other time to go.

"Rey where are you taking me?" Taani questioned him confusingly, fear was visible in her orbs, she had never seen him this angry before. Ignoring her answer Rey made her sit in passenger seat and closed the door angrily causing her to jump in her place.

Rey hoped inside the car and drove away to his destination about which she had no clue but little did she know its going to change her life forever.

"Rey please answer, Where we are going? I'm scared" Taani pleaded, she was on verge of crying but he chose to ignore her, was sure if he did look in her hypnotizing brown eyes, he would lose himself in her charm.

Rey stopped his car in front Ma-Durga temple. Taani look around at her surrounding. It was night time, barely any soul could be seen there except some priests.

"Temple? rey why you bring me here. Answer me!" Taani shouted at him, Rey gave her deadly hard glare, shiver ran down her spine in fear. Looking at him, he was not her Rey, he was some completely different person. His eyes were cold deprived from any kind of emotion except anger.

Rey stepped down from the car, walking toward her side, he opened the door. Rey again scooped her in his arms, Taani wriggled to get out his grasp but he was too strong for her. He climb the stairs of temple with her in his arms. 

"Rey" Taani whispered in low tone. Rey look at her for a moment but quickly avert her gaze when he saw fear in her eyes. He knew she was terrified to see his this side, he never wanted her to see his this side but she forced him, she forced the monster in his to come out. He know he did a big mistake by doing that fake break but leaving him can't be the punishment. He was ready to accept punishment but not this.

Rey took here to the altar, a priest was waiting there with every arrangement of marriage. Taani look at him with wide eyes, realizing where this was leading to.

"Rey have you gone mad? Hosh mein aaiye. You will regret this later. Marriage is not some game" Taani said crying, their worlds are different she had understood that. The break up had taught her he can never be happy with her, he had some expectations from his partner which she may never able to fulfill.

"I will regret if i let you go" Rey said the anger never left him. She knew when he is angry he can do anything. Rey made her stand at the altar and asked the priest to start the rituals. Priest did as he was told to. Taani tried to leave but he held her tightly, at some point his grip became too painful for her, she let the painful shriek escaped from her lips, hearing which he loosen his grip but didn't left her.

"Remember taani, once you told me, You just want to become My wife, Mrs. Taani Reyaansh Singhania. Today i will fulfill your dream, I'll make you mine, my wife, my better half. Tum sirf meri ho, nobody ..nobody can separate me from you, not even you taani" Rey said in voice that help possessiveness, love and obsession but somewhere she could feel fear too, fear of losing her.

"You are not in your sense. Rey shadi koi khel nahi hai. Please don't do this. Don't destroy eveyrthing with this hasty decision" Taani was crying, knowing what he was doing was wrong. Sure she had only one dream, becoming his wife but not like this, where he was forcing her to marry him in anger.

"We are getting married, I don't care anymore if you want it or not" Rey announced his decision, ignoring her pleads he took vows with her around the holy fire. Taani was crying but her tears were ignored by him. She knew if was any other day he would have done anything to make her stop crying but not today. Today his anger was bringing the worst side of him. Her struggle died as they completed the seventh vow. 

Forcefully he filled hair partings with vermilion and tied mangalsutra around her neck. 

"Vivah sumpann hua" The priest announced them husband-wife. Rey look at her, her eyes were blank not showing any emotion. Rey gave money to the priest, taking the money priest left from there taking his stuff him.

"Lets go home. Our home" Rey whispered, he scooped his newly wed wife in his arms. Taani was lifeless, the person she loved the most had forced her into this sacred relation but was it really because he love her. If he had than he wouldn't have forced her. She wasn't sure if he really wanted to marry her or it was just to satisfy his ego. To show the world a mere girl can't leave him just like that, after all he is Reyaansh singhania. But her rey wasn't like that. Her heart told her

"I have to go station. Meri jodhpur ki train hai" She told him, hearing her words his anger reached the next level. Even after their marriage she still wants to leave him.

"You are not going anywhere. Is that clear?" Rey shouted at top of his voice, she shudder in fear. It was not first time he was shouting at her but this time his voice possess something that scared her.

Rey took her where his car was parked. Opening the door of passenger seat, he made her sit inside and closed the door.

Taani look down at the mangalsutra tied around her neck, unconsciously she lifted her hand and touched her forehead. Two signs of her being his, his wife. These two things are most precious things in any Indian married women's life but in her life, she was not even sure what she want now. She can't leave him now nor wanted to stay with him. What happened between them in past two months had caused too much damage to her heart, now she can't trust herself let alone anyone else.

"I will inform swayum to send your things at my place." She heard him, she was so lost in herself didn't realized when he came inside and start the engine. 

Looking outside the window she know they were on the way to his home where new beginning of her life. She was glancing outside as car move forward on road, Remembering her marriage that happened half an hour back,  she don't know if this forced marriage will lead to happily ever after or destruction of them.


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yipee me first!!!!
okay i m so happy that finally i m going to read a dark story
was this actually taani's rey?
i mean how can he let her cry?
He is not rey, he is Reyaansh.
he shouldn't have married her forcefully.
hope he doesn't hurt her now.
because as it is said a man can do anything when he is angry.
i m scared for taani
hope she will be safe
safety of taani lies with rey
but he can protect her from the rest but who will protect her from him?
this will sound better in hindi
"jab rakshak hi bhakshak bane jaye, toh duniya  ka kya kehna"

update soon 
pm me as well
love your work dear

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Posted: 2015-04-04T11:41:51Z
very scary rey , plzzz save taani n try to update soon
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Posted: 2015-04-04T11:44:43Z
Wow amazing concept plus dark one i love it even iam scared of rey ithna gussa finaly their are married abh aage kya hone wali swayam ka reacton kya hoga iam waiting for it dark one tho jaldi patchup nahi hoga so wait karna padega and thanks for the pm and plz update soon
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Posted: 2015-04-04T11:45:18Z
Awsm nd interesting
Loved it
update soon
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Posted: 2015-04-04T11:45:47Z
interesting interesting interesting
loved it.

continue asap
thanks fr pm
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Posted: 2015-04-04T11:45:51Z
Can't wait to read the after marriage romance
0 Likes this
Posted: 2015-04-04T11:47:03Z
What an idea Sir Ji?! Clap
Totally loved it!!!
Update asap plz
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