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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Hsp.canada

Originally posted by swathi1990

Originally posted by Hsp.canada

I feel wives/gfs/ women in general like to provoke men to get a reaction as men are just plain denseConfused

I love how Sam comes to II's defense and Vandu for RnB.  Both Sam & Vandu understand their sibling's weakness and strength so they advise based on that.Star I hope RnB and II open a wee bit to each other. 

Just want to know when is breakfast and shopping??Embarrassed

I thought we are getting louvre

That was a polite way of asking for another updateLOLLOL,
 Louvre will not give us  action-reaction, shopping will Wink

They both can freely fight only in home Wink So they are coming back after breakfast...Louvre only tomorrow..
Posted: 7 years ago
Yeh RnB and II will they both live without each other...does it not affect RnB...will he not miss her??...and II...she is highly insecure...want to read both their emotion of living without each other... And appa he will be super happy...Kahi sree ke sath 2nd marriage na fix kar de thinking this is was meant to spunding like typical kekta...but what to do am not liking RnB' s behavior...koi tadap nahi hai bande mein II ke liye can he let her go...he shud just force her to be with him...II will gladly accept...
Posted: 7 years ago
she heard na when he was saying 'she is mine'?atleast kuch tho acha feel kar II...your rakshasan has used his precious words and energy yaar...appreciate it!! insensitive hai naa as he wants you to send you back watch how selfish and possessive he is gonna too waiting...
Posted: 7 years ago
Update in an hr
I knocked myself out after a shower
Posted: 7 years ago
Love & LouvreDay DreamingHugHeart

Breakfast/Brunch was at Cafe Pinson, in the 10th Arrondissement, a stylish organic brunch/juice bar, vegetarian and vegan choices
She took a picture on her phone, he took a picture of her taking a picture. Her half smile disappeared when she saw him do that
"II" he began

She went in dragging his hand with her
Yogurts and salty and savory breads and croissants and hand made fruit spreads
He paid for a la carte, buffet, style he handed her a plate and served himself some breads and filled a glass with smoothie

She watched what he took and carefully avoided those, taking asliver of breads, 6 kinds... and bite size croissants and filled 4 tiny bowls with fruit spread
He brought her the mango cream smoothie he was having
She ate quietly... "Which section do u want to see first?" he asked pushing a Louvre brochure towards her

"Asia or Mediterranean" she said

"U can do one today and do one tomorrow, we can do Notre Dame Cathedral in the evening? The tour starts at 6?"
They have tours until 9...

She nodded..


"No!!! not about why u cant go" she said finding tears from SOMEPLACE!!!!

He grabbed her hand... "Go with me" he begged

"and do what?" she asked with big moist accusing eyes... he leaned and licked a crumb off her lower lip
She fought a moan.. he tasted like mint bread... she felt her lower lip to find his taste the second after it swept her lip

"I wont be long, be back by Noon or 1" he lied,  first step in trying to convince her

"U are a liar and a fraud" she said firmly... satisfied at her own cruelty

He squeezed her hand at that passion

"I am going back to my house" she said softly

"Malcha Marg" he said

"No... Appa's u can be here for a week or three"

"Sam expects u at Shanti Niketan" he said coldly

"Oh! ya... we all have expectations" she shot back

She ate quietly... ..

He paid, and asked if they would ship an assortment of bread home, he paid for cab fare and ordered loaves of the slices she ate fully

"I am not eating that" she said sternly

He walked out with her wearing his sun glasses, holding the door open,
grabbed her hand in a second... she walked looking at the Louvre brochure... he was at the cross walk, she wandered randomly like a puppy on a leash, he yanked her hand "II" cross

"Tchh" she muttered pausing... 9,8,7,6 the cross walk was at 2 seconds when she quit reading and looked up
He took her brochure,  she grabbed it back... "Pay attention" he hissed

"Kaiya vidu" "I can walk" she yanked her hand (let go of my hand)

He held it tighter... a couple in their 40s smiled, the woman said something to R&B, he said something in French

They crossed the road together, "dont gossip about me" she warned himLOL

"I wont" he said pretending to be afraidEmbarrassed

The woman stood at the other corner waiting for II's arrival and stared at her arms, her henna was in a better shape on her arms, not on her hands though
She asked if she could touch her bangles II nodded

She asked in French "Arabia?"

"India" said II

"He must love you a lot how protectively is he is holding your hand" the lady's partner said in broken English

"If a car hits me then he'll be late for work" II said impudently

R&B's half smile came and went, the man translated in French for his lady, she burst out laughing

"Are u newly married?" she asked in French, her partner translated for II

"March 8th" Ii said "And my husband has had enough of me so he is sending me home" she said in English
R&B smiled FULLY at that spontaneous rant from his lovely wife... she always took him unawares.. ALWAYS
she was feisty and unafraid...

The woman wondered what II said R&B translated it for her and her partner

The woman laughed and said "U are so pretty how can he leave you?"

R&B translated it for her softly, his eyes caressing her face "Liar" she said huskily not believing his translation

The woman wished her well and they waved and left

They walked to the Metro station Ofcourse he had "skip the line" tickets waiting with a expert guide. She didnt talk much, just let him hold her hand... he offered

Denon, Sully and Richelieu Wings it said, II studied the brochure for a few minutes sitting on a visitor bench they had skipped the "Pyramid" and gone straight to the basement with escalators going in three directions

"Denon and Sully wing excites me the most" she said spontaneously forgetting she wasnt talking with him

" Sully has  has Arts of Africa Asia Oceania, and Mona Lisa" she was reading aloud

R&B translated it real time for the guide...
"Do a small section today u can come back the next couple, I was hoping we can go to an artists village tomm" he said

"Onnoda varle na" (I am not going with you)

He squirmed "II not here" he warned

she looked up at him with stormy eyes "Aap jao yaar office I am good now"

He bent down and rubbed his cheek on hers blowing air in her ear as he kissed her to calm her down "Not here I said, II" he warned

she stood wanting to continue feeling the jaw and cheek... "Will u draft a list of times and places where I will be allowed to fight" she muttered as they caressed each other's cheek
The guide tuned his radio receiver chatting with another employee stepping a few feet away

"NOT in public" he warned, holding her waist, as he held her close

she WANTED to fight in public... she wanted to throw a fit... a nice Shravu like tantrum... and have it end with him taking her to bed...
She breathed deeply... the fight leaving her... with a soft moan... he stroked her ear "U can fight all night long" he promised

She wished she could stand there hugging him like that... forever.. feeling him... and hearing him cajole her like she was 9...Blushing
"Or fight all by myself at Malcha Marg?" she goaded him

He let out an audible breath... GOOD GOD!! She tested his patience like no other... even Nandu didnt drive him so crazy... Nandu was docile and obedientROFL

She was made of different material altogether... a material that caught fire instantaneously... when it came in contact with him.. combustible and potent

"Want to go home and continue?" he warned
She shook her head...Embarrassed

To any onlooker they were a couple deeply in love... couldnt keep their hands to themselves... could bear to be separated even at a public place like the museum
clinging together like they were stapled...

"OK Truce for two hours?" he said

"In other words u have to go and I can wander with the guide" she said... "cleverly"

"I am not going" he hissedEmbarrassed

"Hmmm" she nodded finally

He held her hand, and he tapped the guide's shoulder... and they began walking toward Sully...Ancient Iran, Arabia and Near East

she enjoyed every second he could tell, she paid attention to everything he was saying, sometimes even losing R&B in the process... R&B wandered back and forth between checking email and listening to music

He bought water, and brought it back to where she was...

He switched out his phone's memory card with hers, his was 8 TB or something hers was 16 GB FULL with pictures of Shravu and Subways (Parisian)

"Tolaikkaade" (Dont lose it!!) she warned handing it to him gently, placing it on the center of his palm with a hennaed hand
He closed his fingers over the memory card and her fingers and said "I wont... I promise" he said staring down at her bent head with a half smile

Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by harshita27

Nisha fir kya hua?
Kuch naya dialouge bolo na phare gaLOL maybe then we might get a quick updateWink btw I love it everytime u write it, puts a big smile on my face, person sitting next to me (my husband is wondering what is it i am reading and smiling)LOL 
Posted: 7 years ago
oh so relieved to hear that he is now learning to live tholaikathe!!long way to go RnB... And btw how could you compare her with nandu?it is way easy to handle nandu...your girl...i have no idea how to handle her...cutie update...
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Hsp.canada

Originally posted by harshita27

Nisha fir kya hua?
Kuch naya dialouge bolo na phare gaLOL maybe then we might get a quick updateWink btw I love it everytime u write it, puts a big smile on my face, person sitting next to me (my husband is wondering what is it i am reading and smiling)LOL 
Kal poocha II kyu royi toh nisha shayad shock mei aakar update dena bhool gayi yaarShocked... So I thought I'll stick to safe n standard questionsLOL

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