RAYA NEW OS : Propose In Under The Starry Shower

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What's taking her so long? we're going miss it if she doesn't hurry up Ram mumbled to himself in frustration and scuffed his shoes on the floor at the base of the staircase Priya kya kar rahi ho yaar jaldi karo hame late ho raha hain Ram shouted up the stairs to his girlfriend

I'm coming Ram she shouted back in reply

God dammit how long does it take? Ram said to himself again

Then she appeared at the top of the stairs and Ram's jaw dropped to the floor she was wearing a strapless low cut red dress which stopped just before her red stilettos nd instead of sleeves and the diamond necklace that Ram had bought for her last year on her birthday she elegantly descended like an angel walking down from heaven she took his breath away then Priya reached him and kissed his cheek

P Priyaa u look amazing Ram gasped

You don't look too bad yourself Ram she replied

He was wearing a black suit with a white shirt and a black and white stripped tie Ram lent down and gave Priya a loving kiss on her lips

Right we have to go or else we'll miss our reservation he opened the door and gestured Priya to walk through after you my lady he said to her and she flashed him a brilliant smile and a beautiful glance from her amethyst orbs and gracefully stepped through the door into the evening air followed by Ram they both got into his car

You haven't actually told me where we are actually going yet Priya told him

You'll see when we get there Ram replied in answer as he backed out of the drive way you'll see

They trundled down busy Friday night streets and drove past every restaurant and likely spot that Priya thought would be on the cards tonight this confused Priya

Ram you just drove past the midnight drive out Priya told him as though he had done so in mistake the midnight drive out was the most expensive place in town

Yes I know sweety he replied a smirk on his face

Will you just tell me where we are

Ram took a very sharp turn into a narrow lane one that Priya had never noticed before causing her to grab anything that she could as hard as possible as though if she let go she'd fall out of the car

Rammm kya?

We're here

He parked the car on a grassy ground and unbuckled his seat belt

Ram where are we? Priya was confused what is he doing?she thought to herself why make all this fuss of dressing up and speak of being late if he was going to bring me to a field? It doesn't make sense

She was stopped in her trail of thoughts by Ram who had opened her car door and planted a soft passionate kiss on her lips

Baby just trust me okay?

She looked at him and then smiled and nodded she got out of the car and gave Ram a kiss on his cheek he grasped her hand and led her off

They walked hand in hand with each other for about 5 minutes not needing to talk as just being each others presence was enough instead they gazed up at the starry night sky then they came to something Priya hadn't been expecting instead of some stylish black tie dinner party Ram had lay out a raund table with two chairs facing opposite to each other on the table was a white table cover at least 20 candle's tiered on plates supported by nothing they were floating in mid air nd somewhere in the distance all of the songs they had ever danced to were playing in the background

Ram...Priya gasped this is...

He picked her up and took her to her seat and placed her on it kissing her neck sensually as he stood back up he sat in the chair opposite and clapped his hands out of nowhere to plates of pasta came flying at them causing Priya to shriek but was calmed when Ram flashed a smile at her

Enjoy food My Love

They tucked into a delicious meal which Ram later revealed he had made himself as well as revealing that he had Vikram and Neha set the table and decorations then a thought made its way into Priya's head

Ram what did you mean by we'll be late

He smiled at this and looked up at the starry sky

It's starting

Priya looked at him confused and then turned her attention to the sky

She gasped

There was a meteor shower filling the night sky shooting stars streaking across the skies beautifully this distracted her giving Ram an opening for his surprise

Ram this is amazing Priya looked back to his seat but he was not there Ram? she looked to her side and there he was on one knee a small open box in his hand

Priya you're the girl of my dreams you'r absolutely amazing in every way

Ram she said

Let me finish u stopped the rain from falling and that was the greatest gift you could give me so I'm giving you the best I could think of. I'm giving you my soul so Priya Sharma will you do me the honor of offering me your hand in marriage?

She looked down to him the meteors shooting overhead tears seeping out and an amazing smile spreading across the face

Of course I will you fool YES

With this he sprung up sweeping her up off her feat and placing a long never ending kiss on her lips under the shower of stars


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just like raya's never ending kiss i think k ye os kabi khatam hi na hi. u should consider it converting it to ss or ff.
thanks for pm. write more n more raya stories.Edited by iluvusakshi - 2015-03-09T05:00:03Z
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-03-09T05:14:57Z
awesome os yaar
thanks for pm
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Posted: 2015-03-09T05:16:52Z
awesome os
thanks for pm
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Posted: 2015-03-09T05:59:54Z
Wonderful os...
Please try to continue it...
Thanks for PMTongueTongue
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Posted: 2015-03-09T06:19:43Z
Awww very romantic thanks for pm
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Posted: 2015-03-09T06:24:02Z
Such an awesome os
Its tooo goood...!!!
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Posted: 2015-03-09T06:24:55Z
lovely os.. Very nice..
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