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It was a usual day in Kapoor Mansion, everybody was busy in their whereabouts. The kids were busy in their packing as they have planned for a goa trip Rishab and Sawmya were going along with them . Dadi and KK were usual busy in their puja, while our newlywed couple was gifted a holiday pack to Singapore. While Priya was up to help all the inmates to get ready.

 "Mayra apna sub saman le liya" "Yes mom but shayad meri I pad aap ke room me raha gaya please aap le aao na" She went to her room to get the Ipad and she found her MAN still sleeping soundly in his king size bed. She saw the Ipad lying on the table beside bed she went to take it. 

"Mr.Kapoor utheya its already 8:30 app ko office keliya late hota" He covered his face with the duvet an showed with his hand 5min more please. Priya took the Ipad and left the room. Ram after few minutes woke up and walked to the changing room. He took a nice bath changed into his white robes as he stepped out he saw that his lovely wife had dutyfully arranged his suit for him, it was the same light blue shirt and the purple tie which she once had naughtily played with and ask him to were her choice of shirt. 

He changed into the suit got his brief and moved into the room. His adarsh pati has yet again got his breakfast up and placed it ready for her lovely husband to have it in peace. Ram finished eating took the last sip of tea placing the cup he grabbed his office case and walked out.

As he moved down the stairs Ram saw the hall in a mess "yeh kya horaha hai yah ape??" Ram asked in amazement. All the servants looked at the direction of the voice, Priya indicated them to carry on with their work and turned " wo ghar me raddi kuch zayada hoga hai socha hata do." 

"Oh God Priya kum kyu karti ho yeh sab Bansi Kaka ko bolo na" Ram vice was filled with irritation , he never liked Priya doing all these work. He frowned at her she sensed it "Please Mr.Kapoor I am not doing anything I am just assisting them Ok don't make that face" then she whispered "it does not suit your handsome face" hearing these words it took no time to change his mood, he grinned like a teenager. She gave him a side hug and pushed him towards the door "now go to your office app ko late nahi ho raha hai kya?" before leaving and taking order from his sherni wife he pegged a kiss on her forehead. She blushed and he turned to leave but before leaving his eyes caught something. Ram picked it up making sure Priya was not looking at him and slipped it in his jacket.

The day at Ki was as hectic as usual with lined up meeting, conferences and signing of contracts, Ram got sometime from the days work and he called Priya. Priya was in the bedroom sitting on the bed engrossed in her novel. As soon as her phone ringed without looking at the caller ID she knew it was Ram "Darling" here this words her lips turned into a beautiful curve and her eyes sparkled. 

"kya kar rahi ho?"  she frowned and playfully said "kuch nahi Mr.Kapoor, aap mujhe kuch kaam karne kaha deti hai itne sare naukar hai. I am getting bored ghar pe. Bacche goa gaye hai Rishab Samuya unke saath. Juhi Sid to trip pe hai and dadi maa have gone for kirtan. Main ghar pe akale hu" she pouted. Ram was in mood to tease Priya "Sooo Mrs.Kapoor missing your Mr.Kapoor?"

 he asked teasing her, instinctively Priya said "Ha Mr.Kapoor I am missing you a lot" "Oh ho Mrs.Kapoor you missing me...Ok agar you are getting bored to Papa ke ghar chalejo phir sham ko we can have dinner together and spend some quality time together ALONE." "aah Mr.Kapoor kitne besharam hogaye hai aap" Priya blushed " Isme beharam ke kaya baat hai yaar main apni biwi se baat kar raha ho" and he pretended to be angry, "

 aww Mr. Kapoor gussa maat kariye ok now let me go meet you sham ko bye" and she cut the call without letting Ram tease her anymore. He looked at the cut kardia. There was a special reason why Ram wanted Priya to go to her parents' house. He asked Jenny through his intercom about the next meeting only one was lined up for the day. He finished the meeting as soon as possible and left the office for Kapoor mansion.



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Beautiful os.
Thank u for pm.
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Beautiful os waiting for next part
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nice os. jaldi continue karo. thanks for pm.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Nice one.. Continue soon. N thanks for the pm
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Beautiful OS...
tho priya gussa he ram se
ab roote hue biwi ko manana he...
nice.. waiting for next update...
thanks for the pm..
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This is a lovely story. .
Continue soon...
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Superb starting...
Please continue soon...
Waiting eagerly for Raya romance...
Thanks for PMTongueTongue
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