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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604


There is a proverb in Tamil which goes "Bayandavanukku irundadellam pei" "For one who is terrified even darkness/night is a ghost"

This morning I was so terrified... I thought I should quit writing intimate scenes and go back to being Doordarshan of the 1970s you know, what if he is on top and pushes hard and I am accused of rape? What if she doesnt moan does that mean rape? what if he hurriedly reaches for her clothing and it rips and I am accused of writing rape. Should the act always be initiated by her and  every action be performed by her just so its not rape? He should never make the first move or it will be rape. He should never make a move when she is asleep coz it could be rape

I am not a gender  relations Ph D or a Lawyer or a cop or a politician
want to be NEITHER, I was never raped and never advocated it... I started suspecting myselfCry

It was bizarre for a few hours actually...Cry

To be frank Nisha, I did suspect you changed the update because of these comments. Though the next chapter was beautiful by itself it definitely lacked the II, R&B touch.
I did not want to mention it before to avoid confusion here. I could imagine how freaked out you must be by that comment. And I knew you were going to change the tone of the story.
Kudos to you for coming up with such beautiful alternate chapter in such short time. Testimony to your immense talent.

It was going beautifully till then. He was pissed at her irresponsibility and ignoring her royally, she tried to pacify him and when he did not relent ,told him she wanted to go home, that did not do the trick and she cried herself to sleep . Next day she checks the indent on the pillow to make sure he slept beside her ( aww cute) but still went on to rile him up with the ticket and boom that does it and she got the reaction from himWink.  I did not find anything amiss here. They were true to their characters.
Like it was mentioned before, your story appeals to all senses. Please do not change it.

Now that you mentioned you wrote different update , I would like to see if you are ok with it.Smile Or you can blend it in the coming updates.

I loved II and Ranjan's convo. She such a sweetheart. She is going to spread her warmth in that cold Malcha Marg home of Bhallas.

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Posted: 7 years ago
YAY! Heading towards THREAD #11Party
Looking forward to MORE. 

Posted: 7 years ago
Idlis and Ideologies is super nice. I am now relieved that these two are talking in real sense. I am sure many have already said this! The beautiful comparison you made Nisha about the women in his life, was much needed at least at this stage where they are trying to accommodate each other in their lives though believing at the back of there heads that this marriage is temporary Confused
She feeling home in SB was expected! I know how it feels when you know there are OUR people somewhere in the corner of a place we visit and we are happy that the world is not really as bad as we think it is LOL
The dude speaking is really nice. Her ideas are bang on. I would have thoughts about my career the way II described. Who would in fact sacrifice a 20 l pa job for a no profit activity ? Selfish enough but much needed in the world today Cry
Her thoughts of life taking turns and dodging that jerk's name is validated to an extent where she thinks he does the same LOL. But I liked how he was probing her to get the truth out from her since she TALKS LOL
I am hoping that worm should not bother him and her in any way in thought process also Confused
Ready for the next Big smile
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

next update soon
Does SOON mean we will get another update this morning? Can't wait...this is the first time this week that I'm able to sit back in anticipation for the next feels like COMING HOME.
 - SR
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Seriousreader

Originally posted by Nisha0604

next update soon
Does SOON mean we will get another update this morning? Can't wait...this is the first time this week that I'm able to sit back in anticipation for the next feels like COMING HOME.
 - SR
Now, in a while SR Big smile
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by harshita27

Song suggestion for when Parisian guests would visit: Raat ka Nasha Abhi...from film AsokaEmbarrassed
Where are you re..Not seen much LOLLOLLOL
Posted: 7 years ago
Hey Nisha i m here..Dancing
I know my post wil get lost somewhere between hundreds here..nevertheless jus letting u know that i ve always appreciated ur writing..i may be judgemental abt the characters sometimes but not with ur writing..bcos if a writer is making you think about a character and analyse them it means that writer has succeeded in her keep up ur writing and dont let anything or anybody's opinion affect your characterization..even if you are going to paint R n B grey and II green (whatever that indicates) we ll trust your judgement on it..please trust us on this one..

PS:like everybody else even i wanna read that deleted paragraph 
Posted: 7 years ago
Josephine & M.A.CBig smile

HE offered to take the food upstairs and asked her to wait  at the security desk, she  said she would go up with him "OK" was all he said

"When did u buy this?" she asked

"Two? 2.5 years ago?" "Not sure" he said carelessly
6th came fast... they got off and walked over to the door, she wandered by the elevator

"Arent you afraid to be alone by the elevator" he asked mischievously

"Poda!!" she shook her head smiling...
"Notre Dame is open until 8 I think"

"Once a day is vitamin, two three four five times a day becomes" II  was lost for words "Umm... mmm"

"WHAT?" he asked..

"I dont know I am going to think up something by the time you get out" she ran as he chased... there were expensive sofas and coffee tables and end tables and fresh flowers on every lobby... the lobby on 6th no different
She tipped the vase over... he caught her in a second... hauling her...

"Go put the food inside" she begged

"It is technically... inside" he chuckled. The door was open a crack and the food sat there
"If my chutney goes rancid at night I am going to kill you" she laughed as he carried her literally over
his shoulder like Tarzan, a couple got of the elevator, she shoved him in shock sliding off
Leaning on him panting... "Hey" said R&B nodding the couple left

"Lets go" she hissed...
He set things in the frig and she changed her blouse on the blue jeans she wore... sambar stains... she ate like a famine struck woman

They got off the elevator and walked towards the station, "Do u like taking the Metro?" she asked

"This is great, if u figure out where you want to go"

"How did u learn French?" she asked

"Modern School 9-12th and then at CMU..." he said

Dragging her as she lingered by a M.A.C LED board... he walked up taking a call, and did a come up with his hand like "chalo" she waited for ALLL the images to scroll and came up 7 minutes later, he was on the call so he didnt care at first but when she showed up later

The platform was filled with FIVE HUNDRED people returning home from work

"The trains are crowded, its rush hour, u stand there staring an LED?" he was pissed

"Well YOU were on a call too" she accused
"For ONE exact minute" he lied
"i was looking at the various colors of eye shadow, WHY DO U CARE," she spat back
"We cant get to Notre Dame for the next two hours" "thats why"

"How far is it anyway, the phone shows only half hour" she sulked

"IF we get the next one" he hissed

"And its not my honeymoon" she said walking away

"OK... OK... NEW RULES... remember? 6 hours ago?" he dragged her back

"I was just trying to take the next train Mr Bhalla" she said fighting the crowds folding into his chest

He bent down lifted her chin up kissing her right there in the station...

He dragged her back to the wall, they got the 7th or 8th train and reached Notre Dame at 8 Visitor Hours were over... they wandered outside along the bridge

Watching street performers sing, he took pictures on his phone as she softly modulated her voice to match the tune of the lute, he was dressed Napoleon, he was barely 5 feet tall, with a fake moustache
 II fought her way to the front and stared him play sing and tap his feet flying in the air to knock his ankles together

She grinned.. admiringly... he extended his hand, she leaned back on him, or so she thought... it was another spectator

By now the Napoleon look alike was on his knees asking for her hand, the woman by her nudged her to give him her hand

She giggled and did...he twirled

"I am not wearing a skirt, its too cold" she explained to him luckily she didnt speak her paragraph or two long essay...
R&B wasnt amused but recorded it nevertheless

He paused and asked "Ne chante u?" he asked

"I dont speak French" she said embarrassed, trying to free her hand desperately

Her braid was up front, he held the edge and walked like it was rope... a good 30 inches long
The crowd went "ooo" she yanked it "OK Thanks" and began scanning the crowd for R&B

The dude again went on his knees and begged "One song?" "Une?" he begged

"No... I dont sing"

"I heard you hum" he said the woman in the front row that stood by her translated for her

"I was just trying to match the tune"

The woman translated it for the dude

"Sing? seeng seeng seeng" he strummed the lute goading the audience to clap



RAKSHASAN! where is he now
She scanned again... she spotted him, staring inscrutably

The woman joined her now, "sing"

She began with eyes closed

"Kaho na kaho, yeh aankhen bolti hai oh sanam

Mohabbat ke safar mein"

She sang the first paragraph fully

FABULOUS singer she was... so she just killed it'
Napoleon strummed the lute... and ended up singing the whole song

He held her hand and she bowed.. yanked it free and ran in the direction of Rakshasan's twirling clump of hair errmm head

People watched her join the dude, clapping...

He gave her a half smile

"Josephine?" he mocked softly (Napoleon's wife) getting his wallet out to drop 100EU in the dude's hat


When they walked up to the door at 10:30 a package awaited, more like a box... it had her name on it, she opened it frantically "MERE LIYE?

MUJHE KISNE YAAD KIYA?" she giggled, he went in as usual

In the box lay M.A.C eye shadow of every shade... like... 35 of them...
he threw in lipsticks too as a bonus, she sat down by the front door, her favorite spot the last three days
stared open mouthed

"Do u need a mirror?" he asked coming back outBlushing


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