(SW Symphony 14) From losing life to Shedding Blues on 129 - Page 108

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Posted: 6 years ago
only this girl can think about vegetable patch and oily soil in such a situation...even reading this makes me worried of aage kya hoga...rare piece she is!!!even fate is merciless here..nahi tho why she missed that sign and rnb came to know about verna on the same day itself!!!ab who will help you II?
Posted: 6 years ago
Oh! All this emotional and work onslaught is gonna take a toll on II. Burnout!!

What it does or not, SoSy will surely teach us what can happen if two people do not communicate important things! LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
If anyone could get killed by words..this has got to be it. OMG, you can slice the tension with a KNIFE.
The cab, the car..II's had it. 

Loved the way she was scared of Ranjan..bolti band..II is Sher only in front of her brood, the bhallas are very  intimidating. Goodness can't imagine what's going to happen next..

Really NISHA! seriously Nisha! OMG Nisha! 

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Orangen

Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by Orangen

NISHA MY DEAR and the rest of the SOSY gang!

Back after what feels like ages.

I have been reading updates everyday had to use data like water in a desert and saved on the reviews.

Know that I missed interacting here. I know I'm nor regular. But all the same awesome updates.

Keep them coming!Clap

Hey hey hey

ALL THOSE that have ever said a word on  this page and over PM is a regular for me. It shows you appreciate my effort, AND CARE TO LET ME KNOW.Big smile To care is to love. Hope all is well. Apne ID ka explanation dena to, zara, Orange? N? Why?Big smile GREAT TO SEE YOU
What type of rozi roti do u have? Traveling Saleswoman? International long haul pilot? Doctors without Borders? JUST WHAT?

Thank you for making feel so welcome!

I went on google to find out that you would like to know about my ID.

I met this friend who changed my life - she was my student when we started and then is now my boss. And you know her!!

ASMA and Neel.. I thought German at MMB many years ago as an Intern ' Praktikant' and I stayed with her lovely family as a PG. Her amma and appa were as traditional as II's but the most broad minded I know. She and I bonded over endless Oranges on our trip to Jaipur. Anything Indian is Orangen ( German for Oranges) for me.

She has family I'm single.

We consult.

Asma and 3 others are the brain behind me the warrior with the brains too Winkthat travels like she does when she can. She takes care of APAC. Me everywhere else. We are not huge with money. This work is our passion. I do non-english clients.

But she is far more organized and than me; why she is what she is!

She's tells me that she finds your Updates and the regular very good. And she is not impressed soon!

ANY wonder you are so impressive! Wink


Pardon my English...not my mother tongue!Cool

Hey Orangen

THANK YOUBig smile

YOUR English is a million times better than MY GermanBig smile I mean billion... All I know is "Danke" from flying Lufthansa for years. Shame on me? YepCry I speak only Desi languages, so you are  way ahead than me... Angrezi I thank the invaders

THANKS FOR SHARING about your friendship and the fantastic work you do. I am learning to think beyond myself and my needs, some day... some day I hope to do more... than for MYSELF ALONECry Until then I shall gawk at people like you

PLEASE STAY ON AND TRAVEL WITH USBig smile We dont change the condition of women around the world or remedy global warming or cure cancer, but we can make you smileBig smile

Posted: 6 years ago
Kya hai...
Nai...Matlab kya hai yeh ROFL

Bechari II gayi kaam se...Pakka !!
Main zara breakfast khaane kya chali gayi yahan II ko dono taraf se khilaya ja raha hai...Ek muh se aur doosra kaano se ROFL

Yeh banda kitna tadpayega isse aur ?!?!?Cry

She is sooo gone today!!
Ranjan will feel bad DIL is not buying cars in spite they having hell lot of them...And he might go into depression as well ROFL

Dude will think she crashed the Corolla into something and is now buying another from somewhere without telling him LOL

Amma will get panic attack udhar and Appa will start screeching ROFL

Akka will have low BP now LOL

Yeh kya kar dala II ne ROFL
Posted: 6 years ago
Oh yes!! How did I miss the side bumping and the forehead bumping!?!
II's reaction...I expected that!! I knew she would act all guilty and aloof...Well, the guy is making her do it...

PS - I am also like this only...I shout, phir others get hurt..I try to make a move..They distance themselves and upon situations like this I act aloof...Phir patch up ho gaya toh I will get back to mushy gushy side ..

Ajeeb no ?? 
Posted: 6 years ago
Oh...How did I miss the side bumping and the forehead bumping?!?
II's reaction...Just as I expected!!

PS-  I am also like this only...Kuch untoward hot toh I behave exactly like this...ALOOF...
Again patch up ho gaya toh I get back to my original 

Ajeeb no ??
Posted: 6 years ago
Oops...Double post with edit...Sorry!!
IF is ajeeb 
Pehle post karne nahi deta and when I type out everything it shows my previous post Confused

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