Ye Hai Mohabbatein 18th March Written Update:48 Hrs Deadline to Shagun

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Posted: 2015-03-18T10:53:33Z
Episode starts with Ishita telling Raman that we r going to Shagun's place to see if Ruhi is fine  ; Ishita and Raman quickly step out in their car and r on their way to Shagun's place when Raman tells Ishita that mayb Shagun wont allow them to meet Ruhi since court has given custody to her on which Ishita tells Raman that Court only gave the custody to Shagun but she has the right to meet Ruhi and see if her daughter is comfortable with Shagun or not Thumbs Up

In the hotel room Ruhi is nonstop crying for her Ishima and refuses to take milkshake from Shagun's hand by telling Shagun that she is Ishima's angel and not her angel  ; Shagun tries to entice Ruhi with burgers and pastries but Ruhi refuses to eat and also throws the glass of milkshake from Shagun's hand Big smile  ; Just then Ishita and Raman knock at their hotel door when Shagun opens and is shocked to see them   ; Ruhi sees them and runs to hug both Ishita and Raman but Shagun gets pissed off to see them at her place and starts screaming for hotel security LOL ; Shagun tells the hotel guards that these two r trying to snatch away her daughter by force on which hotel guards try to pull Raman out of Shagun's hotel room due to which Raman gets into a fight with those guards which results in his forehead injury Ouch ; Few hotel guards try to separate Ruhi from Ishita by force as they were tightly hugging each other  which results in Ruhi falling down on the floor Ouch ; Ishita gets angry seeing Ruhi fall down and so while sitting on her wheel chair only  she pushes that guard hard and the guard lands up falling over a nearby sofa LOL (Ishita has got more physical strength than Raman LOL .. I mean sitting on that wheel chair she kicks the guards and they go flying ROFL)...Ruhi keeps crying while Ishita picks her up and asks her not to cry Cry ...

Shagun again tries to snatch Ruhi from Ishita when finally Ishita lashes out at Shagun by telling her that  "Just because you got the custody , does not mean you have started owning Ruhi too  ; Ruhi is not your designer saree that you will exclusively own as per your whims and fancy ; I mayb barren and you might hv given birth to 2 kids but sorry to say you could not become a mother even today " ClapClap ; Hearing all this Shagun in anger tells Ishita to stop her drama and leave when Ruhi lashes out at Shagun by telling her that she is a bad mother as she does not even know how to hold a kid since the way she is holding her so tight is hurting her Ouch ; Shagun asks Ruhi to shut up Angry ; Raman after fighting with those guards again come inside the room to see Ishita and Shagun still engaged in their cat fight LOL  ; Ishita challenges Shagun by telling her that in 48 hrs time she will take Ruhi away with her and Shagun wont b able to do anything Clap ; Shagun looks pissed off but a bit scared too with Ishita's challenge Wink  ; Ishita then tells Ruhi to trust her Ishima and just keep patience for some more time as soon she will b with her Ishima on which Ruhi listens to Ishita   ; Raman and Ishita then leaves while Shagun fumes in anger LOL ...

At Iyer house , Mrs Iyer cries her heart out in front of Vandu about how Shagun being a mother can do this exchange of kids Ouch ; Mrs Iyer is worried about Ishita and Ruhi's well being which Vandu's son Shravan overhears and feels bad thinking Ruhi might never return back Cry  ; Shravan was going out when Adi too comes out of his house and invites Shravan for a game of football with him on which Shravan shows his hate towards Adi and blames him for the current sad scenario in both the houses Ouch ; Shravan compares Adi with his mother Shagun who always brought sadness in this house and now Adi too doing the same since the day he came to this house , all r sad as Ruhi is taken away Ouch ; Adi feels bad after the accusations and thinks he is responsible for all this Cry ...

Adi tells Toshi ji that if he had not come to this house then this situation would hv never arised on which Toshi ji hugs Adi and asks him not to blame himself for all this since he is nowhere at fault ; Mr.Bhalla too tells Adi not to blame himself but Adi suggests both that mayb if he goes back to Shagun Maa then Ruhi will come to them Ouch ; Hearing this Toshi ji tells Adi not to think in this way since she and this entire family cannot live without him ; Mr.Bhalla tries to divert Adi's mind by jokingly telling him about how he should not talk all this or else Toshi ji's BP will become low again and then even a Crane cannot lift her BP LOL ; Adi finally gets a smile when Mr.Bhalla tells Adi to go and play football , Romi will drop him on the football ground to which Adi agrees ...

Ashok's brother was wondering wqhy Raman has not come to work yet on which Ashok sarcastically tells his brother that Raman may not come to work for another 10 days due to Shagun creating yet another conflict in their family by taking Ruhi away Ouch ; Hearing this Ashok's brother is shocked and wonders how Shagun made it possible on which Ashok tells him about Shagun's lawyer who is also fraud like her and so he might hv done some manipulations to make the case in their favour LOL ; Mihika overhears Ashok and his brother's discussion and decides to call Shagun's lawyer for investigation  Thumbs Up (Mihika's investigations and plans always spell disaster .. hopefully its not the case this time LOL)..

Raman and Ishita return home  ; Ishita asks Raman to put some oinment on his forehead as he is injured on his forehead after the fight with hotel guards  ; Just then Ruhi calls up on their landline phone which Ishita picks up and puts on speaker so that all in the Bhalla family can listen to Ruhi's voice  ; Ruhi cries and tells Ishima how much she is missing them all on which Ishita and everyone too gets emotional and Ishita tells her they all missing her too Cry ; As usual Shagun comes and snatches the phone from Ruhi and blasts her off  Angry ; Shagun also speaks to Ishita on phone and lashes out at Ishita for calling up Ruhi again when Ishita too in anger tells Shagun that Ruhi called them and not other way around this time Big smile ; Ruhi tries to take the phone receiver from Shagun's hand but Shagun does not give her ; Shagun gets into a scuffle with Ruhi as they both try to snatch the receiver ( Shagun is impossible Angry  .. why cant Ruhi speak on phone Ouch)  ; Ishita on other side of phone feels helpless as she can hear their voices and can guess that Shagun is not giving Ruhi the receiver Ouch  ; Just then Adi comes there as he wants to talk to his Shagun maa  ; Ishita gives the phone receiver to Adi so that he can speak to his mother Clap  ; Adi tries to speak to Shagun happily but Shagun dampens his mood by telling him that she will speak to him later as right now she is busy handling Ruhi  Angry ; Ruhi is still trying to snatch the receiver from Shagun and so Shagun puts down the phone while poor Adi feels disappointed as Shagun does not hv time to speak to him now Cry (Nice difference shown between two mothers .. While Ishita happily allows Adi to speak to his mother Shagun but Shagun has no time to speak to her son since she is busy trying to make sure Ruhi cannot speak to her Ishimaa  ) ...

After the phone call fiasco  ; Simmi in kitchen tells Mr.Bhalla how suddenly there is so much of depression in their house and it all happened because of their own fault of asking for Adi's custody which they should not hv done and should hv let Adi stay with Shagun only as Adi is big enough to understand the positives and negatives of his mother Shagun which Ruhi cannot handle and so it would hv been better if they never asked for Adi's custody  Ouch  ; Adi is shown overhearing the entire conversation and getting emotional about it Cry ; Simmi further tells Mr.Bhalla that Ruhi would hv been with them and they would hv been happy today if they never asked for Adi in return ; Simmi fears that slowly Shagun will take away both the kids of their family in this way  Ouch ; Simmi also tells how because of one Adi factor , entire family today is suffering and in depression Ouch ; Adi overhears everything and goes crying to his room Cry ; In his room Adi tells to himself how he feels unwanted in the house as noone loves him or cares for him  Cry ; Adi holds himself responsible for everything and cries his heart out in the room  ... (Simmi's words r hurting for Adi but to b honest she spoke the truth )

Vandu comes to meet Ishita when Ishita apologises to Vandu for being rude to her other day as she was stressed out due to Ruhi  ; Vandu forgives Ishita for it and tells her how as a sister she understands her emotions ; Vandu then tells Ishita that she brought someone who wants to meet her and then takes Ishita's promise that she will listen to that person first  without reacting  ; Ishita gives the promise and wonders who is that person when Mihika comes inside the room ; Mihika goes down on her knees and asks forgiveness from Ishita for once again coming to her house when she should not hv come to their house again  ; Mihika cries her heart out in front of Ishita as she found out about Ruhi's custody result Cry ; Ishita forgives Mihika for the past issues and also thanks Mihika for helpingher and Ruhi a lot in past few days by giving them shelter in times of crisis and so today as a sister she holds no grudges against her Thumbs Up ; Mihika is relieved to hear this and asks Ishita what did she thought further about Ruhi's case on which Ishita tells Vandu and Mihika about the 48 hrs challenge that she gave to Shagun since she cannot let Ruhi stay with Shagun for longer  ; Hearing this Vandu wonders what Ishita can do in just 2 days time when Mihika tells them that she has an idea  ; Mihika further tells Ishita that the idea is to confront Shagun's lawyer and threaten him about filing a fraud case against him for manipulating Raman's signature Thumbs Up ; Ishita likes the idea but wonders if they can succeed when Vandu tells Ishita and Mihika that when Iyer sisters r together in this mission , then noone can defeat them ClapCool ; Vandhu-Mihika-Ishita then hold each other's hand and take an oath to fight together against Shagun Big smile ; Episode ends ...

Precap  :
All 3 sisters meet Shagun's Lawyer and lash out on him for taking Raman's signature on paper by fraud ...(I hope they r recording some video or else its of no use Confused)


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Posted: 2015-03-18T11:53:54Z
Thanks jyoti 4 d update.
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Posted: 2015-03-18T13:41:52Z
awesome...3 sis against shagun...that would be cool to see them bring one common enemy Wink
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Posted: 2015-03-18T19:20:36Z
Thanks for Ye Hai Mohabbatein March 18, 2015 written update
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Posted: 2015-03-19T03:00:54Z
Thanks for Yeh Mohabbatein Hai March 18, 2015 written update
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