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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Ashu25

Nee ideas kudukade di
I dont ever want this tale to end.

Hey I am telling the same...

Athunala than paravala nu en darling R&B ya I am letting to stay in delhi...LOL LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

Ashu u want him in Paris?? Swathi I knew hmm yenna sola I am a minority looks like wanting him in Delhi , I thought morning u wanted to petition with me yenna achu? Sorry yet to catch up on the comments
Anu, if the family circus is going to go on, then yes..I want them in Paris LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by swathi1990

BTW how was dinner?? U and EN made me jealous today with ur menus Cry Cry
That was my lunch  I ate and slept and got up read Sosy, then dance practice then a persons 40th now finally husband watching sci fi me on this threadLOL
I love you Ranjan or no Ranjan no fun if we liked the same exact thing ..
Aaw the intent was not to make you J  it's super easy to make I can pm u step by step En Oda stuff koncham  hard grinding etc what I made takes half hour for all three .. I know student life is hard see if you can get grand sweets vatha koyambu in Indian stores I like that not exactly the same but I like it
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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by swathi1990

Hey I am telling the same...

Athunala than paravala nu en darling R&B ya I am letting to stay in delhi...LOL LOL
darling aa..
rakshasane poyi darling angre LOLLOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Dog & Cat food

Monday was quite the chaos, her alarm went off at 7 she went right back to sleep waking at 7:48  Shockedwhen she heard the driver pull the Ferrari out to get Ranjan's car out
She woke with a start, she had a 9 AM, she had missed it!! She ran to the bathroom with the sheet wrapped around her... the balcony door was open... no sign of Rakshasan anywhere
She showered, got out as fast as she can braided her hair wore a pant suit so she neednt look to accesorize... she wore a pearl earring, screwing it on, she walked by to the 2nd floor office

The glass doors were shut and he was on the phone,AngryShocked
"Why didnt u wake me?" she demanded at 8:30 ish...
He hit mute "Did u want me to?" he asked

"U just as much as LAY A FINGER ON ME TONITE,"she warned waving a finger angrily

He nodded politely, she picked up a cushion, from the sofa adjacent to the glass door and flung it clear across, tipping his coffee over
He moved his legs as it dripped  "Its a MONDAY" she alomost cried distressed

He said something in French and hung up

She had left the room, storming down... to the kitchen two guys stood by the back yard door debating which area to move the furniture before they began washing the patio
They heard her and smiled politely

"Main coffee bana loon please?" she asked

"Main bana deta hoon" Mahavir asked

"Arey nahi thanks... aap kariye jo kar rahe the" (please carry on your work)

"There is bacon, poha, egg bhurji, oatmeal and hash browns and toast she was told, her lunch bag/case was packed and ready to go

She took a bowl of poha poured some chutney on it...  poured her coffee out of the mug into the steel tumbler, made it real hot

R&B walked in :Hey do u need a ride?

She didnt look at him the help wondered...

R&B: meri coffee office mein gir gayi, ek towel denge please?

Santram another help scrambled up

She picked up her lunch, trying to make small talk with Minion, eating as fast as she could, carrying her coffee with her

"Lunch mein kya hai bhayya? "

"Shimla mirch paneer, kal raat ki aloo gobi, aapne kaha" he smiled she nodded
"Aur roti, aur gulab jamun... Woh aapke Billi sahab, hain kya naam hai?"

II giggled "Haan thanks"

Minion had packed some gulab jamuns for Bally...
R&B waited by the door...

"Meri car ki keys aapko maloom hai?" II asked

"Nahi Bhabhiji, woh Dhyan ji ko pata hoga, woh to sir ko lekar chaley gaye aap text kar lo"

"I did he wont answer, II lets go" R&B ordered

I am taking a cab" she hissed

"I will find u one" he walked with her Sanram and Minion stared amused at the young couple fight all the way to the drive way

"If this is some pretext to get laid tonight, u are better off inhaling meth" II spat

"They smoke it actually" he mutteredROFL

She stopped turned glared at him, and ... she went to the lounge picked up her laptop bag and purse from the French vintage style day bed, the lounge was totally
French Louis the XV style, with silk upholstered arm chairs and end tables every few feet along the wall, in gold and copper or silver...
the original art on the wall all metallic framed, faux or real she didnt know

Including the Monet...

continued walking to the entry way, Ranjan had built her a shoe shelf within the wall, that could hold atleast 25 pairs, the rest she could put away upstairs

She wore her black pumps, she was almost 5'11" now

He walked out and started the Ferrari now parked outside the gate, she asked the guards if they knew where her keys were, they said "Sorry Maam"
She reluctantly, slid her seat forward and threw her stuff in the back, and sat down

He waited for her to wear her belt, and gassed it, like he was yelling at her

He got her to work after 9:20... she spoke to Amma in the meanwhile the apptt was at 11 AM
She asked about Periappa, and reminded her to take the afternoon off to go look at cars

Amma neither agreed or disagreed...

After she hung up... "Will u go meet Periappa?" she asked, sipping her  steel tumbler coffeeEmbarrassed

He looked at her while they waited in traffic  "Tonite?" he asked

"Umm I want to go... I mean I am going tonite... but together on Sunday?" she corrected herself

"What time will you get home tonite?" he asked, nodding for the Sunday request

"After u sleep" she said

He burst out laughing... as she slowly relaxed leaning on the back rest...
to watch him laugh, his silky straight hair curling at the end bobbed... like he always needed a hair cut


He dropped her off by the wide open front door of the gleaming glass building...

She got off, he hit a key so the seat slid forward, she picked up her stuff...
"I am going to my tailor first. I need my car." she muttered

He nodded...

"ermmm...are u going home?" she asked

"No" he half smiled

She walked away without looking back, the long braid perfectly sewn like it was almost fake... her clear as porcelein skin devoid of any make up

Subbu waited for the elevator, there were 100s waiting, it was "elevator rush hour"

"Hi! Ishita" he said almost slamming into her, in curiosity

"Hi!" she said half attentively

She made sure her shirt was fully buttoned, placed a hand on her chest...

"Where is R&B?" he asked

"Umm around here" she said

"Amma Appa epdi irukka?" he asked


"Fine" she nodded cursorily

"Neeraja's ceremony is in three weeks, Amma wanted to invite" he dragged

"Oh!" she said doubtfully

R&B showed up... she saw him walk up to her in navy cargos and a grey BR tee... flip flops,

She glared...

"5th day" he said rubbing his smooth jaw/chin answering her query

She smiled humorlessly

He handed her her zippered lunch case "U forgot the cat food" he said

She smiled, unable to sulk... Minion's billi was overheard...

"Hi! Mr Bhalla" Subbu said

"Hey Subbu" R&B nodded "R&B is fine " smiling

"Have u started coming in?" "Everyday?" Subbu enquired

"Umm... not really" he said

A elevator stopped... over 15 entered including II, as she walked towards it she turned to look at R&B...This time she lookedBig smile... like saying "Have a good one" to her own...Embarrassed
R&B shifted from foot to foot casually, ack the look with a half smile... didnt go unnoticed by Subbu

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

Beautiful!!! The song choice is impeccable!Clap
So AGM mid week,GNO on Friday . Ranjan is going to see houseful of people in MMDay Dreaming
Tan is being some of our messenger hopefully the hero thodi toh suneWink
I am so tired of reading, watching evil win  elsewhere at least in Sosy i so want Ranjan clan to see some victory ..
Wonder what the night holds.Embarrassed
I liked how she is still on the car case for parents no maruti for sure!
Ever time I read about Laasya I want to eat her LOLand I adore it that Nandan calls her chitti so cute!!

The AGM is a month or so away, the meetings prior to it will begin later in the week

Yes R&B respects Tan a lot, will only listen to him... evil will not win, but good will not walk away with the glory easily either, a certain compromise may be worked out... life is unfortunately not clear cut illeya?Cry  I know, its kinda cute right? The Iyer-fication of the Punjabi familyEmbarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago
what the hell is subbu doing there.
Is his LIC work not completed.

or by any chance he is the new mannager
Posted: 6 years ago
The pyara patidev carrying lunch for irritated wife.
But you didnt tell what happened last night Confused
Bally became Billy now ROFL
How I wish Subbu becomes something else only ROFL
5th day kya hai Ouch
How many times will she go to the tailor LOL

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