SS12 Movers & Shakers on 147 - Page 132

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Posted: 6 years ago
Ho! 300! Super. Kalakkiteenga ponga (closely could mean stirred up a favourite riot)!

Many more to you Nisha!

Keep the creativity going!
Posted: 6 years ago
I am sure SoSy will outlast the soap! My concern is, where do your readers get updates from...once the serial is OVER & DONE WITH? Ouch
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Posted: 6 years ago
Amma declined Sam's invitation on Saturday night citing "Periappa's health" II couldnt visit D II until Sunday as Akka & Co, and Sam's BFF and Tan's cousin all visited for dinner
When they wrapped up it was 3 AM... Vandita & Bala slept at Shanti Niketan... she got some good 1:1 time with Akka..
R&B called her when she was in the sun room with Ranjan & Tan...

"Did u get your "nap"?" he chuckled

"I am hanging up if u want to mock" she said leering

"Have u unpacked?" he asked

"Yes, and was told I ve forgotten all of Shravu's thing and you were bringing it" accusing

He chuckled

"I try" he said softly

"Be my guest" she said leaning on the swing... the baby cooed in her arms slowly dozing off
... she read her favorite magazines on Sam's ipad as she spoke

"Do u have her with you? he asked longingly

"Ya... and she is FATTER now" she giggled

"Any teeth?' he asked wistfully

"ONE HOW DID U KNOW?" she asked

"All my kids got teeth in their 5th month" he said

"bas***d" she hissed passionately

"Are u going to work Monday?" he asked goading

"Nahi... abhi shaadi ho gayi, honeymoon ko reminisce karte hue saari zindagi ghar par" she giggled

"U neednt reminisce if u were here" he said

"Or YOU HERE" she shot back


"Tan is here do u want to talk?" she asked

"Nope... just you" he said
She smiled blushing... as he hadnt said anything so explicit ever...

"U are just saying that because I am not near you" she said

He smiled

"I KNEW IT" she caught that smile...

"Call me tonite II" he demanded...

"what time is it?" she asked
"India is 3.30 hrs ahead" he said

She looked at the fancy patio clock...  it showed 5:22 PM...

"what do u eat in Switzerland?" she asked

"Sandwiches usually" he muttered carelessly

"Is that ur favorite?" she asked,
sending him a text link ""
"U should find one you love" she texted

He sent back a half smile

"Are u asleep?" she asked softly, putting the phone back in her ear...

"Trying to catch some zzzs. I have a meeting at 7, and then at 9" he said

"Swiss sotey nahi kya?"

He chuckled

"TTYL II" he said

A text popped
A YT link "300 ways to have great sex"
"Here is something I love for sure" he said in the accompanying text

Hanging up, she leaned back shutting her eyes...
savoring the early evening Delhi weather... muggy and warm... the scent of roses every where...
Lasya dozed in her arms...

She got to D II at  2 ish PM Sunday... Sam woke her at Noon... she got ready in a tizzy... heading out the door as fast as she could

She had unpacked and handed out most of the gifts... only her clothes suitcase was with her

"I need a ride home Sam" she requested

"STAY HERE" Sam insisted

"Is Dad here?"

"Umm no... he left after breakfast"

"Nahi woh akele hongey... I dont talk much but I bet it will be good to see him" II said

Sam smiled... "He asked me... I told him u may not want to go there till the lil brat gets home"

II squirmed, self consciously... "Umm he said no DII, I am guessing hes going to be OK with Malcha Marg"

"OK... woh kal subah aa jaayega" Sam gushed hugging her

"I DONT think so" Ii said sadly

"I wont say this is your life Ishita, but I know this is his" Sam said softly

II nodded.. reluctantly

"He would wander continents 10 months a year sometimes" Sam said

"He cant change" II muttered

"He will trust me... he cares for you, subah se dekha kitni baar phone kiya" Sam asked eagerly

II nodded..

"He hates selling cars" Sam said thoughtfully sitting on II's bed
"Oh" said II as if she didnt have a clue

"Umm... u know... before... pehle se (before the scandal) he has been overseas... he lives by himself.. go backpacking hiking... started his own company" Sam said

"He never worked for anybody?" II asked

"Nahi... kisi ke liye bhi nahi" "I am not saying that proudly at all Ishita, there is  value in apprenticeship, if u know what I mean" Sam said

II looked at her admiringly, for a woman that had chosen family and motherhood, her thoughts were very insightful..
 II could tell a sharp brain lurked behind the exterior

"We all learn from watching other people, but he is self taught" Sam said squirming  "Ma appreciated the independence, she didnt celebrate it, but she admired it"
"Dad wanted him to take over Excelsior... even in his teen years he would not involve himself in any conversation" Sam sounded dejected

II sat down by her...

"Chachu was closer then... they would come by every week, Chachi rarely aati thi tab bhi,
but Chachu would come with his boys... surrounded by his sons like a polotician" Sam chuckled... her eyes were glistening

"R&B never gave Dad that pleasure" she finsihed

II stared at the soft cotton bed spread... in yellow and orange... floral and expensive... 1200 thread count... maybe

"Ma was happy he was driven, independent... though very quiet... umm u know the girlfriends and such... wouldnt bother us much" Sam admitted guiltily

II tried not to hurt... her heart sank though... at the thought of the lanky 18 something curled up on
couch watching a movie after sex... or laying in bed reading while his 18 year old female freind slept by him

"We cant call it rebellion u know... we didnt have rules..." Sam said... "I fell in love with Tan on first sight" she switched topics

"His company, his work... is a high for him... he works 20 hours a day mostly... neend to usko chahiye nahi like Dad said yesterday" Sam said smiling

"Hmm" II nodded weakly smiling

"Hes too quiet but very aggressive and passionate" Sam said

II felt butterflies all over her insides... she knew what Sam meant... she knew..

"I think Dad will like it if u went there" she said getting up

Walked to the window wiping her tears

she was way mature than Vandita... II was just beginning to see it.

Akka had in-lwas problems, a hearing impaired athai, and Ambala Anna... just the routine

Sam had a scandal drowned father, mother dead under suspicious circumstances and a greedy sibling in Chachu...
and a nomadic brother... the only male child of the Punjabi family
ran as fast as he could from his Dad and his wealth

"Did I just destroy whatever little happiness you had after your abruptly cut short honeymoon?" Sam asked with self deprecating humor

"No... u didnt... u didnt" Ii said preoccupied

"Go visit your parents and come home if u want, you DONT HAVE TO be with Dad... hes used to being by himself" she couldnt control her tears

II walked up and hugged her...

"when u know kids will leave home its a happy loneliness, u know... Dad's was sudden and punishing" she muttered

II nodded...

She left D II at 7 PM, Sam's car waited outside the whole time... Appa was not happy about her going to Malcha Marg one bit

"He argued endlessly with Amma about why she cant stay at D II

Amma fought with him "When Bala takes his parents to Ambala do u asked Vandu to come here?"

Appa mumbled and stumbled for an answer

"U dont want to follow rules because they are Punjabis" Amma spat out

Appa was angry, he left for his room before II left

She sang for an hour in the prayer room... Ranjan was upstairs, on being told by Minion he came down and sat cross legged listening to her
hands joined... she sang three kritis... her Shruti box broke so she had to stop... Ranjan tried to help but couldnt

"Its OLDD Dad... it was someone else's its lucky... so i still use it I have to get a new one"
Amma made idlis and packed some for her to take for Ranjan... she had asked him not to eat...

He ofcourse loved the idlis chutney and sambar from samdhis... he sat with his daughter in law in the back sun room and ate.. watching the colored water fountain

"Umm can I ask something Ii asked"

"Only if u want something... if u want to say something then NO, betaji" he ordered findly

"I want to sleep in the ground floor bedrooms... across the hallway from you?" II began

"BUS?" YAHI BAAT THI?" Yeh ghar AAPKA hai, jidhar marzi so jao" he ordered laughing

II served him another idli... Ranjan waved at a help
Ii stood up

"No no beta, u shouldnt touch... I want a refill on my drink" he said

Mahavir refilled his Scotch...

Ranjan: mom & I would eat here most nights... the two fountains were there not the third... she said "TEEN BACHE HAIN TEEN FOUNTAIN HONEY CHAHIYE" he laughed

"shes right" II said smiling indulgently

"She did everything in the house... I lived like a guest... (pause) NOW I really do" he said with a faraway look.
That night...
It was a combination of things... missing D II, overload of emotional heart to heart with Sam and then Ranjan... MISSING RAKSHASAN
ALL took its toll... she lay in bed crying... unaware... Ranjan walked by pausing at the door...

He brought his phone out and with nervous shaking fingers went to his Son's name on the contact list... and fingered the envelope for "text messages"

You must come home soon, she is crying" he walked the front patio for a good 45 minutes before going back to his message and hit "Send"

His heart beat rapidly... as he worried what his son would do... feared...
His face red and and nervous...

"Can I talk to her? " his son had texted

Ranjan sat on the swing... shaking... a smile broke out that strangely brought tears, he let his phone be on his lap and cried
Looked at the glowing screen a dozen times... touching his son's words... like holding his son's hand on the beach... tight... various beaches from Australia to Aruba

He immediately realized his son had ASKED A QUESTION

He stumbled into the house the motion sensor lights kicking in as he walked... she was asleep...

"She is sleeping" betaji he typed... and then removed the betaji... and then typed son... and then removed it... dear? no... Raman? no...
he stopped at sleeping and sent it

"Her shruti box broke" he told his son next... unsolicited

"Thanks" his son responded

Ranjan would stay up most of the night re-reading the text from his son

When II would return from work on Monday a courier package containing
Shruti box would await her in the lounge under the Monet on top of the chest of drawer


SO VERY MUCH!!!Embarrassed ASTOUNDING!!Shocked

Posted: 6 years ago
'a smile broke out that
strangely brought tears, he let
his phone be on his lap and
cried'--I have no words...
Posted: 6 years ago
Rula ditta tu ne Nisha!!
How can a man like Ranjan be bad?? Did he really ditch his wife?? Plz do something abt Ranjan!
This family is sooo broken... Even money n all the wordly comfort doesnt stop the tears this family sheds on a regular basus - sam, ranjan, II, even the unshed ones from R&B n Manny are soo obvious! I want to give all these a verryyy verryyy tight hug!!
I like the progression in R&B... Its subtle... Nothing over the top.. But definitely a progress... He cares for II enough to call several times. Immediatly wants to talk to her to sooth her when she is crying...asks about Lasya sooo longingly... Something tells me he'll quit it all the dayhe has his own kid... He wont have a heart to even leave the kid for a single day... It would be too mushy... But he will deffo think once about quitting am sure! He is missing lasya... He will be devastated when his own is separated even for a day...II ko toh DII bhi nahi jaane dega  for an overnight stay if he has his own kids 

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Seriousreader

I am sure SoSy will outlast the soap! My concern is, where do your readers get updates from...once the serial is OVER & DONE WITH? Ouch
Is the show getting over???
Posted: 6 years ago
Thank you, Thank you for giving us  triple centuries  ClapClapClap. It's been has been an experience in itself. I have enjoyed each and every chapter in this saga, from the titles to clifhangerLOL, emotions, romance,siblings, parents, wedding,humor,food and yes clothes also. 
Thanks for the amazing ride. Looking forward to many more.Embarrassed

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by harshita27

Originally posted by Seriousreader

I am sure SoSy will outlast the soap! My concern is, where do your readers get updates from...once the serial is OVER & DONE WITH? Ouch
Is the show getting over???

I am sorry but you are asking the wrong person Hershey
I havent stepped out of this topic in over 3.5 monthsClap
I can declare proudly

Beats being on the Forum and bitching I thought

I dont even talk about it anymore on this topic Clap A HUGE personal achievement for me, guess I am over the resentment and anger with it being destroyed like thatBig smile

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