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Posted: 2006-10-14T03:50:24Z

Hey friendsHug

How did your week go? Mine was wayyy too hectic. Aren't you so glad its the weekend!! Sheesh, it took forever to come this time, na?

Anyways, let me cut the crap and get right to it. You all do know why I am bugging you this week again? Yes yes, the subject tells you the answer. But I like the guessing game, dont you?Wink

But first let me thank Reema for a wonderful week! It was a pleasure getting to know our CFC Princess a bit better.Embarrassed I hope you all enjoyed grilling her as much as I did.TongueLOL

This girl is a wonderful "flower", is a loving cool viewbie for Kabhi toh Nazar Milao section, was grilled to unbelievable amounts last week in avi and siggi, is intelligent, caring, absolutely loving, SRK and Kajol fan, owns one of the most active and well run FC's (SRK and Kajol FC) here in CFC, and she is also a celebrity!!!! So join your hands together for this weeks...

..who is none other than the one and only Laila (don't start singing, Laila oh laila, laila...Wink)

Shikha aka wildblossom

Congrats sis Hug... are you ready for another week of grilling?Tongue


 Name:  Shikha

  Profession:  Student and unfortunately working part-timeLOL

 Country of residence: U.S.

 I am hooked up the Fan Club section because: I helped start a club there and I have my own Fan ClubEmbarrassedLOLLOL Its a lot of fun and has one of the best viewbies around watching over itWink

 My hobbies, more abt me: Reading, writing, drawing, watching movies (when i get the timeLOL), shopping, being with friends, coming online, talkinggggg- i am chatterbox...and my favorite hobby- being lailaWink

 My personality in brief: hmmmm a little pagal, a little shy, very talkative, spontaneous, friendly (i hope you agree), always ready to help....what else? you tell meLOL


 My favorite:
~Colour: umm no fav- any color goes!Big smile
none really- but i like playing tennis, soccer, or swimming
~Food: none really- just as long as its vegWink
~Song/Movie: i have too many to listtttttt- i love music and movies!!! check my slambook for a list of some moviesLOL

 Favorite celebrity: I think someone moderating the section has to be better than a celeb at least- so i can say khair dii

 Favorite fan club: SRK and Kajol Jodi #1/Muqu and Ruby Fan Club

 What I like best @ IF and celebrity fan club section? I like my friends best and IF and the unbelievable number of fan clubs in the CFC section. Anyone can find a club to join.

 What i would like to see more @ IF and/or in the Celebrity Fan Club section:  I would like to see more participation in IF contests and activities and as for CFC, I dont think it needs any changes. I guess it would be nice if instead of being just for celebs, people could make fan clubs on movies or types of music. i dont know for sure- but just let it be more broad

Have a wonderful week, Shikha!Embarrassed

CFC Dev Team

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Posted: 2006-10-14T04:08:11Z
lailaaaaaaa ur the MOTW gr888888 ab now me again will post my bouncers but this tym easy for u... LOL just pics but u have to caption them.... Embarrassed pluss if u dint post my answers in Avi n Siggi section then im gonna copy n paste all those 140 Qs n some picss over here.. LOL
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Posted: 2006-10-14T05:12:55Z

soo shikhooo here is myy bouncer for you....

ache ache captions liknaa huh..LOLLOLLOL

plus doo answer my Qs in avi n siggi section warnaa...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedmere bouncers aana banndd nahii hogee..LOL

wellll now i think this much are enough...soo my set-I finishes...LOLsoon will b bakk wid set-II...

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Posted: 2006-10-14T06:35:45Z
Congratulations Shikha! Big smile

(^Those are some really funny pics! LOL)

*Besides SRK and Kajol, your next favorite actor and actress are?!

*Favorite movie with SRK and Kajol in the lead?!

*Favorite song picturised on SRK and Kajol?!

*Do you like Karan Johar's movies?! Which one is your favorite?! Why did you choose this one?! Favorite scene from this movie?!

*Which current song have you been listening to most lately?! Favorite part of this song?!

*How excited are you for Don?! Will you watch it in theaters?! Do you like its' music?!

*Name the top 5 B'wood onscreen couples (excluding SRK/Kajol because that's understood)!

*Do you watch H'wood movies?! Latest one you saw?! Did you like it?!

*Favorite actor and actress from H'wood?! (If this question applies)!

*Favorite TV serials (Indian and American)?!

*If you were to remake Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, who would you cast as Rahul Khanna?! Anjali Sharma?! Tina Malhotra?! (The original cast cannot be repeated)!

*Do you like Himesh Reshammiya's music?!

*Favorite singers (male and female)?!

*Favorite director?! Producer?! Music Director?! Lyricist?!

--That's it for now... I may be back! Wink
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Posted: 2006-10-14T10:03:35Z
W0wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...congratzz Shikhaaaaaaaa Clap

i want to know much abt u...so herez r my questionss

01.     What time is it now?
02.     Describe yourself in five words.
03.     Describe me in three words.
04.     What is your nickname?
05.     Do you have any siblings?
06.     What is your hometown?
07.     Have you ever been to India?
08.     Which country have you been to the most?
09.     Are you chatty or quiet?
10.     Are you patient or impatient?
11.     Are you a tomboy or girlie girl?
12.     Are you a go-getter or do you let things happen at their own pace?
13.     Are you the younger or elder child in your family?
14.     Who is your favorite author?
15.     What is your favorite book?
16.     What are your favorite sports?
17.     What levels of education are planning to be in?
18.     What is the most memorable moment of your life until now?
19.     What is the word that you most commonly use?
20.     What is your favorite color?
21.     What is your favorite all time movie?
22.     What is your favorite song right now?
23.     Who are your favorite top five onscreen couples – Bollywood?
24.     Who are your favorite top five onscreen couples – Television?
25.     Who is your favorite Hollywood actor/actress?
26.     Who is your favorite singer?
27.     Who is your favorite Newbie, Groupie, Senior Member, Goldie, Dazzler, and Rockerz? (One person for each category)
28.     What is your favorite genre: comedy/action/romance/drama/thriller/horror?
29.     Would you prefer reading or going to the movies?
31.     What are the five worst serials on television right now?
32.     What are the five best serials on television right now?
33.     What is your favorite season of the year?
34.     Do you prefer hot or cold weather?
35.     What is your favorite food other than Chinese?
36.     What is your favorite drink?
37.     What is your favorite section on I-F?
38.     What is the one thing that you like about IF?
39.     What is the one thing that you dislike about IF?
40.     What do you find the most annoying about IF?
41.     What and where was your first post?
42.     What level were you at when you were promoted to the Dev. Team?
43.     What was your first post after becoming a viewbie?
44.     How many times have you had to clear your inbox?

Choose One

46.     Chocolate or Ice cream
47.     Cinemas or Television
48.     Reading or writing
49.     Cooking or Eating
50.     Leading or Following
51.     Action or Romance
52.     Actors or Actresses
53.     Good looking or Good hearted
54.     Lollipop or Gum
55.     Chocolate or Vanilla
56.     Vegetables or Fruits
57.     Apples or Bananas
58.     Cabbage or Cauliflower?
59.     Walking or Jogging
60.     Car or Aeroplane
61.     KHNK or KA
62.     Car or Limo
63.     Meeting Sharhrukh Khan or Abhishek Bachchan
64.     Meeting an Actor or President

65.     Author or Preacher
66.     Teacher or Student
67.     Ummm… or Uhhh…
68.     Rewind or Forward
69.     Expensive and Classy or Inexpensive and from the heart
70.     Comfortable or In style
71.     Truth or What sounds good
72.     India or Canada
73.     Australia or America
74.     Toronto or Quebec City
75.     President Bush or Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

Pick one-


elementary/junior high


Vinit Singh/Abhijeet Sawant

Jab Love Hua/Kasamh Se

Zee Tv/ Sony


sonu migan/himesh reshamiya











Krrish/Kabhi Alvida Na kehna



Age 12/ age 15








cookie/chocolate cake



-Describe yourself in 5 words.
-Describe me in 5 words.

thatz all for N0ww...enjoyyyyy   


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Posted: 2006-10-14T10:36:26Z
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Posted: 2006-10-14T11:53:41Z
Cry Cry Cry khairuuuuuu what have u done Ouch

i bet dis was planned Cry Cry

everyone is after laila all of a suddennnnnnnnnnnnn Cry

oye leena sis- where r u and our ticketssssssss LOL

acha ji= lekin such a sweet introooooo- spankoooooo Embarrassed Big smile

i love u Big smile Big smile

will get to replying to everyone soon Embarrassed
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