RAYA OS : Those Special Little Moments

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Those Special Little Moments

On a hot summer weekend morning Ram Kapoor slowly began to awaken from sleep with the sunlight in his eyes as much as the businessman had the weekend off from work he found the heat uncomfortable to sleep through but the moment he turned his eyes away from the sunlight to Priya who was still fast asleep on her side facing him and her slender body barely covered in a satin red nightgown his gripes about the hot weather immediately disappeared the sight of her steady breathing comforted him as his mind started to think about how he would like to spend the weekend with his greatest partner he rolled over on to his side to watch her sleep as much as he liked taking Priya out somewhere fancy this time around all he wanted to do was just turn off the phone's and stay at home with Priya preferably in bed

The thought of staying in bed all day with his wife made him smile as he reached out and ran his fingers through her hair and guided the silky strands away from her face no longer satisfied with just caressing her hair he carefully sild himself closer to her side of the bed and wrapped his muscled right arm around her as his lips sought out the skin of her left shoulder when his lips found the skin of her neck Priya began to moan

Wake up sleeping beauty Ram murmured into her ear he pulled back slightly when he felt Priya's head move from her pillow

Good morning Priya giggled Ram sat himself up in bed and propped his pillow in front of the headboard to cushion his back when she noticed his gesture to sit in his arms she immediately sat up and slid herself across and straddled his legs with a smile Ram gently held her face in his hands and kissed her they panted for breath when their sensual kiss ended

Now that's a good morning Ram breathed as he ran his fingers through her hair

Indeed It's nice to have a weekend at home with you Priya smiled as she felt his hands slide down her back to rest

I agree all I want to do today Priya is to just turn off the phone's and stay here all day with you just stay inside the house with my greatest partner how does that sound with you? Ram asked as he caressed his wife's thighs and came to rest on her backside Priya didn't need very long to think of an answer

How does it sound? Priya asked with a grin as her hands slid all over his bare chest she then leaned forward and began to rain feather light kisses to his throat

Ram's breath hitched when he felt Priya's tongue slide along his pulse

That sounds heavenly Priya whispered in his ear before capturing his lips with her own

She shivered in delight when she felt her husband's tongue dance with hers through their kiss while his hands massaged her thighs when they pulled away from their sensual kiss to breathe Ram wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his forehead to her collarbone and greedily breathed in her scent with a smile Priya's hands lovingly cradled Ram's head to her breasts as she combed her fingers through his hair the more she thought about Ram's idea of spending the weekend together at home the more she liked it

I think it's a great idea Ram to be able to spend some time together and be lazy and not care Ram said softly as she placed a kiss on the top of his head the gesture caused him to raise his head and his eyes locked on to her beautiful smile with a smile of his own Ram eased himself back against his pillow and nodded in agreement

It makes a nice change from normal doesn't it Ram said as he held Priya's hands and laced their fingers together Priya couldn't help but laugh

What exactly is normal for us sweetheart? Priya said through her laughter she changed her position from straddling his thighs to sitting in between his legs to feel the morning sun on her legs the morning sunlight that poked through the open drapes that led to the bedroom's private balcony felt great on her legs

Good point Ram agreed and laughed with her

Priya then let out a sigh as Ram's lips found the skin and his right hand slid up and down her legs her head fell back in a shiver of delight as she closed her eyes her right hand buried itself in her Ram's hair as she leaned back against his left leg that he had brought up for her to use as a backrest and the back of her head rested on his knee to the sound of Priya's moans of delight and the feel of her heavy breathing under his lips always made him smile not out of arrogance but of pride pride in himself that he could bring out her passion and love but ultimately pride in her In his eyes Priya had not only become the one bright spark that happened in city all those years ago but had become his reason to live when on businesstrips that had anything to do with taking down It made him want to protect her all the more even if it meant teaching her some of his skills to better defend herself

Beautiful Ram growled lowly into her ear his right hand came up to cradle her head her eyes flew open the moment she felt his hand behind her head and flashed a smile Priya raised her head from his knee Ram couldn't help but blush whenever Ram complimented her on her looks It always left her humbled

Thank you Priya said shyly as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders I hate to ruin the mood but I'm starting to feel hungry would you like to have a fruit platter with me?

You didn't ruin anything sweetheart and yes I'd love that Ram reassured her before he let her go

When Priya made it to the bedroom door she couldn't resist looking back over her shoulder and winked she even blew a kiss before heading downstairs to the kitchen to prepare the fruit platter for their breakfast to share together Ram grinned as he reached for a pair of sleep pants from the bottom drawer of his bedside cabinet and put them on

A breakfast plate of fruit with yogurt was a little summer tradition that happened between the couple whenever Ram was home It was one of those special little moments that always kept their bond incredibly strong and given the demands of his work as a businessman was something that gripped onto like a lifeline he didn't take long to reach the kitchen downstairs and when he saw Priya slicing up various pieces of fruit walked up to her silently with a smile his body gently trapped hers between his and the counter and gathered her hair in his hands his hands then slid down and came to rest around her from behind as he buried his nose in her hair completely content to just hold her as she worked Priya couldn't resist melting against his bare muscled chest as she placed the sliced up pieces of fruit on the plate she then smiled in embarrassment when Ram reached around and fed her a slice of fruit that he had dipped in the yogurt they ate the fruit in comfortable silence standing in the kitchen Priya gently turned around she was quite happy to be trapped by  Ram's body as she wrapped an arm around him and ate a slice of fruit with the other their make out session from the bedroom earlier continued as they fed each other the yogurt dipped slices of fruit sticky fruit flavoured kisses were regularly shared in between bites of fruit and soon the platter was empty

This feels so nice Ram It really does make a nice change from the usual Priya said as she ran her free hand up and down his bare chest one of Ram's hands reached out to place her roaming hand directly over his heart and smiled

I know what you mean do you have any idea how good it feels for me to just forget about my work and just concentrate on you? Ram asked as he gently pressed her hand over his heart

In some small way yes I do but I always treasure every moment I get to be with you It makes them even more incredible Ram said sincerely as she placed her lips to his and then moved to bury her face in his shoulder

Thank you Priya for being so amazing I love you Ram answered as he hugged her

I love you too Priya muffled into his shoulder

Ram then let his wife go with a smile and offered to clean up the kitchen Priya was about to protest when he silenced her with a mind blowing kiss with a wink he told her to relax as he set about cleaning up their mess in the kitchen he grinned when she told him that she would head back upstairs to take a shower It gave Ram an incentive to work fast and within a few minutes the kitchen was clean and he ran up the stairs to join his wife in the shower he silently cursed himself when he heard the water from the shower turn off his disappointment quickly evaporated when he saw Priya walk out of the bathroom wearing animal print short nighty and sat down at the foot of the bed to dry her hair with a fluffy bath towel

That was fast Priya exclaimed she readjusted the towel in her hands to dry her hair Ram said nothing he walked over to his wife with a smile sat down behind her on the bed

Here let me Ram said softly as he gently took the towel from her hands

He made sure not to use so much of his strength to rub her hair dry Priya's hands found his thighs his fingers massaged her crown with the towel as he dried her hair and Priya sighed in enjoyment with a kiss to her cheek Ram had finished drying her hair and moved off the bed to shower himself Priya stood up with a cheeky grin and tried to shock her Golu with the towel but with his quick reflexes caught the towel and gently tugged her forward Ram's free arm clamped his cheeky wife to his chest stole a kiss and dashed to the bathroom with her towel and shut the door with a chuckle Priya may have been surprised that he stole a kiss from her but not offended she loved the playful moments they shared together and deep down Ram did too he always revelled in the moments where he could drop his boring businessman instincts and just be Ram Kapoor the man especially with Priya within minutes Ram emerged from the bathroom with a towel around his hips and using her towel to dry his hair he quickly dressed in just his jeans and found Priya on the balcony surprisingly still dressed in her nighty  while her hair she was standing near the railing clearly enjoying the morning sun as it dried her hair

Didn't feel like getting dressed? Priya asked with a chuckle as his arms encircled her from behind to join her in the sun Priya laughed as Ram gently started to sway her in his arms

I will in a minute I'm feeling a bit lazy right now Priya said in her defence but in truth given the mood of the day she had no desire to wear anything else Priya was thoroughly enjoying the idea of having a lazy day at home with her beloved Ram and her choice of attire reflected her mood as she turned in the circle of his arms

I have to admit Priya I've never seen this on you before Is it new? Ram asked as he guided her hair away to admire her animal print nighty

Newish remember our wedding anniversary that we spent at the beach house? Priya asked as her hands slid along his muscled arms and bare chest and he nodded It's a little souvenir I bought

You look so s**y Priya Ram growled lowly and immediately swooped down to capture her lips the moment he saw her blush he always found it adorable about her as their kiss in the sun was slow and tender

This was such a great idea to spend the day like this sweetheart I can't wait for tonight Priya panted when their sensual kiss came to an end because they needed to breathe

Neither can I but let's just enjoy right now before we think about tonight Ram said with a smile as his arms secured themselves around her and Priya did the same

Ram was right they still had the rest of the day to enjoy being together and the next day to do more of the same but for now this was perfect their lazy weekend kicked off to an amazing start as they stood in the sun on the balcony in each other's arms and admired not only the view from the balcony but also how lucky they were to have each other

The End.

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Posted: 2015-03-21T05:39:47Z
Superb and very romantic story.
You are an amazing writer.
Well done. Thanks for pm.
Keep writing!!!!!!
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Posted: 2015-03-21T06:52:11Z
lovely os .only romance and romance of raya Embarrassed Embarrassed beautifully written yaar Smile . thanks for pm.Edited by Mitwaa - 2015-03-21T06:55:43Z
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Posted: 2015-03-21T06:53:43Z
do more writingClap
keep rocking
Star Thumbs Up Edited by Mitwaa - 2015-03-21T07:15:27Z
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Posted: 2015-03-21T06:54:21Z
Lovely os...
I am sure everybody will wish to start their weekend like this...
Raya romance is beautifully described..
Please do write more...
Thanks for PMTongueTongue
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Posted: 2015-03-21T07:58:06Z
Romantic OS!!
Love it!!
Plz write more!!!
And thanks 4 pm!!
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Posted: 2015-03-21T08:18:19Z
lai bhari update khatri hota ek dum zhakhas Heart Tongue Edited by Mitwaa - 2015-03-21T08:21:18Z
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Posted: 2015-03-21T09:04:16Z
Romentic os!
I love it! Embarrassed
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