(SW Symphony 14) From losing life to Shedding Blues on 129 - Page 60

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

title change ?

Thats the old one Cry I got excited too
Posted: 6 years ago
Metro branch & Treatise

She walked back to the living room, Appa was holding the remote in his hand, Amma sat on the couch, he stood glaring over her

"Appa please STOP IT!!! Its about time we got a new car for you guys"

Appa did a stop motion with his hand

"No I wont!! Pa You are yelling at Amma for no reason, Paavam she returned from her book meeting at 9, u know how much she does for us" II teared up

Amma was crying too...

"We dont need a new Maruti" Appa hissed

"AYYYOO! I was looking at Hyundai Elantra or Sonata, even if that day ever comes
when u accept my choice and accept that family and smiling accept their kindness I WONT... I NEVER WILL PA"

Appa stared at her in disbelief

"Your father in law promised during the wedding "I shouldnt hesitate to ask you anything, you will still be our
daughter etc. Avar yaar adellam solrathukkku, OFCOURSE you will be our daughter, a daughter we raised with so much affection and attention"

"HE IS MY FATHER IN LAW, even if you dont accept it its the truth Pa"

"U are telling me, you will tell ur father in law you wnat to get us a Hyndai and he will nod his head?" Appa sniggered

"I am NOT going to tell you what I will tell him, or I will tell R&B BOTH are my responsibilities"II warned

"She should have come to me first when she felt it was time to get rid of the existing car" Appa sounded betrayed

"SEE!! THATS EXCATLY HOW I felt when u guys hid the fact about Akka from me" II said beginning to cry

"Nee azhaada kanna" Amma begged

"I am OK I am going to call Akka"

"Its 11:27 dont raja, they will be asleep"

"I cant sleep until I hear her voice" II choked up

She got her phone and dialed again, she didnt answer Athim didnt either... she left her phone on the coffee table

They finally switched off the AC and the TV and all headed to bed
II took another pain med, and slept like a log, Amma woke her at 7... though her head ache was gone she didnt feel very good.

Appa pushed the Metro section of Hindustan Times towards her, his version of olive branchCry
II realized something, startled, she hadnt charged her phone at night, it had 27% battery, she went to texts, there was none from him

"I am sorry" she texted

She drank her coffee, called Akka

"HOW ARE YOU?" she demanded

"I am fine raja" Akka sounded exactly like Akka, happy cheerful and upbeat

She could hear thatha's chanting in the back, Athim scolding Shravu to drink his bournvita fully
Akka paused her and yelled "Avanoda permission slip for field trip is on the water bottle side (his permission slip )

"Does he have school already? Akka asked

"No kanna zoo trip" Akka muttered

(Author's Note: I have no idea of DPS exams schedules I am hoping 1st 2nd week of April is the time off after final exams and the session starts later)

"Niiice, aana is it too hot?" II asked

"Ya like a 9 year old cares di... WHY DID U CALL ME SO EARLY?" Akka shouted suddenly realizing

"Because I love you and I miss you" II began to sniffle

"Achocho! CUTIE I am OK kanna..."

"how is my protege?" II asked
Akka laughed hysterically

"Ayyo! she is ALREADY like you, causing Bala and I to go grey" Akka laughed

"WHY?" Ii acted innocent

"Umm yoon hi... she KICKS more" Akka LIES TOO

"LIAR... Amma told me" II cried openly now

"Hey SILLY GIRL... its VERRRY common. Get pregnant u will know... I am going to tell ur
Rakshasan to get on the job, condom um vendaam oru mannum vendaam (no condom shondom biz)" Akka explained

Ii giggled sniffling

"This is as much fun as the sex u know... sorry WAY MORE" akka said somberly in a way only Akka can, mature and composed...

"I promise when u have ur third one I will take 9 months off and BE WITH YOU" II promised

"THIRD AA? Enna velayadreya? At 36 the 2nd is sending me for a toss" (are u kidding?) Akka warned

"I want u to, u are such an awesome Amma ka, BETTER THAN AMMA" Ii shouted the last part

"I know Amma is there, nee kathaade (dont shout) Akka giggled

Amma rolled her eyes and said "CALL HIM" she ordered

II nodded POLITELY to that command for the first time... as separation anxiety began to kick in
She was missing Malcha Marg a sliver... JUST a sliver... but she was...

"Is the dude with you, enge kudu" Akka asked

"No ka I came all by myself" II giggled

"Chee paavam... what is he upto?" Akka supported him immediately

"Must be on a French call or asleep, since I am not home he must have stayed up all night reading..
or working and gone to bed at 5, face down arm stretch ALL the way across the bed, like he owns the whole bed" she spoke fondly
reminded of the mornings in paris when she woke and went to plant a kiss on his cheek after her shower...
his cheek was stubbly and warm to her cold firm lips...Embarrassed

A swift groan escaped herEmbarrassed

"Bring him too kanna next time" Akka said indulgently

"I should" II nodded

As she hung up

and help Amma make upma... Appa showered and sat down for pooja the nurses switched duty... Selvi came, yet another D II morning
When she cleaned the living room behind Selvi's sweeping motion, she checked her phone again... no return texts

She called him and for the first time listened to his voice mail

"Hey Thanks for calling, please leave leave a message" it said

"I am sorry da. My head was hurting and umm... I... nevermind" she hung up sadly

She showered and wore one of the salwar suits she had left behind at this house, a Stop outfit with yellow chudidaar and magenta kurta...
She checked her messages as she braided her hair again...
No VM or TM...

"Will u give me a ride to work?" she asked hoping to leave her car for Amma

No messages back

She ate her upma, asked Amma to give her a stack of answer sheets, she was buried in work but paavam Amma she needed a break too

Amma handed her  200... she couldnt say no... she even got a shiny new red ink pen.

She spent 10 minutes with Periappa apologizing for being a brat last nite and hurting everybody... he smiled vaguely

"U agree no... sometimes I am terrible?"  "i apologized to him, called him and texted him he is very angry with me"
"Am I being foolish in shouting at him like that? Does my marriage have different dynamics? Can I treat it like Akka treats hers? take the same liberties you think?
Last nite I was so mad at Amma and Appa I yelled at him. Now he wont talk to me. is it because its all normal or is it because I blew it?"

She spoke her treatise on the topic... he listened like he heard it all and drooled like he didnt care... she wiped his face clean kissed his forehead, hugged him

"Friday avana kootindu varen. Try and get a WORD out of him" she giggled  "If u do... I will buy you your favorite chocolate from Modern Bazaar the cinnamon flavored dark chocolate"

Sent the nurse back from the living room

Amma gave her some kesari she made on Saturday for some Balaji celebration at the temple.

Amma scolded her for not talking to her paattu teacher, she took all her tailor repair jobs and promised to turn it in

Gave her clothes she left behind last time... she secretly called a cab when Amma was in the shower, and left her keys in her top chest of drawer

And headed to work after 8 told Amma NOT to come to the balcony to waveWink... "I will come again on Thursday or so and again with him on Saturday" she promisedBig smile
Amma nodded happily... gave her Rs. 501 since they hadnt bought anything for her...

She did namaskaram to the temple and her parents drank her second dose coffee and took off

She texted "Please da?"

Not a word

Went up at Noonish "Can I have a quick work with him Mrs Sagar?" she requested

"Oh! he is in a meeting until 2 I am sorry" Mrs Sagar apologized
She returned, went up at 2 EXACTLY

" Can I see him now?" she asked politely

"Oh! he didnt stop by? I told him u were here, he joked about how u were seeing each other every day at work, and promised to stop by at 7th before he went to the airport"

"Oh?" "Oh?"

"U know to Blore" Mrs Sagar said not looking at her, since she assumed II would know

"Right right... I forgot" "darn it... I will just call him"

II pretended to call as she walked towards the hallway that led to the Excelsior lobby that led to the door to the stairwell

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Pins and Needles and Trading Truths

""I will be master of what is mine own; She is my goods, my chattels, she is my house, My household stuff, my field, my barn, My horse, my ox, my ass, my anything; And here she stands, touch her whoever dare""
-William Shakespeare, English dramatic poet (1564-1616) in Taming the Shrew."

There is something about a man claiming ownership of a woman in her life span in the roles he plays as a husband, father, brother and even as a father in law too. The women do not realise when they become emotional punching bags.
With changing times , I should say , Spouses become punching bags for each other for all the frustration and resentment they harbor at work , streets and home... Taking for granted has become a pattern of the way we live...
Appa , R&B and Ranjan ji too are at loggerheads claiming ownership of II as a father, husband and daughter in law respectively... the patriarchal mindset and behaviour of Indian society has not spared either of them..., Appa saying hmmmph, she will remain my daughter, R&B thinking(not saying, if you note) bull, she is mine and mine only... And Ranjan ji saying excuse me please, don't forget me, I am there too, she is now my daughter in law and my betaji ..she is the rounak of my home now
Appa is all benovalent and accommodating till the second his wife steps in to their home and he takes out all the resentments both emotional and financial of the situation he is put into by his own daughter and to a large extent , self suffering that he has inflicted on himself , so who does he take it out on, who else but his wife, Mrs. Iyer...Ha ha.
II in turn is taking out on her spouse R&B for the frustration she is having now, that too in a relationship where she is validating the permanence of it... Self doubts... To what extent can a prenup cover you!!! What can you do about the liberties you have to excercise ... I mean there is something about not ruffling the feathers too much... With the back ground of her upbringing ,She is uncomfortable to leave instructions to the staff at home for menu,,,, she goes ahead and does it anyway... , her husband or her FIL has covered her car , be it for the repairs or the annual parking fee... She is suddenly feeling alienated by her parents for not keeping her informed of the latest happennings, she is not able to influence her parents on a car that she knows they badly need, she feels she has lost whatever ground she stood on as Appa will merrily gloat hitting on her husbands family!!! Any opportunity to do so will be taken with glee in a second by Appa ... Truly pins and needles...

Rigid masculinity..., should count for emotional violence, nahi??? Hit it out folks ... All for peace
Posted: 6 years ago
There is another update .,., by the time I post my thoughts...
Again madam writer, I shall read and get bk
Posted: 6 years ago
Ouch! Nisha LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Ayee so cute...RB in angry young man avatarWink
Btw Nisha thx fr Sending him to my town..main abhi ja rahi hun airport to kidnap himDancingDay Dreaming
 UR STORY HAS MADE ME INSANE SEE...woh bhi iss level parROFL
Posted: 6 years ago
II back to sanity and now worrying all over trying to correct all her mistakes...
For amma - leaving her car was easy..

But the guy is different league... He is an expert in playing the ignore game...he has been playing it for years with Ranjan...

So he left to bangalore...Good atleast not to paris...I guess he is not going to come till her PMS ends...In a sense good decision as well...But I am sure he will keep track of whether she comes to MM..LOL LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by swathi1990

II back to sanity and now worrying all over trying to correct all her mistakes...
For amma - leaving her car was easy..

But the guy is different league... He is an expert in playing the ignore game...he has been playing it for years with Ranjan...

So he left to bangalore...Good atleast not to paris...I guess he is not going to come till her PMS ends...In a sense good decision as well...But I am sure he will keep track of whether she comes to MM..LOL LOL

No kidding!! He will kill her if she provokes him any further..
She might...LOL

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