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Posted: 7 years ago
The Iyer & the trampBlushing

She contemplated leaving some of her things in the closet as a dare, she packed 50% first then another 10% each time looking at his face for a reaction


She managed to leave a few pairs of jeans hanging with some blouses, trinkets she didnt wear anymore only packed and brought back home each timeWinkEmbarrassed..
Like lucky talismans...

she was all packed by Noon on Friday, she showered and fixed dal chawal and aloo matar... and as an after thought poorisEmbarrassed

She found agarbathis at Velan she lit some.. and walked from room to room leaving one in each, he worked in the office... taking calls and sending emails not even looking up

"I just made brunch" she said opening the door catching him between calls... she wore a saree... and bindi and sindoor and that towel ball wringing her damp hair
He was unshaven and still in his night clothes, the scent of agarbathis wafted through..
"Is it a festival today?" removing the right ear bud as she repeated what she said

"The wife's leaving" she said softly

"II" he stretched... getting up walking towards her she shut the glass door and stood outside with a hand on the door knob
He toggled it... and knocked... she just stared... letting go after a minute,  he opened the door and leaned on it, pulling the left ear bud off as she spoke

"Poi kuli da" she ordered softly (go take a shower)
He approached

She smiled softly and didnt move

"U are icky and smelly... and hairy" she said

He leaned and hugged her... tight, like they melted him and poured over her,
they returned from shopping and artists village at MonteMarte after midnight, she had slept on the couch as he fixed her hot chocolate
He picked her up at 3 AM and took her to bed, when he went to bed... he was too tired for sex...

He took her hand and ran it over his body, his crushed tee and cotton shorts...
the sun shone through the office window... the house smelled like DII (it was the same agarbathi)
the aroma of curry leaves she threw in the dal.. she heard the birds in the neighbor's patio
Vidyasagar hits played on the kitchen table on his ipad (she was going to use all his things until she left)

"I downloaded all my songs to your ipad... I put bindis all over your mirror" she said rubbing herself on him slowly

"My things everywhere in the house... I will set the ipad to play Sooryan FM at 8 every morning" she warned beginning to cry

He crushed her tight... rubbing his jaw on her bare shoulder, she had tucked her lovely flowing pallu upfront on her waist
 like her Mom did while she worked in the kitchen, the edge hanging like a sash

"Kuli da" she begged softly going on her toes and kissing his cheek..

"Bed II" he whispered softly in her ear

"I showered and prayed and sang and cooked I am all piuous now" she giggled
His hand slid under her blouse as he undid her hook, she let him...
feeling her curves loosen and slide on his chest, a moan escaped her as the tips grazed his chest

"The Iyer & the tramp?" he muttered, as he smeared the holy ash from her forehead as he kissed her

His fingers going under her blouse in the front

they rocked outside the office door... unwilling to go to bed, or him to go take a shower or
go to the kitchen to eat, the wind chime in his back balcony played the most soulful tune, she bought a HUGEEE one last night, and insisted he hang it this morning

She left a lil Ganesha idol on his bedroom chest of drawer.. without telling him,
found it in the bottom of her suitcase in the zippered pouch when she began packing this morning.

He kissed her, a wave of suffocating sensual delight sent blood pounding through her veins, his kisses were unmistakable
What he didnt say he expressed through his actions

he tasted like espresso, she tasted like aloo matar.. she giggled... "Lets eat?"

"Lets make love first" he said

"I have to go at 2, its 12:07." she began to cry
He kissed her wherever he could... she leaned on the glass panelled door.. and let him plunder her body...
he kissed her pendant one last time over her mound grabbing soaking and sucking
her skin moist, his teeth ticklish...he gathered her later... holding her close as she moaned in hunger... unfulfilled

Life was a bitch... two weeks into their wedding they were going separate ways

"what did u make?" he asked

"Aloo matar, dal and pooris, and RAITA too... greek yogurt" she giggled.. tonguing his neck

"WOWW" he said hugging her tighterEmbarrassed

"We will have an hour before the airport II" he coaxed

"You are a mean heartless creature" she cursed
He nodded on her neck... "Vidu da" she ordered

"Nope!" he said firmly

Her cooker buzzed completing the audio ensemble of recreating a Indian home within a 150 year Heismann building... she sighed... dragging him with her to the kitchen

He stared out at the pigeons, as she turned the stove off
And pulled the drawers open to lay the table for brunch..., pausing to hook her lingerie back up and pull her blouse down over her exposed curves

Kandaen Kandaen song - Pirivom Santhippom played... Harini & Karthik reminded her of finding love
Posted: 7 years ago
That was a beautiful updateClap Loved the way II is leaving her mark on this house. RnB will not be able to survive on his own for long. 
Looking forward to the airport parting and II's arrival back to India.

For the first time ever, i have cooked the same what II is cooking LOL, the only difference is I have made kale chaney then dal. Typically I make what you write LOL.

Posted: 7 years ago
Sooo cute...last few moments before leaving...she marking it as their house by leaving her stuff all over...the guy is going to love that she accepted it as her house...
But y is the honeymoon ending sooo soonCry i thought we will get more of paris...are we going to get it as flashbacks ??
Posted: 7 years ago
Hey, I guess Kanden kanden is by Shweta Mohan EmbarrassedSmile
Lovely song !!!! Superb !!!!! 
Posted: 7 years ago
Nish y do i feel that the updates have become smaller ??Wink
Posted: 7 years ago
Just imagine... once he gets back to India, one fine day she finds him listening to songs picked from her tamil playlist... EmbarrassedBig smile Edited by Vidyaa - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
Nisha, Kitchen mei fir kya hua? LOL ROFL
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by swathi1990

Sooo cute...last few moments before leaving...she marking it as their house by leaving her stuff all over...the guy is going to love that she accepted it as her house...
But y is the honeymoon ending sooo soonCry i thought we will get more of paris...are we going to get it as flashbacks ??

Personally I feel this much was quite good...Embarrassed 
 I'm excited to read about is Ishita's interaction with Ranjan and alsoMinion... that guy is too cuteLOLLOL

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