RAYA OS : Romantic Pal

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Romantic Pal

Priya took another deep breath the small smile evident on her flawless face because the air in the always clean and comfortable kitchen was filled with the delicious aroma of almost baked cake It was mouth watering really she could almost taste it on her tongue by smelling it alone which was why she was very tempted to just open the oven and eat the sweet treat half baked

For no reason Priya had suddenly longed for homemade cake It felt like ages ago since she'd baked one herself what with all the drama and sadness that life had given all of them her conclusion had been what harm could it possibly be to give in to her undisclosed desires? Priya knew for a fact that Kush and Pihu her children would be so pleased with it Priya would surely get a hug or two out of that if she played her cards right If that wasn't a good reason to indulge herself in doing this then she didn't know what was except for the fact that there was one other person in this household who loved her famous cakes even more

And so she had found herself in the kitchen taking all the ingredients she needed from the cabaret and refrigerator the house was quiet save for the soft constant buzzing of the refrigerator the kids were doing their homework in the adjacent room and Ram was probably either helping them

She made good use of this moment that she had for herself and followed the secret recipe of her mother which she knew by heart though she guessed that it wouldn't take long for someone to head for the kitchen just to see where this divine smell was coming from

Soon enough when she was done with the cake itself Priya carefully put it in the oven and decided to take a short break and wash the plates she had used before continuing

After a while when the bansikaka decided that she had rested enough she checked on the cake the top of it was already fire kissed and had a nice auburn tint the rest of it however was still a light yellow with a satisfied smile on her face the pretty bansikaka closed the oven door again

Priya moved on to the black forest glaze let's see... she muttered to no one in particular while counting on her fingers one teaspoon unsalted butter... confectioner's sugar milk a pinch of salt and cream baking chips chocolate bittersweet... vanilla extract

She unconsciously licked her lips after mentioning the last ingredient why she always chose vanilla wasn't quite a secret anymore even the children knew that it was by far Ram's favorite kind of black forest glaze especially if it was made by his lover no matter how much he eaten the blond would never say no to another slice of her vanilla cake nd then that look on his handsome face when he licked the glaze off his lips

Suddenly her daydreaming was interrupted as she felt a light pressure against her back Priya didn't turn to look who it was she knew that a certain he was watching over her shoulder at how she was mixing the glaze for the cake to a smooth and creamy substance before she had even acknowledged him her nostrils filled with the dangerously intoxicating scent of his aftershave that always made her head spin god the cake's smell was absolutely nothing compared to the kind of torture she was going through thanks to him nd he didn't even know

Smells good Ram noted approvingly in a low voice

His breath tickled on her ear and Priya could feel how the small hairs on the back of her neck stood upright from the close not necessarily unwelcome contact says who the woman thought before shaking her head to clear it from these thoughts

It had only been a matter of time before Ram would show up after all he always did when she would bake something usually he would only linger near the entrance of the kitchen with a hopeful look on his face so their proximity was a little breathtaking... quite literally

I'm not surprised to hear that from you even the kids know about your insatiable hunger for cake... and Black forest glaze

Ram humming but didn't resist remarking teasingly who said I was talking about any of those?

If he had hoped to see her blush then his wish was granted almost instantly even though she let her long hair fall around her face like a curtain there was still enough of her creamy though now a crimson red skin showing still even if the man had seen it Ram stayed quiet about it and the dark haired beauty appreciated that more than anything

Despite everything Priya felt the need to ask him aren't you going to help? I would appreciate it if you could pass me the sugar you know

No... I like to watch

Her breath hitched it didn't escape her what that simple sentence could mean when put in a different context honestly though what was it with Ram and suddenly acting all flirtatious? It was nothing like him and if she didn't know better she would think that he was drunken or something

Whatever the case it was probably more contagious than it seemed because the next moment Priya turned around in one swift move and she heard herself say really? Watch this

Priya felt herself lifting up her hand bringing it closer to Ram's face the latter watching her moves quietly then to his great surprise and with a quick jerk of the wrist she managed to stain some of the Black forest glaze on his cheek with her fingers put on Ram's skin

A quiet beat passed between them Ram blinked almost unsure of what had happened he looked as surprised as Priya felt at the moment still she wasn't planning on letting him know mildly surprised and was it just her or did he look adorably clueless? he swiped his own forefinger across his cheek and brought it to his mouth tasting the black forest

That color really looks nice on you Priya commented with a victorious grin ready to turn around again and continue working on the glaze

However before she was able to do so Ram seemed to wake up from the daze he been in and pressed her against the table with his body he placed both his hands on either side of her so she had no way to escape suddenly his face was just an inch away from hers and his brown eyes seemed to glow faintly Priya gasp feeling her heartbeat increase she leaned backwards as much as she could without losing her balance and falling Ram only followed her his gaze intensifying on her at that moment the oven started beeping indicating that the delicious cake was ready to be taken out

Ram... the oven Priya whispered not daring to look away from him because who knew what he would do then though deep in her heart the she had to admit that she wouldn't mind finding out

So? I'm hungry for something else right now...Ram muttered his gaze fixed on her as he licked his lips slowly

Funny how a normal innocent attempt at baking cake could suddenly turn into a situation in which Priya was pressed between the table and Ram who obviously couldn't take no for an answer things were about to get really interesting

With that he finally closed the distance between them and captured her lips with his own It didn't take Priya too long to reciprocate the kiss her hands automatically went to his soft spikes and she allowed herself to forget about everything else as her heart danced across her chest even the annoying beeping of the oven became a dull buzzing in the background Ram vaguely tasted like the back forest glaze and something mine to chocolate at least that explained why she hadn't been able to find those chocolate bars earlier today

In the middle of their incidental make out session an oblivious Pihu entered the kitchen quietly wondering why nobody was turning off the oven

After all it would be such a shame if Priya's mouth watering cake or cookies would all burn to ashes the girl mused quietly

Sensing that she wasn't alone she slowly turned her head to the table away from the oven at the sight of her parents she gasped and stopped walking altogether this caused both Ram and Priya to stop with what they were doing and they looked up Peehu's eyes by now were all it took for them to blush and awkwardly step away from each other both tried to look at anything that couldn't stare back at them until they would get their breathing under control at this point Priya almost started to wish it was Neha who had walked in on them the seemed to have showing up randomly usually when she and Ram got a little busy

On the other hand maybe it was better that it was only Peehu who saw them like this since the last time the Neha had found them he exclaimed Is making out the only thing everyone thinks about around here?

Yes talk about awkward both had avoided for the rest of the week

Priya bit her lip wondering what she should do next It wasn't like Ram was actually cooperating here then again did he ever? she desperately tried to think of a way to ease the tension in the room but failed miserably at finding a solution the flustered woman was about to give up when Ram's mobile phone started vibrating making a dull buzzing sound

His hand automatically disappeared into his pocket almost immediately he said in one breath hello

A light frown appeared on his handsome face while listening to the person on the other side of the line

Oh so now you actually do pick up how typical Ram Priya thought sarcastically but she stayed silent

Soon enough Ram hung up I need to go office he announced breaking the silence

If Priya was surprised that she sounded so calm as though nothing had happened when she said the following she sure knew how to hide it will you be back before diner?

Ram paused for a moment before nodding something in his brown eyes blink when he replied yes wouldn't want to miss that

Something about the way he said it made her unbelievably weak in the knees and she had to lean against the table again to keep herself on her feet It was almost like a secret promise

He patted Pihu's shoulder with hand before making his way to the front door only silence remained

Uhm I made us some cake want to secretly taste it before the others find out? Priya said as soon as Ram left the kitchen

Pihu's face brightened and she seemed to have forgotten completely about the show that the two had performed that would be great I'm hungry too

Good I only need to add the black forest glaze

Priya turned around to get a knife from one of the drawers more than relieved that Peehu didn't mention anything about... you know

Meanwhile the Pihu seemed to hesitate slightly before adding when I grow up I hope I'll be able to find someone hungry enough to bake him black forest cake too

Priya had to laugh at that and she ruffled the Pihu's hair affectionately I'm sure you will baccha

With that Priya firmly told herself to stop thinking about a certain Ram who always made her so weak in the knees that sounded until he got back to satisfy his hunger that is

Two hours after dinner Priya put the children to bed and went downstairs to warm some food for Ram

That night Ram gets pretty late at work he went upstairs faced door he quickly assumed she was sleeping so as quietly as he could he opened the door was met with moonlight pouring into the darkness true enough Priya was on her bed fast asleep the moonlight played on her face giving her skin an heavenly glow she was wearing her red nighty his breath caught in his throat she looked so beautiful slowly he walked closer to her he took his time studying her face tonight it occurred to him that she looked...sad like her slumber wasn't peaceful at all It made him feel more guilty than he did before

Without thinking about it he knelt beside her bed and touched her face when she stirred he nearly but she only leaned into his hand It was a gesture he found sweet gently he moved his hand to stroke her hair It was soft like how he imagined it his eyes moved back to her face focused on her lips without warning Ram raised her face and gave her a long deep kiss she felt her heart beat double time when he pulled away he stared into her eyes for a bit

Rammm she shout

Priya you don't have to change anything to get my attention Ram responded

Priya looked at him in the eye and Ram gets closer to whisper in her ear I like you the way you are he said softly

Priya blushed even more after listening to his words and Ram chuckled to see her reaction

Your so cute when you are embarrassed Ram said with a slight smile on his face

Priya bit her buttom lip and lowers her head Ram grabs her chin in order to gain her attention and once again she gets lost in his brown eyes

Can I kiss you now? he asked tenderly she relaxed her face and smiles shyly

Are you drunk now? she teased and Ram shook his head then what are you waiting for?she smiled at him

Ram reduced the distance between them and presses a soft kiss on her lips the contact with his lips made her shiver and she responded with the same tenderness Ram places one of his hands to cupped her cheek and she grabs his hand in hers to rub her cheek he takes his time to taste her soft and sweet lips and just to concentrate on her

After several minutes both break from the kiss to catch some breath

I've been dying to do this all day... he said they stared into each others eyes for a while and Ram begins to press soft kisses on her forehead and in her cheek Priya closed her eyes as she gets carried away by his tender touch she was so excited this time so she was able to enjoy this moment after sharing some caresses they both joined their lips together again and stayed that way for several more minutes until the night wrapped them

Ram tightens the embrace and they fell asleep holding on to each other she closed her eyes and let herself drifted into sweet slumber they was now in heaven.

The End
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Awesome os
romantic one. Yaar raya kitchan ka door nahi band kar skte tha toh shyad pihu ke ane ka pta chal jata.love pihu childish Q .
Waise humre love bird kaha bhi suru ho jate hai. Last wala too romantic. priya ka teasing too gud.
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Posted: 2015-03-18T05:32:59Z
Thanks 4 pm.
Do more writing.
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Posted: 2015-03-18T05:52:52Z
indeed a vry rmntc os...
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Posted: 2015-03-18T07:09:19Z
lovely and romantic os
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Posted: 2015-03-18T07:14:25Z
Nice os
Thanks for pm
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Posted: 2015-03-18T08:04:41Z
Superb, sweet kitchen romance of raya.
Beautifully written os.
Thanks for pm.
Do continue writing such beautiful ones.
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Posted: 2015-03-18T08:39:16Z
Vo toh prajkta apko cake ka recipe pta hai kya?
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