SS 10 Josephine & M.A.C on 143 - Page 29

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Posted: 6 years ago
my guess right 
time 10:20 IST
Posted: 6 years ago
Fascinating updates Nisha.
What difference of lifestyle for the dude between India and Paris. In India all he has to do is text and stuff would be before him in minutes. In paris he is making his own Pasta from scratch .Love the way how you keep these small things in perspectiveClap. It shows he can adapt himself to any lifestyle which is a quality of jet setters and back packers.
I can understand IIs feelings about Raman's past affairs. For a girl who is not into casual sex, it will be difficult to digest the living in affairs . She is still confused as to why she was drawn to him inspite of that very big flaw . She was ready to go all the way with him even before marriage.
She cannot stop thinking about his past neither can she give him up. She is going through the  internal struggle between her values and her desires.
 But I feel she should not be talking about his past affairs with him unless she encounters them explicitly. He should definitely know that his past bothers her a lot but wish to see that happening in a more subtle way.
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Posted: 6 years ago
"Love" can't begin to describe my feelings and connect to SoSy, R&B, II & Nisha.
In the most normal, everyday conversations... You find nuggets of heart-baring stuff. 
How do you manage to make it so close to real life, while it still stays fictional? How do you take these almost fictional characters and fit them into an almost regular daily life?

And... You give us so much more insight into R&B with each update... You show us how adaptable he is (maybe that's his mantra for success)...
[I can totally understand that... I used to stay in a flat with a couple of friends. There, we did everything - cleaning, cooking, washing dishes, laundry, taking out the garbage... And. Every once in a while, when I come back home... I'm like a wastrel. Do nothing, except sleep, eat, read and watch TV LOL]

You know... R&B is letting II in... Contrary to all expectations, he isn't perfect. He's got his shortcomings...and for the first time I'm starting to see the beginnings of insecurities, in the last few chapters.

That's the most incredible thing. They're both growing, infinitesimally, together.

I haven't been very active the last one week. Real life has been extremely intrusive. And a lot has been happening here. 
And now. College has to take precedence for the next two weeks. Again.
Funnily enough, that's what I'm most saddened about. That I've barely managed to catch up on updates this last week. And that this will continue for the next two weeks as well.
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Posted: 6 years ago
Nish please change the title re...
I would have missed the update

And love you loads for giving us one 

Will read and gush
Posted: 6 years ago
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Posted: 6 years ago
This one stole my heart Nisha! gave a beautiful image n escape from reality for people who live by themselves n cook n clean n worry about bloody landlords who scream their gut out seeing the amount of oil n haldi n masala stains on their kitchen furniture inspite of exhaust LOL They never understand how everything turns orangish near the exhaust LOL
I think I love R&B more... Bas beech beech mei wo blunder karta hai... Deviations in his upwards character graph.. Jaise uss din II ko he didnt carry back to bed...bas ye II apne graph ha histogram bana rahi hai... Sab deviations hi deviations hainLOL Abhi iska graph upar ja rahahai... 2 update pehle ekdum negative jaane ke liyethreaten karraha tha
R&B is sooo easy!! Understands her discomfort n also her guilt about dirtying the place! She praised him n he didnt doubt her or gloat(another story, R&B is yet to praise II fully)... Heis fiercely protective of their privacy... II should gain some confidence with this privacy... Aww he cant see His wifey in pain... Cares for what will bring her relief... N then also worries if eating meat infront of her bothers her... Something tells me if II starts being averse to meat smell he'll even quit that
OK: one wish: when II goes preggers, maybe II can get uncomfy with meat smell... N R&B will quit it just like that!! Day Dreaming
There is such an easy camaradrie between these two when they are not fighting... N II is not being insecure... He even is encouraging her to change things to her liking in their apartment. That should be a sign for II that he is giving her a right on him... i just hope she doesnt refuse it... N say main kaise n all... Its a start... Maybe this is how she will learn to assert right over him? I hope she doesEmbarrassed
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Posted: 6 years ago
Loved his response..calm and composed..He didn't get agitated , didn't frown just passed the ball in her court by asking what she wants to hear...both the conditions are unacceptable to her...she don't want a yes don't want a no..I wonder question poocha hi kyu fir..Dude won't lie..he is too straightforward to lie to make her happy..n you can't lie about your past to make your present happy...truth prevails as they say..Smile


aww...Pyar bhi hai but batana bhi nhi hain..and why so much negativity..She thinks she is mad to think that their relationship will prevail...matlab jung mai jane se pehle hi hathiyar dal diye...Have seen wives who are fiercely protective of their husband..yeh II ajeeb hi namooni hain..Angry

The song is just perfect..suits II really well..dude is helping her to set up sweet..
""She only exists in your mind" he said as if he didn't believe her answer"..

R&B ko lie detector machine bana do..He can pick up her lies so easily..I don't like this attitude of II..Instead of focusing on their present and future she is more concerned about his past..He can't change it so why can't she let it go..Its not that she didn't have a past but has R&B ever asked her about it..whatever be the reason..she wants to be the only one, she is too involved..nothing is justified in digging up graves..It will hurt her only..

dude is making dinner..chopping veggies...Oh yaar..I just love men who cook..Embarrassed.He is more reason to love him...II have no control on her..If she is not talking she behaves like a hyperactive kid..messing around with stuff..

can't eat pasta with straight face now..It will remind me of this couple who are too hot to handle..too damn hot...they love messing with food and then cleaning up..LOL

Posted: 6 years ago
"sabko hot to thodi na keh sakti hoon" she winked laughing
This made me laugh so much... II can be so cheeky when she wants to be... N love that R&B wants to be the hot guy for II... Nothing less would do for him from her!! Embarrassed

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