Temptations PART 7 is up! on page 22!! ISHRA OS MATURE(Page 8)

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Thanks for the PM. Loved the update.
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Originally posted by desisweetheart9

Thanks for the PM. Loved the update.
Glad you enjoyed it Smile
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Hi friends

I have another Temptation OS for you! Albeit this is a two part instalment!
This just came into my mind and I scribbled it here so please don't judge me too harshly
But I do hope you like what I've written and enjoy it as much as the others!
Second part of it will be up soon but can't promise when!
Thanks for reading in advance

Temptation 4

If you kiss her I am going to puke!

What? No. No!

Get off me then you oaf!!

Raman let go of her arms and took his leg off her and moved away from her, getting off the floor embarrassed.

Romi grinned looking at his partner and the woman they had saved some hours ago. They had started fighting again over something trivial and ended up in a a bowl and on the floor, with Raman on top, faces dangerously close!

There seemed to be sparks flying between the two since the moment they met, even though they were both in denial and seemed to be fighting the attraction by fighting with each other instead!

Raman and Romi were cops who had been commissioned to find and rescue the mayors daughter who had supposedly been kidnapped by her boyfriend for ransom.

After searching high and low for her they had found her in an abandoned mine in the middle of a forest on the outskirts of town. This was after a tip off from the boyfriends ex girlfriend, who had snitched him up due to jealousy and scorn for being ditched.

But the mayors daughter had turned out to be a firecracker! Not only was she absolutely stunning but her temperament was extremely rebellious too! She refused to believe that her loving boyfriend had asked her father for ransom or kidnapped her!

This irked Raman, a well meaning but naturally angry and short tempered man no end! In truth she was exactly the type of women he liked!

Sexy n firey!

And wearing those fitted leather pants and that snug red corset with her boobs pushed up to the max? Romi was sure Raman was on fire and wanted to do her right here and now! He couldn't help but grin at his predicament!

To be honest, she looked more like a hooker than the respectable mayors daughter! Romi guessed she must be going through a rebellious phase.

Anyway, she insisted that she had come willingly and refused to be rescued or to go anywhere with the guys. When they tried to take her out of the mine quietly, she caused a hell of a racket, waking the guys watching over her as well as alerting the said boyfriend. That had obviously resulted in a fight off with the baddies with Raman getting angry beyond reason, which never turned out to be good for the villains.

Or the hostage in this case.

Raman had been livid at the woman's non compliance and in the end he had picked her up, slung her over his shoulder and smacking her bottom to stop wriggling, carried her out in true caveman style!

Romi had grinned again! This was gonna be a looong night and there was a looong way to go home he thought!
Big smile

To be continued...

Part B

God is there no end to this forest? Raman complained angrily!

Well which idiot told you to come here? She retorted back

Your dad actually! He spat back.

Go f**k yourself! She replied venomously.

I'll f**k you senseless if you don't shut up! He muttered quietly.

I'd like to see you try bas***d! She'd heard him.

Romi was laughing inwardly hearing this tit for tat spat! Gosh, duty had never been this fun before!

Now if only Sarika had been here...his mind transported back to his beautiful innocent young wife who was surely waiting for him at home. He could smell the jasmine flowers which she adorned in her hair...
He remembered the feel of her silky skin under his hands...he tasted her sweet taste in his mouth...

Shut up!

No you shut up!

Shut up or I'll come over and SHUT You up!

Come on then!

Hello. HELLO!!! GUYS!

He had their attention.

Look if you two can stop fighting we can concentrate on getting out of here. We seem to be lost and its dark to find our way out tonight. I don't think anyone's following us now so I think we should camp out here and wait for morning. At first light we might be able to see our way out of here. Ok?


If we must! Ok.

Right. Raman help me make a clearing. We can gather some leaves and wrap them in our jackets to rest our heads.

I don't have a jacket.

Well who told you to dress like a slapper!

Mind your language shithead!

Will you two stop acting like kids!


Jees! You're like a bunch of toddlers! Ok miss...


Yes Miss Ishita its not too cold tonight so you should be ok but I'll give you my jacket just incase you need it.

Thank you. Nice to know there's one gentleman around!

Ok ok Raman just ignore that remark!

The guys made a clearing as the Ishita sat watching them in the dark. Truthfully she was tired from all the exertion and these clothes were turning out to be extremely uncomfortable. The trousers stuck to her legs and her body ached from the tightness of the corset. All she wanted to do was fling it off and get into one of her comfy kurtas. She was done with this rebelliousness!

That Subhu had turned out to be a major letdown! The lowdown lout had asked her father for money while he kept her captive! It was another matter that she had thought it an adventure and taken things in her stride.

But this guy? Gosh he was so hot! He was the type of guy she wanted! Heck needed! She felt her insides quiver and her core throb with an unknown sensation every time he came near her! His rugged looks, his muscles, his authoritativeness! Oh she could imagine him pleasuring her and taking her to the heights of ecstasy she had only read about!

Yes there it was! The truth!

She the daughter of a traditional, respectable Mayor had only ever studied at all girls schools and colleges and had very little contact with boys. Only having read about romance, she had stumbled at the first hurdle by choosing an unsuitable guy who she now knew was a greedy, opportunist waste of space! Wanting to impress him and to appear a woman of the world she had dressed like this for their first weekend away. Little had she known that he had had other plans!

Yet now looking at this guy, her heart lurched forward and her breath hitched.

It was simple. The only reason she was fighting with him was because she felt an irresistible urge to be kissed by him. She wanted his hands to roam all over her body! To the places no one had ever seen let alone touched! He boobs ached to be touched by him, fondled by him, kissed by him. The raw lust she felt towards him was so new that the only way she saw to counteract it was to shout and fight with him!

Here Miss Ishita, come I've made a space for you. You should be comfortable here.

Breaking her reverie Romi told her to lie down on the grass and also handed her his jacket.

Raman took his handcuffs out and with a quick click had handcuffed Ishita to himself.

What the hell is this? She looked at the handcuffs incredulously.

With the racket you made back there, I don't know that you're not going to run back to them in the night. It's simple I don't trust you.

Well f**k you! I don't trust YOU!

Get over yourself! There is nothing there that could possibly interest me!
Plus I don't mix business with pleasure!

Calm down you two. I'm tired so I'm going to sleep. Please keep your voices down if you're going to carry on fighting.

Romi settled on the ground a little distance away wanting to enter dreamland ASAP to dream about his loving wife.


Spoilt brat!


Raman and Ishita lay down too but were finding it hard to get comfortable. As Raman put his arm on his eyes, Ishitas arm got pulled. As she turned to face the other way Ramans arm got pulled. After pulling too and fro repeatedly Raman got up, pulling Ishita with him and took the key of the handcuffs out of his pocket. Unlocking his left side he placed the cuffs on his right hand.

Look if we sleep on our side facing the same way the handcuff shouldn't bother us ok

Is there really a need for this?


But I'm not going anywhere. Honest

If they find us in the night and try to take you, they won't be able to without waking me. It's for your safety.


Flames exploded inside her burning her insides with a passion she had never experienced before! Oh that one sentence had melted her and made her a quivering mass of hormones. He had been looking out for her rather than making life uncomfortable for her! She had never thought of it that way.

Settling back down again, she faced a tree to her left and felt him lie down behind her. Resting her arm on her hip she was acutely aware of the mere cm between them. She also only just remembered the silk ribbon tie up of her corset and her half bare back exposed to his gaze if he chose to look at it.

Oh he was looking alright!

To be continued... Wink
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That's so short...
Please update the next part soon!
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Originally posted by Divancraze

That's so short...
Please update the next part soon!

Dont worry just had another idea!Wink

I will update as soon as ive written it!Big smile
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The last sentence had me LOL! ROFL You go Raman, tame the rebellious Ishita! Romi I am liking your predictions! Let the journey begin!
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Devani part 4 LOVE IT. Look like You are grilling Raman Patient.he carry her like caveman ha ha will be fun for next update.LOLEdited by usaonly - 2015-04-19T20:36:09Z
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Short one but I liked it very much waiting for the next update
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