Temptations PART 7 is up! on page 22!! ISHRA OS MATURE(Page 4)

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it was lovely so much passion EmbarrassedI loved the elevator encounter Embarrassed

 wasn't expecting the twist at the end Embarrassed
beautifully written Smile
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wow...such a tempting os...
really loved it...
good job...
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Originally posted by Divan.Pooja

it was lovely so much passion EmbarrassedI loved the elevator encounter Embarrassed

 wasn't expecting the twist at the end Embarrassed
beautifully written Smile

Thanks for reading and your commentsBig smile
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Hi guys 

Thanks for your fantastic response to my previous OS!

I have written another which I thought you might like!

Please ignore any typos and my mistakes and comment and like at willWink




Temptation 2



"Please can u go in for me?"

"No I can't! You need it so u go!"

"Oh come on! I've never done it before, you're experienced! Please?"

"They won't know whether you're experienced or not! They don't care! Plus what if dad sees me?"

"Uncles at home! Please, look I always help you yaar!! This is your chance to do something for me!"

"But she might be in there!"

"Do you know for sure? She might not be. She could be anywhere; you said she's not been in here for a while! Look I'm not taking no for an answer! You know why I can't do it, people will question! If you do it no one will bat an eyelid!"

"Yea right...Okay!!"

"Please hurry before it closes. I'm feeling lucky tonight!"

"Ok let's pull over..."

I put the car in neutral and pull the handbrake on. We have parked outside a large department store chemist.

"I really don't know if I can do this!"

Unbeknown to my friend and contrary to popular belief I have never needed to do this.  All of my past experience has mostly been playground gossip!

But I can't tell him that now! He'll just laugh at me!

I feel scared as well as embarrassed as I get out of the car reluctantly.

"Get in the driver's seat and start the car so we can make a quick getaway, ok?"

"Okay okay abb jao bhi!"

I enter the chemist, looking up to the sky, praying as if I'm about to embark on a war mission!

I just pray she's not on duty here! If I'd known he would make me do this I would have found out if she was here or not before I came!

As I walk through the automatic doors my gaze swiftly goes towards the counter. Thank god there's a lanky guy at the till. I haven't seen him in here before so he must be new.

This is the last time I will be doing him any favours! I mean SHE works here.

What will she think?!

I'm not that kind of guy!

I mean...I mean i am!

But I'm not!

I mean I'm not in here to buy THAT to do THAT with IT! With HER!

Not that I don't want to! God only knows HOW desperately I want to BUT I can't can I?

Not yet anyway.

You know what I mean don't you?!?

Amongst my inner debate I forgot I'm still standing in the door! I tentatively walk in. 

Phew! She's not here.

Looking around I notice an elderly pharmacist checking the meds which means she's not on duty today.


I breathe a sigh of relief and gaining some confidence start walking around the chemist to try and locate what I'm looking for.

As I walk around the isles I hear a tune playing on the radio. It reminds me of her.

Her long swan neck

Her full curves, which would fit perfectly in my hands.

Her luscious lips.

Her slightly open mouth uttering my name seductively in the throes of passion!

Ok that last one was a hopeful exaggeration!

But hey, I'm a guy, I can fantasize can't I?

Looking around the shelves I begin to hum along with the tune on the radio. Slowly the music begins to get louder and louder and louder.


Roop tera mastana

Pyar mera Dewana

Bhool koi na hum say ho jayay


I see what I came to get. But there's so much...variety!


Raat nashili mast sama hai

Aaj nashay main saara jahaan hai


I start sweating! Which ones does he...want! Need! Fit?!


Raat nashili mast sama hai

Aaj nashay main saara jahaan hai




I look up. Shit shit shit! It's her!!


Hai sharbi mausam behkaiy ay ay ay


In shock the several packets I was looking through slip out of my hands and fall scrambling down on the floor at our feet!


Roop tera mastana

Pyar mera Dewana

Bhool koi na hum say ho jayay...


Horrified, I cringe as my embarrassment is heightened two fold with Kishor Kumar hollering at the top of his voice on the overhead radio. the lyrics and body's reaction at seeing her unexpectedly vocalises exactly what "bhool" I'd like to be committing with her at this moment!

I am too shocked to do or say anything except gape at her. My eyes travel from her brown pointy shoes, up her beige coloured, smart trouser clad, legs which seem endless! Up her cream coloured blouse and eventually landing on the perfect swell of her perfectly rounded orbs, which are straight in line with my vision! I guess she must be wearing heels today, the really high ones.

Although on a normal day this id be delighted to be in this position but right now THAT view and THIS closeness aren't helping my compromised state at all.

Instead they are creating havoc THERE in my body.

I quickly bend down making an attempt at damage control but she recovers first. Gathering up the packets, she looks at them and then raises a perfectly shaped eyebrow, asking politely.

"Can I...help you?"

Yes, only you can help me in this condition.

"Erm yes, I mean no, yes erm... I need some, them I mean, not for me no no no for someone I know. He needs them. Yes my friend needs them."

"Ok. Do u know what... He prefers?"

I look at her blankly. I have never been sooo embarrassed in my life! And never in a million years did I imagine having this conversation with her!

But the person up above isn't content at my getting caught, buying condoms, like a naughty school boy by the object of my desire, he sends another woman, a chatty friendly TALKATIVE one also to mock me too!

She comes skipping over.

"Hi Jeej..."

My one gives her a look stopping her in her tracks and she changes tact.

"Sorry! Hi sir, ma'am. I never thought I'd see you here, buying those? Aap ko help chahyay?"

My one gives her another look and she scurries off in a fit of giggles! I know now I will never be hearing the end of this! I am going to KILL Mahir when I get to the car!

Meanwhile she's still looking at me expectantly but with the signs of a slight grin appearing on her lips.

"Aap choose kar leegiyay then please pay at the till we are about to close in 10 minutes."

I smile weakly, pick a random packet and follow her to the front of the shop to the till to pay. I am dying of shame and embarrassment as all the 4 employees, 2 pharmacists (old guy and my one) pharmacy assistant (giggly one) and the tall lanky guy are waiting for me to pay for the condoms and exit the shop.

Never have I, in my life of a father of two kids suffered this much embarrassment!! Even SHE has a rosy blush on her cheeks, probably with amusement at my expense! I feel like a kid caught with my hand in the cookie jar!

I pay up as quick as I can and stuffing them in my jacket pocket turn to leave. But she calls out to me and stops me.

"Sunyay main paanch minute main aati hoon lift milay gi?"

I close my eyes and smile. Yes!!

"Haan main wait karta hoon. Tum aa jao!"

Rushing out I hurriedly get into my car and scream at Mahir to get out.

"Par Bhai main ghar kaisy jaoon ga?"

"Tairy wali bhi aa rahi hai. Us say lift lay. Mujhay apni wali ko lay kay jana hai! Chall dafa ho. Teri waja say badi baizzti karwa li main nay! Nikal bahir!"

"Ok bhai but wo to de do!"



"Yes, no! Get your own!"

"What? Why?"

"I'm going to need them!"

"Ohhh! Teek hai teek hai. Lagta hai aaj aap bhi lucky feel kar rahay ho!"

"Ok ok bhabhi kay chamchay wo aa gayi. Tu ja!"

I see her coming out and looking towards the parking to locate my car. On seeing it she smiles and starts walking towards me. On meeting Mahir she exchanges pleasantries with him and then opens the door and sits inside.



"Ghar chalain?"

"Haan Chalo"

"Aap nay...Mahir ko de diyay wo?"




Then I grin and she smiles and we both look at each other. My heartbeats begin to race so fast I fear my chest will burst any minute!

"Acha kiya. I think abb waqt aa gaya hai humari relationship main kay hum bhi wo use karain, don't you think?"

In that one sentence she has turned me into a man from the fumbling stuttering embarrassed teenager I was back in the store.

I am so ecstatic that I can only shake my head in response to my beautiful intelligent madrasan wife and happily acknowledge that she is ready to move on in our relationship.

As I drive home grinning ear to ear I make a mental note to thank Mahir for sending me on that errand when I next meet him!

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Yaaay you posted another part...
I wish this had more Romance...
Thnx for the PM
P.S you should start another SS/FF
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wow- ishita's the bold one with raman stuttering lol
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Really nice update (let me introduced you I'm a silent reader and a big fan of your every work) hay hay wait a minute where's the mature part.;) do continue soon. Edited by misavelon789 - 2015-03-18T22:59:14Z
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Omg that was hilarious. Update soon

Are the 1st and 2nd part different Oses
coz in the first one they were working in same office and in second one she works in a chemist.Edited by florine_20 - 2015-03-19T00:16:36Z
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