Software Symphony 9 Book Shelf Analogy on 144 - Page 75

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Posted: 6 years ago

They chuckled and smiled at the surprise discovery..II  not ready to remove her churas and mangalsutra..already protective of them..Smilethere is so much sexiness  in making love when the woman is adorned with symbols of marriage..chura, sindoor, mangalsutra, toe full of love..R&B onslaughts are just as sexy as him..he surely knows how to make his woman surrender to him..II is as delirious as one can get when such passion is showered on them..Embarrassed

"you are a tormentor"..yeh baat toh bahut purani hai beta..say something knew this from day one..""Later" she begged.."Now" he said"...I was actually surprised he kept his promise..I thought in heat of moment all will be forgotten...too much effects of desi tv may be..

"I cant wait any longer" he bit her ear lobe hard "..haye..what to say..Speechless even after 4 days of posting chapter..he kissed her tears away and said sorry for the pain he gave her..assuring her that it will get better and saying "Please Kanna.." really dude..along with II do u plan to kill us all...Kanna..Kanna...omg...""Dont kanna me... nee Rakshasan da" she groaned accusingly, sinking her teeth into his shoulder to hurt him and to control her own body's agony.." yeh lo II is back..R&B thought she is shutting off forgetting she is a fighter..she will bounce can she give away herself so easily..dude has to beg, plead and coax her to get what he desires..heat melting the glaciers..truly..Day Dreaming

"Ramannn" she begged hoarsely, threshing, frenzied...fearful"..this line just gives me chill..2 times she said Raman and both time its music to ears..she can actually use this as a weapon to get her demands fulfilled..Dude will move mountain for Mrs...he is trying to comfort her though his own body is giving up on him..and finally falls on her exhausted and satisfied..ah what a climax..he he..getting cheeky..LOL

"he knew she was awake.. and not passed out.."..I also thought kahi II ki batti gul na ho jae...thankgod she is alive.."Going to go through life with ur eyes closed?" he mocked..."..arey you wait dear..let her get used to it..she will be tigress soon and then we will fear for you..afraid that you may pass out coz of her onslaughts..II meri expectations ko mat todna...No notes today and to Rakshasan just Gasp!...ha ha..

I knew they were gonna miss dinner..I just wonder what others were thinking..miya biwi gayab..pehle din hi..He called Vandita and she is having a hearty laugh at their expense..."infact she hasnt had a good night's sleep since she laid eyes on you true Vandu..congratulating himself on his good imagination.."It was a minute after midnight... he went in to wake her... to make love.." again..let the poor girl relax da..She is yours now..Wink

kissing her giving her graphic imitation, his hands caressing her anklets, kissing every bead, his fingers feeling  her toe rings, kissing going north, jhoomkas bobbing,  vermilion smudged, bindi misplaced...what a way to explain the explosive stuff nisha..classy and spicy...chapter was bhut jolokia..HOTTEST...Day Dreaming

Posted: 6 years ago
The Hindu Karma did really catch up with Subbu...didn't it? Awesome Nisha, you've penned another masterpiece.
Posted: 6 years ago
Whats ur Thatha's name:-

"she looked innocent, defenseless and trusting... his belly churned when he let his mind wander.." niharofying his woman adorable..happy and smug that he don't have to send her away..she will be by his side all day and night..Big smile
recalls her fears and realized making him happy matters to he felt concerns matter how much she hides but when in delirious state she just blurts her inner feelings..
He is happy to see her shocking face at the amount of pleasure he induced in her..happy to see her slithering when he touches her..smug knowing he send her to heaven..Embarrassed

II bhi item hai..shadi hi bhool gayi...but can't blame her..his love is heavy dose of chloroform , knocking you out of senses...she is wondering what he is doing on her bed..thought may be she is lo II..your secret is dream of him and now he knows that..he is playing cute of him..

All shy and blushing now realizing what happened for 1 or 2 hours..can't even face him..aww the dude is bothered that she 
hasn't eaten anything..her heart skipped a beat seeing his concern..""I wont look I will just pas the food over u can eat, I can turn off the lights too" he messed with her.." Don't get cocky dude..she will burn you alive..but then how will she visit paradise 5 times a day so may be will not burn you..LOL

still looking for clothes for going to hall not realizing that time is long gone..she is worried about her clothes and he that she hasn't eaten anything..priorities..she wants to get dressed and he wants her to be fed well..after all next session ke liye energy kaha se aaegi..Wink

"She felt her forehead and her parting and for some reason blushed when her finger brought back vermilion with it..." loved it..

He gave her his tee..oh i so wanted her to wear his clothes...thanks nisha...R&B is amused to see her in this shy state..I was like why shy..she is like that only when you are around..specially when you both are in your bedroom..ab toh R&B ki sole ownership rahi nhi room clothes, no phone..II is bothered how will she stay fear when R&B is there..he will just allow you to eat, make love, sleep, make love, shower, make love..what else is more important than these things...NOTHING II..LOL

SEX makes her hungry...ha ha..ha bhai..R&B jaisa lover hoga toh yeh baat to koi news nhi hai..OMG...Did R&B lied to her..making her raise her arm so that he can get rid of that damn bed"there is always strings attached II"..u forgot your husband is a devil..why will he stop himself now..he has license, rights and every authority of world to torment you..Tongue

The small moments you wrote were just priceless..him getting her filter coffee was just icing on cake..he bought it long back..did he make coffee?? i remember he was asking to boy for recipe..if he made it, i love him beneath shower..pani mai aag laga di..on couch, in bed, awake or sleep, half awake...3.5 months control kiya to ab sab vasool raha..but the best part was her running to him and hugging him in fear..she lets her guard down and spoke what she has in her heart..she wants him, by her a guarded house she feels safe only in his arms...Embarrassed

R&B you forget your books..vaise bhi you don't like reading them now..if she is awake she won't let you read and if she is asleep she wants you by her side...

Shravu is back and wondering why his chitthi lost her marbles.."Uncle R said u only sleep and never do any work"..ahem ahem..what u want to say..all hard work from your side and she just enjoy the fruit of your labor..

she thinks its seriously..II ka dil to vaise hi gaya tha abhi dimag bhi gaya...II questioning shravu and increasing his suspicion that Chitti has lost her mind..her parents are here and i was afraid what she will clothes..LOL

Posted: 6 years ago
ye lo naya update aa gaya..i was left with just two chapters...ab kal milege..time to sleep...
between Nisha, read previous chapters like 10th time and they are still fresh as dew and spicy as green chilly..they say classy things never go out of fashion..SoSy is kohinoor of all FF' matter how many times you read it, it never fails to make you blush and have a wide smile on your face..
Posted: 6 years ago
I'm so happy imagining Subbu's face now! It's the first time I'm including him in my imagination and what a sight he is!
Posted: 6 years ago
Of Likes and Parallel:-

"Shravu:She even has blood on her head, someone cracked open her skull SEE!!".. how cute can he get..
"she had no idea how many times she showered except that one time when he soaped her body.."..*fake cough*..Embarrassed

Shravu called Ranjan Thatha..totally adorable.."Hes a robber?"..yes little guy..your favorite Uncle R has robbed your Chitthi of her sleep and peace...His one look bought back memories of past three days..3 days of endless but satisfying torment.."Games of Revenge"?? what games did they played...I so want to know..

"Erotic asphyxation, biblio"...Arya is a lucky girl...

Her clothes were in the room entire time..ha ha...I was sure that R&B must have hidden them but bichara thoda shareef nikla...He is upset that she worries what her appa will say..she has been missing for 3 days dude..willing prisoner but still...she must be feeling super embarrassing at this moment..Dude is in blunt mode again..not sorry for keeping her knocked out, not sorry for clothes Sam bought..things trivial to him matters to her a lot...51 pieces of designer clothes don't bother him but worries her..he feels she is entitled to them, she don't want anything other than him..Ouch

"From her bruised face to her fat anklets  she looked picture perfect... like someone that was "loved" swollen deliciously and eyes sparkling, her entire body glowed differently he thought"..glow of love..glow of being treated like a goddess..

"he had quit shaving since Sunday, to her chagrin"..poor II..all bruised..loved her outfit..the color, the pearls..gorgeous..bindi and jhumkas..amma n appa ko butteringTongue..Amma and appa reacted so differently to her is happy that she is late other is grouchy..Amma thanked god for sending R&B into II's life and Appa cursed R&B for taking her daughter to darker side..Both parents saw their daughter happiness so differently..Confused

Amma telling him about her long hours of sleep not knowing that her new damad won't let her daughter get more than 6 hours of straight sleep..LOL

II remembers he don't eat bhindi and she just gave ammunition to teasing party..Vandu used the opportunity to harass her..R&B was all smiles, Ranjan in awe and Appa angry that dude is becoming his daughter fav..

"SHE DEMANDS TO BE LOVED"..same goes for R&B..both are demanding..although his demands are more clear when they are on 

"Appa:Thats why she is the life of D II (blunt)"..sorry appa but u have to use past tense now...Malcha marg has sole ownership of present and future tense now..

Loved the parents in Sam and but not spoiling their kid..Amma was just beginning to feel at home when Manny was mentioned..they can never be will always be different no matter how hard they try..Disapprove

II is eating from his plate..dead again...n yeh R&B kab se itna bolne lag wonder Sam is shocked..He is angry that she is still behaving like a guest..she needs some time dude..she can't act all homely in just 3 days when 2.5 of it she spend on bed only..II hesitation and R&B desperation will lead to many explosion...Ouch

jasmine scent, her mangalsutra hidden..Only R&B can see it..They are invited for breakfast and II is worried they won't be on time..touche to that..telling amma she isn't getting proper sleep coz they guy keeps talking...cmon girl even your mother knows how less he speak...jhooth toh dangh ka socho..Wink

"She couldnt wait to pour her heart out after Subbu encounter now she wanted to keep her experience private..
Akka looked at her sister fondly... it was no longer the Ishita filled with longing... this Ishita was soaked in love..."

of course..some memories are too special..can't be shared so easily...this Ishita is truly soaked in love..Blushing
Posted: 6 years ago
blazing career his new apartment... nothing seemed thrilling anymore
serves rightWink
Posted: 6 years ago
Things and tongs:-

How will you notice bruises are so much drowned in sea of love..kaisa kya feel hoga...Hmm..husband ki burayi..don't let him hear will be a gone case otherwise..

Sam and Vandu teasing spree has begun...n Sam rightly said there is no fun in teasing R&B..II ko pareshan karne mai ek alag hi maza hai..Vandu and Sam talking about children was so nice..Vandu wants a third child but can't have it..economic differences are so wide but still they adore each other..they make for the best BFF award..Clap

"Vandu:when Appa wasn't agreeing she said she would never marry if she cant marry him" more secret out...if R&B comes to know that he will fly in air..Embarrassed

Savita's absence bothers all..she was the live wire in house..after her demise home turned into II has arrived and none can be more happy than Ranjan..he loves II as she reminds him of Savita..R&B loves to listen to her..Sam adores her..she will be the energizer bunny now..Big smile

Sam said R&B is the most shaant, non-angry person..usko pata nhi abi chote bhai ki sachai..and II is in shock..don't worry girl I'm with you..can never include him in shaant caegory..she is afraid that he won't like her going through her stuff..and he is angry that she still gets bothered about it after their marriage..

yeh lo..yaha to car bi sandwich ho gayi R&B and appa ke beech mai..LOL

""I agree both are unique and cute, this one is a ladooo that one will be a rasgulla" II devoured the FAT cheeks".I so love small babies..
Amma is asking her about packing and unpacking not knowing that II got her clothes few hours back her advice to please husband..asking her to be less stubborn, call him with respect, cook for him, pack his things, find his things...II accused him of fighting and Amma took his side..wah amma party change..Clap

R&B clicking her secretly..awww..loved it..goading her about the packing and getting frisky with his things..and she said she will use tong..didn't see that coming R&B..hmm...dirty love or muddy love..whatever, it killed me..romance in open..bold...telling him to shave.."She felt his breath rise... along with the body heat...lean and too tall too tall... too unshaven... but he was her husband now..The adamant... opinionated... tall scrawny husband"..yipee II. all yours..

"I like your outfit"...what about dance compliments..woh kaha hain hain..mila ki nahi..Stern Smile

They are all voting whether II should go to D-II..i was like first take permission from high command..he will murder you all if you send her away without his permission..""Is ghar mein rehna hai to R&B se pangey mat lena samajh gayi?"" Tan is so funny yaar..yeh R&B sab chupke chupke sun leta hai..sneaky devil..Tongue

"she nodded going back into the bungalow, as the guards closed the gates... to the wealthy "fortress" separating her world from Amma Appa's.." u made us emotional in the end nisha..every daughter's predicament..

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