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Hey there dearest friends!

I'm back with season 2 of my SS! Thank you to all of you for the love support and fabulous comments!

I have received numerous requests to continue after Season 1. Therefore I have been compelled to write season 2!

I hope you will continue to shower me with your comments and likes as well any criticism that you may have.












<div>PART 11 PAGE 24

<font size="4">Agent RKB & agent JKR season 2
Part 1

96 hours earlier...

"Are you sure?"

"Yes he will probably try to infiltrate the wedding party and plans on something big."

"Do we know what he looks like or any ID?"

"No nothing. We just know that his target are the delegates from Pakistan, the grooms relatives. They are involved in peace talks with Indian authorities and a terrorist group don't seem to approve. That's why there've issued the threat. To stop the peace talks as well as to make India look bad by implicating them. The PM asked for you specifically"

"Hmm. Ok. Do the delegates know I'm coming?"

"No. You make discreet contact with them when you're there. As we're not sure which of the party we can trust"


"You leave in 2 hours for your flight. Here are the papers and info you need and...the wedding invitation. You're from the brides side so you'll need to help out!" His colleague smirked.

"Yea yea enjoy yourself at my expense!"

"It's not all bad. She'll be there. And the team are already there too. They'll contact you once you land"

"Hmm. Ok. Thanks for these. I'll keep you updated


Delhi airport, International departure lounge...

Ishita crashed into a hard wall of muscle as she rushed along the airport lounge, searching for something in her purse.

"I'm so sorry! Are you ok?"

Ishita composed herself and looked up to gaze into 2 deep blue eyes on the handsome face of a tall man. He looked apologetically at her to make sure she was ok.

Gathering her wits about her, Ishita waved the strangers apology away and instead apologised herself to him explaining that she had been at fault.

She had been returning from the airport shops after buying some snacks for Ruhi and Adi who were crying irritably at being woken up for their early morning flight.

"Please don't be sorry. I can imagine how testing it can be travelling with young children!"

She looked at him surprised. Suddenly alert.

"I see the children's wheelie and toy-bag"

"Oh yes" They both laughed at the laugage bags Ishita was carrying. Ishita relaxed and suppressed her Agent 6th sense. Remembering her manners she extended her hand and introduced her self.

"Hi I'm Dr Bhalla"
"Pleasure to meet you Dr. I'm Major Khalid, Indian Army."

"Wow! Major? Nice. Aap travel kar rahay ho?"

"Yes, rare holiday and visiting family in Australia."

"Oh really. Me too, family wedding. A nightmare with kids! Wo dekho they're crying their eyes out"
She laughed and lovingly pointed towards Aaya and Mahika who were trying to pacify the kids. He smiled too.

"I better go see to them. It was a pleasure meeting you Major. We'll probably meet in the plane"

"Yes same here. See you in the

72 hours earlier...

The house was decorated from top to bottom with strings of fresh flowers and the jovial atmosphere was enhanced by the brightly dressed kids, running around with hands full of saffron coloured ladoos. The delicious aromas in the air alerted the guests, plus the white neighbours of the wedding feast being prepared! An asian wedding taking place in full swing!

Simmie was busy adorning her baby sister Rinky for her mendhi ceremony with the jewellery and clothes she had lovingly had designed and bought over from Delhi.

"Didi I'll look like a Christmas tree! Bas karo na! I'm wearing enough jewels"

"Chup kar! Itnay pyar say lai hoon, to pehnay paday gay! After all aik hi to behan hai meri! Tujh pay nahi armaan nikhaloon gi to phir kis pay nikhaloon gi? Haan?"

"Ok ok baba! Pehna do! Emotional blackmail main to maahir ho!"

"Akhir behan kis ki hoon?!"

Both sisters laughed remembering Rinky numerous antics when she wanted to get her own way about something!

"Hurry up you two! The guests have started arriving! And I may have caught a glimpse of a certain sexy guy in a lilac kurta pajama roaming the hall looking for his sweetheart. Shall I direct him to this room?"


Rinky and Simmie exclaimed at once, then burst out into another fit of giggles as Ishita stood at the door with a smile plastered in her face!

Ishita looked extremely sophisticated in a simple pink silk lengha which hugged her hips beautifully and flared out at the bottom. The choli came to her waist, accentuating her curves with the york neckline and was zipped up at the back. The full chiffon sleeves and light silver embroidery all over the bodice and scarf further enhanced her slender figure and usual elegance style. She smiled fondly at the sister duo and urging them to hurry before she closed the door and set off back down stairs.

The Mendhi function was due to begin at 8 in the evening so they still had an hour to go. The wedding was taking place in the mansion of one of Australia's wealthy businessmen, Lord Hashim Khan. He was Simmie and Rinkys late fathers best friend and Rinky was getting married to his only son, Adil. It was here in Australia that Rinky and Adil had met. Being their late fathers friend, Simmie had asked uncle Khan to keep an eye on her younger sister while she was in boarding school. But as the years passed and Rinky frequented the khan mansion, both youngsters had become good friends, later falling in love while studying at university

Rinky was unaware of the true nature of her Simmie's working relationship with Ishita as she had been studying in Australia since she was 10. Since her association with Simmie though Ishita had grown really fond of the bubbly young woman after meeting her during the holidays over the years. Therefore this was a special wedding for her and her colleagues.

Ishita together with the other agents of their team and the twins and Aaya had arrived last night to celebrate and share in Simmie's happiness. Ishita had left Raman behind due to "work" commitments but had begun missing him as soon as they had arrived.


Ishita coloured slightly at the thought of her husband and the revelations which had only recently taken place between them. Extreme circumstances had bought them together forcing their true identities to be revealed to each other. But the revelation hadn't been a bad one.

That night when Raman had returned from giving evidence against Surjwine, Ishita had finally accepted her feeling for Raman. Raman too had confessed his love and desire for her after which their passions collided and they had consummated their marriage as well as confessed their love for each other.

Their initial union had been slow and tentative as Raman had proved to be a considerate and conscientious lover. However subsequent love making sessions had become more passionate and vigorous as they discovered how to pleasure each other. But as ishita became more confident and began initiating sessions, Raman let go of his self control and unleashed his desires, satisfying her as often and wherever he could!

Ishita blushed profusely as she reminisced about their recent intimate liaisons and at how insatiable they both were for each other. A delicious shiver ran down her spine! This was another thing she had discovered, every time she thought about Raman or their intimacy she began blushing like a love struck youngster! She liked it though. It gave her the comfortable and warm feeling that she was in love and her love was recuperated with equal vigour! Mmm what she wouldn't do to have Ramans strong protective arms around her right now and his soft warm mouth roaming over her body doing unspeakable things to her!

But alas he was at home in India at the moment while she was attending the wedding in Australia.

Looking down from the balcony Ishita spotted Aaya with the twins on each side, strolling and enjoying the festivities. She waved to them and quickly skipped down the stairs to join them before her wayward mind embarrassed her further.

To be continued

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Yaaay another season!!
Please update soon!!
and plzzz PM Me
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Originally posted by Divancraze

Yaaay another season!!
Please update soon!!
and plzzz PM Me

Ok will do Smile
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Hey guys 




I am truly overwhelmed with gratitude 


Just a couple of things I'd like to mention before I post Part 2... 


My story is a little mature so kids please stay away! 

And most importantly...

This story is a complete work of my imagination; any resemblance to any person incident and or place is totally coincidental. I do not claim any type of knowledge, expertise or know how of the events I describe in my stories.




Thank you 


Enjoy the story


Part 2


66 hours earlier...


Having covered the box with foil she screwed the top on and secured the wires in place. Taping the box up, she looked at it satisfied.

Her job was done.

For now.




Raman settled in his seat and allowed his mind to wonder back to thoughts of her.

Her smile, her laugh, her aroma. The feel of her silky hair as he ran his fingers through them and her smooth creamy skin under his touch. The way she moaned and squirmed under him, in his arms drove him out of his mind! He shivered remembering their many intimate sessions, especially their extended passionate affair in the shower yesterday before she left for her flight! He smiled think what love had done to him! All he did these days was reminisce about her when she wasn't in his arms responding to his touch. Mahir had begun joking that his "dil" had made him a "nikama" and he agreed! Not that it had affected his work; he was too much of a professional for that to happen. But when he wasn't on duty all he did was think about her or being with her.

He had been stumped by the revelation that his absurd daytime fantasy, of his considerate and responsible wife, Ishita somehow merging into the super sexy, witty and smart Agent JKR had come true! But it was during her injury, while saving his kids that he had realised the true extent of his feeling for her. It wasn't just lust and attraction that he felt for her; he had realised that he was madly in love with her!  Her admittance of her feelings and love towards him had made him feel ecstatic and complete. And so their insatiable love and desire for each other had given their relationship a truly beautiful turning in the last couple of months.

He turned to his phone as it beeped with a message from Bala. Sighing he turned his full attention to the important file on his MAC to begin prepping for the mission he would be handling in a few hours' time.

It was time for action!

The time for romancing would come later.




Ishita kissed the sleeping twins goodnight in their beds and leaving the small light on, turned towards her own room adjacent to the twins. It had been an enjoyable evening laughing and relaxing with Vandita and Simmie enjoying the mendhi celebrations of the bride and groom. The rituals had been combined so as to incorporate both the bride and grooms different religious customs making the evening even more enjoyable. Many of Rinky's friends had practiced for the group dances for tomorrow's sangeet night and coaxed Ishita to take part too. However now her feet ached from the heels she had been wearing as she wasn't really used to these activities. Her tools of the trade were VERY different and her line of business required other forms of agility!

Ishita walked out of the kid's room closing the door softly and began walking towards her own room next door. The sound of a scuffle made her stop and she heard someone whispering loudly along the corridor. She turned to look behind her to see who it was but found no one there. However she could still hear the whispering so deciding to investigate, she walked along the corridor and turned the corner to come face to face with Adil and a girl. The girl was dressed in a red lengha presumably one of the mendhi guests, but appeared drunk so was being held up by Adil, who seemed to be pacifying her for some reason. Adil was holding on to the girl by her upper arms but quickly left her and jumped back as he registered Ishita's presence.

"Oh hi Didi,"

"Is...everything ok?"

"Yes yes of course! This is my friend Dimple. She got a bit drunk and got lost so I was just escorting her to her room. Aap teek ho na? Do you need anything? The kids ok?"

"Yes thanks Adil I'm fine. I just put the kids to bed. Are you sure you don't need any help?"

"No no I'll be fine her fianc, my friend is on his way from his room. I've texted him"

The girl was looking at Adil in a peculiar way. Ishita felt for a second as if she saw a look of hurt and dismay pass over the girls face before her drunken ness took over and she slid onto the floor in a trance. By the way she stared at him Ishita could tell something was definitely brewing between them. Just then one of Adil's friends, Sukhy, who she'd met earlier at the mendhi, came rushing up the stairs towards them.

"I'm so sorry Adil for Dimple disturbing you! She's never like this! She doesn't even drink! I guess our little fight must have got to her. Soo sorry"

Saying this he put his arm around Dimple's waist and lifted her. Uttering sweet nothings in her ear he lovingly escorted her downstairs to her room. Ishita and Adil looked at each other before he nervously apologised.

"Sorry for the disturbance Didi. Aap araam kijeyay. If you need anything please let us know."

"Oh don't worry Adil! I'm fine. Ok I'll see you in the morning then, I'm knocked out!"

They both laughed, reducing some of the tension and Ishita turned and walked back towards her room. For some reason Ishita felt uneasy about the encounter she had just witnessed. However she shook her head and chided herself for always having her Agent head switched on and returned to her room. She needed to get some rest if she was going to be dancing the night away tomorrow too!

Feeling stifled by the heavy embroidered clothes she was wearing Ishita decided to open the French balcony doors as she entered her room. She savored the breeze from the cool night air and leaving the doors open headed into the bathroom for a wash and to change.

61 hours earlier

At 5am...


Ishita stirred in her sleep. She was floating along in a bright haze and felt feather light touches all over her body. It was as if a dozen hands were roaming over her intent on creating havoc everywhere they touched. A soft moan escaped her slightly parted lips and she uttered the name of the only man who had the capacity to reduce her to this mass of hormones. 

"Rammman..." She moaned in her sleep.

Slowly the soft teasing hands began to probe further as they slipped under her kurta and encased her breasts, squeezing them gently. The line between dream and reality became increasingly hazy as Ishita squirmed in a trance, drifting between sleep and consciousness. Her vivid dream was making her increasingly aroused and hot as her core began to throb and ache to be touched. She moaned again and this time she felt a wet mouth envelope one of her peaks over the top of her kurta fabric! The warm wetness broke her trance somewhat and served to bring her out of her sleep as she suddenly became fully alert she opened her eyes.

It was still dark

But the body on top of her was definitely real.

"I see my sleeping beauty is up! I am amazed at your ability to recognize me even in your sleep!"

The soft sexy drawl, which sent shivers of pleasure all over her body, could only belong to ONE man.

Raman was here.

But before Ishita could question how or why, Raman crushed his lips onto hers to devour them with a sizzling and all-consuming kiss. Ishita felt her body shake with a fervent passion under his expert touch which knew exactly how to pleasure her and bring her to the edge. She never thought it possible to ache for another's touch to such an extent and with such burning desire. She melted into his arms as his hands and mouth embarked on a mission to satisfy her every need and desire, making up for the lost time since yesterday, well into the early hours of that morning.   

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Good to know you're continuing
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Posted: 2015-03-23T10:20:18Z so glad u came with season 2 of this story of urs..!!

great start...plz continue soon
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Originally posted by Nikki_Titli so glad u came with season 2 of this story of urs..!!

great start...plz continue soon

Thanks hope you will enjoy it
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Thanks a ton for continuing with second season
Superb update
Continue soon
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