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Posted: 6 years ago

^ So as always, I love having themed banners as everyone knows by now. LOL This time I ended up combining two of my loves in one banner! First of all, I think most people know my immense LOVE for rain sequences! Embarrassed And well, its Spring time here where I live which means rainy season is about to start...hence I wanted a rain theme :) I combined the rain theme with my current favourite pair IshRa. IshRa/DivAn have made a special place in my heart hence I picked them instead of combining all my favourites. IshRa have had some beautiful and significant rain sequences in the show, hence wanted to showcase them in my banner <3 
Welcome everyone to my 15th gallery/shop! I am Dangelz and I've been a creations maker here for quite awhile now. LOL Its a very overwhelming feeling to know that I have reached my 15th gallery as I would never have imagined that I'd be PS-ing till now. But here I am, and I still continue to make creations...all due to my love and an almost addiction for PS! Embarrassed I'd also like to give huge credit to all my friends and commenters who have supported me and brought me here :) 

 I have learnt alot over the past few years, and I still continue to learn, experiment and pick up new things even now :) In a place where copying and over inspiration is common nowadays...I've tried my best to keep my work and styling different from others =) Some people have tagged me as the 'Queen of Icons' because I have received alot of appreciation and admiration for the icons I make...and that seriously means the world! Embarrassed Please feel free to visit, drop by and leave comments/critics on my work :) 

I'd like to take the time to list some of my favourites because most of my work will be seen on these people. Embarrassed These are just my favourites from Indian Telly. I don't want to put people to sleep by listing my Bolly and Holly favs as well. LOL I realize that this list keeps getting longer with every shop, but this is basically an overview of pairs that I've really liked over the years. 
Karan&Shilpa, Shilpa Anand, Rahul&Muskaan, Abhi&NikkiSamrat&Gunjan
 Sanaya Irani, Mayank&Nupur, Karan Tacker, Maan&Geet, Drashti Dhami, GurmeetChaudharyGurmeet&Drashti,Abhay&Piya, Barun Sobti, Anant&Navya, Arnav&Khushi,Sanaya&Barun,Vivian Dsena, Siddharth Shukla, RK&Madhu, Gautam Rode, Paro&RudraAshish Sharma, Shaheer Sheikh.  

Current Favourite: Raman&Ishita/Karan&Divyanka 
I am inspired by pretty much all of the amazing and fellow sig makers in the Avi/Sig forum. But these are a few inspirations whom I admire most :) 
Kaira/Sadz (sadz11), Jenny (jenny1000), Amna (amnamalik), Roz (PyaarSe), Ash (Aichuu), 
Ashu (notfadedaway), Payal (IPayal), Aish (aishhh.), Tina22 (Tina), Fary (nadaanmasakali), Vrins (aftermath.)
And probably a few more I can't recall at this moment... LOL

 . . S p e c i a l  M e n t i o n s / T h a n k  Y o u s  //
I want to thank my commenters from the bottom of my heart who have encouraged me by loving, and commenting on my creations. It is because of you people, that I have come a long way and have been able to reach my 15th shop =)
In this particular shop, I would like to give out special mentions to some of my most special friends and commenters that have been with me and have given life to some of my galleries! 

First and foremost to my 3 FAV SISTERS on IF <3 

^ What do I say about these 3 simply AMAZING and SPECIAL ladies? Cool I am so happy that I found such a great girl gang here on IF...and we've gotten closer since last year :) I can pretty much fan girl with them, have random convos and talk my heart out with these ladies <3 I have known Madz the longest, and I am so glad to have her as a special friend here on IF. We share a great bonding because of our similar natures, and we can also have great convos due to our common or even different interests :) Krishna, is one CRAZY gal after you get to know her...but she is the BEST chela a teacher can ever have! LOL No but jokes apart, she is an awesome friend <3 I love how we have so many common interests and traits as individuals...and with her around, I feel like I have a twin on IF! LOL Urshie, I have gotten closer to since last year I believe and she is such a wonderful friend to have and talk to <3 We connect so well on many different levels, and love interacting with one another. I can be totally myself around her, and vice versa :)

Consider those mini banners as GIFTS for 'helping' me move my previous shop so quickly! LOL Embarrassed

. . J A V E R I A . .

I have known this girl probably one of the longest on IF, and we go back all the way till DMG days! I know I am making us sound like old grannies or something! ROFL But its always nice to have a friend you have known for SO long! We're fond of each other, and we have very similar tastes when it comes to HOT men and HOT couples! LOL She has been with me since my early shops and early days of sigmaking, and has always given me great support for my work!

. . A I C H U . . 

This is another girl I have known since DMG and KaSh days I believe! She's a great and fun-loving girl to interact with and an amazing creations maker as well :) Adore her work, and work as mentioned has always been one of my inspirations :) 

. . S A U M Y A . .

This girl is just amazing! We click well together and its a pleasure to interact and talk with her whenever we get the chance :) I think its our common love for SaRun/IPK/ArHi that brought us together :)  I absolutely love reading her comments, but these days she's busy and hence I miss her presence in my shop! 

. . S W E T H A . .

She is my new found friend on IF, and its lovely to interact with her whenever I get the chance! I call her my 'harmless stalker' and my personal 'Google' cause she LOVES stalking my work here and if you need to know anything about Indian Telly...all you have to do is go ask Swetz! Big smile LOL 

. . J E N N Y /  A L I Y A . . 

Jenny and Aliya are my KaSh girls, which means we go a long long way back! Not only KaSh, but SaRun is also a common love of ours <3 I have always adored Jenny's work since the time I first came on to IF, and her work has always been a great inspiration! Beside being a great sigmaker, she is a lovely friend! She's not really active anymore here, but we've always had a good time interacting. Aliya has been one of my oldest commenters, and I absolutely love reading her comments! I think our fondness for KaSh helped us connect with each other, and then later SaRun too :) 

. . A I S H H / A S H U . . 

They were my ORIGINAL spammer chicks! LOL Our trio bonding was one of the craziest ones I've had on IF, and I really miss both these girls alot! They aren't active on IF, but we've had very memorable times here on the avi/sig forum! :) 

. . F A R Z U / P H A T T Y . .

My KaJen girlies <3 These two lovely ladies are not active anymore on IF...but we've had some great times interacting here! Farzu is one of my Canadian sweethearts here, and whenever we interacted...we always had a lovely time! Phatty and I've had fun and entertaining convos as well. Even though we've all had different interests in pairs, we've always gelled well together :) 

 . . N I S H . . 

I love this girl, and miss her and her loving comments SO much <3 We connect so well, and she is a gem of a person to talk to whenever she is around :) Unfortunately she is not around much anymore, but I still try my best to stay in touch with her whenever possible. We have many common favourites in pairs and actors, and its a pleasure to interact with her! 

. .  A M I /  S U R B H I . . 

These two amazing ladies have been 2 of my first and oldest friends on IF and on Sig and Avi forum! Embarrassed Although they are inactive here now, I cannot forget the amount of support they had given me during my early days of sigmaking! We also had very similar interests in pairs, which made it more enjoyable to discuss our likes and connect with each other :) 


. . W h a t  I  C a n  M a k e / / 

non-animated signatures

non-animated icons

video avis/gifs


  •  Please feel free to use my creations, but do NOT claim my work as your own!

  •  Please DO NOT cut, paste or copy my work. I will definitely hunt you down if you do. If you are inspired by my work, please do credit me =)

  • Please DO NOT post my work on social networking sites without my credit or permission

  •  My copyright sign is d a n g e l z'15 and DD for vid avis

  •  Requests will only be taken when my shop title says 'OPEN'
  • Please do not PM me for requests (unless it is a birthday or thread request), all requests will be taken from here only when I OPEN my shop
  • I do not have a PM list for my updates, because its extra work for me and I'm too lazy to PM people. LOL If you want to visit, then please visit on your own time =)
. . R u l e s  F o r  R e q u e s t i n g //
  •  I prefer to take requests that involve Indian TV Soaps
  •  [Fictional Telly Shows are most preferred. I have certain excpetions about mythos/historicals/reality shows, so please ask before] - -
  •  I can also take Bollywood requests as well.

  •  I do not take Hollywood requests.
  •  If you request, please do use it for more than one day! I work hard on making them, so it disappoints me when people don't use their requests.  
  •  I will only take requests from regulars, or from friends. I find it highly unfair for my other regular commenters if random people I've never met or barely know, come to request.
Resource Credits For Brushes and Textures
 - Deviantart Users from Deviantart.com
 - Swimchick.net


 ** All the tags that I have used in this post have been made by my darling of a friend Krishna! Big smile So all due credit goes to her for these beautiful tags she has made for me <3 THANK YOU! ** 


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Posted: 6 years ago

KaSh/IshRa/ArHi -  pg.9
Mix&Match Telly Couples -  pg.13
Reporters/Manmarziyan/Quote Sigs -  pg.16
Manmarziyan/Reporters/IshRa -  pg.19
Manmarziyan/IshRa/DivAn -  pg.22
Marmarziyan/IshRa/Reporters -  pg.24
DivAn/Manmarziyan/IshVeer -  pg.28
ArHi/Manmarziyan/ShaktiRadz/SaRaj -  pg.32
Manmarziyan/Reporters/IshRa -  pg.34
Manmarziyan/DivAn/IshRa -  pg.36
Manmarziyan/Reporters -  pg.37
Manmarziyan/Reporters -  pg.40
DivAn/Manmarziyan/Reporters -  pg.45
Manmarziyan/KaYa/Requests Batch 1 -  pg.48
Manmarziyan/KaYa/Sanaya/Vivian/Requests Batch 2 -  pg.51
Divz/Manmarziyan/KaYa/ETR2 -  pg. 54
IshRa/Manmarziyan -  pg. 57
Manmarziyan/KaYa -  pg. 59
Manmarizyan -  pg.61
Manmarziyan/KaYa -  pg.64
Manmarziyan/KaYa/DivAn -  pg.66
BarunSobti/ArHi/SwaSan/RaGa -  pg.68
Divyanka/Shilpa/RaGa/Naagin -  pg.71
SiyaKeRam/RaGa/SaRun/SwaSan/Bolly -  pg.74
Karna-Vrushali(SPK)/ArHi/SaRun/Naagin -  pg.76
ArHi/Naagin/SiyaKeRam -  pg.80
SiyaKeRam/ArHi/Naagin/SwaSan -  pg.83
SiyaKeRam/Naagin/SwaSan -  pg.86
SiyaKeRam/SwaSan/Naagin/Arjun-Mouni -  pg.89
SiyaKeRam/SwaSan/Aryan-Aaradhya/Naagin -  pg.91

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Posted: 6 years ago

. . S A M P L E S / /

Video Avis/Gifs 

ArHi Diwali Avis 



KaSh Diwali Avis 




Shaheer-Pooja's ITA Performance





Solo Avis (DT, GR, JenAm, Sanz, Aham) 




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Posted: 6 years ago

. . S A M P L E S //

Icons/Icon Sets






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Posted: 6 years ago

. . S A M P L E S //


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Posted: 6 years ago
OH YEAH - I am so happy right now. Your shop is officially 15 years old. I bet you feel like a proud Momma Big smile 

ITNI KHUSHI MUJHE AAJ TAK KHABHI NAHI HUYI! ROFL Okay so maine soocha ke puraani yaadein taaza karte hai. Did you know that I am only 3 galleries old? Yeah I KNOW!. Its feels like we have known eachother for so much longer. But I have no regrets. So my first comment was about DMG. I know right. I commented on the DMG portion of the update... (107312076) DMG is so special in our lives Hug And I just love you. SO MUCH. 

WOW! The Banner just brought a smile to my face. I LOVE THE WET, SIZZLING ISHRA! Stunning <3 Beautiful <3 Perfect <3 I love the blending. Its flawless and so seamlessly putten (is that a word?) together!. I love the coloring, especially the bluish type/ tint wala coloring. 


I AM GONNA START CRYING. Tune toh emotional kardiya. You made those awesome tags/sigs for us? Shocked I am seriously so touched and GAHH...I LOVE YOU. I am definitely a CRAZY gal, but you are no less. The talks we have had been INNNSAANEE! But I wouldnt have it any other way. I love unleashing our dirty sides together and this sentence sounds just so wrong ROFL *snif snif* You are the best teacher EVVVAAA. EVen if you like giving our Bs/Cs/Ds! Stern Smile ROFL I agree with Urshie, once someone is friends with you, its hard to go back. You have such an addicting personality that I cant imagine not talking to you. YOU ARE MY TWIN SISTER AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I CANT EVEN EXPRESS IT. YOU ARE MAKING ME CRY KHUSHI KE AASO. 

The sample stuff is simply stunning. Your work is flawless and such amazing. I love the variety of styles and coloring you got here. Heart Hug I love everything, and by now, you should know how much I am IN LOVE with your creations Heart  


Tussi Great ho yaar

Aww you didn't have to give me credit for the tags, but thanks anyways Hug 

Edited by .Username. - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Dangzy! Congratulations on reaching Gallery # 15..That is such a huge achievement and I am happy for you! I wonder if your sisterhood will finish this one even faster then # 14!? We will have to wait and see. I can't wait to see totally new creations of different couples in this gallery, I see this coming because of your eagerness to watch your Loves and new shows on TV :P! I Am so elated that I was here and active to see your 15th gallery because your a special person for me! yupieee I am on page one as well!

Your banner is Beautiful, Your signatures in general have your unique touch and this is no different, the blending and colouring is STUNNING and I love how you Incorporated rain sequence with only Ishra, Great Idea and the outcome is just Amazing. The text is good, I would have suggested a bolder text but to be honest with you I think it works in a unique way because YOU made it in your style. BORDER IS PERFECT and then how you created a textured border, even better Dangzy. Seriously love the theme thing you do. Maybe I'll try that one day. I don't know if I have told you but your blue/purple tints are my favorite and your whole page and banner is with those! Just so Pretty!<3 NUMBER 15 is going to rock BABY!

Your one amazing person DANGZY and I am so glad we have become sisters, your gift for me is just beautiful and I am overwhelmed with your comments about our friendship but everything you have said is so true, we connect so well and it has been just great to talk with you about life and Tv in general these past months have been amazing for me with our never ending Scraps Pm's and gossip about the shows we hate and love! When you have that connection with someone there is no going back. I'm sure Madhura and Krishna will agree here with me! I love you always Dangzy. Wait that gift you gave was just because the three of us helped you completing number 15!? Well I WANT A gift because I am your sister BAS! THE CC ROCKS, thank god I created that place otherwise your gallery wouldn't have been spared. I am telling you, bribing you I want more gifts because you'd be on number 16 already!ROFL When I am gone you'll miss me a lot! Just remember that okay?!LOL I'm already using the gift! It matches your theme.

Now is it me or did you only post avi's  and Icons? where are your Signatures? did you skip them or something? Well I adore your Gifs and ICONS I AM IN LOVE WITH! they are my secret BOYFRIEND! LOL okay, you know even though we joke about it and you know how much I craze over them, NO ONE CAN make them like you do, BAS! I will not quote anything this time because the page is really heavy for my net but just know that your textured experiments on Icon's worked but I can't get over your Tints and contrasts of the plain ones! the best of the examples are the Shilpa Anand ones, I remember you posting these and I loved them. EmbarrassedSIMPLICITY of them ROCK<3 to your reply, It is a good thing, a very good thing that your Icons look like they came out of a magazine , truly Professional YAAR!

Okay, I think all this love and affection is going to get to your head and plus I will just ramble now, but You know I ADORE YOU & YOUR GALLERY MISS DANGELZ!Hug

P.S HAPPY DANCE DancingParty  I edited FIRST baby Wink

Congratulations once again my love.


Edited by -Ursh- - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Mozzie isn't online so this is for her :) <3

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