(SW Symphony 14) From losing life to Shedding Blues on 129 - Page 39

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Posted: 6 years ago
@ Nisha its officer Ravi..and we were passing by that road that night after dinner with a friend and were sure somethin untoward must have happened when we saw media n police..
.And I really don't get the point to sending the nanny with the kids to play or keeping one if you r a stay at home mom..may b it shows their standards??? Well if rather be a below standard one then its sonmuj fun n work to go play with your kids.
I have been a silent reader of ur ff .
Posted: 6 years ago
Any bangaloreans here ???
Yes esp the auto guys they r the rudest. :X
Posted: 6 years ago
Stress test & Ship Wrecks

Bally's cube was officially empty, Gurtej's/now Bally's admin sent an invite out to people that worked with Bally, Thursday night at Sober Souls

"Drink & Despair" it said on the Outlook subject line

"Bally as you may know is filling in Gurti's spot. Lets drink over it and despair over how we can survive his absence at customer meetings

P.S. Rumor has it Iyer is buying everyone the first round"Embarrassed

She chuckled when she read it hitting accept immediately. It even went to R&B she noticed.

She wandered to Gurtej's office, Bally was on the phone (on her missed 9 AM call),
 she waved, left the dabba of jamuns with his admin with strict instructions to not open it

"Sure" she nodded over politelyWink

"I have a radio device attached to it" she warned walking awayLOL

Bally had waved at her, a glass wall and two glass doors separated her work best friend and her, she tried to cull that feeling with no success.

She decided to bury herself in work after a quick trip to the Perk

She had meetings with her team and Ashwini later in the day, she reviewed the smaller accounts, Bhavna

Chanchal and Bhavna were the only one she had 50% of the time with Excelsior, and Bhavna was quitting.. end of the month, she had to set up exit interview, wrap up meetings

She met with HR in the morning about getting a replacement req for Bhavna, she was told there was a "a month long wait period" from the time a request was made to HR to the time
the forms were filled out online by the Hiring Mgr, the month many times gave them a better idea if a req was even "necessary or not"



she argued for a good 30 minutes with HR "Isnt this unfair, HOW can we pick up what Bhavna does between us, even expecting us to keep doing it permanently is unfair"

The HR lady was unmoved "I hear this all the time Ishita, but its company policy, sometimes we find we are replacing reqs too soon, without giving it a second thought"

"Does HR even know how much Bhavna did? They announce programs to "understand workload" better but nothing ever comes out of it. Redistributing Bhavna's work will result in one thing for sure, EVERYONE ELSE QUITTING" II complained

"I hear you" she whispered "I dont make policies Ishita

"I DONT either" II cried

"U can talk to Gurtej, sorry Bally, he can expedite your new hire req for approval. Bansal owns the "Revenue/head" for the SW team. Every new add drives his productivity down."

"ITS NOT A NEW HIRE"II begged "Its a replacement"

"But if we dont add any one, then then Bansal's headcount goes from 720 to 719 so it will be a upside" HR said

"This is insane" II argued... the gal just nodded understandingly, or pretending to be that way

She walked back to her cube and sat down with Bhavna's work load, and sliced it up logically, Chanchal after rehab was doing better,
not doing 60 hours like the rest, but was over 40... Diwakar and Amit's smaller accounts many were closer to delivery... so she could breathe a bit

She spent most of her morning doing that... around 1 PM, she scanned her phone for texts

"SO? Do u have the afternoon off?" She threatened Amma

"Velayadreya?" she asked (are u kidding?)

"Amma board exams have been over for a month now" she ordered  "School moodiyachu (schools closed)

"I TOLD you I have 3 people's answer sheets for correction" Amma shot back

"Amma give me some no, I will do it, please CUTIEEE po kanna" she cajoled Amma


"I thought you went back to work"

"I did I am on "torture amma" meeting right now" II giggled

"Do that to Appa, I have a book meeting at the Saket teacher's house at 4, I am still not done with today's quota of correction" Amma said

"Yaar noothukku nooru (who is the top scorer) (its a famous Tamil term 100/100 for the star student)II asked curiously

"Many... not not 100/100 but many have done well, I have a list, when u come I will show you"

"Amma please give me some no?" she begged

"Please? U can have atleast 100" Amma said

"Will u buy me a red pen? not ball point" II giggled

"Seri va taren" (Sure)

"Amma I get off work hopefully at 5, be there by 6 ish, Appa eppo vara?" she asked

"He should be home by 7, I wont I think but will try" Amma promised "Avar varaara?" (is the hubs coming?)

"Avana naan invite ey pannale" II giggled (I didnt invite the dude)

"ayyoyyo. Thats wrong Ishita, I will" Amma said

"Ayyyooo NO MA... I WANT TO COME" II shouted

Chanchal peeked and vanished

"Ayyyo no ma" II whispered the same thing again

"Edo pannu... u are out of control" Amma said wearily.


"OK Ishita OK Ishita OK ishita" Amma chanted back
"Onna epdi daan taangarano, ayyo paavam" (wonder HOW he jhelofies you)

II laughed uncontrollably "The flip side is true also"

"I will write  two Horlicks bottle just for him in my monthly samaan list (grocery list)" Amma cooed

"Yes yes" As Appa would say" II giggled, hanging up

She went back to text "Lunch?"

"With who?" he texted back

"NEVER MIND" she sent back a sulk

"Meeting at 2 with some Bihar realtor" he texted back

"Oh! fine"

"Unless u need more than 28 minutes to chew" he texted

She went up with the lunch, Mrs Sagar greeted her warmly... she invited Mrs Sagar to join them, she declined with a thanks

She quickly opened up her stash, and began eating, by the time Mrs Sagar brought place settings, she was 20% done...

He sat on the couch, legs stretched out, she sat by him... he just ate from the plate she served for herself...

"Do u miss Paris?" she asked him

He looked at her deliberately, and nodded...

"So u do love wearing biz suits" she chuckled misunderstanding his statement purposely..

He smiled his half smile... she ate quietly... "u could wear suits here" she offered

"I "could" he said noncommitally

"Bhavna's is moving to Treasury, HR is not giving me a new req, they want us to perform stress tests, when a person leaves, sounds awful doesnt it?" she muttered

He listened carefully

"U are a client, I shouldnt be saying thing about my employer to you" she back tracked

"I can wear my husband hat" he said

"That would just hide the hair" she muttered, she was leaning back, satiated... sipping the apple juice Mrs Sagar brought..
He was leaning fwd finishing up...
He turned on that comment, leaned over her, bending down, claiming her lips fully... wiping off every speck of paneer spice ,
and fennel seed flavor off the cauliflower curry, as he attempted to release, she hung on... f
ollowing his lips to wherever he wanted to take em clutching his tee... his jaw smooth like butter... she felt it with her tongue and went back to his lips before he could change his mind

He pushed her on the couch, leaning over fully, crushing her, he hovered.. 1 mm over her lips..
"here! take all you want" Her arms went around his neck, she took what was offered... her joyous moan signalling how satisfied she was, his hand under her shirt a long time ago, his thumb on her peak as she arched

"Dont go tonite" he begged

"I shouldnt" she agreed, her brain fogged up completely, 0% visibility...
They panted on each other...

"Ur fault... why did u shave?" she moaned on his lips

"I knew u were going to tell me about D II in the car" he lied (I preemepted your evening appointment and now you cant go to D II. Clever move?)

"I have meetings all afternoon" she said sadly

He held her tight...

"I want to be ship wrecked in a remote island.. and be found by you and trade sex for food" she giggled

"U better have a big appetite then" (I would probably want lots of sex) he said savagely, nipping her lobe...

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Posted: 6 years ago
Envee na sonnen illa...
I know this girl...She has to go to meet him...LOL LOL LOL LOL

and the guy using it to his advantage...LOL LOL Arey II is making it easy on his part...Avan shave panna pothumm...looks like then she will agree on anything...atleast for the moment...
cha how easy for him...LOL

Note: I donno why, But I find doing it in office sooo romantic and turns me on...can't take this much in the morning itself Nish...Embarrassed Embarrassed

Posted: 6 years ago
soo funny you brought the board exam results...Even now my mom and me have that discussion every year...what is the district stats...what is my school stats and finally enga nagar la yaar yaar lam evlo score pannirka...enna aim panra???entha college kidaikum...amma will be like "Nanna padippan paiyyan...ana final exam la epdi kottaiya vittane theriyala...pavam ava epdi panam kuduthu seka pora ??" ipdi oru 1 hr we will discuss...LOL LOL

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by swathi1990

Envee na sonnen illa...
I know this girl...She has to go to meet him...LOL LOL LOL LOL
and the guy using it to his advantage...LOL LOL Arey II is making it easy on his part...Avan shave panna pothumm...looks like then she will agree on anything...atleast for the moment...
cha how easy for him...LOL
Note: I donno why, But I find doing it in office sooo romantic and turns me on...can't take this much in the morning itself Nish...Embarrassed Embarrassed

Namma II ponnu romba easya karanji pora. No fight when shaved cheeks are offered LOL
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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

Beautiful!!! The song choice is impeccable!Clap
So AGM mid week,GNO on Friday . Ranjan is going to see houseful of people in MMDay Dreaming
Tan is being some of our messenger hopefully the hero thodi toh suneWink
I am so tired of reading, watching evil win  elsewhere at least in Sosy i so want Ranjan clan to see some victory ..
Wonder what the night holds.Embarrassed
I liked how she is still on the car case for parents no maruti for sure!
Ever time I read about Laasya I want to eat her LOLand I adore it that Nandan calls her chitti so cute!!

The AGM is a month or so away, the meetings prior to it will begin later in the week

Yes R&B respects Tan a lot, will only listen to him... evil will not win, but good will not walk away with the glory easily either, a certain compromise may be worked out... life is unfortunately not clear cut illeya?Cry  I know, its kinda cute right? The Iyer-fication of the Punjabi familyEmbarrassed

finally got the computer :-) i love te iyer-fication of the punjabi famili too Embarrassed and yes let it take its time and we can reach the compromise but no evil winning..
Posted: 6 years ago
Keep pouring the updates
Like R never satiated with his ll
My appetite for ur updates is huge

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