RAYA OS : My First Love

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My first Love

Priya were preparing to end their day's work Ram come from office and car was already parked in the garage Priya walked to the room than usual there was not a soul left in that place and all you could hear was the water drops falling from the sink the lights from the galley were off and everything was nice and clean

Everything was absolutely peaceful and quiet until...

Rammm Priya shouted Ram stopped and looked at her to make sure she was okay she was panting with her head to one side with her eyes closed and a smile on her face Ram smirked and stayed on top of her for a moment admiring the effect he had produced from her with a slight smile both of them had been left alone and since it was a rare occasion for them they took the opportunity to have a moment to enjoy themselves

Ram decided to stay on top of her to regain control of the situation after a while she finally opened her eyes to look for Ram's

That really felt good...Priya said pleased you never failed to give me an orgasm she kissed him Ram let out a chuckle and then kissed her back

I'm glad you liked it Ram grinned

I always do she kissed him again your really know how to satisfy a girl she smiled

I only know how to satisfy you Ram grinned while kissing her Priya chuckled and they both continued making out Ram broke the kiss and searched for her eyes



Can I ask you something?

Sure she smiled tenderly

Am I... uh...he pauses and then lowered his head Ram had that look of insecurity on his face and Priya tried to reassure him by stroking his hair

Yes? she said softly

Am I your first? Ram looked her in the eye

My first what...? Priya teased

You know... he blushed

Can you be more specific? she grinned

My first... kiss? My first... boyfriend? My first...Husband?
My first...

Everything Ram interrupted her

Yes you are Priya smiled at him and he also responded with a slight smile Priya leaned forward to face him Am I yours? Priya asked him

Yes Ram nodded

Really? Priya narrowed her eyes skeptically nd what about Isha? she raised an eyebrow

What about her? he asked confused

Didn't you have feelings for her?

I uh... I don't know Ram trailed off

What do you mean you don't know? her voice raised slightly

I don't know okay? would you please stop asking? he frowned

Ram's face suddenly changed and she was saddened to see his reaction uncomfortable she looks elsewhere and Ram does the same he then look at her and struggle to her side lying on his back

Why do you always have to kill the passion? he said

I kill the passion ? she got up and turned to face him

Yes you and your stupid questions Ram said frowning Priya scoffed and then returned to the position where she was

You r the one who's asking stupid things Priya murmur

You r right I don't know why I even asked Ram turned his back on her to avoid eye contact Priya turned once again to look at him she knew what she said had angered Ram she took a deep breath and let out a sigh

I'm sorry Priya whispered gently I didn't mean to say that

Ram didn't answer back

It's important to me too Priya said facing his back

After hearing no response from him she turns around and faces the wall I just can't help thinking what could have been if she was still here 

I wasn't lying about you being my first In fact I wanted you to be the one I still do Priya trailed off but I knew it could never happen if she was around you

Ram stayed silent while he listens to her and his face softened

I thought that I was the only girl who was capable to move your heart and to think that she could also do that... makes me feel less important Priya shrugged

When she leave you and you stayed with her memories nd since then I can't help feeling being second best because I haven't been able to fill that empty space she left her voice begins to break and Ram turns around slightly

I guess what I'm trying to say is... the reason why I keep bringing this up is because I want to know if I'm the only person who exists in your heart just like you've always been the only one in mine Priya buries her face on the pillow to keep her tears from falling Ram shifted towards her and he gently wrapped his arms around her waist he pulled her close and she begins to sob

Look at me Ram grabbed her chin in order to gain her attention Ram's eyes were locked on hers and she got lost in his brown ones

You were never second best Ram said firmly It's true I did feel something for her I'm not sure what it was... but it was there Ram's words pierced her chest like needles but the things I felt for her can't even be compared with what I feel for you

Priya's eyes widened as he continued

You r the one who lights the way, whenever I'm in the darkness the one who always picks me up when I fall the one who has always been there whenever I needed someone the one whose smile makes my heart shudder Priya's eyes were fixed on him and with every word he expressed her eyes began to get watery

You are the one Priya you've always have nd you'll always will nd no one can take that away from you

Unable to contain the tears Priya begins to cry Ram wipe her tears off and then presses a soft kiss on her eye lids Priya opens her eyes and found his lips which she took with her own overwhelmed Ram responded to the kiss with the same tenderness while he holds her closer Ram breaks the kiss only to whisper in her ear the words that made her tremble

I love you so much...he said softly

I love you too Priya replied with tears on her eyes Ram joined their lips once again and he wrapped his arms around her waist allowing their bodies to join and become one

That night they made love to each other all night long


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Originally posted by krunalidivecha

short n nice os
Thank you so much Smile
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short and sweet os...!!
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wow its simply super!!!!
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Originally posted by priyajan12

short and sweet os...!!
Thank you Smile
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Lovely OS!!
Thanks 4 pm.
And do write more!!
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Originally posted by Anandraji

wow its simply super!!!!
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Originally posted by Cute_Saakshii12

Lovely OS!!
Thanks 4 pm.
And do write more!!
Thank you so much Smile
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