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<p align="center"><font color="#CC0000" face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="3"><font color="#FF0000" size="4">FF- KALEIDOSCOPE: A Love Story (THREAD #2)</font>

Hello my lovely friends,

I am back with yet another attempt at writing about Paro and
Rudra. I have titled it as FF and it sort of is because of the different
stories about our beloved Parud. However, it is completely different from my
previous FF-Major Saab's Kiss as it is not one continual story in any
chronological order.

According to formal definition, "Kaleidoscope is a tube that
has mirrors and loose pieces of colored glass or plastic inside at one end so
that you see many different patterns when you turn the tube while looking in
through the other end."

As you may have already deduced from the title,
"Kaleidoscope", it is highly symbolic of the mirrors as seen in RR and hence,
my attempt at penning down the real scenarios/situations as seen in different
episodes of the show but with a twist. The depiction of the actual scene or
event will be altered to suit our purposes and to satisfy our imagination where it may take usEmbarrassedWink

"Major Saab's Kiss" started with Rudra's first kiss with
Paro and that was post marriage. Upon reflection, I thought to write some short
stories, in OS form mostly about the timeline prior their marriage. These tiny
tales can be linked or not at times depending on the specific setup, but will
all be interconnected, and when put together can be perceived as a whole. In
essence, the different stories can then be pieced together just as the pieces
of colored glass that make a Kaleidoscope, giving a beautiful complete pictureSmile.

The main idea was to sort of explore the psyche of Rudra and
Paro as they discovered their feelings for each other over time. In the show,
they were drawn to each other in spite of being adversaries and there in lay
the beauty of their love story. However, I didn't quiet digest the way Paro
fell for Rudra in one quick sweep, post Tejawat discovery. There had to be more
to the story!

My attempt will be to sort of use the story of RR to reflect
their inner thoughts and feelings while exploring their ever growing attraction
and the development of such strong emotions for each other while changing the
plots for our entertainment. . In my imagination, there had to be different
points in their altercations as they spent together to slowly fall in love
without actually realizing itShocked

I have started another thread and posted the last 3 chapters here to sort of pave a way for to maintain a continuity for everyone reading this story. And will add the links to the last page as well as all chapters for your convenience. Happy Reading!Smile


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Dear friends,

Here is the next chapter in the love story of Parud and it continues right after their trip to the Mela and Rudra's wooing of his Paro. It is slightly shorter compared to my other insanely long chapters but it was a busy week with Holiday celebrations, events and family obligationsWacko

I wanted to make sure to post something for the weekend and not leave you all waiting, so I am posting this installment. I have an idea about something in terms of sizzling and hot in the way of Parud romanceBlushing but it is going to be in the form of an OS.

If everything goes as planned, I will update and post it on the New Year's eve, sort of a gift for all my wonderful friends, who are such lovely people and have been so encouraging as I have continued to write on our beloved couple. I can promise that it will be full-fledged romantic and sensual and all you gals will be tickled pink as you start your new year with a bangWinkEmbarrassed

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes and your loveHeart. Once again, my apologies on the delay as I have barely had any time at all to come online----just trying to keep up with holiday chaos.

Hope you all had a good time with your loved ones. Wishing you all a very safe and happy holidays in the bosom of your family and friends! Have a great weekend and happy readingSmile!





Broken Heart BROKEN HEARTSBroken Heart


It was late at night and he waited anxiously for Paro in their room. His mind was overwrought with thoughts of making love to her that he couldn't help but get up and pace around the room.  All the nervous energy was making him jumpy and somewhat agitated

Dreams of being with her had plagued his days and nights that being in the same room with her, same bed with her yet not being to make love to her had certainly taken a toll on him. He couldn't even think straight anymore!

They had been married for months now and he still hadn't made love to her-----somehow, the thought greatly bothered him. She was his wife and he wanted to be with her----certainly there was nothing wrong in it.

It was as if something always kept on disrupting their life. Laila had certainly done enough damage to his married life and he hoped that Paro had finally forgiven him. He was ready to put Laila and her drama behind them----he certainly wished that Paro of same mind

Her acceptance of his nearness in the fair was certainly indication enough that she was willing to forget everything and move forward in their relationship. God knew-----he had certainly been ready for a very long time!

Brimming with passion, his body and mind pulsed with want, the raw need to possess her, make love to her, and make her his wife in every way. He simply couldn't wait any longer!

Hands shaking with anticipation, he ran his hands through his hair, mentally willing himself to be patient. She was an innocent after all. It was fine to imagine wild lovemaking in his dreams but she would certainly not be ready for that tonight.

It was important that her first time with him be special, memorable and most of all, enjoyable. He didn't want to scare her with his eagerness even though he could barely contain his fervor. And that did scare him a little. Rudra took a few deep breaths in order to calm his overexcited nerves

He turned around as he heard her enter their room. Paro looked at his face, full of worry and asked him with concern, "Kya hua, Major Saab...aap theek tou hain...?"

("Major Saab...what happened...are you alright...?")

"Haan mein  bilkul theek hoon...tu darwaaza band kar pehle...," Rudra quickly answered her and she turned around to lock the door

("Yeah...I am feeling just fine...but you should close the door behind you...")

She walked towards him and he took a few steps to where she was and his arms reached out to touch her. Paro saw his hands hold her and then she looked at him

Moving in even closer, just  a breath away, he whispered softly, "Paro...mein kab say tera intezaar kar raha tha..., " and she looked into his eyes and was shaken by the desire she saw in them, and he continued, "Paro...mein nay Mele main kucch kaha tha...yaad hai...?"

("Paro...I have been waiting for you...for a while now...Paro...do you remember what I said to you earlier in the fair...?")

Trying to recall what he had said to her earlier, Paro blushed and he told her that he wanted to kiss her now that they were not at the fair anymore. When she didn't push him away, he leaned in and grasped her face in both his hands.

He saw her face as she closed her eyes in acceptance and he placed his warm, full lips on her soft, pink ones. Paro's hands reached out to hold his arms for support as he kissed her. The feeling of being so close to her, so intimately after so long was pure bliss!

Mentally reminding himself to take it slow, Rudra tried his best to reign in his burgeoning need to devour her. Kissing her lips gently at first, sweetly coaxing her to respond to him, his fingers caressed her delicate jawline tenderly.

The gentle but firm pressure of his full, warm lips on hers was the most incredible feeling and her heart thudded hard and fast against her ribs. This feeling of being with him was something she had really missed. Of their own accord, her hands traveled from his arms to his shoulders.

His loving kisses, tender kisses had always managed to rob her of her sanity and it was no different this time. In fact, it felt even sweeter after such a long exile ad she enjoyed every bit of it. Rudra felt the journey of her fingers, tentatively caressing him before she held him tightly and he felt like screaming in pure joy!

The response of his wife, the affection with which she touched him invoked love in him so strong-----he felt like he might actually explode from exhilaration! It had been so long since she had not hated his touch, his nearness! In fact, it felt like an eternity since she had been so warm and willing in his arms.

When it was not enough to just kiss like that, his tongue traced the outline of her lips and she shuddered. The incessant pressure of his warm tongue against the seam of her lips, wet and demanding was too much to handle and she caved in to his wanton demands.

As soon as she felt the stroking of his tongue in her mouth, her hands fisted tightly onto the sinew of his shoulders, digging into him. He devoured her mouth, tasting and probing every inch of that sweetness and she moaned softly, somewhere deep in her throat.

Her body felt pliant and soft as it swayed into his and his arms went around her----holding her into his body. Paro leaned in to him for support as her knees turned rubbery and she gave in to the tornado of his kisses. Her mouth felt swollen and wet as his lips and tongue make love to her passionately.

Drowning in the sea of longing, she could barely hold herself even when she felt his hands caressing her naked waist and stroking her partially naked back. Her hands went to his chest and she tried to take a break from the amorous assault, panting heavily now as if she had been running hard

Rudra moved away ever so slightly but he was too excited to stop. Placing his lips on her neck, he resumed kissing her soft flesh. Paro's hands went to hold his head and her fingers tangled themselves into his thick mane

Gasping as her hands tightened on his scalp, Paro felt as if on fire when his teeth scraped and nipped the tender flesh of her neck lightly before his tongue came out to lick out the sensitized skin. Shivering as he kissed and then blew softly on the flesh he had just licked wet, Paro felt dizzy.

His body was on fire yet he tried to hold on to his sanity----for her sake. It was important that she be utterly turned on as him or at least excited enough to not back out when it came to him claiming her completely.

Blooded pounded in his veins as it coursed through his body and pooled in the lower part, making him painfully aware of his heavy arousal. All he wanted to do was to align his body properly against her and enter her hard and fast until he exploded into her warmth as she squeezed him-----and he groaned at the erotic image

In an attempt to slow down, his mouth paid homage to her neck, her delicate collarbone, her fair bosom and her beautiful breasts even though they were fully clothed. His name escaped her lips and he became even harder as he heard her moan his name, "Rudra, Rudra..." again and again like a litany

Unable to resist the temptation, he moved up and claimed her lips again. His mouth kissed her hard, his firm tongue driving into her mouth-----and she felt ravished. Completely lost in the moment, his hands moved down to her breasts and he caressed them through her blouse

Whimpering at his touch, Paro shuddered as he cupped the firm weight in his hands, kneading and massaging the tender flesh. Her fingers dug into his muscles as she felt the nubs harden even through her garment by his expert touch

What he relly wanted to do was to unhook her blouse and look at her beautiful breasts before placing his mouth on them. The thought of kissing the naked mounds of flesh drove him into frenzy and he told her so, making her blush

The inferno of lust seized his brain as he felt her soft and compliant in his arms, his desire spiraling out of control and his hands went to touch her naked waist. As if that was not enough, his hands began to knead the swell of her hips.

Cradling the soft roundness in his hands, he lifted her and pushed his hardened body eagerly into hers. The rigid length of him prodded sharply against her soft belly as he pressed against hers. Paro was utterly shocked and mortified at the intimate action.

She didn't dare open her eyes as she felt him thrust against her. A bit alarmed at feeling his manhood jabbing forcefully against her body, Paro tried hard to ignore her maidenly fears. Rudra waited for her to push him away but she didn't and he was hopeful at her reception.

Lips that were wreaking havoc on her mouth moved away as he trailed to her cheek and then he whispered in her ear naughtily how much he wanted her. Paro's body burned at his graphic words as she felt him lifting her yet again against his burgeoning manhood.

His words enflamed her senses and her body as he told her that he yearned for her and couldn't wait to make her his wife any longer. Shame intermingled with pleasure poured over her as he described how he wanted to make love to her.

Glad that he was murmuring in her ear and couldn't see her burning face, Paro held on to him as her body felt heavy with desire. An indescribable ache pooled in her lower belly as she felt herself respond to his vows of wanton delights in the night to come.

Her hands fisted in his flesh, her fingertips digging in deeply and she shivered at the warm breath along with sexual promises even though she didn't completely comprehend the exact manner in which he would enact them.

 Encouraged by her response, Rudra got emboldened and pushed her against the wall and his own body pressed into hers again determinedly. He then told her that if he could, he would just pin her against the wall and take her just like that, standing up.

Not stopping there, he told her how he would like to just bury himself into her warmth and he had wanted her for a very long time! Something in the way he said those things reminded Paro about Laila's words about Rudra's rough lovemaking.

Trying her best to push the horrible images out of her mind especially when she was in his arms, Paro squeezed her eyes shut and her hands formed into fists. Unfortunately, Rudra's explicit sexual words sounded very close to his encounters with Laila as she had described this manner of lovemaking to Paro.

Suddenly, she felt panic along with bile rise into her throat. Unable to breathe, she held herself still, controlling her feelings. It took a few seconds for him to realize the stiffness of her body and the change in her breathing.

He moved back slightly as he looked at her eyes shut tight and her face contorted as if in discomfort and something akin to revolt and he was worried. Wondering if he had frightened her with his overzealous passion, Rudra touched her face gently and asked her, "Paro...kya hua...tu theek tou hai...?"

("Paro...are you alright...?")

Concerned for her, he watched her acutely but she didn't open her eyes or answer him and he waited patiently. Cursing himself for being so blatant with his innocent and shy wife, he wished he would have stayed quiet and just continued with his lovemaking but it was too late as he saw her open her eyes.

Gone was the passion he had seen in them moments ago. Instead, it was replaced by something he couldn't discern clearly-----it looked to be a mix of nervousness along with disenchantment. What the heck had he done? Why the hell had he said such things to her? He was sure that he had scared her!

It was up to him to calm her now, make sure that she trusted him to take his time with her. Oh, but it was so damn difficult! He moved in towards her in an attempt to appease her but she backed out of the circle of his arms abruptly

Dismayed at the turn of events, he grabbed her hand before she could walk away and turned her around to face him as he asked her again if she was alright. When she didn't answer him, he cupped her face and asked her, "Paro...dekh meri taraf...kya baat hai...bataa mujhey..."

("Paro...look at me...and tell me what is wrong...")

Paro looked into his eyes but she had a hard time forming the words. How could she tell him that it was recollection of Laila's bragging about his romantic interactions with her that had raised its ugly head and spoilt the moment for her?

He saw the tears well up in her eyes as she stared at him and he was befuddled at her reaction. Yes, he might have come on very strongly but in his opinion, that was the nature of things between a man and woman especially where there was such a caliber of passion, such that existed between him and Paro.

The weeks and days spent with her but not being able to be with her had been pure torture and yet, he had endured, almost as patiently as a saint, which was completely in contrast to his ferocious nature. But, now that she was close to him, in his arms, warm and willing or so he had thought, Rudra had just given in to the heat of the moment

Surely, a man could express his feelings and physical yearnings to the woman who he greatly desired, wanted above all others, he thought? Then, why did it invoke such a negative response in Paro, he wondered?

Unable to bring herself to voice the inferences swirling in her head, she tried to escape his grasp but he didn't let her go. Something was seriously wrong and there was no way he was letting her leave until she shared it with him.

He deserved to know what had happened to make her turn so indifferent. Rudra asked again and this time, she replied but her voice was so soft that he barely heard as she said that she didn't feel so good.

Not truly convinced of the truth behind her words, he looked at her and asked again, his voice full of concern, "Paro...kya hua hai...such such bataa...?" and he wanted to know what had suddenly changed to make her feel ill

("Paro...please tell me the truth...what is bothering you...?")

"Major Saab...mhaari tabiyat theek nahi hai...mhaare ko jaane dein..., "she pleaded softly and he heard the hurt in her voice. He was almost sure that she was being less than truthful with him as she evaded his gaze, trying to look away from him

("Major Saab...I am not feeling so well...please let me go...")

Bothered by the fact that she chose not to disclose what was bugging her, Rudra gave her another look, one of pure frustration and anger. When she refused to say anymore, he let go of her chin and his hand dropped to his side

Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath when he felt Paro move away from him. Rudra opened his eyes as he looked at her, trying desperately in his mind to figure out what had went so wrong? One moment, she was warm and melting in his arms and the next moment, she was cold as ice!

Paro felt horrible as she looked at Rudra, standing there perplexed watching her but there was nothing she could do then. It was too late now to go back and turn the clock of time. Laila's words had managed to infiltrate her mind even and she hadn't been able to shake it off!

She didn't want to mention Laila in front of Rudra----she was sure that he would not take kindly to hear of her again. Besides, hadn't she already given him the signal that she was ready for the next step in their relationship? Of course, he probably felt confused at her change in demeanor

He saw her walk away as she sat on her side of the bed, staying quiet as if struggling with something. It was so hard to explain what he was feeling then. Frustration gnawed at him----not only because his desires had been left unfulfilled but because of Paro's abrupt behavior.

She lifted her head to see him walk into the bathroom and the door closed behind him loudly. Cringing at the loud noise, she placed her head on her knees as she thought what had just happened. Everything had been going so well-----yet everything had been shattered

Happiness at seeing him at the fair and his loving gestures had made her fall head over heels in love with him again. Then, she had been in his arms, lost in sea of passion until he had said things to her, of doing things to her, acts which had just brought upon images that she would like to forget.

Her head ached as she thought of what Laila had told her of men like Rudra who liked it rough, almost like animals. Unfortunately, those words had come crashing down when Rudra had suggested such manner of lovemaking to her!

Tired and lost, she lay down in bed when she heard the bathroom door open. She was too embarrassed to talk to him about anything at that moment. Maybe, a little time to put her thoughts together would help and then she could make peace with this part of their life.

As soon as he walked out of the bathroom, his eyes went to see her sleeping form on the bed. Observing her closed eyes sans the slightly fluttering eyelashes as she pretended to be asleep, he shook his head with regret and walked to his side of the bed

Completely sure that she was not asleep at all; he lay down in bed, his mind still spinning from the events earlier. No matter how hard he tried to dissect what had happened, he came up empty, clueless as to what had made her so jumpy. All he had were his speculations as she refused to be truthful with him

Few minutes later, he turned to her side and pulled the blanket up, covering her along with himself. He felt the bed shift slightly as he lay awake, restless and unable to sleep. There was something about this that just nagged at him and he couldn't give it up, no matter how hard he tried!

When he couldn't tolerate it any longer, he moved towards her and touched her shoulder and felt her flinch. Of course, she was awake----he had known that all along!

"Paro...mujhay pata hai tu jaag rahi hai...," Rudra said carefully and he felt the tenseness of her body under his hands.

("Paro...I know that you are awake...")

She couldn't believe that he was seeking her when she had been feigning sleep for so long. Facing him and sharing her fears was too difficult and so she stayed quiet, trying to gather her wild thoughts.

When she didn't answer, Rudra told her that he couldn't sleep because he was concerned for her and he felt bad about how things had ended between them. Unsure of what else to say, he told her that perhaps because he had been too forceful and acted like a "jallad" with her and therefore, she was upset with him

If she had felt bad before, she felt absolutely horrible now as she heard the worry in his voice for her! How could she stay like that, with her back turned to him? Paro turned around to look at him and he saw her lovely face, marred with sadness

He asked her again and she just couldn't hold it back any longer. Getting up to sit on the bed, she told him that it was what Laila had told her about their relationship that had sprung to her mind earlier. He heard her explanation and felt himself chilled to his very bones!

Terribly ill at ease at hearing his wife talk about Laila and him in such manner shocked Rudra and he wondered what kind of vulgar scenarios she might have been exposed to! He conjectured what else Laila might have told her before she had left?

It was worse than what he had imagined. No matter how hard he tried to run away from his dirty past, it just came back to haunt him, again and again! He was really pissed at Laila but then, his anger shifted to Paro. How could she even think that he would treat her so callously?

Hadn't he shown her restraint all this time, never asserting his husbandly rights? Never had he used her roughly or forced her to do anything against her will! With her, it had always been about sweet seduction. He had treated her with utmost love and respect.

How could she even begin to entertain such ideas about him and compare herself to what he had with Laila? Didn't she know anything about him in all the time they had been married together? Did she not trust him at all?

She had been emotionally injured and he understood that well. However, now she had managed to wound his feelings. He had been ever so careful of his handling of her, always reigning in his burgeoning passion for sake of her innocent sensibilities and yet she had thought of him capable of acting like an animal with her, all because Laila had told her!

Paro waited for him to say something.  Anything would be better than the deafening silence as she looked at his stunned face. And she was alarmed to see not only hurt but anger in his face as he stared at her.

She shouldn't have said anything to him, Paro thought really apprehensive now.  It would have been better to just sort out these convoluted, crazy feelings on her own but now, she had said it. It was all out in the open----laid out clearly between them

Wondering if he would yell at her, be mad at her, Paro waited still but he shocked her by turning his back to her as he lay down, ignoring her. Why didn't he say something to her? After all, he was the one who had wanted to talk about it!

He felt her hands on his shoulder as she called out cautiously, "Major Saab..."

His hand came out to touch hers but only to move it off his shoulder.  She felt deeply cut by his action. There were too many emotions; all attacking him at once and he knew that it was so easy for him to lose his temper. That is why he had tried to stay quiet but she was making it difficult.

She called out to him again and then he turned around to see tears in her eyes.

And he got up once again as he looked at her and told her, his voice shaking with anger that he was trying to hold back, "Mein tujhey baar baar keh bataa chuka hoon... kay Laila aur mere beech kya tha...aur woh bhi tujh say pehle...aur phir kabhi mein nay usay haath bhi nahi lagaaya..."

("I have told you several times...about exactly what was between me and Laila...and that was all before you were a part of my life...after you, I never touched her...")

Paro tried to say something but he stopped her again, "Paro...tu mere baare mein yeh soch bhi kaisi sakti hai...sirf is liye kay Laila nay kaha tujh say...?"

("Paro...the worst of it is that how can you think of me in such a way...all because Laila told you something...?")

She heard the pain and disbelief in his voice. But he was not done yet as he told her that if he had wanted to only satisfy his physical hunger with her like an animal, he would have just taken her, a long time ago without a care for her feelings!

He was done apologizing for his past as he couldn't change anything about it. He regretted it and wished it hadn't happen but this was too much!

Paro knew what he said was true. He had been so considerate and loving, teasing and seductive in pursuing her. Even when he had held her or pulled her towards him, it was never to hurt her.

"Major Saab...mhaari baat tou sunein...," Paro asked him to stop and listen to her but he was done by then.  His mood was spoiled----there was nothing that could fix it then. He told her that he was done playing games and he didn't care anymore.

("Major Saab...please listen to me...")

"Paro...bus...mujhay kucch nahi sunna...kucch nahi kehna...raat bohat ho gayi hai...so jaa ab..., " Rudra told her that he wouldn't bother her again and then turned his back to her and went to sleep.

("I have had enough, Paro...I don't care to listen or say anything else on this matter...it late at night...just got to sleep...")

Of course, sleep was the farthest thing from his mind but it didn't matter. He just didn't care to deal with all the drama then. He was tired of these fluctuating emotions, this tug-o-war, this pulsating need for her and her pushing him away. It was too much in that moment. A man could only take so much before he gave up!

Paro saw his back and she felt like crying but she tried to be brave. He was upset with her and it saddened her that she was responsible for it. But, why didn't he understand that her fears were also legit to some extent?

How would he feel if she had been intimate with another before him? Would he be able to erase the images of her with another man? Of course, she had never asked him that. Perhaps, she never might be able to say such things to him either.

For the first time in her life, Paro hated Laila and cursed her for being a part of their life. Her venom had taken affect even long after she had left. She recalled Jija warning her about the kind of woman Laila was and the kind of damage she could do to her marriage.

They had gone from a man and wife in tender embrace to sleeping far away, hearts broken, all in a matter of hours, just like before. Paro wanted to reach out and touch him but she feared his reaction. He was still upset with her and she was privy to his mood when in anger

With a heavy heart, she lay own in bed, trying to hold back tears and emotions that threatened to choke her. She would have to be strong and fight this battle too.

 First step was to let go of her fears and anything Laila might have said to her. Then, she could woo her Major Saab with all she had---the love for him that burned high in her heart. Jija could perhaps help her as she planned to pacify her wounded lion, Paro planned as she fell asleep.






Paro paced around the room, deeply disturbed and restless. It had been four days since the night she had turned away from him. It didn't seem like his anger had lessened, Paro thought miserably. They were back to their awkward days, staying away from each other

He barely talked to her and tried to avoid her. Once again, he was out of bed before she woke up and came home late in the evening. Depressed at the situation, she racked her brain to find out of the blunder. 

She wished that Rudra would understand the reasons for her uncertainties. They were not without merit. Yes, she might have paid credence to a mischief-maker like Laila and listened to her when she shouldn't have especially when Rudra had told her everything, but she was hurting too

Unfortunately, sometimes human mind just tended to work overtime and she had given into her misgivings and fears. Things had been improving slowly but surely between them. The night at the fair had been so incredible and she would always remember it fondly in the years to come.

Paro sighed, thinking about the night when he had lovingly held her wrist and bought the pink chudiyaan for her. The way he had eaten the fluffy candy off her lips and then licked her fingers-----it still made her blush

His sweet whisperings and the way he had kissed her made her body heavy with desire.  Paro felt self-conscious at the yearnings of her own body every time she thought of the way he had touched her, loved her. And then, she had let her doubts and hesitations come between them

She had seen the hurt on his face, in his eyes when he had thought that she had such a low opinion of him just because she had chosen to give into his Laila's false whisperings. Rudra was not an animal----she knew that in her heart.

Yes, she might have called him "jallad" before but in the deepest recesses of her heart, she knew if he was one, he could have done much to her but he hadn't. He had always protected her. Over time, she had realized that his bark was worse than his bite

A volcanic temper he did possess but he also had a caring side, a soft side and she had seen it enough to know what kind of a man he was. That is why she had fallen in love with him, hadn't she? What could she do to let him know that she trusted him and loved him, Paro thought?

Then, an idea struck her. Getting up from her bed, she walked to her closet and opened it. Her hands reached in and she pulled out the red sari she had worn in Jaipur and ran her hands across it. She knew how much Rudra had liked her dressed in the sari. He had even gifted her one on Diwali!

That was it; she would don the sari for him, Paro thought with great satisfaction. She would dress up tonight----just for him. If he didn't soften up then, she was willing to go to him. Certainly, she could kiss him, she thought boldly shivering at the idea of seducing a man who was clearly a master at it and she just a novice.

Determined to put her plan into action, Paro started to get ready. Next half hour was spent as she darkened her eyes with black kohl and did her hair. Pressing her lips together, she applied rose gloss to her lips and they looked pouty enough. Satisfied with her appearance, she draped and pleated the sari as she tucked in her petticoat, making sure it fell smoothly.

Sitting on the stool in front of the mirror, Paro glanced at her reflection and hoped that her husband would be happy to see her thus, all glammed up, just for him. Smiling shyly at her thoughts, she reached out to place the glass bangles in red on her wrists.

Rapid pounding on her door broke her out of her romantic reprieve and Paro stood up, her bangles crashing to the floor and one of them broke, stabbing her on her wrist. Her heart thudded with a dark premonition as she heard the incessant knocking on her door and then at the blood on her hand.

"kaun hai...?, " Paro asked with trepidation as she walked over to the door, trying hard to ignore the broken shards of red glass bangles on the floor

Opening the door, she saw Maithili Jija and the expression on her face, full of terror made Paro's heart sink. With courage she wasn't feeling, Paro asked her, "Jija...kya hua hai...sab theek tou hai...?" and her voice betrayed her fear of the response from Maithili

("Jija...what has happened...?")

There were tears in Maithili's eyes as she told her, her voice trembling, "BSD say abhi abhi call aayi hai...Paro...Rudra Devarsa..., " and she paused, her voice breaking as if unable to continue any further and Paro stared at her face in trepidation asking her to finish her statement

("We just got a call from BSD...Paro...about Rudra Devarsa...")

"Paro...woh Rudra Devarsa aek Haadse mein zakhmi ho gaye hain..., " Maithili further told her that there had been a blast and he had been badly hurt. Paro faltered upon hearing bad news from Jija, her hands turned cold and she staggered against the frame of her doorway

("Paro...Rudra Devarsa has been wounded in an explosion...")

No, this could not be happening! She refused to believe it! Nothing could happen to Rudra, Paro tried to reason, her mind in shambles.

Jija reached out to hold her, lend her support as she cried out in pain, "Jija...Mhaare ko Major Saab ko dekhna hai...un say milna hai...abhi...isi waqt...kahan hai woh..."

("jija...I have to see my Major Saab...I have to be with him...right now...where is he...?")

Maithili told her that he was being taken to the hospital and Paro ran out of her room, tears streaming freely down her face as she prayed hard and fast for his life. She heard Kakusa and Bapusa as they tried to comfort her, give her hope. She even felt Jija holding her hands, asking her to have faith but nothing anyone said made a difference.

Her heart ached as she pictured him wounded and in pain and tears flowed freely. She had to see him with her own eyes, be there with him, by his side.  If something happened to Rudra, she would surely die! All this time, she had struggled with her feelings for him, at times unable to comprehend why she felt so confused and torn

Then, she had realized that she cared for him and even loved him. But, listening to the news that he was injured, her heart felt liked being ripped out of her chest! In that moment, it dawned on her how foolish she had been all this time!

It had never been as simple as she had thought. He meant so much to her----he was her life. In fact, she would gladly give up her life to save his. Praying fervently to Bholenaath and hoping with all her might as she made her way to the hospital----Paro wished to see him alive and tell him what he meant to her. Life without Rudra would be no life at all!





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The dreary pastel walls, the medicinal stench and the sounds of staff rushing back and forth did little to calm her nerves as she passed madly through the hallway. Impatient to see Rudra, wanting to be with him, Paro walked fast, at times almost stumbling and faltering in the process

 The trip to the hospital had been one of the longest and most painful of her life, even worse than when she had been tied to his jeep as his captive----and the irony wasn't lost on her. A sob caught in her throat and her hand went to her mouth to stop herself from crying out loud as she reached his room.

 Just the sight of him, looking pale and motionless, hooked to tubes and machines was too much for her to bear as she made her way towards the bed. The energy, the passion, the anger-----all the forces of life pulsating through him is what Paro recalled Rudra to be, but looking at him now, looking so lifeless, she felt petrified

Gone was the man who had thundered and screamed at her countless times. In its place, lay before her a man whose handsome face was now covered with bruises and cuts and her heart ached at his battered state.  So robust with raw emotions always, her husband now just lay quietly as if in deep sleep.

The white gauze bandages as they wrapped around his head and his arms were in stark contrast to the tanned skin and even the dark blotches of blood seeping into them looked fearsome. For some time, she just stood next to him, staring as tears trickled down her cheeks unabashedly

Her hands ached to reach out and touch him but she dare not hurt him any further. Besides, they had told her not to disturb the patient as he had just undergone surgery for internal bleeding. In recovery now, only the closest of the family member was allowed to visit and that too for a few minutes

All she wanted----desperately wanted was for Rudra to open his eyes, the deep brown bottomless pools of molten lava that had always managed to look into her soul----just so he could tell her that he was going to be fine.

She wanted him to take her in his arms, so she could feel reassured that everything was going to be well. Oh, how she missed him and his warmth, his sensual teasing, his rare but heart-melting smiles. In fact, she even missed his thunderous rage!

Feeling a hand on her shoulder, she turned around to see Kakusa and Bapusa as they told her to have faith and she nodded but that managed to bring a fresh stream of tears to her eyes.

Then, they heard the doctor come into the room and Paro asked him, her voice fearful but full of hope, "Doctor Saab...Major Saab...mhaare pati...theek tou ho jaayengey naa...inko hosh kab aayega...inki jaan ko koi khatra tou nahi hai ab...?"

("Doctor Saab...Major Saab...I mean, my husband...will he be alright...when will he wake up...he is not any danger now, is he...?")

The surgeon walked over to the side of the bed and then said cautiously, "Dekhein...Major Rudra Pratap bohat khush kismet hain kay itnay bhayaanak dhamaake kay baad woh yahaan hain...zinda hain...per..." and she trembled with dread

("Look...Major Rudra Pratap is indeed very lucky that he managed to survive this horrible accident...and that he is here, still alive...but...")

He then told them the bomb had went on while they were rescuing people and he was very fortunate to have made a run towards their jeep or else, the situation might have ended very differently. Paro gasped as she heard the details

Further explaining the patient's prognosis, he told them that while they had performed the critical surgery to repair and stop the bleeding. Unfortunately, there was still the situation with the swelling around his brain. 

The velocity of the explosion had resulted in his body being thrown at quite a distance. That not only resulted in the ruptured spleen, broken ribs, bruises and cuts, but also in concussion that was hard to make a prognosis on until the patient regained consciousness.

As they all heard the doctors, a frightened Dilsher asked, his voice trembling, "Per mhaara beta theek tou ho jaayega...?"

("But my son will get better...right...?")

Petrified at the doctor's reply, they all looked at him expectantly as he took a deep breath and replied, "Baat yeh hai kay...mein aap sab ki umeed nahi badhaana chaahta...jo hum say ho sakta tha...hum nay Major Saab kay liye sab kiya hai...per jab tak mareez ko hosh nahi aayega...tab tak kucch nahi kaha jaa sakta..."

("What you all need to know is that I don't want to give you any false hope...we did the best we could for him...but until he regains consciousness...I am unable to say anymore...")

Covering her face with her hands, Paro broke down and the doctor said sympathetically, "Mrs.Rudra...Dekhein aap himmat rakhein...hum inka bohat khayaal rakehin gey...Bhagwaan na chaaha tou inko jald hosh jaayega..."

("Mrs. Rudra...you should stay strong...we will do our best for him...the rest is up to God...")

It was critical that the swelling on his brain went down. As far as they could tell, there was no hemorrhaging into the brain but the next 48 hours were going to be perilous as he battled for his life. The doctor told them that only one person could sit with him as to not disturb the patient

Paro immediately turned to look at them and said that she would stay as she couldn't possibly leave his side. Bapusa and Kakusa looked at each other and then her determined face and her pleading eyes.

 Patting her back and asking her to stay strong, they let her stay. Few minutes later, both men and the doctor departed as Paro pulled up a chair and sat next to her husband.

Her mind was still in shock as she thought of how life had changed in the last few hours! She was still clad in the red saree, dressed up for him while he lay there, on a hospital bed, fighting for his life!  Paro touched the rudraksh on his hand and wondered if it had really saved his life?

Then, she lifted his hand slowly and gently and brought it to her lips. Placing her face, wet with tears on his hand, she pressed her lips against it before turning to look at him as his chest rose up and went down steadily.

The line of work Rudra was associated with-----one had to be prepared for such calamities yet she had never, ever dreamed him to be hurt like this. She had always prayed for his safety, his life but somehow convinced herself that Bholenaath would save him from no matter what came his way

The doctor's words swirled in his head and she tried to push away the chilly pangs of dread gripping her. There was no way she could lose Rudra! He had to wake up. Her husband had to get better-----he was a fighter after all! Hadn't Bapusa said the same thing about him?

Besides, she still had so much to say to him. He could not just leave her before he knew how she felt about him. She wanted him to tell him that she loved him, more than anything in the world!

Just a few months ago, he had taken her captive, brought her home with him and she had never thought to feel this way about him. But, somewhere along the way, she had fallen for him, losing her heart to him. If only she had confessed her feelings about him before, Paro thought sadly

Worst part of it was the way the things had been between them for last few days! The guilt alone was enough to drown her, choke her as she thought of the hurt he had felt at her words. The misunderstandings, the distance between them------all of it came to haunt her and she felt awful!

If only they had cleared out their problems and she could have told them what was really in her heart, she would not be feeling so burdened. Unfortunately, one could never turn back the sands of time.

Whispering softly, she told him how much she loved him and she couldn't live without him as he slept. Praying to Bholenaath for her husband's life, Paro held on to his hand, into the late night up until the wee hours of the morning




Desperation clawed at her as she looked at the terrified faces of everyone around her.  They were already passed the forty-eight hour timeline and Rudra was still unconscious. Paro had refused to leave his side in spite of repeated implorations by the family to rest, unwilling to budge by his side for last two days

Finally, Maithili Jija had brought in change of clothing for her but she had stayed right next to him, talking to him while he slept, as if he could hear her, but he still hadn't opened his eyes. There was sadness on Bapusa and Kakusa's faces and even Aman bhayya looked depressed now

She had tried to be strong, praying and hoping for him to gain consciousness for more than two days and now, her faith had begun to somewhat falter. Unable to eat or sleep properly, she had barely survived, almost hanging by a thread

The only thing that kept her going was the life of her husband that hung precariously in delicate balance, out of her hands. The doctor had tried to reassure but she heard the skepticism in his voice. Of course, he had been trying his best to not dampen their spirits

The sadness etched on the faces of the family members was not hard to miss as she looked around her. Singh Saab had just left after patting her back, looking remorseful and almost guilty as he had sent Rudra to investigate the terrorist's hideout at the last minute

Bapusa had crawled back into his shell as if almost preparing himself for the worst of it. Kakusa, Aman Bhaisa, Samrat Bhaisa and Maithili tried their best to console her. But, as time passed by, it appeared like their hopes seemed so dwindle as well

She had spent the last two days praying and begging for Rudra's life and she still waited, although feeling worn out. Certainly, defeat was not an option. She was willing to do anything to save his life!

Paro recalled the tale of the power of love and devotion of a wife for her husband she had hear over the years. If Savitri could bring her husband, Satyavan back from the God of Death, Yama------- then so could she, Paro thought with renewed resolve

Yesterday, one of the nurses had mentioned a mandir nearby where people went barefoot when in need and their wishes were always granted. It was said that miracles happened there and she was a firm believer!

Unwilling to leave Rudra's side, she had prayed while sitting in his room, waiting with bated breath for him to wake up. But, it seemed like time was running out and she was now frantic. Perhaps, she could leave Rudra as she went to pay tribute to Bholenaath and beg for her own personal miracle, Paro thought hopefully.

Her mind made up, she asked Maithili, "Jija...aap yahaan hain abhi, Major Saab kay paas...?"

("Jija...you can stay here with Major Saab...?")

Maithili held her hand and nodded and Paro said, "Jija...aap mhaare Major Saab ka khayaal rakhein...mein abhi aati hoon..."

("Jija...please take care of my Major Saab...I ll be right back...")

As she prepared to leave, Jija asked her, "Paro...per tu kahaan jaa rahi hai...?"  and Paro told her about her plan to visit the temple nearby, looking for a miracle!

("Paro...but where are you going...?")






The sun shone brightly on the alabaster white elongated dome of the temple and she squinted her eyes for a moment. The steep stairs leading up to the worshipping altar was still far away and Paro bent down to remove her shoes and tuck them under her arm.

It was time to show her devotion. She had come here to beg for Rudra's life and she was going to do it! Feet naked now, she started walking determinedly towards the temple on the dirt road. As she made her way to her destination, the pebbles pricked the tender soles of her dainty feet.

Moments later, blood began to ooze from the minor nicks and cuts but she didn't care about the pain as she treaded the rocky path.  Normally, she might have cried out, but today, the agony of the mere thought of losing her husband numbed the physical pain of her wounded heels and she continued undeterred until she reached the climbed the stairs all the way to the top

Once she reached the altar, Paro didn't waste any time and dropped down to her knees, folded her hands, closed her eyes and started praying fervently. Tears flowing down her face freely, unrestrained from the any other thought but Rudra, she begged for his life.

Uncaring of how she sat and wailed as people passed her by, Paro called out to the deity in front of her, hoping her pleas for help would not fall on deaf ears. Surely, the Gods would not send her away empty handed!

Paro called out to the Gods in heaven to bestow their mercy upon her husband and save his life, sometimes humbly pleading, and at times, angrily demanding that they grant his life. Grief often wreaks havoc with a person's sanity and it did the same to Paro as she begged and cajoled to Bholenaath

The Pandit went to stand next to her as she sat there, her eyes closed, deeply lost in her prayers. He had seen her, sitting there, praying zealously for last half hour and it wasn't too hard to guess that she was in dire circumstances, whatever they might be, he thought.

It took a couple of times for him to call out to her before Paro opened her eyes and saw the Panditji standing next to her, looking at her kindly as he asked her the reason for her lamentation. He further told her that God grants wishes all the time and he never turns away the needy but sometimes, humans also needed to make sacrifices to please God

Hearing the priest tell her to give up something precious in her life in order to get her husband's life back, Paro was shocked. Her mind wandered as she pondered on the most valuable thing in her life and it was none other than him!

Rudra was the one that meant the most in her life! Did that mean that she had to offer her love in order to get his life back? Is that the sacrifice that she had to make to barter for his life?

The thought of giving up Rudra forever was enough to send jolts of sharp pain in her gut, her heart and she almost bowled over. How could she possibly live without him, Paro considered miserably? Nonetheless, the thought of him dead was more agonizing!

Perhaps, it was better to have him alive even he was far away, she deliberated in extreme anguish. So, what if she couldn't be with him? At least, he would be well, she reasoned despondently. Where his life was at stake, she couldn't afford to be selfish------it was as rudimentary as that and she made up her mind.

As horrible as it felt, Paro closed her eyes, once again as she bargained, "Bholenaath...mhaara vaada hai aap say...aap mhaare pati ki jaan bachalein...mein apni sab say qeemti cheez aap ko Arpan kardoongi...jo mhaare dil kay sab say paas hai..."

("Bholenaath...this is my promise to you...you save my husband...and I ll sacrifice the thing most precious in my life...what is most closest to my heart...")

Crying softly as her heart felt as if shattering inside, she prayed some more and hoped that this would work. If only she would have asked the priest to clarify, Paro would have been saved the heartache but alas, it was not meant to be. 

In that darkest hour of need, emotionally overwrought to think rationally, Paro made the vow to give up her one true love as she deemed appropriate. Sitting there, she continued to beg, exhaustion seeping in but she didn't care. Nothing mattered except the life of Rudra.





The hands that stroked his hair as he lay in her lap felt really good. Comforted and warm, he lay there with his eyes closed, just enjoying the blissful moment. So soothing was her voice as she sang to him, well aware of how much he enjoyed her melodious rendition of that particular hymn.

Rudra's hand went atop hers as if to hold her to himself, almost as if making sure that she didn't go away. Suddenly, the gentle caressing of his hair ceased and he felt bereft, feeling cold at the loss of contact. His beloved mother began to slowly disappear in the mist and he cried out for her.

As if grasping at straws, he held out his hand, calling out for her but, she just seemed to vaporize slowly as he looked on helplessly, crying out as if in excruciating pain. Rudra bowled over until curling into fetal position, miserable, unwilling to move on or continue anymore until he felt a hand on his shoulder

His eyes went to the gentle hand caressing his shoulder and he was surprised to see her. Her beautiful face, smiled at him as she brought her hand to his face and he turned away momentarily as if embarrassed to have her see him as such, crying as a broken man

Undeterred by his reaction, she moved her hand from his shoulder to his face and he gave in, turning towards her slowly.  Then, she got down on her knees and sat in front of him. No words were needed as she clasped his face, wiping his tears away.

All his barriers were shattered as she leaned in and he went into her arms willingly, uncaring of how and why he felt so close to her. His own arms closed hers and she held him in her loving embrace.

The need for her was so great that nothing else mattered in that moment and Rudra held on to her with all his might. The sharp pain that coursed through his body and mind vibrated throughout but her presence worked as an analgesic.

Desire to live and the will to fight arose anew as he absorbed the vigor from Paro while she held on to him. Her words of encouragement as she called out to him, to wake up, and come back to her somehow penetrated through the dense fog of his drug-induced slumber.

Struggling through the obscure forces pulling him down and under the dark abyss, he pushed himself mentally, fighting with everything he had, drawing from the energy around him, from her

Paro felt the tremor, the slight quivering of his fingers as she held on to his hand. The minor but certain flickering movement underneath his eyelids suddenly gave her hope and she felt a rush of anticipation burst inside her breast. Wiping the tears from her cheeks, she squeezed his hand with all the love in her heart

The feel of his hand pressing hers albeit weakly felt wonderful and she called out his name encouragingly, "Major Saab...aankhein kholein...Rudra..."

("Major Saab...open your eyes...Rudra...")

A few seconds later, his eyes opened and he saw her lovely face, smiling through the tears that drenched her thick black eyelashes wet. She moved closer to him and looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to say something

Words formed in his mind but he just couldn't speak right then, his mouth to dry and his brain fuzzy. Bringing his hand to her lips, she kissed it and squealed with joy, "Major Saab...aap ko hosh aagaya...mhaari tou jaan hi nikal gayi thi...!"

("Major Saab...you are awake now...I was scared to death...")

Without thinking, she hugged him and he winced in pain. Scared at hurting him, she pulled back immediately, apologizing, "Maaf kardein, Major Saab...aap theek tou hain..." as she looked at him, his eyes closed.

("I am sorry, Major Saab...are you alright...")

Wondering if she had hurt him and cursing herself for her enthusiasm, she touched his face gently. His eyes opened and he looked at her, barely whispering, "Paro...Paro..."


Hearing her name on his lips sounded melodious to her ears! How she had longed to hear him call out for her, praying ardently for his recovery and now he was awake!

Immediately, she pressed the button to call help and a nurse came in who called in for the physician informing him that the patient was now awake. Not willing to be separated from Rudra even for a second, it was hard for her to move aside as they examined him

His eyes searched for hers and he called out for her yet again. However, the doctor and the staff asked Paro to leave the room for some time and she did so reluctantly. As she began to leave, he looked at her and his eyes went to the slim trail of blood she left behind her

Concerned for her, he called out her name, this time louder but his voice extremely hoarse, "Paro...ruk..." and she turned back to look at him as he asked, "yeh khoon kaise...kahan say...tere paaon...kya hua...?" and she looked down at her feet

(""Paro...wait...where is this blood coming from...your feet...how...?")

"Kucch nahi hai, Major Saab...aap mhaari chinta nahi karein...mhaare paaon theek hain...kucch nahi hua...thori chot lag gayi hai...," Paro replied, trying to assure him that nothing was the matter with her feet and she left the room, not wanting to worry him anymore

("It is nothing, Major Saab...please don't worry about me...my feet are fine...it is no big deal...it's just a minor cut...")

Unsatisfied with her explanation about the blood on her feet, he tried to get up but was unable to and the nurse pressed him down back in the bed. He told her to get her feet checked out and she nodded.

 Hearing him ordering her sternly to get checked by a doctor brought a smile to her face. The bossy Rudra she knew was back and she couldn't be happier about it!

Everything was going to be alright. Bholenaath had granted her wish. In that moment, it didn't matter why or how that had happened. All she knew was that the love of her had come back to her.

The doctor told him to stay still so that they could continue with their assessment and he had no choice but to give in to their commands for the time being. Besides, he was in no condition to move anyway, he thought exasperatingly

He was far from done inquiring Paro about her bloody feet but that would have to wait. Unhappily, Rudra relented as they poked and probed, groaning in spite of the painkillers permeating through his veins.

 Feeling exhausted within moments, he gave into the slumber and fell asleep again, unware that Paro was back again in the room and so was his Bapusa and Aman with a big smile on their faces.



This was real------he was sure of it. The feel of her against him was not a figment of his imagination. Still groggy, he opened his eyes to see Paro asleep, her head on his hand as she held it.

Still sitting in the chair by his bed, she leaned onto the bed but probably had fallen asleep some time, Rudra thought tenderly. Everything from the last few days came back to him.

He had just rushed out of the warehouse when it had exploded and he had been thrown in the air to land in dirt, getting injured and losing consciousness. The doctors had told him earlier that it had been more than three days that he had been brought in wounded to the hospital

Yesterday, he had gained consciousness and the doctors had told him the extent of his injuries. He had suffered two cracked ribs, cuts and bruises that would take a few weeks to heal. The concussion and the swelling on his brain had diminished without any side effects and he was immensely relieved to hear that

The tests appeared to be normal and he could move, which was another cause of concern for them during his unconsciousness. The thought that he might be invalid, unable to move was terribly frightening, too horrible to contemplate but he was grateful for the good news that he could walk again!

His family had rushed in to see him, tears streaming down their eyes, happy to see him alive and well. He was surprised to see even Aman pretending to rub his eyes, turning his back from him and then Singh Sir had called to inquire about his health.

 A close brush with death had opened his eyes to the fact that there were so many people concerned for his well-being and he had never thought that to be the case. But, no one could compare to what Paro had done for him!

He had been almost yelled at her for walking to the mandir barefoot to pray for him. Of course, she hadn't said a word to him but Maithili Bhabisa had told him everything. Completely privy to the fact that his wife hadn't left his side since the moment she had shown up, he was truly overwhelmed.

To think that he had been upset with her, indignant with her lack of trust in him and here she was, caring for him, tirelessly, day and night without a thought for her own health!  It hurt him to see her delicate feet, cut and bleeding but she had merely smiled at him, telling him that she would do it a million times if it meant that she could see him safe and alive

Slowly, he pulled out his hand from her and she shifted slightly. He stroked her hair gently, unwilling to disturb her sleep. At the same time, he wished for her to move from the hard chair as she slouched on the bed partially-----surely, she must be uncomfortable!

Gentle was his touch but she felt it and came awake. Sitting upright in the chair, Paro looked to see Rudra awake and she immediately was concerned for him.

Standing up quickly, she asked him, "Major Saab...kya hua...aap theek tou hain...?"

("Major Saab...are you alright...?")

Rudra felt guilty for waking her up and swiftly replied, his voice a bit hoarse, "Paro...mein theek hoon..."

("Paro...I am fine...")

Not completely assured, Paro moved in and touched his forehead and didn't find him to be warm to the touch. Still concerned, she looked at him and asked, "Major Saab...kucch chaahiye aap ko...bataaye mhaare ko..." and then she apologized for having fallen asleep

("Major Saab...do you need something...please tell me...")

Shaking his head, he caught both her hands in his and pulled her closer as he said, "Paro...mein nay kaha naa...mein theek hoon...aur mujhay kucch nahi chaahiye...tujhay is tarah kursi per sote dekh kar mujhay acchha nahi lag raha tha..." and he continued to tell her that he didn't like her not taking care of herself

("Paro...I told you...I am fine and I don't need anything...its just that seeing you sleep like this on the chair...I didn't like that...")

Paro was taken aback and Immediately, Paro took her hands out of his and cupped his face tenderly as she said, "aap mhaari chinta mut karein, Major Saab...bus aap jaldi say theek ho jaayein...mhaare ko aur kucch nahi chaahiye..." and she told him that she didn't mind taking care of him.

("Please don't worry about me, Major Saab...I just want you to get better soon...nothing else matter to me...")

Suddenly feeling thirsty, he asked her for water and she held the cup in her hands and brought them to his mouth. After taking a few sips, he moved away and she wiped the droplets off his lips before putting away the glass.

Rudra stared at her and asked softly, "Paro...jab say mein yahaan hoon...tou bilkul ghar nahi gayi... ...thori der kay liye bhi nahi...kyun...?"

"Paro...since, I have been here...you haven't gone home even once...not even for a few minutes...why...?")

Tears began to form in her eyes as she looked at him and replied with all the love she felt in her heart, "Major Saab...aap ko lagta hai kay  aisi haalat mein kya mein chhoddh kar jaa sakti thi...?" and he continued to look at her tired but beautiful face, full of concern for him

("Major Saab...do you really think that I could have left you in the state that you were in...?")

Didn't he know that she could have never left his side especially knowing the condition he was in, Paro thought? Then, she recalled the horrible fear and pain she had undergone in the past few days, worrying about his life.

He meant the world to her. Didn't he know that? Of course, he didn't. She had never said the words to him. And then there was the awkward situation between them before he had gone to work.

Perhaps, he thought that she was still upset with him. After all, his feelings had been hurt when she had turned him down. It also dawned on her how much she had regretted the way things had been between them.

In that instant, she recalled how much she had wished for an opportunity to confess her feelings for him. Of course, now that he was well and alive, right in front of her, she didn't want to wait any longer especially knowing she was on borrowed time

Her mind and heart, full of love for him, Paro stared at his face and he touched her face, asking her, "Kya hua, Paro...aisey kya dekh rahi hai...kya soch rahi hai tu...?"

("What is the matter, Paro...why are you looking at me like this...what are you thinking about...?")

Rubbing her face into his palm, Paro closed her eyes and took a deep sigh. Opening her eyes, she looked at him and told him how scared she had been upon hearing the news of his accident, "Aap ko pata hai...mhaari tou jaan hi nikal gayi thi..." and her voice broke as she thought of him fighting for his life

("Do you know how scared I have been for you...?")

Rudra replied tenderly, "Paro...chal...ro mut ab...mein theek hoon...kucch nahi hua mujhay...ab sab theek hai...do chaar din ki baat hai...mein bilkul theek ho jaayoonga..." as he pulled her closer to him

("Paro...please don't cry anymore...I am fine now...nothing has happened to me...everything is good...and it is only a matter of a few days...and I ll be up and running...")

Paro didn't fight him as she leaned in towards him but placing her hands on his chest, she said boldly, "Major Saab...mhaare ko aap say kucch kehna hai...kucch bataana hai aap ko...aur aap ka jaanna zaroori hai..."

("Major Saab...I have tell you something...and it is important that you know that...")

For a moment, Rudra felt nervous listening to her talk so seriously but before he could say anything, she told him that she wanted to tell him how she felt about him and as he looked at her, she said sweetly how much she loved him and he froze, staring at her quietly, his eyes flickering upon her face

Paro smiled nervously as she repeated, "Haan, Major Saab...mein aap say bohat pyar karti hoon...duniya mein sab say zyaada..." and Rudra opened his mouth a couple of times but closed it again, flabbergasted to hear her bold declaration of love

("Yes, Major Saab...I love you so much...more than anything and everything in the world...!")

He saw her waiting for him to say something but his mind was too boggled to come up with an appropriate reply. His heart beat fast as he mulled over her words in his mind----she loved him, he couldn't believe it!

Overwhelmed and humbled by the tenderness reflected in her beautiful hazel eyes, he felt paralyzed for a moment, totally unprepared for such an emotional proclamation from her. Surprised but happy, he did what he thought best at the moment.

Rudra pulled her in and she came into his arms willingly. The contact with his bruised body hurt but he didn't care. In that moment, he wanted to hold Paro in his arms. She had just told him that she loved him but he was unable to come up with an appropriate response!

His arms caressed her back and she hugged him with all the love in her heart. For so long, she had felt deeply about this man and carried it all within her, unable to give it a name or even completely admit it to herself.

If the events of last few days had taught her anything, it was that life was short. And she had decided to share her feelings with him. It didn't even matter if he returned the sentiments, Paro thought as he hugged her quietly. Letting him know what she felt for him, made her feel free

No matter how he had come storming into her life, pushing her, then sweeping her in the turbulence of his beliefs and passion-----in the end, she had lost her heart to him. Love as torrential and all-encompassing she had heard about but never imagined feeling it, but she had, with him.

Here she was now, in Rudra's arms and it was where she truly belonged. The way he made her feel was something she had never imagined to feel but she felt blessed to have experienced it in her life. They had fought and argued countless times but he had always made her feel things that no man ever had

If falling head over heels in love with the man you considered your mortal enemy was not a twist of fate and destiny as perhaps orchestrated by a power higher than anything, then Paro wasn't sure what was at work.

The extent of her own feelings surprised her but it felt just right. Everything had always been so intense between them. Since the very first moment she had met him----it had been a whirlwind rendezvous, one after another, all leading to this, her deep love for him.

His soft kisses on her hair felt wonderful and she kept her eyes closed, relishing the intimacy of their embrace. Paro had terribly missed being held in his arms for so long that now that she was there----she wanted to stay like that, forever.

The vow to leave him soon nagged her but she pushed it aside, tucking it away somewhere in the deep recesses of her mind. The moment of being with Rudra was too sweet to not savor and she was willing to forget about what tomorrow would bring. Besides, he would need her utter care and devotion to fully recuperate.

She still had some time with Rudra before she left him for good and she was going to savor each and every moment spent with him. All those memories would have to keep her alive, sustain her throughout the rest of her life without him.

The painful thought of leaving him tugged at her heart and she felt like weeping but she held herself in check. Rudra could never know the vow she had made. He would probably never understand her reasons and she could not fight him------she wasn't that brave or strong enough when it came to Rudra. 









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The steady jet of the warm water felt wonderful as it poured down his back, sluicing across and over his tense muscles. Rudra stood under the spray with his hands pressed against the hard wall, letting his worries drown away, just as the water flowed into the drain on the floor

It had been so long since he had been able to take a shower and bathe himself. Now, that he seemed to be recovering and becoming capable of carrying out the mundane tasks on his own, he felt more in control of his life, once again.

It was not that he didn't appreciate the efforts of the staff in the hospital along with the loving care administered by Paro------ he was simply not a man used to being catered to. The feeling of being dependent on others had severely grated on his nerves in the beginning, and maybe, it still did to some extent. Being an invalid was an experience he didn't care to repeat again.

Hard to believe it was -----but it had been a tough month while he had recuperated, first in the hospital and then at his home. His hands went to touch the dark but fading bruises along his ribcage, and he felt grateful that the damage had been limited to fracture.

Healing was a slow process but most of his wounds had healed and scars had begun to fade. However, his ribs still ached and felt tender but he was grateful that it didn't hurt to breathe anymore. Best of all, he had started doing simple workouts to keep his muscles from wasting away.

Physical training was something that he had always enjoyed especially since that was also important for his work in BSD. It was important that he be fit and alert----his job demanded it. He had sorely missed the lack of physical activity while lying immobilized in the hospital bed and he was excited to be up and about.

Shuddering as he thought of being incapacitated, Rudra rubbed the shampoo in his hair and washed his body as best as he could. Thinking of all the times Paro had helped him wash up, he felt his breathing accelerating

With his lower body clad, he had sat with his chest bare as Paro had shampooed his hair, washing his face, neck and then her hands trailing down his chest albeit gently as she took care to not hurt him but blushing all the while, her face a shade of deep red.

The tenderness, with which she had tended to his basic needs still astounded him, humbled him as a man. Now that he knew that she loved him-----all her actions made sense to him. His wife had spent all her time taking care of him, making sure that he was well-looked after, often very late into the night

Tending to his wounds, she had not only mended his physical injuries but he felt as if she had also inadvertently managed to heal to his emotional wounds. For the longest time he could remember, he had lived life alone, in solitary, unencumbered by any deep emotional attachments. That was not the case anymore!

His psyche damaged by the abandonment of his mother and the disparaging remarks, and abuse by his father-------Rudra had learned to live without any hopes of depending on another human being. Yet, Paro had taught him to rely on her and he had done so

Distrust of women had made him hold his feelings at bay, never expecting to feel so close to another human being.  At times, the bond he shared with Paro defied logic----he still had a hard time believing his own feelings for her. Yet, he felt tied to her, in ways he had never imagined and it was not unpleasant.

It was his job to protect people and he had always done so with Paro. He was the savior, the protector as she had often referred to him. It had never occurred to him to need anyone else. Living without the unconditional love and warmth of his mother followed by the harsh upbringing of his father, he had learned at an early age to not count on anyone.

Any pain he had experienced in the last fifteen years, physical and emotional, he had learned to hold it in well. Curbing his pain, trying to deal with it on his own, he had lived for so long and survived until Paro had come storming into his life

In the last few weeks, she had taken over----- and he had let her after a short period of initial resistance. For the first time in his life, he had given the reins to someone else. Initially, it had been hard to put himself in someone else's care, so utterly and completely as she had slowly crumbled through every last bit of his defenses

Mindless of her own well-being, his sweet wife had stayed by his side, making sure that he was cared for and he felt indebted to her for her love and attention. No one had ever cared for him as such and he still felt overwhelmed by her concern for him.

Paro's confession of love in the hospital was not just mere words, uttered in the heat of the moment-----he now knew that without a shadow of doubt. Not that he had disbelieved her feelings then but the thought had crossed his mind that perhaps, she had been too emotionally distraught.

After all, the crazy girl had gone to the temple to pray for him, barefoot! Uncaring of the cuts on her feet, she had nonchalantly shrugged when he had reprimanded her for her foolishness, merely smiling at him.

Seeing him hurt and in critical condition, she might have felt scared and lost. But, he had clearly seen her love for him reflected in her eyes, every time she came near him, took care of him and he knew that she cared for him deeply.

In fact, at times, he felt as if he didn't deserve the love she bestowed upon him, so freely. He hadn't even responded to her declaration of love with any sweet words of his own and for that, he felt uncomfortable. But, then what could he say to her, Rudra wondered uneasily?

Not one to whisper words of love------Rudra had never, ever said those words to any woman and he wasn't sure if he could stand there like a Romeo and profess such things to a woman, even if she was Paro.

 Closing his eyes, he recalled the way she had said to him that she loved him more than anything in the world and his heart pounded wildly in his chest. Her words of love for him-----he would forever treasure them, Rudra knew that with a certainty.

How easily she had admitted her feelings for him! So, why couldn't he tell her what she meant to him or how deeply he felt for her, Rudra wondered anxiously? It seemed so damn difficult to say the words and he felt really ill-equipped to do so.

Maybe, one day, he might not feel so tongue-tied and tell her how he really felt about her, Rudra reasoned. For now, he was grateful that she loved him and hadn't asked him to return the sentiments. Now, that would be problematic indeed.

Surely, she understood that he cared for her, more than he had for any woman in his life, he rationalized. He just had to bide his time and when the time was right, he hoped to find his voice and tell her what she meant to him.




The spoon stirred in the glass of milk, creating ripples similar to the ones swirling through Paro's mind as she stood in the kitchen, lost deep in thoughts. Rudra was getting better, each day gaining strength and she couldn't be happier

Unfortunately, her happiness was marred by the impending doom of her promise made to Bholenaath while he had been sick. On one hand, seeing him get back on his two feet and recover, she felt elated. On the other hand, the thought of his complete recovery made her severely depressed

When Rudra was entirely fit, she would have to leave and thought was enough to dampen her spirits immediately. At times, she thought she would just burst in tears, but she held herself in check. No one could find out her secret!

A promise had been made, a bargain had been struck and now she had to follow it to the end, no matter how much it hurt her. One could not make promises to God and then just choose to renege on it-----it was simply not done, Paro thought ruefully!

Bholenaath had fulfilled his end of the bargain. He had granted her husband his life back. Rudra's wounds were healing nicely and he was returning to his former self. Seeing him stand tall and strong once again, Paro felt proud and happy

The mere knowledge of not being a part of his life anymore sprung to her mind and her heart broke every time she thought of a life void of his larger than life presence. At times, she felt that she might actually die from the physical pain of separation from Rudra but there was nothing that could be done.

Once a vow was made, it had to be respected. Or where was the honor and trust in anything she said or did in life? A part of her feared of how Rudra would react to her decision? What would he say to her if she told him of her plan to leave him?

Paro was sure that he would not understand her decision. He would not see the honor in her promise to God. There was another thought that had plagued her last few weeks. She had openly admitted her feelings for him and she did not regret it at all. However, he had never said anything in return. She would be lying if she said that it didn't hurt at some level.

Paro was not foolish enough to think that Rudra would have sung sonnets or made vows of eternal love to her. Her husband was not that kind of a man----she had come to know him well enough in the past few months.

Nonetheless, he could have just told her that he cared for her or even said out loud that he liked her. Surely, he must like her, Paro thought sadly to herself. What did he truly feel for her?

She had seen the look in his eyes often enough. The way he had touched her, loved her, kissed her, teased her-----surely that meant she held some significance in his life! Then, why could he not tell her? Sighing deeply, she tried to push away those baffling thoughts away from her convoluted mind

Perhaps, it was better this way. What was the point of it anyway? It was not as if she was planning on staying with him for life. Even if Rudra miraculously told her that he loved her------would she change her mind?

That was a perplexing thought and she shuddered to think of her response! What the heck would she do then? Would she back out on her promise to Bholenaath to stay with Rudra? She didn't have a clear cut answer and that worried her deeply.




Rudra had barely put on his pajamas as the door to the bedroom opened and Paro walked in with a glass in her hand. She stopped as she saw him standing there, by their bed, only clad in pajama bottoms but bare chested with a towel around his neck

Her face filled with color but she didn't run away. These last few weeks had gotten her used to seeing him semi-naked and even though, she couldn't help but blush, she didn't panic as usual. Closing the door behind her, she walked towards him, undeterred

He saw her close the door and walk in and halted his moments. She walked past him and placed the glass of warm milk with turmeric on the nightstand table. Rudra was not oblivious to the color in her face but he also knew that Paro didn't run away as easily now

The smell of the soap mingled with the earthy masculine scent that was uniquely Rudra wafted up her nostrils and she took a deep breath. Without another word, she walked to stand right in front of him and he stood still, anticipating her touch

The heat from his body called out to her and she felt a tad light-headed as she always did when around him, under such intimate circumstances. Grabbing on to the ends of the towel, she wiped the remaining droplets of water from his face, her touch gentle yet seductive

The cuts on his face had almost faded away and purplish bruises diminishing significantly but she was till careful. Rudra felt her touch, as soft as the wings of butterfly and his heart beat amplified. Her familiar fragrance, sweet as pink roses tantalized his senses as he let her tend to him, without any complaint

Then, she used the towel to lightly dry his hair and he watched her face. Her cheeks tinted pink of color, Rudra thought she looked absolutely feminine. He continued to stare at her rosy cheeks and yet, she avoided his gaze, as if really focused on task at hand as usual

Paro felt the heat of his piercing gaze upon her heated face but she worked diligently on his hair. When satisfied that his hair was dry, she removed the towel. Now, his perfectly sculpted chest was completely exposed to her gaze and she looked at him.

Her breath caught in her throat as their eyes met. Nervously, she turned back towards the bed and picked up the white kurta laid out for him.

Handing it to him, she said, "yeh lein, Major Saab...kurta pehen lein...phir aap ka haldi waala doodh tayaar hai...jaldi say pee lein..." and he heard the quivering in her voice

("Here you go, Major Saab...please put on your shirt...I have brought you turmeric milk and you should drink it...")

Taking the kurta from her hand, he tried to put it over his head and she heard him groan in pain. Immediately, she turned around and held his hands, "Major Saab...kya hua...?" and he just shrugged

("What is the matter, Major Saab...?")

Realizing that he it might still hurt Rudra to dress himself, Paro took the kurta from his hands and asked him to sit on the bed. Feeling thoughtless for not doing what she had been helping him do for past few weeks anyway, Paro turned towards him

Rudra felt a bit guilty as it wasn't that excruciating painful anymore to wear that kurta but he was just used to her doing it for him that he had pretended to groan yet again. Yes, it did still hurt but he was used to much more pain than this mild ache in his side.

However, her touch was something he enjoyed too much and so, he sat on the bed as she asked. Paro stood in front of him and he felt as she pulled the kurta over his head, ever so slowly. Being extra careful as not to hurt him any more than necessary, she asked him to raise his arms and he did

Her hands smoothed the fabric over his chest once he was dressed, lingering longer than necessary and he almost felt like smiling at her loving care but he dare not lest she find out that he was taking advantage of her doting nature.

With her hands on his chest, she looked up at him and asked softly, "Major Saab...ab aap ko dard tou nahi ro raha hai...?"

("Major Saab...you are not still in pain...are you?")

Pushing aside the momentary pang of guilt he felt at worrying her, he placed his hands on hers and said, "Aur agar dard ho raha hai tou...?"

("What if I am in pain...?")

Concerned for him, she said, "Major Saab...dawaai hai...mein abhi laa deti hoon..." And tried to pry her hands free and Rudra sighed deeply before answering, "Rehne day, Paro...itna dard nahi hai abhi..."

("Major Saab...I can get medication for you..."  "Let it be, Paro...it doesn't hurt that much, after all...")

Paro looked at him and didn't understand the tone of his voice. The next instant, a smile broke out on her face and he raised his eyebrows in questioning.

Without responding verbally, Paro leaned in and started to smooth his hair and he understood the source of her amusement. Her fingers as she straightened his hair, combing through the heavy mane of silky hair felt heavenly and he almost moaned at her tender touch

Out of his own accord, his hands went to her waist and he placed her hands his hands on her hips. Paro felt his hands and shivered slightly but didn't protest. He felt her fingers  on his scalp as she smoothed his hair, tucking some of his around his temple and ear

As she worked on his hair, leaning in and down towards him, her own long, dark tresses fell around her shoulders as if to form a curtain around their faces and he took a deep breath. One of his hands reached out to touch her face gently before his fingers entangled in her hair

Paro's hands stilled their movement in his hair as she felt his fingers tighten around her bare waist and his other hand touch her cheek before tucking her hair behind her ear. She raised her eyes to his and felt as if singed------the fire in his gaze burned her and she trembled

Words barely escaped her as his fingers moved to her cheek, softly stroking it before the pad of his thumb caressed her lower lip and she shivered. The sudden fall and rise of her heaving bosom was not hard to notice as Rudra felt his blood rising and his breathing fractured

Tipping her chin to look at him, he stared into her eyes boldly and she saw the stark, naked desire, clearly evident for her to see and she blushed. His hand moved to entangle in the nape of her neck and hair as he pulled her closer and she didn't resist at all

Their breaths mingled and her heart thudded wildly in her chest in excitement as she anchored her hands on his broad shoulders for support. Her eyes closed in the anticipation of the kiss but he surprised her by not kissing her

His teeth lightly nipped at her lower lip as he pulled it in and sucked on it tenderly and she whimpered softly. Her fingers dug into his shoulders as he sucked on her lower lip with leisure and she gasped softly

Then, his other hand moved from her waist to hold her head as he brought her in even closer and his mouth laid claim to hers. The kiss was bold and demanding as his tongue gained entrance and she moaned into his mouth.

Dark and long locks of her silky hair cascaded down and formed a curtain as their mouths fused. Passion held back for so long erupted as Rudra gave in to his heart's desire to kiss his beautiful wife. Paro gave in to the feelings of the moment, returning his kiss now as a way of showing her love for him

His warm tongue stroked the dark crevices of her mouth and sucked on her soft tongue as her body grew warm. Her hands tangled into his hair and she boldly used her tongue to lick his lips and he groaned in ecstasy

Paro reciprocating his passionate kisses emboldened him and he moved down his hands to touch her, caress her and grab onto her hips. The action caused him to lose balance as he fell back on bed and Paro landed on top of him

The sudden movement managed to break their kissing session as he unwittingly groaned in pain. The weight of Paro falling on him and subsequently on his yet healing ribs invoked sharp pain and he stilled for a moment

Horrified at his moan of pain, Paro pushed herself off him quickly and looked down to see with his eyes closed. Mortified, she placed a hand on his face as she leaned by his side and asked him, "Major Saab...aankhein kholein...bohat dard ho raha hai kya...?"

("Major Saab...please open your eyes...are you in a lot of pain...?")

Rudra felt embarrassed that he had cried out and broken their sensuous moment. Grasping her hand against his face, he replied, "Nahi...koi dard nahi ho raha mujhay...mein theek hoon..." as he groaned softly before trying to pull her back in for the kiss but she hesitated

("Don't worry...it doesn't hurt that much...I am fine...")

"Nahi, Major Saab...ruk jaayein...abhi nahi..., "Paro admonished as she pulled back slightly to look at him. Placing her hand on his ribcage where she knew he ached, she caressed it softly and told him that he needed time to heal before they could do anything else

("Nahi, Major Saab...I think you should stop...not right now...")

He closed his eyes for a second and felt Paro touching his face. Rudra opened his eyes as she asked him again if he hurt and he asked her, "Tou...kya kar sakti hai, Paro...?"  And the manner in which he looked at her, she realized his intent

"Paro...," he once again whispered her name and she saw the raw desire, plainly evident in his eyes. Her hand moved to caress his face lovingly and then she bent her head, first kissing his forehead at the fading bruise and Rudra closed his eyes at the soft touch of her lips

They had kissed countless times, more passionately than her gentle kiss now but there was something in the way when she initiated and kissed him that Rudra found to be heart wrenching, as if soothing his pain. And, she didn't stop there.

Her lips gently next brushed against the fading bruise around his temple, before moving to his cheeks, one at a time and his hands tightened around her waist, his fingers almost digging into her flesh. The soft, moist lips rubbed and kissed his bearded skin and he moaned softly in response

When he felt her lips kiss his chin before moving down to kiss the column of his throat, his heart beat accelerated, but he didn't ask her to halt. Trailing kisses down his chest, she moved until she reached the side of his waist and his eyes flickered down to see Paro as she pressed her lips on the area where his ribs ached

The tenderness of the sweet gesture was not lost on him and his hands reached out to pull her up, his hands tangled in her hair. With her face aligned with his, he gazed into her eyes and the affection reflected in her hazel eyes blew him away, making him tremble with its intensity.

Unable to resist, he captured her mouth and kissed her hard and fast. Paro kept her hands to the side of his face in an attempt to avoid hurting him but the way his lips devoured hers made it really challenging and she inadvertently pressed against him.


Rudra shifted as she laid on his chest, between his legs, the weight of her body on his. The ache in his side persisted and yet, he continued to kiss Paro, unwilling to let go until she pulled back to look at him, asking him to stop.

Her flushed face and swollen lips, wet with his kisses presented a picture too enticing for Rudra to stop and he pulled her back in until she was just a breath away and whispered to her that he was willing to wait until he was better to make love to her because he wanted to take his time and she turned beet red

Unable to come up with an appropriate response to that, Paro could only stare at him as he pulled her head down and claimed her lips in scintillating kisses that made her moan until she couldn't think straight at all!





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I wanted to keep this chapter just short and sweet as Paro and Rudra come closer still as I think that will be important in the next step of their relationship as Paro decides to leave. How Rudra will convince her to get back will make the next part of the story and it will be different than seen in the show.

Hope you all enjoyed this lighter, romantic interlude between Paro and RudraEmbarrassed. Thank you to all you wonderful readers who always take the time to share your thoughts, opinions and feedback with me. It always makes me happy to hear from youHug. As you can see, we are on Thread #2!




















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Love the story Big smile
Congratulations for the new thread Clap
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Posted: 2015-03-12T12:07:51Z
Forgot to mention, welcome back.   Big smile
Missed your story and can't wait to read more. Clap
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Posted: 2015-03-12T14:32:08Z
Congratulations on the new thread 
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Posted: 2015-03-12T21:37:14Z
congrats for the new thread.i've waiting long for an update and u really give a sweet one.thanx.
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