AsYa TS: Happily Ever After [ft.SaHil+SeHan](Complete)

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HOLA! I am back with the three shot, which is sort of a continuation of the first season of QH, we'll pretend that ZoYaan never happened and that Tanveer is rotting in hell somewhere! It's just fluff, no real storyline, just everyday life with AsYa and their babies. And no, I will not make this into a full out fanfiction, lets just clear that out of the way first! I don't have the time nor the energy to do that right now.

Chapter 1 - Page 1 (Below)

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Our Happily Ever After
Chapter 1
Zoya's POV

"Allah Miyah!" I groaned shaking my shoe erratically trying to get the invisible rock out, it felt like it was the size of the boulder but I didn't even hear it fall out of my shoe.
"Ahemmm." I heard a throat clear behind me. I turned around slowly to see, what I would assume to be, a teacher staring at me. She was young though, probably no older than me. Her eyebrows were arched, her silk saare straight to perfection and her hair up in a tight bun. But then I could see that she had folded her blouse in to expose her cleavage and that's when I realized that she must be the one.
This was not the first impression I wanted to make, I wanted her to realize that she stood no chance, I wanted to walk in and seem like a total bitch that could tear her apart. But there I stood, in the middle of a pre-school, with my cute studded beige Valentino flat in my hand, but in my defense there was a random pebble in the hallway and it somehow made its way into my shoe. I put the shoe back on and stood straight putting my best bitch face on.
"I am assuming that you are Mrs. Ahmed Khan?" She spoke, looking me up and down. Ugh, this pathetic woman, the jealousy was dripping from her voice, if the expression green with jealousy held true she'd be a hideous shade of green.
"You guessed right, I am here to pick up my offspring and get back to my husband."
"I would like to speak with you about her behaviour, follow me please."
"Can we do this another time? I really have to get going today." I said, I wasn't really fond of this woman and I really didn't want to be in a small room with her. I wanted to slap her across the face before even meeting her and the urge was only growing.
"Follow me." She replied, ugh, bitch. Her office, which was the size of a broom closet, was off the classroom. It was small and VERY pink. Not a pale pink, or a rose pink or any other nice shade of pink. It was a pink that was way too bright and hurt the eyes.
"Have you ever thought of a more...pleasing colour for this room?" I asked looking at the walls, sue me, I had no filter, but most people adored that about me. Well, they learnt to love it.
"Mrs Khan, you must realize that your daughter has quite the vocabulary, and she probably derives most of it from you. But swearing is unacceptable at this school."
"Look...uh." f**k what's  her name? I usually just call her bitch in my head. "I think you are blowing this way out of proportion, Seher is just-."
"Not Seher, Sanam." She said.
"Sanam?" I laughed. "I am sure you are mistaken, Sanam would never swear at anyone. She's such a quiet kid."
"It was Sanam, she usually is really well-behaved unlike her sister, but today..."
"What did she do?" I asked confused, Sanam was a quiet and nice kid, wise way beyond her age. Asad and I were usually called in for Seher, who had a mischievous streak about her but she was too adorable to stay mad at for a long time.
"She told another boy to and I quote 'f off' and hit him."
"Is there a problem with the letter f?" I asked confused.
"She meant to say the word..."
"Ohhh, so she didn't really say f**k and you obviously can't say the word because you think you are above swearing?" I laughed.
"Mrs. Khan, I must say you are quite rude and manner less, this is why I explicitly called Asad and not you." She said. Asad? ASAD? Oh no she didn't.
"Oh shut your f**king hole and stop pretending to be so perfect. Everyone with eyes knows that you have the hots for my husband. Hell, even he knows and he is usually clueless about these things. And you are lucky that I didn't come slap you the minute he told me that you tried to come on to him." I watched her pale under my glare, she thinks I didn't know that she all but propositioned him on the first day he dropped Sanam and Seher off to pre-school and everyday since. HA. He never kept anything from me, suck on that bitch. "I know he's f**k-hot but he's mine so keep your eyes and your paws to yourself bitch. Do I make myself clear?" I smiled at her sweetly, letting her know that I'd snap her neck with that look. "Now, can I talk to my daughter please?"
She nodded looking scared and walked out of her little office and into the adjoining classroom. I followed her into the room internally doing a happy dance in success of intimidating her. Being a bitch to women like her came with the territory of having a hot husband, I usually didn't have to go to such an extreme knowing that Asad has tunnel vision when it comes to me, but this woman was insistent. As in she called him like every day to complain about one thing or another.
"Hey Zoya!" Nuzhat smiled from across the room where she was surrounded by a group of pre-schoolers getting ready to go outside for playtime. Now she was the teacher I liked and it had nothing to do with the fact that she was practically related to me being Asad's half-sister.
"Well hello there Miss Khan." I smiled at my sister-in-law. She motioned her eyes towards the other corner of the room before she followed the herd of kids out to the play area. I followed her gaze to find a four year old mini me, also known as one half of my offsprings, Sanam Ahmed Khan, sitting on the carpet sulking. She looked absolutely adorable in her white shirt and blue skirt, playing with a stand of hair that had come out of her fishtail braids which she practically begged for this morning, it had taken me all of 30 minutes to Google, learn and prefect the braid, all thanks to YouTube.
Asad had of course shook his head and smiled when I told him I could do anything, I think he still doesn't believe it though. I sighed and walked over to my baby, her face brightened when she saw me, she was so adorable, gosh, we make such pretty babies.
"Hi mommy." She smiled sweetly knowing she was in trouble as I sat down on the floor across from her, it was the same smile she gave me when she tried to sneak cookies in before dinner, which was usually Seher's idea to begin with but Sanam couldn't deny Seher anything.
"Oh, don't you hi mommy me missy. You are in big trouble little one."
"But mommy it's not my fault."
"Yeah, and your dad ate the last cookie in the cookie jar." I said causing her to giggle.
"But daddy never breaks rules mommy." She pointed out.
"And you should either." I pointed out.
"But daddy says Seher and me are exactly like you...troub-troublemakas."
"Did he say that?" I asked her and she nodded. Oh, Mr Khan, we are having a word when I get home. "Well you can't just swear at people and push them baby, it's wrong."
"But he was mean first." She said.
"Who?" I asked.
Ugh, not again. My daughter had some kind of fascination with the kid, she always went on about how he would never talk to anyone or play with them. She had yet to understand that not every kid was bubbly like herself. Seher just ignored him after he told her he didn't want to play, but Sanam needed a reason for it.
"What happened?" I asked.
"Mommy, he has blue and purple marks on his Ayaan chachu got when he fell off his bike. So I asked him if they hurt becau- you know how good I am at fixing boo-boos right mommy? I fixed Ayaan Chachu's hand so many times! But Aahil pushed me and started yelling so I said a bad word and pushed him too." She explained.
"Where is Aahil baby?" I asked her feeling my heart sink. I can't believe I didn't think of this before, it was all so clear all of a sudden. According to my daughter this guy was socially aloof, he didn't smile or play often and now there were marks on his arms?
"He is probably outside sitting in the sandbox alone." She said.
"Okay baby, let's go find him." I said picking her up.
"MOMMY!" She said wiggling in my arms. "I am not a baby! You can't pick me up at school." She said working her way down my body to the floor causing me to laugh. Awww, I love my kid.
"Okay you big girl, let's go." I said following her outside to the playplace.
"HI MOMMY!" Seher waved from the top of the jungle gym where she was standing beside a cute little boy.
"Hi baby!" I laughed waving back, she had such a huge smile on her face. She immediately went back to the monkey bars not even wanting to know why I was there. "Sanam, why don't you go play with Seher and I'll talk to Aahil."
"But what if he is mean to you mommy?" She said sounding worried, haiii, so cute.
"He won't be, and if he is the tickle monster will get him." I said causing her to giggle and clutch her stomach.
"Okay." She smiled and skipped off towards the swings.
There was a little boy sitting all alone, and I knew it had to be Aahil from the look on his face. He was a cute little kid with huge eyes and hair that fell perfectly across his forehead, he was going to break some hearts when he grew up that was for sure. He was wearing cute little grey chinos with a grey t-shirt and a beige overcoat, awww, he was dressed so cutely that I suddenly wanted to have a little baby boy so I could dress him like that.
"Hi." I smiled sitting in the sandbox next to him. He looked up at me and then went back to staring at the sand. "I am Zoya." I tried again but got no response, he picked up the green bucket and started filling it with sand. "I make awesome sandcastles, want help?" I asked. He shrugged, finally some response. We sat there quietly for a while, it didn't take me long to notice that the marks in his arms were in fact those of a large hand grabbing him.
"I am Aahil Raza Ibrahim." He said articulately, his voice very clear and sharp for a four year old. Raza Ibrahim...the old nawab? Of course, it would be that sadistic man, he still considered him self a nawab despite only being one in the name.
"It's nice to meet you Aahil." I smiled.
"Are you Sanam's mom?" He asked after another bout of silence.
"Yeah, how'd you know?" I asked.
"She looks like you." He shrugged.
"Yeah, is she annoying?" I laughed.
"No, she asks too many questions." He said sadly.
"That's because she wants to be your friend." I said.
"Oh." He said while dunking his bucket into the sand.
"How about the we all go get some ice-cream?" I asked.
" dad won't-"
"What time does he come to pick you up?"
"He doesn' dadi does at 3." He replied.
"I promise we'll be back by then." I said holding out my pinky. He finally looked up at me and then my pinky before he intertwined his with mine.
"The teacher won't let us go early-" He said.
"Wanna know a secret? You can't tell anyone though." I stage whispered.
"What?" He whispered back clearly playing along.
"The teacher, Miss Khan..." I said and he nodded waiting for me to continue. " my husband's sister so she'll let us go."
"No way!" He exclaimed shocked as if being related to a teacher was an amazing feat.
"Wayyy!" I laughed getting up and holding my hand out. "You aren't too big to be holding my hand right?"
"No." He said grabbing my hand, and he finally let out a little smile and my heart melted. I was attached to this kid now.
"Sanam! Seher!" I yelled out causing Sanam to run to me, with Seher skipping behind her, the small boy she was playing with in tow.
"Yeah mommy!" They both said simultaneously, stopping right before me and beaming up at me.
"We're going to get ice-cream with Aahil." I told them.
"Really?" Sanam screamed before turning to Aahil. "You are coming too? What's your favourite flavour? I like strawberry!" She said.
"Uh chocolate." Aahil answered. "Sorry about before." He said, awww, this kid.
"MOMMY! Can Rehan come too?"
"Sure baby, hi Rehan." I smiled at the cute little guy.
"Hello." He answered, shyly. Awww, he was a shy one. But he wouldn't be for longer if he hung out with Seher.
"Come we have to buckle up real good in the car! Dad says mom drives like a -uh what's the word mommy?" Sanam asked.
"Maniac baby." I laughed as she nodded. I let Nuzhat know that I'd be back with the four of them in an hour.
"Okay! Think of a number between 1-20, whoever is the closest to the number I say gets to sit in the front!" I said knowing there would be a fight with who sat where.
"4." Seher yelled.
"10." Aahil said.
"14." Sanam said.
"Uh, 19." Rehan smiled.
"Okay! Seher get up here." I said buckling her into the front seat, and after making sure the rest of them were buckled up in the car I sat in the front and drove off. Sanam chattered the whole way, telling Aahil about her favourite ice-cream shop while Rehan sat beside them quietly. Seher occasionally piped up when she felt Sanam wasn't explaining something properly.
Aahil sat there quiet, but he absorbed her every word. It was fairly obvious that he didn't have much contact with kids or adults for that matter. I wanted to strangle his father, I knew him of course. Why? Because Asad hated his guts, Raza Ibrahim was a horrid man and to know that he abused his own son, UGH.
"HIII ALI!" Sanam and Seher yelled running to the counter as soon as we got to the ice cream shop, Sanam had Aahil's hand in her as she dragged him with her, Rehan followed Seher with a smile on his face. "Meet my new friend Aahil! He likes chocolate ice cream but he said he'll try strawberry cuz he's never had it before and cuz it's my favouriteee." Sanam said.
"YEAH! And I want the rocky road one, and Rehan does too! It's his favourite!" Seher said and I laughed, knowing that it probably wasn't Rehan's favourite and she'd just assumed it was but he shrugged cutely agreeing with her.
Maybe I shouldn't give them ice cream, they're hyper as it is and Asad's going to go on and on about their sugar intake. All though, I know that's just because he's going to be jealous we went to get ice cream without him. Hehe, my husband is so adorable sometimes, well all the time...actually, I would say he is sexy all the time but adorable only sometimes.
While eating our ice cream I decided to put my child psychology classes to use. In the span of 30 minutes I learned that Aahil's mom had died giving birth to him and his father seemed to hold that against him. Luckily his father wasn't around much and Aahil was raised by his grandma and the servants but his dad lashed out at him when he was around. Rehan also lived them since his dad had left him after his mother, Aahil's bua, died.
Oh, and I also learnt that Sanam and Aahil were all kinds of adorable together, as were Rehan and Seher. My heart melted like ice-cream on a hot day, I could see the wedding bells in the future. Maybe I needed to stop watching so many romantic movies.
"Hmmm. What's for dinner?" Asad whispered in my ear as he wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head on my shoulder.
"Burnt dinner if you don't let me go." I said flipping the chicken.
"But I missed you." He said nuzzling my neck, ugh, he knows what that does to me.
"Asad, stop." I whispered, I didn't even sound convincing to my own ears.
"Really?" He whispered trailing kisses from the side of my neck up to my ears.
He pressed his body flush against mine and ran his nose along the column of my neck. And it still caused goosebumps to erupt all over my body to this day. My head tilted back against his chest as the small kisses beneath my ear turned into nips at my shoulders, and he pressed against me harder as his hands began to touch my body, everywhere. I turned in his arms and looked up at him. He was still wearing his work clothes, a crisp white shirt with a black vest and tie, he had always looked hot in those and that hadn't changed one bit. If anything, he'd gotten even sexier over the years.
"Hi." He smiled. Now that had changed, uptight and unromantic Asad Ahmed Khan smiled a lot more these days, and he was definitely a closet romantic. And he was definitely affectionate, very affectionate as in we had trouble keeping our hands off of each other and the stuff that left his mouth left me hot and bothered sometimes.
I smiled as he caught my lips with his and kissed me. Hmmm. His hands trailed down my back and around to my waist, my body hummed in anticipation when his hand slipped underneath my shirt and his fingers began to caress my stomach. And I would be lying if I said that my whole body didn't shudder at his touch.
Our lips moved faster but he stopped to take my lower lip between his teeth, tugging slightly causing me to run my nails lightly down his back. He groaned. Tit for tat, I knew what worked him up just as well.
"Hi." I whispered back pulling away.
"Where are the little princesses?" He asked, probably noticing the lack of interruption.
"In the garden with their Dadi."
"And how did school go?" He asked skeptically. "You didn't snap at the woman right?"
"Would you have a problem if I did?"
"Well no...but ammi is on the board of directors for the school..."
"I set her straight, nicely."
"You didn't beat her up?" He teased.
"I could have, you know how good I am at beating people up."
"Hmmm, especially goons outside train stations, you don't even need anyone's help." He laughed causing me to giggle, I was still mortified that he heard me bragging about beating the goons up when he was the one who actually did it.
"Can I be honest?" I asked, he nodded. "I was so going to kick ass but you distracted me, it's kind of sexy watching you."
"If I only knew how besharam you really were back then."
"Allah Miyah, please spare the innocent act, I know you a little too well now Mr. Khan."
"HI DADDDYYY!" Sanam came running into the kitchen, her little feet made too much sound for someone her size.
"HI DADDDYYY!" Seher yelled running after Sanam.
"Ah, there are my princesses!" Asad laughed picking them up and spinning them around causing them to squeal before placing a kiss on each of their cheeks. I melted on the inside, they were so cute together. "By the way, what did my little princess do this time to get in trouble?" He asked looking at Seher.
"Daddy, it wasn't me this time!" Seher said rolling her eyes dramatically.
"Sorry baby." Asad said to Seher before turning to Sanam. "And what did my Sanam do to get in trouble?" Asad arched his eyebrows at her.
Sanam's eyes flew to mine and I winked at her. "Nothing daddy. The teacher is just a meanie." She said, smiling a little too innocently. Ah, I have taught her well. Asad arched his eyebrow at me and I mouthed later to him.
"Why don't you go get ready for dinner?" I said, the three of them nodded and made there way to their rooms. I started back on dinner, with Ammi's help it was ready in no time. I was setting the table when I heard the front door open.
"CHACHUUU!" Sanam yelled announcing Ayaan's arrival before I saw him.
"Woah, don't you look taller? Oooh, and a new hairstyle." Ayaan's voice came from the living room, he took a sit beside Sanam who was doodling on a piece of paper and pulled her onto his lap. "It's so pretty."
"Mommy did it! From YouTube!" Sanam smiled proudly.
"DUDEEE!" Seher yelled running towards the table to her chachu. Ayaan laughed and pulled her into his lap too.
"I was wondering where mini-me went." He said kissing Seher's forehead.
"Wanna play?" Sanam asked Seher as she drew another tic-tac-toe layout before passing a pencil to a nodding Seher.
"Humeira kicked you out again?" Asad laughed looking at his little brother as he walked into the dining room minus the work clothes, he was wearing grey sweatpants with the black long sleeved shirt that I loved, it made him look hot.
"Apparently it is wrong to say well obviously your old clothes won't fit you since you are pregnant." Ayaan sighed.
"Ah, you have much to learn Raabart." I laughed from the kitchen.
"Come eat." Ammi said setting the table. "And I have a slice of cake that may just convince Humeira to forgive you." She laughed causing Ayaan to grin at her sheepishly.
"How's Humeira doing?" I asked sitting to Asad's right and across Ammi. He still sat at the same spot on the table, and he still had OCD. He was a bit better about not cringing every time something moved without his permission, having kids teaches you that you can't always have a clean house. Sadly, or luckily depending on how you looked at it, Sanam took after Asad in the whole cleaning department but Seher was mini-me and it kept things interesting.
"Fine, we have an appointment with her doctor on Thursday!" Ayaan said excitedly.
"Are you going to find out the sex of the baby?" Ammi asked.
" don't know. I kind of want to know so we know what to buy but I kind of want it to be a surprise you know?" Ayaan said shrugging.
"CHACHUUU! It's a boy." Sanam declared looking at Ayaan, she was still sitting in his lap so she had to twist her head back to look at him.
"Yeah, it's a boy." Seher agreed.
"Oh really, and how do you know little ones?"
"I just know." Seher said. "I know everything!" She said sounding way too much like me and it caused everyone laugh.
"And what if it's not a boy?" Ayaan asked her.
"Mommy and Daddy can get us one! Okay?" Sanam said smiling at the two of us.
"YEAH! Can you go to the store and get us one?" Seher asked.
"Good idea beta." Ammi smiled coyly while Asad and I blushed.
"Daddy promise!" Sanam and Seher said looking at their father causing Ayaan to laugh.
"Oh, I am sure he'll try his best little one." Ayaan said to them and then waggled his eyebrows at us. Ah, family, making you feel awkward about your sex life since the conception of time...see what I did there, conception! I kill myself sometimes.
"Ayaan Miyah, I would shut my trap if I were you or I could always call Humeira and let her know that you pretend to be at work while playing video games here." Asad said to his brother.
"Awww Bhai!" Ayaan said shaking his head but zipping his lips.
"Seher, Sanam, why don't you sit in your own chairs and let Chachu eat." I said to them.
"Okay. Chachuuu! Rocket!" Sanam and Seher squealed, it was kind of weird how they always said the same thing at the same time.
"Oh yeah!" Ayaan laughed holding Sanam and Seher in each of his arms. "Three, two, one." He said in a really deep voice. "Blast off!" He said shooting up in his chair and bringing them with him. He held them over his head and then helped them "land" on their chairs.
"Yayyy!" They laughed wiggling in their chair. Hai, so cute.
"They are  awfully hyper today." Ammi laughed.
Sanam and Seher looked at me and giggled before they tried to wink. It was the most adorable thing in the world because both of them couldn't close one eye at a time and just squinted both eyes cutely. Asad laughed looking at them and then looked back at me with an arched eyebrow. I mouthed later to him before digging into my own plate.
"Hello." Asad whispered wrapping his arms around my waist.
"They go down okay?" I asked.
"Yeah, I had to read them two bedtime stories and sing a song before Seher demanded that it was time to sleep. They are out like logs now." He said before pecking my lips lightly with his.
"I need to tell you a lot." I said.
"Oh yeah, I guess it's later now." He smiled. Before I knew what was happening the floor disappeared from under my feet.
"Asad! What are you doing?" I laughed as he sat on the ottoman by the large window in our room. He pulled me into his lap sideways so he could see me as he leaned against the window.
"I think this is comfortable." He grinned pulling me closer to him. "Now speak."
"You know that boy that Sanam keeps talking about, Aahil?"
"Hmmm, the one that doesn't play with other kids?"
"Yeah, so apparently Sanam saw bruises on his arms and asked him about it. He didn't want to talk about it I guess and told her to go away so she told him to 'f off' and pushed him."
"So that's how she got into trouble." Asad said.
"Yeah. But she told me about it and I put a few things together. The lack of talking to others, the bruises...the kid looks so sad Asad. He had these deep blue fingerprints imprinted into his little arm. He didn't talk to me at first but warmed up in a bit, so I took him with us to get ice cream. Turns out that he is Aahil Raza Ibrahim, the son of that asshole. He abuses him Asad, he blames the poor boy for the death of his wife."
Asad sat still as a stone, not saying a word.
"We have to do something about this." I said.
"There isn't a lot we can do Zoya." Asad sighed. "No one is going to have the guts to accuse him and if it happens...well he can buy his way out of anything. I am afraid that he'll just lash out at Aahil."
"There isn't anything we can do? That boy is so broken Asad, he looks so sad. He was so amazed that Sanam wanted to be his friend and that I was nice to him."
"I'll see if there are any social worker groups that look at cases like this. Or - wait a second, Ammi is in the board of directors for the school, I am sure we can pull some strings and see that Aahil meets the right people. If the teacher reports the marks, which Nuzhat can, Ammi can see to it that a child psychologist is called and that the father gets a warning. If there is one thing that vile man cares about it is his reputation, maybe he'll stop if word of it gets out."
"Thank you thank you thank you. You are the best." I beamed at my husband and kissed him soundly on his cheek causing him to laugh. 

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DancingA TS on AsYa...
Loved how Zoya handled Aahil...
Now her Mr.Khan will solve the problem...
The kids are too adorable...
Loved the whole update...Heart
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Posted: 2015-03-13T20:19:52Z
I sooo loved this
Wish there were more AsYa scenes tho
You feel
I wish KaBhi was still here
I can like totally picture this in my head
Perf as f**k
Day Dreaming
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Posted: 2015-03-13T20:32:18Z
Wow...superb story
Asya with little sanam seher and also ahil rehaan
Sanam want to help ahil zoya helping her
Continue soon
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Posted: 2015-03-13T21:18:50Z
Oh mini Sanam and gang
adorable adorable idea!

Love the future thoughts of zoya of wedding bells
Plus the mention of ayaan and nuzhat
Plus the romancing btwn zoya asad
Plus ayaan's "baby making" comment

Where do to come up with these ideas :)
Too good
Thanks tons
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Posted: 2015-03-13T21:19:15Z
so cute asya with their kids n their future husbands :-)
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Posted: 2015-03-13T21:27:03Z
Wow this was so heartwarming! Aahil and Rehan as kids aww and Sanam n Seher! Loved AsYa and Ayaan n Dilshad! This gave such a warm n fuzzy feeling after all the tension regarding the real show! I find myself much more relaxed not watching the real thing! Thanks to KV! He finally freed me from the show! Loved ur story and now we all can come up with awesome stories in our minds! They are way better than the actual show! Plz update soon!! And thanks for the pm!! 
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