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Hi guys

I have written an OS which I had in my mind for a while. I hope you guys will enjoy it!

Please do like and comment at will!

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Temptation part 7 Page 22



I open the door to the training room and clap eyes on him
straight away.

My heart stops for a few seconds!

He waves to me, calling me over to sit next to him. He has
saved me a seat to his right. My heart leaps into my throat as I walk towards
him and my blood begins to pound in my veins.

He adds insult to injury, unknowingly, as he gives me a
charming, lopsided smile while watching me walk towards him. My cheeks start to
heat up.

That one look and friendly smile from him set my heartbeats
racing as if they are Apollo 11 and he is the Moon!

I feel myself swoon as he gets up to pull my chair out for
me and I am consumed by an unknown desire.

As I sit down he greets me with a "hi" in his
smooth sexy drawl sending shivers of excitement through my body. I am
breathless again and feel I would happily drown in those deep deep eyes, which
look at me, oblivious to the turmoil they are causing!

"Hey you ok? Shall we work together today? We work well
as a team!"

Oh you bet we do! And you know what else we could do well
together? Reach the heights of ecstasy!

But I really need to control my raging emotions every time I
see him.

I tell myself this several times!

Not that it works.

Eventually it is the arrival of the other trainees and the
trainer which break my trance.


The session begins with us all looking towards the front of
the room, which is to my left but that turns out to be a mistake.

I am distracted again.

As I listen to the tutor my vision is obstructed with the tantalizing view of his exposed muscular arm visible due to the short sleeves
of his shirt.

I am hooked!

My gaze slides up and down the length of his lightly tanned
muscles like I imagine my hands would do if they got the chance.

He turns around to hand me a worksheet, slightly grazing my
fingers as I take it from him. 1000 currents run through my hand to other,
unmentionable parts and my eyes shoot up to look at his! He smiles.

There is that lopsided grin again! Oh I turn to mush and he
has no idea!

I am a middle aged woman. But if someone asked me what age I
FEEL I would say 18 because that is how I feel when I'm around him.

I've had a sound upbringing, always conformed to the norms
and have done things by the book. I don't regret it at all. I am generally
happy and content with my lot.

But that killer smile of his! It melts my insides and sets
me quivering! I feel drawn to him and spend many moments during the training
session fantasying about doing unspeakable things with him!

On the table, in the chair. Me on the table, HIM leaning over
me. My back pushed against the whiteboard, Him doing the pushing!

Oh! I'm overwhelmed by the erotic images my mind is
conjuring up!

What has happened to me? Friends and colleagues have always
commented on my reliability, level headed ness and sensibility!

But I don't feel any of those things when I'm around him!
When he's close, sitting next to me, smiling at me, I feel reckless, rebellious
and liberated!

He is the same age as me but I feel like a teenager aroundhim. Don't get me wrong. He's never done anything to warrant this behavior from me nor have I for that matter. We have become good friends since we
started working here, and met during the several training seminars. He is a
genuinely nice guy, smart, funny considerate and conscientious and we get on
really well.

I smile at him weakly as he turns back to listen to the
trainer. His slightly long hair is shiny and silky, sliding with a swish as he
turns his head. I have the irresistible urge to run my fingers through to check
it really is as silky as it looks. I imagine what this would feel like.

"What do you think? Would you agree?"

Suddenly all heads and eyes in the training room turn to
look at me as the trainer asks me a direct question. For a second I falter but
then my sensible reliable and logical brain cells kick in and I answer

"Yes of course, our customers are our priority and we
need to work together to help them to find a suitable solution to the problem!
The objective of these sessions is to familiarize ourselves with the business
tools to carry out our jobs in order to meet our targets, achieve customer
satisfaction as well as gain further new business projects"

"Absolutely! You hit the nail on the head! That is
precisely our aim. I see you've done your research"

The trainer prattles on as if my answer has given him an
orgasm! Everyone looks at me impressed by my quick thinking and professional

Meanwhile HE looks at me and giving me a thumbs up, smiles
his killer smile.

I've died and gone to heaven!

I have my own virtual orgasm!

The session continues but I find myself day dreaming again.

Suddenly everyone in the room fades away and the room darkens.
A spot light turns on me. I look down at myself and realize I'm dressed in
party wear, a long green silk dress, accentuating my every curve with the
corset bustier and a split running up my left leg. I'm wearing emerald heels
with the straps curling and winding up my ankles. </font>

Then another spotlight appears. It's on HIM. He is still in
his black, half sleeved shirt and tie and fitted grey dress trousers. The
tightness of THOSE fuels my erotic fantasies and I feel compelled to seduce

Right here right now!

I am standing a little distance from him while he is sat in
his chair.

I hold my hand out to him and call...

Aao hazoor tum ko

Sitaron main le chaloon

He is perplexed but grins and takes my hand. I pull him
towards me which makes him come crashing into me. His big strong hands
instinctively go around to rest on my bum while mine rest on his chest, but
soon slide behind around his neck and head.

Dill jhoom jayay aisi

Baharon main lay chaloon...

I'm ready to take him in that lip lock!

I am the perfect seductress and he is the submissive nice
guy totally under my spell! I use my hands to bring his head closer...

And closer...

Hazoor aao...

"Ok see you tomorrow"


"See you later guys!"

I am brought crashing down to earth as my dream is cruelly
broken. I look around to see the 3 hour training session has dispersed and
everyone is on their way to lunch then back to their respective floors to work.

HE is standing looking at me with a friendly, but slightly
peculiar expression on his handsome face.

"You spoke up really well today. Your understanding of the
work is really good"

Overcome with shyness at his kind words as well as the vivid
daydream I had just been having, I gather my things and wonder HOW did I get
through the session successfully?!?!

"Will you join me for lunch or are you going back to
the office?"

Although I would love to join him, I am too flustered after
that...that...what was that?!?!

I think it would be a bad idea! If this is how I'm feeling
when his attention is not on me, how will I manage if he's sitting across the
table solely talking or listening to me? I will probably have HIM for lunch!

"Erm I'd really like that but I have a case to prepare.
Maybe next time"

"Ok that's fine. In fact I also have 2 appointments
this afternoon. I better get back to the office. Are you taking the lift?"

I find that we are standing in front of the lifts. My office
is on the 11th floor and so is his.

"Yes I guess I am"

I smile and get in with him as the doors ping open.

The lift is unusually empty.

As the door slides close we look at each other and smile a
nervous smile.

Then suddenly he has closed the gap between us and enveloped
me in his arms and now his face is inches away from mine!

"I'm so sorry but I can't resist any more"


His lips are on mine. Kissing biting licking and devouring
my lips. He coaxes my mouth open and as I moan in the kiss, he pushes his
tongue in! His kiss consumes my mouth my senses my soul!

I am distinctly aware of his hands as they slide into the
gap at my waist and create a raging fire in my stomach! As one slides around my
naked waist and pulls me closer, the other ventures upwards and cups one of my
curves. A guttural moan escapes my lips as his thumb brushes against a hard

"Oh R!!"

My eyes are closed as the intense pleasure shoots around my
body and I fear I will combust from the fire he is igniting inside me!

He rewards my moans by bringing his mouth down to the afore
said peak and encases it with his warm wet mouth!

"Oh oh hmmm!!"

I scream and lock my hands in his hair and arch my body to
push my aching orb deeper into his mouth.

I feel I need to return some of the favors he is bestowingon me so I slide one hand down to his legs. It's not long before I have locatedwhat I am looking for! I circle my fingers around his member, which seems VERYattentive to me and squeeze gently.

"Oh Ish...God!"


The lift opens on our floor. I hastily pat my saree pleatsand smooth my pallu over my chest. He quickly shifts his file in front of himand runs his hand through his hair.

As the doors fully open the lunch time crowd clamour into
the lift while him and I walk out and turn in the opposite direction to each

I grin. What an eventful lift journey!

I turn to look at HIM one last time and find that HE too has

I see HIM smile that killer smile of HIS and HE has the audacity
to wink at me!!

Grinning HE turns and walks swiftly to HIS swanky office
which HE occupies as the CEO of the establishment.

I too turn and head back to my vast Research lab which is part
of the organisation.

But just as I'm about to enter my lab I receive a text.

It's from HIM

<b>See you at home Mrs Bhalla!WinkWink

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Posted: 4 years ago
Wow that was HOT!
So Raman was also attracted to Ishu
You should really make this into a TS have more parts I really want to know what happens after the elevator kiss
If you tell me to Imagine what happens next then let me tell you I can't imagine I need to read it ur way because the way u write their romance is...you know what I meanWink
Please write another part to thisTongue
Edited by Divancraze - 4 years ago
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Posted: 4 years ago
omg the twist at the end :P I totally did not see it coming. I thought they were co-workers who are attracted to each other  but reality is entirely different, no wonder they were being so bold. I know this is a OS but please continue
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Posted: 4 years ago
Please do continue the OS! It was really good :)) soo much passion and love, uff!Embarrassed
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Posted: 4 years ago
wow wow...never thought they r married...truly this ws a temptin os..!! wish u could continue this plz
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Posted: 4 years ago
Wow! You built it sooo well and that twist at the end was to die-for yaar! But yeh dil maange moreLOLPlease do continue this more so since you've such hot material to work withWink
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Posted: 4 years ago
Awesome OS.
Loved it.Never expected them to be married.
You bring unexpected twists.
Can u please continue this.
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Posted: 4 years ago
ha! that last text Clap
awesome os!
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