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Posted: 6 years ago

Shopping is a woman thing. It's a contact sport like football. Women enjoy the scrimmage, the noisy crowds, the danger of being trampled to death, and the ecstasy of the purchase. ~Erma Bombeck

To R&B , I would say that you better hold her hands all the time... Cos if u let go of her hand, she will either shop or work. No bargaining there!!

The last update was    ... Sigh
Cuteness overload. Nostalgia of their jaipur shopping too.I love it... She is going to flip big time...

As for me and my shopping now what can I say except quote

"I still believe in the Holy Trinity, except now it's Target, Trader Joe's, and IKEA."

Touche!... Day Dreaming

Oh another thing so cute was that bit about sand clock.
We still hv two hour glasses at home that we use to keep tab on time when we play scrabble. Embarrassed Edited by Errantnomad - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by dsgirl

Bhai II kitna bol sakti hai..matlab chup hi nahi hoti...

BTW the chai scene reminded me of zindagi gulzar hai..the day after they get married and zaroon drinks chai from kashaf's cup...

An adorable update :)

Ive watched the show but a mish mash of episodes sometimes forwarding through sections that seemed like "might not be interesting"Cry

I had no idea...'s a very small scene...I've probably watched that show like a zillion time...specially the college part...
Posted: 6 years ago
oh I am feeling tired!!want to have some water!!my cute,adorable II...main ab kya bolun!!and that silent guy...watching her every antics.clutching her hands so protectively...what more can a girl seek for!!my cuties,but i should say...i am preparing myself to witness the maha update of his trip disclosure..awesome paris shopping.just the way i wanted...thank u...Edited by ishruhi - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by poorna3666

Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

@poorna will check the song - i heard the movie is very good  and @romcomFan( i love your id cause i am one too Embarrassed) vairamuthu is awesome i am guilty of using tanglish myself but the fact is there is a lot of western influence.  there are so many things you can take from the west but i think we pick and choose the ones we dont really need to

 It's a hilarious try and watch...its a rom com with a difference!! And check out the song I ve had it on repeat ever since I heard it . I am a Konkani GSB and in our weddings there is a ritual right after the kanyadaan,the bride and groom are made to stand together and the priests take a bundle of thread and circulate  it around the couple as if they are tying them together. This is done twice and then one set is lifted above their heads and another is removed from below. 

These threads  are then tied to a piece of turmeric and tied to the couple's wrist by each other.My  mom once explained that the bride and groom are being tied in threads of moh (affection) and it's only when they are tied in  moh  it's possible to have a successful marriage that's the significance of the ritual .this song always reminds me of that ritual and how almost complete strangers come together and form a inseparable bond ...bound by moh ke dhaage!!!

lovely !! Embarrassed you think the movie is appropriate for kids 9 and 12? i was able to show my kids hasse toh phasee just to give u a context ..
Posted: 6 years ago
You crazy beautiful awesome woman!!
You've gone through TWO whole threads in less than two weeks!! 
I almost couldn't track this one down Cry

Come Monday/Tuesday... I'll hopefully be back(FINALLY)
And by then, I'm sure you'd have moved onto another thread... leaving me stumbling around in the dust left in your wake. Shocked
And. Even if I manage to track you down... 
there'll be so much to catch up on! 

Wait... there WILL be LOADS to catch up on.
Woah! Big smile
#BingeReadingSession on #FreedomDay.
#PureBlissCominUp LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Sand clock, Italian shoes, Lebanese silk scarves and Chinese foodDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

sooo cute now i will have to google the stores or get a lottery have my husband win it and then take him to Paris again and make him buy me these LOL
perfect husband/wife shopping she has sooo domesticated him who would have thoughtEmbarrassed
nothing is more romantic for me than a husband carrying his wives shopping bags and the wife shopping
Day Dreaming
this woman sure shops and u know i always imagined her shopping or being in her total wedding essentials in her honeymoon so thank you .. i find it very endearing! and man this guy observes her so much.
GOK how she is going to react about him leaving and how is her luggage going to fit .. i think he should drop her home and then take the next flight back.
totally loved this u transported me to Champ ulysses the pronunciation is shanze leeze for non french folks :-) i learnt it from the French there LOL

and please please please could we have them go to MontMarte to the artist village and get a portrait their memory , i totally loved the energy there.

Edited by TanjoreGirl - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
"I am not" (for kissing) he said firmly looking into her eyes... he held her hand on his chest

cuteness overload Day Dreaming such qtpi's LOL

oh and the ma reference was very sweet too .. like you can tell i am rereading Big smile
Edited by TanjoreGirl - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
That's a really cute one!

Every woman's dream to shop on Paris and II get to do that with RnB... Paris trip is indeed complete.

Loves the attention he pays her.

He doesn't look like he can stay away from her either.

It is tough indeed man and wife souch into each other and rap life comes knocking

II doesn't need to worry about luggage does she?? Not when you are traveling first anyways!

How can she go back alone... Would be uber cute to have one th cancel and proceed with the other.

They are both impulsive in their own ways .. Will that happen Nisha..

So sleepy here now I'm going to hit the bed now.

Loved the sweetness. Only sweet bit in my day today..

Thank you so much for writing this! Smile

Will wait for more tomorrow Thumbs Up

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