Temptations PART 7 is up! on page 22!! ISHRA OS MATURE(Page 20)

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Haee!!! Rabba!!!

How can you write such updates

Steamingly hot...


I need a cold shower darling...

OMG... What an update... Too goood...

If I wrote what am I feeling in my own words then I would get banned here... So you can understand what your updates are doing to me...

Hottest update...

Seductress Ishita... Wooohooo...

I could all that in the update...

Ehheheheh... Birds roaming in my stomach...

Muahhh to you dear... What an update jii... Awesome...

Love your mature updates...

Thanks Embarrassed
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Devani I still blus EmbarrassedEmbarrasseddear love the scence inside the lift. How can I forget only Mrs Bhalla can seduce Mr.Bhalla she just teasing him but the best part is the person who lost the bet get the prize. This update full with passion from both of them but more from Ishu she know when and where to put The button to turn Raman on. Thank you for the hot and sensious update dear. Have a wonderful week ahead dear.i need to go to take a shower now.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I'm exhasparated that they aren't even showing proper romance! I hate this comedy romance, two people in love and desperate for each other don't act like that! Anyway took my frustration out in update! Embarrassed Wink Glad everyone enjoyed it!
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that was...hot! 
i'm loving this temptations Big smile
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Originally posted by rutu83

that was...hot!
i'm loving this temptationsBig smile

Thanks Rutu! Smile
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Update jii

Soon please

Devani... Please...

Continue soon...
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Originally posted by TamannaSethi

Update jii

Soon please

Devani... Please...

Continue soon...

I have another one conjuring up in my mind! Will post soon!
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Hi there friends

Just updating my temptations with part 7. It's a little short but I seem to be losing the will to write after the CVs of the serial seem to be showing everything other than the leads romance Dead

Anyway I hope you enjoy it as much as the others!

Thanks for all your likes and comments Smile



Raman slapped his arm irritably as a mosquito tried to bite him. As he sat in the sweltering heat, on the wet squidgy dirt covered floor of the jungle, he wondered what had possessed him to listen to Ashok and come on this tropical nightmare in the guise of an adventure holiday!

Slap! Another bug tried to bite him as he smacked it off his face!

Gosh! Where were the guys? He thought. Ashok, Raman's boss and Romi and Suraj, his colleagues had gone to find food and water an hour ago! Raman had stopped behind at the tents because he couldn't be bothered to exert himself in this humidity. But as they were still not back he decided to go and look for them. Getting up from the ground he patted down the dirt from his shorts. Then he put his cap on before starting to walk in the direction his colleagues had taken a while ago. After walking sometime in the humid jungle, pushing shrubs and growth out of his way, Raman reached the edge of a small cliff which dropped down into beautiful stream with a waterfall pooling into it softly. Raman looked in awe at the heavenly scene below him and wondered at Gods beautiful creation. The turquoise water amidst the multi green jungle trees and the brightly coloured wild flowers which grew randomly around the water made his negative thoughts of the heat, mosquitos and dirt disappear!

As he stood lulled into a trance by the gentle splashing of the water Raman suddenly saw some movement in the waterfall about 50 feet away from him. He stepped back in fright! But then shaking himself, the thought that it was probably the guys, enjoying the water made him decide to slowly make his way down to the riverbank. Little did he know of the surprise that awaited him in the water.

As he walked through the slippery and winding path, past the swooping branches, down to the river bank he heard what sounded like someone humming. He stopped in his tracks and looked around him. What he saw next surprised him and he quickly retreated back into the bushes. Unable to resist, he peeked out from his hiding place to watch as his curiosity got the better of him.

Aankhon ki
Gustakhiyan.. maaf hoon
O aankhon ki
Gustakhiyan.. maaf hoon
Ek tuk tumhein dekhti hain
Jo baat kehna chaahe zubaan
Tumse vo ye kehti hain

Aankhon ki
Aankhon ki
Gustakhiyan.. maaf hoon

As the waterfall swooshed down from the cliff above, a beautiful female figure emerged out of it like a heavenly creature! Dressed in a white robe, which now clung to her, her arms were raised straight up above her head, with her hands poised as a shoot which allowed the water to stream down her lithe curvaceous body and merge into the stream. The magical scene created such a beautiful mirage that Raman was finding it difficult to gauge whether she was part of the waterfall or a separate entity!

This dilemma was dived just moments later as the beauty moved forward, out of the waterfall and stepped on top of a small rock just outside. She stood there in her semi nakedness, her body glistening in the sunlight unaware of Ramans gaze.

Her robe clung to her, contouring her perfectly sculptured body, her nipples taut from the cold water which had bathed them moments ago. Raman stared unabashedly at her and felt his arousal begin to stir. His body was heating up from within by a different heat now as his hormones started going haywire.

Aankhon ki
Gustakhiyan.. maaf hoon
O aankhon ki
Gustakhiyan.. maaf hoon
Ek tuk tumhein dekhti hain
Jo baat kehna chaahe zubaan
Tumse vo ye kehti hain

He knew it was wrong. Wrong to watch a female in this vulnerable state, like a voyour but he couldn't help himself! His eyes had a mind of their own they just wouldn't look away, drinking in her beauty, her curves! It was all their fault. His body was also reacting to the ethereal erotic picture playing before him!

The gentleman in him screamed for him to look away, not to intrude on the lady's privacy! But his eyes! They were enthralled by her. No matter what his sane sensible brain instructed them, he was unable to avert them. They were mesmerised by the semi nude beauty who hummed away like a nightingale, oblivious to the effect she was having on her surroundings!

The gentle rumble and vibration of the water falling coupled with the sight of the goddess like female was having a detrimental effect on Ramans body. He felt extremely aroused by the sight. His wayward brain followed suit of his eyes and began imagining the excitement, the heat and how the closeness of their bodies would feel if he went over right now and began to make love to her!

He envisaged the cool water falling around them, over them, their juices mingling with the water! How her ivory skin would splash and slap against his wet body and how her boobs would bob up and down while he pumped into her relentlessly!

Skin glissening in the sun, nipples hardened from the coolness of the water, two bodies becoming one, holding, caressing, feeling as the water ripples around them!

Just the thought of doing these unspeakable things to the stranger made Raman uncomfortably hard. His eyes urged him to get down to the water and see if she was real or a figment of his imagination His hands itched to touch and feel the glistening soft skin!

His colleagues, the heat and the bugs all forgotten, Raman imagined how the power of the water, coupled with raw emotion of their love making would be truely mind blowing. And the knowledge that the eyes of nature were watching them? Just the thought gave him a mini orgasm.




A cold splash of water on his face brought him rudely out of his dream heaven. As he sat up in bed and rubbed his eyes he looked at the Jhansi ki Rani standing next to the bed with her hands on her hips.

Utto Raman! Der ho gayi hai! Aap ki meeting hai aik ghantay main!

Saying this she sauntered off downstairs to get breakfast ready, unaware of the sexual tension her husband was experiencing.

Urghg! Madrasan!! She will be the death of me! Jagtay huway to kuch karny nahi deti magar sapnay main bhi sapna nahi dekhnay deti!!

Grumpily Raman made his way to the bathroom. Maybe he could find some relief there!!Edited by arnavkidevani - 2015-06-24T02:58:57Z
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Me first Dancing Party
Wow that was a hot-short-tempting update...LOL
Awesomooo...awesome Thumbs Up
And yeah...the ambience and landscape were fab...
The way you described the ethereal beauty...
Awe...I felt like I'm seeing a nymph Day Dreaming Edited by Gaya3sb - 2015-06-20T18:03:42Z
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