SS13 Holds & Fillings on 132 - Page 43

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by taara113

Actually i think calling them Play Dates makes it all fancy...ya iv seen mums accompanying toddlers to parks and once they are 6-7 they are free to roam... Maybe bcz my parents were always working and i was on my own i find the idea of parents around foreign...
I don't recall my mom hovering around when I use to play outside, now with time things have changed as so many bad characters are outside. One has to keep a watch when kids are young or till the time they get the concept of stranger danger. 
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

For me depends on the update I switch certain things r&b does would have led to murder in my house same with Ii but that's what makes it a fun read ...
Its always more fun siding with the guy Anu...
You are balanced;  imtilted towards him...And iv never been an II fan...she is regular does not amaze me much but R&B is mystery, he is the STAR Star

Edited by taara113 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by swathi1990

Arey I would do the same to my R&B...He doesn't have the right to get angry..If he did, I don't care...Let him be...

He has to come and console me..Athu varaikum strictly no talking..LOL
Idu unake romba over aa toonale??? 
Avan onnume pannale. Aanalum you want to irritate?? 
He is also working ille di. Its not lie he went holidaying 
II ku oru nyayam ivanakku oru nyayamo??? 
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Hsp.canada

Totally agree with you. I was in banking so is my husband...but totally different areas, no common connection, one time we bumped into each other at a client lunch, it was awkward. I had to step out to meet his office colleagues and so I introduced him to my boss who was accompanying me. It was weird...I don't know how people work in the same office. I don't even like the fact of working in same building, imagine lunch hour...gosh! 
Agree totally
At present there's a husband and wife at my work place (in their 70's), one a  director and the other a senior grumpy BA.. and we are privy to all their battles... its a nightmare let me tell you... esp the wifeConfused
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Ashu25

Kab hai update agla wala ??

My old bones are tired, I need to feel better before I hit the sack. LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

Originally posted by Ashu25

Kab hai update agla wala ??
Soon I am about to sleep which means it's right around the cornerWink
Why is the update always out when you and Shev di go to sleep LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Hsp.canada

Originally posted by Ashu25

Kab hai update agla wala ??

My old bones are tired, I need to feel better before I hit the sack. LOL
Aap bhi??? 
You are not old Confused
Posted: 6 years ago
Wicked & Wire tap

Wednesday was no different from Tuesday, Thursday was no different from Wed... umm... Friday?

Whatever... they were all the same...

between Bally's unofficial handover, reviewing progress at Gurgaon showroom and beating to death what they needed to do about Gurgaon Workshop upgrades.

They didnt want to run to "Daddy" Mr B and complain about the HW upgrade denial of request...
 Ashwini was going to regroup with her team and assess where were at. It all had to finally feed into II's master project plan, even 50%
Status-Easy Task Sync was all red pretty much, the Project duration was 814 days, and now it was 812, at the rate of today's completion

They had basically undertaken 2 days' worth of work in 4.5 months? RIDICULOUS!!
She wanted to get drunk and sleep naked... or get laid... husband was overseas so that box cant be checked
NY Mag had once said "Do propose to doing someplace illicit"  "On the terrace?" she sniggered at herself...
In the Spectrum lobby? She giggled at the wicked had also said "Install a sex swing" like Sex and the City she didnt know what that was

"Yep! Thats exactly what I need" she concluded

Bally came by for coffee, they walked past his cube, Friday afternoon, things were being boxed up. She suddenly felt mighty jealous of him
"Can I be jealous of you?" she asked sulking

"Because I get an admin now?"  "she is older than me and has kids in college, her husband was a Brigadier or something so NO HUBBA HUBBA" Bally chuckled

"Umm well... no, u know I have bad feelings about screwing the admin"

Sorry kiddo" Bally's voice softened "what else are u jealous about? U definitely have more hair" he ran his hand over his cleanly cropped head"

"I am jealous of all the people you are going to work with, the 12 6, 22 however many deployments you are going to be incharge of" II said

They waited for the elevator, one going up stopped ppl got on, her FIL was in it

He waved she did too quickly... looking sideways to see who noticed

"Bally, I sent you an email" he said

"Thanks Sir!" Bally muttered
They waited for the next one in the gleaming hallway
It was a very posh well maintained building, and Ranjan owned the top two floors... his Co did
As if a 1000 crore company wasnt enough, he collected property like pocket change...

Shrewd astute man that had stumbled into bad times... in underwear and all

They waited in line for coffee... "How come people are ALWAYS having coffee?" II wondered

"Because if they didnt they would try to pay back favors of kind strangers and end up married to them" he winked

"shut up, he is a demon, that always has to win" II spat back

"Aur USKE paise toone lautaane ki jurrat ki, banda hai stylish boss, he chased u down and married you" Bally smiled pointed to things inside the glass show case

Ii blushed... the Rs. 5, it had all started here...

"I want the biggest piece of chocolate cake and hes paying" II told the girl

"Dekh MUJHE koi ladki, she doesnt return my money, I could kiss her for 5 bucks and marry her... I wont even demand marriage, just an afternoon, KISKI coffee ke paise main doon?" he scanned the line quickly

II laughed uncontrollably  

"Uve never paid me aaj tak" Bally said accusingly

II had a guilty flush... ermm... she paid R&B back because he provoked her, the sight of him made her skin tingle and insides go for a toss
The way he VICIOUSLY fought with her over just about everything...

"Are u missing him?" Bally asked

"Umm... YAA... like hell" II began to cry

"Shittt yaar... Suman will kill me.. she was saying if I made u cry I dont get sex for a month" Bally cursed

"I am calling her" II wiped her tears... they sat down in the fave corner and her cake was warmed up... and coffee brought over... in a while

"He was supposed to be here Wed?" Bally asked

"U think he wont come back?" she asked Bally looking beyond his shoulder

Bally was startled...  almost jittery  "WHY would u say that kiddo?" he asked hoarsely

"Umm bus yoon hi" she said softly

Bally breathed audibly... a longgg hard breath... "Ughh... kya boloon main. why do u even think like that?"

"I was pissed I told him take your time, he texted me three times, and stopped" II cried softly

Bally held her hand... and squeezed "4 mahiney, 5, 6, 7" he counted II looked up at him

"I had plans for a sister for Ankur Anay, tu itna ro rahi hai abhi Suman ke menopause ke baad ki ho paayega shaayad"

Ii laughed and cried and sniffled and cried, she threw the balled up tissue on his face
He ducked laughing

"Tu call kar" he ordered

"NAHI" II said shrilly

"Chal de main karta hoon" he reached for her phone, Ii grabbed it back

"Thats why they say dont hang arounbd newly married women, their mind is fogged by all the action"

He pulled his phone out... AND DIALLED... II tried to grab it.. he didnt give it

BallY:Hey dude kidhar ho?

Bally hit speakerand set it on the table
R&B:Hey Bally? (confused)
II cried on hearing his voice
Bally stared at her dumbfounded
Her fork cluttred, she sniffled into a tissue

PIGGG!!" she whispered

Bally: Are u upstairs? (winking at II)

Bally:Ghar par hai?
R&B: Geneva
Bally: woh Rohtak ke paas waala
R&B chuckled...

Ii blushed, she recognized that soft sexy burst of sound
Bally:Iyer ne mujhe bataya nahi..
R&B didnt say anything
Bally:Aur sab theek?

R&B: Ummm I think so

Bally: Iyer ne zyaada tang to nahi kiya? (smiling at II)
R&B: Just enough!

bas***d!!! II cried standing up
Bally pulled her hand, making her sit, her fork clattered

R&B:Are u OK
BallY: Toone just enough kaha, I went into shock, I am stuffing my face with chocolate... Iyer and just enough?

R&B chuckled again

BallY:How is Geneva?

R&B Cold

Bally: agar tumhe har word ka Rs.1,000 doon to baat karogey?
He chuckled again

Bally:Kaise jhleti hai boss tujhe, woh to chup nahi hoti? (SHOCKED)
R&B: I listen...

Bally laughed uncontrollably

II kicked him under the table

He winced and yelped "Ouch"

R&B: OK?
Bally: i stubbed my toe


Bally:U sko miss to nahi kar raha?
R&B: not really!

bas***d!!! II cried distressed

Bally:Thats good!! (cheerful tone, but expression of shock) I dont see her either, seems like she is too busy... BTW I have a new job

R&B: Nice Congratulations

Bally:since u dont miss her, I will take her with me (laughing weakly)

R&B:Sounds good! (smug)

Bally: See u around?

R&B: Yep!!

Bally hung up... and pushed the plate of cake towards her, she ate it all without saying a word...

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