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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Seriousreader

What if she didn't kill herself?
SR...Please dont become female Byomkesh Bakshi now ROFL
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by swathi1990

Envee I don't support suicide...But I am not sure what she should fight for here ???

I highlight other set of lines what I wrote...I am not supporting what she did but I won't shift the entire blame on her and make Ranjan mahan here...
We do not know if he was directly involved or plotted against !!
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Ashu25

SR...Please dont become female Byomkesh Bakshi now ROFL
Hey...I seem to remember an update giving rise to this thought
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Seriousreader

Then he's a good fit.

Okay...So we got faces for Ranjan, Laasya, vandu, bally...Who next ??LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Seriousreader

Hey...I seem to remember an update giving rise to this thought
Which update ??
What thought ??
Posted: 6 years ago
Holds & FillingsBlushing

II: Hey love

Nandu lay face down sulking, kicking the bed... he turned to look

"CHITHI?" he asked sitting up

"Yep its Chithi" she walked in like a cowboy ... proud and happyLOL
She went up and hugged him sitting on the bed, he began to cry "Ma wont let me play video games"

"Shhh its OK... pehle mujhe yeh batao, do u want to see Shravu?"

"YAAA? Is he here? I s he here?" wrestling out of her grip, standing on the bed and jumping

"No hes not, sit da"

He sat reluctantly... "Can I play my new game?"

"Umm no... what did u do?"

"I said I didnt wnat to eat Ma said I must and I tried to sit up and the water fell." the kid lied

"Its OK u can tell me the truth"

"I didnt want to eat" he sulked

"Have u eaten now?" she asked

"Umm no.. she said if u dont then until u ask u dont get any"

II looked at him deeply... and sighed... the values were same, methods of discipline was the same, the faces were different...

She wished Appa could see how Sam was behaving with Nandu...

"How about you me and Shravu go to a movie next Friday night. JUSTTT USSS, NO Uncle R (hugely jealous of Lasya's love for him)"

"Can we do that?"

"Ya.. but u have to promise me you will never ever ever do something like this again" Ii extracted a promise

For whatever it was worth now... ermm... the movie deal the kid nodded obediently

"Lets go down, think of a prank to pull on Uncle R?" she asked giggling


"YAAA... u know what Shravu did to me? Ermm... I was asleep and he gave me a beard and a mustache and colored my hair with lipstick, she wiped her ear and showed him

The boy rolled on the bed laughing

They walked back to the living room

Sam:Isko kyon laayi? (upset)

II:Please? Di?

Sam OMG! Ur wife is such a devil (she turned to R&B)
He held a sleeping Lasya horizontally

&B:Really? I didnt notice (chuckling)

II gave them BOTH a humorless smile

Ii walked to him "Uve had her too long rock star! Can I atleast hold her when she is asleep. You can pull ur charm again when she wakes (angry)
Sam giggled...

He handed her the baby gently... he pulled her down holding her elbow, so she would sit by him... Nandu said "Sorry" to Sam she hugged him

"Lets go home" he muttered drawing on her thigh

"Absolutely not jab meri baari aayi usko pakadne ki u want to get laid" she muttered disagreeing... wrapping the soft blanket over herself and the baby

"He continued to feel her arm and her curves with his finger head thrown back, legs stretched out

"Shave" she ordered

"For the second time I will" he said

She blushed... "No... for the first, even Lasya doesnt care for the beard"
He rubbed it lazily, leaned and rubbed his chin on her neck, jaw, she turned and nipped his ear to stop him

Sam: What do u want?

R&B's hand was inside her tee... she let him caress... biting down on her gasp

"Dont pleazzz" she begged leaning her back on his face, he nibbled, "Oh I give up" she muttered leaning by him on the couch

II: Nooo not again... not oreos I ate 4 with Shravu... no da please I vote for chocolate cake. I saw some in the frigCry
Sam:It was Tan's cousin's Bday she sent some over, doon tujhe?

II nodded

Nandu:OREOS! OREOS! OREOS!! banging the coffee table

R&B's hand was  on her curve, she HELD LASYA

" STOP IT I AM HOLDING THE BABY" Angryshe hissed Sam got up to talk to the help asking him to bring her milk shake out

She tried to set the baby on her lap, and use her left hand, but he was on her back

"Please nooo Tan's home" "Please nooo" she ordered

Her face was flushed, eyes like saucers... Sam had no clue what her brother's hand was upto under the soft pink folds of the blanket

The help brought oreos and milk shake... Nandu had some mango shake too...

Sam asked if she could take the baby from her so she can drink her shake "NOOO" she shrieked furiously

"U really only want her to be close to her Uncle R NOT ME"

"Silly girl" Sam giggled

II held his hand between her arm and her curve...


"Please" she said loudly to R&B

"No I dont want any, I have my Bourbon" he said "Where is Tan?" he asked Sam

"He took a call last I saw. Are u OK if we came" she asked him politely

"U ASK HIM?" II bristled

"Hes told me I shudnt be seen in Malcha Marg too much"

"U mean dog" II cursed

R&B chuckled placing his ear phones in his ear, cheking email, ALL WITH HIS LEFT HAND
II couldnt hold her shoulders stiffly any longer... she relaxed he used the opportunity to slide to her back

"NOOO Not here" she begged

He ran his fingers on her lace

"Clever II" he muttered not finding a hook

Sam left them alone, Nandu brought his DS and began to play leaning on II's other shoulder

R&B leaned and grabbed an oreo and bit into it... his face contorted

II began to laugh softly at first and then hysterically, Lasya stirred... Nandu turned to look up at her face...

"HE ATE IT?" Nandu shrieked

II nodded inaudibly laughing hard tearing up

Lasya opened her eyes, II soothed and did "jo jo jo" (the Iyer way of patting a baby to sleep)
Nandu rolled on the floor

R&B's hand was now in the front under her Lacoste... he unhooked WITHOUT LOOKING WITH ONE HAND SENDING RELEASING THE TWINS
FROM THEIR LACE HOLD, the lace shrinking all of a sudden upon losing its filling

"Not bad II" he said removing his hand as he got up to go spit the toothpaste/cream filled oreo and rinse his mouth,
she sat there with her unhooked bra and a baby

Posted: 6 years ago
18 pages only...Aaj khatam karein ya kal tak intezar karein ??ROFL
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Seriousreader

Hey...I seem to remember an update giving rise to this thought

yes i remember that too, what if  she really had an accident it was clearly stated i forget which one.

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