SS13 Holds & Fillings on 132 - Page 37

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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by swaram

OMG! I have to share this. I just happened to watch this hilarious ad of D&J briefs modelled by David Beckham and James Corden. ROFL
At first all I could imagine was II and her fetish for his tattoos but then enter James Corden and I cracked up.

A good one, cracked me up!ROFL
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Hsp.canada

Originally posted by swaram

OMG! I have to share this. I just happened to watch this hilarious ad of D&J briefs modelled by David Beckham and James Corden. ROFL
At first all I could imagine was II and her fetish for his tattoos but then enter James Corden and I cracked up.

A good one, cracked me up!ROFL
Hope this worked as a stress buster for you after your rendevouz with a bunch of high energy kids.Big smile
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Hsp.canada

Originally posted by swathi1990

Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

nisha update yeppo software hardware pechu done , movie talk done , R&B talk also done now we need our drug LOL


I think we should change it to ss14...Number 13 is catching up on us LOL

Oh my God! you ladies discuss so much on software,hardware...I dont have the energy to read all the comments Cry. I was with 5 boys from the ages of 6-2. I am poofed. My new Iyer friend had a emergency dental thing so she dropped her two boys 4 & 2. And then i forgot that another kid was coming over. So i had pair of 4 years and 6 years old. All were amused my newly turned 2 year old. And he just wanted to play with them and not alone with me LOL..His playing is destruction of the train set and legos. My basement looks like as if a hurricane came. The little man didnt want the ipad also just wanted to hang with the older kids. Anyways I could do with a update to unwind myself.Wink I wonder how people managed kids in old days Confused

Bravo Shev super mom u are !!!!Clap i am tired reading this :-) hardware /software is nothing.. i didnt know u had a 2 year old sooo cute!!! if it makes u feel better terrible twos lasts to terrible threes and fearless fours LOLLOLLOLLOLROFL but but but i miss my kids that age sooo cute i know wrong timing but its a very cute age ...the dora the deigo ,barney,caillou so cute..
Posted: 7 years ago
Work & Water slide

Ranjan told her about the shruti box R&B had sent... he had found it on his way inside to go to bed... Mahavir had put it on the chest by the Monet

Ranjan brought it to her at the dining table, gave it to her with an innocent expression "Must be some wedding gift beta" he said going back to read the newspaper, but carefully looking for her reaction secretly

She jumped up seeing the shruti box, "Woww!!" "You bought a new one?" she asked shocked

"Not me" Ranjan shrugged like "Why do I care"Wink

"Phir kaun?" she asked "Oh!! Umm... did u tell him?" she asked uncomfortable first but shocked, she knew they didnt talk
about such mundane things at all, mundane or crisis, they did not talk. Period

"Hes a very thoughtful man" Ranjan supported a son who didnt even address him as Dad.

II ate quietly

There was two missed calls from him this morning. one at 6 and one at 7
She didnt return it... she didnt want to go in to work either but didnt have a choice
Running away was not going to make Bally change his mind
Ranjan:U must come home by 7 beta
II:I'll try, I didnt even read my emails yet Dad
Ranjan: Did u pick up your job from the printer? (caring)
II:Oops! I forgot, in fact my laptop is also up there.
Ranjan: is there a meeting with Bally today?
II:I believe so at Noon?

She hadnt been inside the room he shared with Mom. She didnt have the heart to go in there. R&B rarely wandered around the ground floor, he was in the lounge a lot then the living room
In the dining area when they ate, otherwise he avoided the other 4 or 6 ground floor rooms.

"Did u call him? Ranjan asked

"Umm ya" she said after some thought

"U should send your car to your parents" he ordered

"No Dad I will start driving it" II said

"No the driver is waiting for you. When u get a chance talk with Manya...
I know she doesnt call much she is busy with research but she worries about you" Ranjan was being polite

"I will... definitely.. tonite" II promised

"You married him and you turned quiet?" Ranjan laughed out loud

"No... I havent I just have a lot on my mind" she said smiling
She was back to her no nonsense Burberry today, black & white

Did u talk with him this morning?" Ranjan enquired

"I did" II lied
Morning Noon and night thats all I think about, she cursed


There was a big going away cake and punch celebration for Gurtej. in the biggest conference room lots of Public Accounting FMCG humor was exchanged good naturedly...
Talks about Bally's upward mobility were heard, Bally acted clueless
II did not feel resentful, she loved Bally too much for that but was definitely distraught. Too many life changes had occurred in the last month

Between marriage, honeymoon, new home, and now almost losing a friend...
"I AM GOING TO BE ON THE SAME FLOOR KIDDO" Bally countered as II moped tearing up her cake disinterestedly. KMPG was spread over 7th and 8th floors

"YA, but not three cubes away but in a room overlooking the fancy intersection" II whined

He hugged her shoulders... "Fancy intersection? Are u even listening to yourself? Maximum accidents happen at the corner of Tula Ram and Hooda Marg

"I cant even imagine working for someone else" II began to worry
Arey, we all work for KMPG" he argued

"Yeh bhashan to aap rehne do Bally" II was too pissed to listen to platitudes
Achha come over during the weekend. Apne hero ko bhi la, baithte hain daaroo waaroo peeyenge sab set ho jaayega" He pacified

"Hes not in town na, not sure when he is back" II pretended to be all cool about it

"Chal theek hai tu aa ja" Bally said

Gurtej interrupted II's tantrum and took Bally away... "How is the husband?" he asked her

"Great" she said

"I spoke to Mr Bhalla this morning, things will go well now that you are back" Gurti assured her



Suddenly she felt the urge to check her texts, she walked to a corner and sat down on one of the chairs lining the wall and checked... there were texts from him

"Can we talk?" was the first one after she hung up on him saying "Stay there and finish up for how ever long" slamming it on her desk to go find coffee at Perk

And then one at 8 PM last night "II" a half smile appeared as she imagined those letters being uttered

And then one around 9:48 PM "Answer the goddamn phone" he was running low on patience

And the one this morning at 8:08 AM "?" was all he sent

PIGGG!! Even in texts he used economy, why cant he type one sentence?

And the last at 10:12 AM.. "if this how u want to do this"

He probably doesnt miss the sex or the making out ONE bit... RAKSHASAN... he got it all at 14 or 16 and has been getting ever since


She recalled how the Wed? before she left Paris, how he lay on the couch reading, she woke from a early evening nap, after shopping all morning... she walked over
and pulled his book away... he literally pulled her down from over his head, she landed on him, wiggling, and falling back, her back on his chest
He rolled her over under him... "U should say "May I have the book please?" he chuckled moving roughly over her
"Phir to mil chuki book mujhe" she muttered... as he gently slid her tee over her head...
"U were asleep, u told me not to get frisky" he complained on her neck...

"are u always this obedient?" she asked moaning
"Usually in the honeymoon" he chuckled as she kneed him
"ouch" he exclaimed

"I was going to finish the chapter and come wake u" he squeezed her cheek... she eased him out of his tee softly...
"U can read all you want after I go" she complained...

He caressed her belly, his hand going over her short shorts, this one was particularly revealing, it was her newest acquisition from before her wedding
His hands were on her curves on the back... his fingers sliding under the distressed edge of the denim... she arched seeking his body...
Lets do this slowly II" he begged

"NO, I started it get to call" she ordered breathlessly bringing his head down on her curves...
He just grazed... "unless u want to be sent to the sideline and asked to sit out on the bench" she cursed urging him "Please da" she rushed unable to prolong her agony

He bit her ear lobe "havent u heard? Try going down a water slide while it isnt wet?" he soaked her ear and cheek, taking his mouth lower skipping her neck

She shook as his face came in contact with her smooth curves... "Ive only heard "Whats a man's idea of foreplay?" "30 minutes of begging"

II gasped when she felt his her chest region... yanking his head "rakshasan!!" she cursed quivering
she led his hand to her upper back... seeking his lips... tentatively at first and hungrily afterwards... he pulled his head away
"I should go back to reading" he muttered... laughing down at her

"I will burn your book. I swear" she warned

"that cant be good" he agreed... letting her feel his arousal "II dont" he begged "Dont go, stay" he had begged, undoing her hook

there was no begging NOW...

She wanted to time travel and go back to Paris, to that apartment, sitting in the kitchen table listening to Vidyasagar hits, looking up recipes... or learning to make espresso or tearing up crepes.

this was too hard... quit my job, and go teach... get a Ph D... work for a clothes designer... become a personal shopper to the rich and famous... do taxes for rich and famous...


She went to the stairway, and walked up to the 18th floor, not wanting to bump into her father in law, she walked down to the 5th... thoughtful, pausing at every landing

Sitting down to take notes

She was half way done with her email... she had found Gurtej's thank you note... an "unofficial" Transition plan email from Mr B about who expect will fill Gurti's spot

It was sent only to the deployment team... Gurti's clients knew of his quitting last week... according to the email, Mr B spoke really highly of Bally and hoped, he would "accept"

They would follow due process, but Mr B felt Bally had the best "chance"

Gee!! Like Bally was going to decline

Bally had told her yesterday that no raise was being offered, he would be the "Senior Deployment Mgr- Client Services"

KMPG had a suite of less than 6 SW, the most kluge being TransPro (wrt to Excelsior), the others were different kinds targeted at different markets and customers

Those were doing fairly well

He would inherit all of the products, clients and installations

II wondered what her chances were if she even applied for Bally's role, she sat on the steps between 4th and 3rd with her coffee.. and added up her experience...

Walked over to the tall windows and stared out...

It looked like it was going to rain, cloudy... she could bet it smelled like dirt

Paris rains were different, THERE WAS NO SCENT OF MOIST EARTH

Rains without the scent of moist earth, that would be like me "without my job" "Me without Rakshasan"Blushing

She leaned on the wall and pulled her cord out of her shirt and examined the twin pendants...

she heard footsteps so she tucked em in quickly and scrolled on Outlook... nodding... it was nobody she knew... Phew!!!

she went to Paris pictures folder... there was over 1700 pictures... 1728 TO BE EXACT

TSK TSK... she mocked herself... she had the most random visual collage... his feet while asleep to stubble to... pigeons... to her crepes... to the cab ride...

she went back to her texts and began to type

"Can u come home right now?" she typed and erased

"How about we make a deal, be home in --- tonite and I will forgive you" and erased

"I promise not to brainwash Shravu for a week will you come home now?" she typed and erased

"what are you wearing?'


She closed out of text msg and stared out the window again... she completes five years in 2016... she could apply for a promotional opportunity, but getting Bally's job wont make her life any easier. She would have to be in the firing line AND she would have to train her replacement.

Bally worked 10 hours more than her weekly on average sometimes 20... "work smarter not harder/longer" didn't apply for Pub Acctg. Everyone worked like a dog, pretty much

Excelsior seemed like the best thing for her resume in November... a Mid to Large privately owned company that employed  between 10,000-15,000 employees

Installing/delivering a SW product in a company that size, with a SW user base of OVER 500-600 heads between Cashiers. Head Cashiers, Accounts Managers, Showroom/workshop Directors, and bunch of key people at the Corp Off at Spectrum,
It was going to be a phenomenal achievement not only for the product but also for her professional growth... "Going to be"...

Posted: 7 years ago
Hey Nish,
Refreshed to see if there was an update at the 1st opp. 

Smile there was a lovely one.


Will come back to write more.

Loved how you have shown her agony..


Read on one 3 and then on pg37. Did I miss anything last night?

Edited by blue5sky - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
II is deep in thought pondering and taking stock of the situation. She is so quiet, sort of withdrawn... Needs a pep, I love how she bounced back though... Wanting to make SW work or whatever it takes to add value to her resume..,
She will take her time to feel at home in Malcha Marg. Along with her I miss Mr. Iyer, Mrs. Iyer and periappa too. Ranjan is doing whatever he can in his capacity to make her comfortable...
It's definitely a whole world of change and adapting to it after marriage for any girl, more so for girls who have stayed with their parents ...Only few are exceptions to the systems of the society .

It would be nice for II to have a sounding board... , once this transpro thing is over, I would love to read II discuss work matters and Grapevine with her husband as most working couples do these days... Now she is alone to feel for her... It would be so easy for her to chuck it all away and go to Paris ... But that's not the II we know...

Ps I think for all the silent treatment she is giving to her husband, come Thursday Friday she will be doubling over herself to get to the airport to see him of ofcourse with all her Nakhras that define her personality Edited by Errantnomad - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
Work and waterslides

this update all i want to say is I Heart II , pavam so cute..

how she remembers him , her wish to text him , her career issues poor girl feel no girl will go through this 3rd week of marriage. Mr R&B better compensate..
I totally like her applying for the job thats awesome!!!she is qualified and a rightful replacement .

She has become so much calmer and totally love her interactions with Ranjan , he is being a good FIL like expected.

Like Errant said I feel she wont be able to stop herself from waiting in the airport .. i will be mad at her for doing it but I would do the same LOL

And another point of Errant that i felt was true is you do talk to your husband about ur career , ur insecurities and mostly he is the first sounding board and venting machine lets see in their context how that will work ..

I know in one of the comments u mentioned a techy fight between the two I am game :-) as long as she is able to leave him speechless  .Embarrassed

This update i get the issues with KMPG more but will still stick with for a successfull deployment to happen both parties need to be fully invested..

do we get another one .. so one day i pray u have a plumber or dentist visit and another ur DSL issues are resolved LOLLOL

oh and the pictures she took sooo cute!!!!

Edited by TanjoreGirl - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
Yes there will be another one today, in an hour or so

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