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It is a two part OS... I hope that you guys like it. I still need to work on its second part so do let me know whether I should continue...

Was this a game of seduction or the game of love...whatever it was, the rush of adrenaline it brought with it was worth every second of the the blood pumping,heart racing feel of ecstasy it gave in their mundane lives at the moment!

        He was in Delhi on a business trip, since his meeting was over earlier than expected he decided to stop by Cafe Ice in Connaught place ( not using any real cafe location on purpose) to relive all the beautiful memories associated with this small yet classy place. As he sat there sipping on the double shot espresso planning his next move, he saw her walking in engrossed in an animated conversation with a lady beside her. It didn't take him long to take in all the details about her but he took his time to let his eyes absorb her beauty. Was it her big dark kohled eyes or was it her enchanting smile that held him captivated?...No..No..No! had to be the little mole by her upper lip or the way she bit into lower lip when smiling but then again everything about her enchanted him. Dressed in a yellow kurti with white embroidered flowers and hip hugging jeans she surely wasn't the most beautiful woman in the cafe but his eyes stated otherwise. He had damn nearly burned his lips with the hot espresso staring at her like a roadside Hooligan. When he had come here he didn't expect his fate to be this kind to him...that he would spot her again. Truth be told, he had been stalking her for past two days. When he had landed in Delhi his plans were different and rigid but when he spotted her in a busy place like Palika Bazaar, he knew that destiny was playing its hand and now it was his turn to make the most of it. Somewhere in the back of his mind the fair warning to not get into this was knocking trying to keep him out of trouble but then again, TROUBLE was his middle name these days ;)

       Priya had come to Delhi about two weeks ago after being summoned by her best friend Neha on a very short notice to help her with her wedding shopping. Neha was to be married to Vikram Shergil in next two days. She wanted to elope with him but after a lot of convincing and long discussions with her best friend Priya, she had decided that it wouldn't be fair to her family who looked forward to this day. So Neha had given them two weeks notice to put together a wedding of their dreams and she also told Priya to drop everything she was doing and be part of  her big day. From the day she had arrived, Priya and Neha had been shopping and arranging for all the frills that now Neha had so callously mentioned that she wanted. With her ever increasing list of things this task of helping out was turning out to be somewhat of a nightmare..but then again, anything for her best friend!

On their shopping routine,they made a few pit stops to refresh and to relive their memories of college days. As soon as they entered the restaurant, she spotted him from the corner of her eyes. Not young,definetly,late thirties with well defined features and thick dark hair, wisps of which fell playfully on his forehead. His eyes were bright and piercing. Even from a distance, they were beautiful chocolate brown. If he thought that she didn't know that he was following her, he couldn't be more wrong. From the very second his pursuit started she was aware of his every move. Instead of feeling miffed she felt enthralled. She wanted to see how far he would go?

       Their eyes met and she held his gaze for several moments trying to eyeball him for his intentions. His dazzling grin gained more wattage and all she got was a nod of acknowledgement. They sat at a table across from him. She ordered her masala chai with a pastry puff while Neha went on to give her elaborate order( nothing was simple ordeal for her...after all it's Neha ;)

 Neha  " Priya check out that Tall, dark and handsome guy over there...I think that he is checking you out...pata hai I saw him at couple of places we were at for the past two days. Either it's a big time coincidence or he is stalking us...By any chance, do you know him?"

Priya boggled by this sudden allegation retorted " come on yaar Neha! Why would I know him? ...and why would he be stalking me?"

Neha " What do you mean why would he be following you???...madam, if you haven't looked carefully at yourself in the mirror lately then please are an epitome of an Indian beauty...( winking)no wonder that poor man can't keep his eyes off of you!"

Priya " Nehaaa!! Jab dekho kahin bhi shuru ho jaati ho ( you start with your melodrama anywhere) btw tall, dark and handsome toh hai hi aur bonus mein thoda mota bhi hai (besides being tall, dark and handsome as an additional bonus he is pleasantly plump too) stating this she started to giggle away.

       No pretence, no hesitation,he stared her down, his eyes intent and frank and his lips curved in quirked smile. Whenever she was around him she always felt that he was watching her, and she felt his gaze on her was like some sort of physical caress. Whether he intended it or not, his gaze was provocatively sensual and it sent a heated rush all through her. He exuded an air of sexiness without much effort. His mouth had a way of curving enticingly that made her want to kiss him. His presence was elating her and she felt a stir of stimulation, so heady and warm. She had to cast her eyes down to refrain from the bittersweet sensation building inside the pit of her stomach.

    She couldn't resist the temptation to look his way every now and then. He looked more handsome than the first glance. With His white shirt buttoned down just enough showing the matted hair of his chest, his red tie hanging loosely off to one side and his day old stubble, in this rather disheveled appearance he was taking her breath away...God forbid if she had caught a glimpse of him earlier.

PRIYAAA!! Good God lady!! Get a hold of yourself!! Her wayward thoughts were getting to her and the fact that he was looking at her so intently wasn't making things any easier. Her skin was hot and she didn't know why. Hot chai was certainly not a good idea in this heat!

Priya " umm Neha why don't you make a list of the shops we need to hit next...I will be right back. I need to freshen up and use the washroom" she wasn't sure of how she was gonna walk past him with his eyes on her. She looked his way one more time to pep herself,thankfully he was gone. She craned her neck to make sure of his whereabouts and made her move to the washroom.

Twenty minutes later

Neha " Oh My! What happened to you Priya!! Did you touch something you weren't supposed to ...looks like you are having an allergic reaction of some sort!!"

Priya took her seat in front of her friend vainly attempting to cover up the marks on her neck and upper chest. Her clip had come undone at some point and her hair looked like she had been through a tornado, and instead of gracefully adorning her right shoulder they were spread haphazardly on both shoulders. Her cheeks were flushed several shades of fuchsia and her lips looked swollen, few of the buttons of her kurti seemed to have popped off.

Neha gave another assessing look at her friend, handing her a scarf she remarked " Priya if I didn't know you any better I would think that you my dear are having a torrid affair " laughingly dismissing her own ridiculous thought she continued " let's get you home, get changed and rested...then we can come back and continue our shopping "  Priya nodded her head distractedly as they got up to leave.

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Oh my!
I can't wait to read the next part. I've a slight inkling where this is going, but that was one awesome first chapter.

Looks like I am the first person to comment. Wow! Double bonanza. LOL
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Posted: 2015-03-17T11:02:39Z
superb os. fantastic story. second part jaldi se update karo.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-03-17T11:47:14Z
lvly os...wtng 4 d 2nd part..updt soon.
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Posted: 2015-03-17T12:59:43Z
Wat a sensual start of yet another RaYa story by you. The staring session between them was continuing till Priya came out from washroom and now where that man disappeared in a short period of time.
You stopped at a crucial point and now till next part will come I will be thinking wat happened twenty mins agoEdited by aanchaltulshan - 2015-03-17T13:00:46Z
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Originally posted by Sreya08

Oh my!
I can't wait to read the next part. I've a slight inkling where this is going, but that was one awesome first chapter.

Looks like I am the first person to comment. Wow! Double bonanza. LOL

Sreya, so nice to see you here's been a long time! Thanks for taking the time to comment. The concept is very straightforward but just wanted to have some fun with it. I am glad that you liked the first chapter Big smile
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Originally posted by iluvusakshi

superb os. fantastic story. second part jaldi se update karo.

Thank you! Frankly, it's a lot of effort to pen down a story and lot of times it goes without the intended feedback from the readers. Since I started this I will finish it soon but I do need a few days as I am waiting to see which direction I should take it. 
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Originally posted by devajaan

lvly os...wtng 4 d 2nd part..updt soon.
Thanks! Means a lot that you liked and commented!
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