Software Symphony 9 Book Shelf Analogy on 144 - Page 64

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Posted: 7 years ago
I feel bad for Appa!CryCryCry
I would have run to DII at least for 15 mts if I was in II's place! Paavam that poor soul. She is having great fun hereROFL But she would be missing them also..! 
R&B as ruthless as always!Wink Vandu and Bala gelling so much with them is really nice!
As II says.. Its bad that Sam and Vandu only tease II and not R&B! But it will be the standard half smile even if they tease him! Koi fark bhi nahi padega usse!LOL
Sam sharing such things was so sweet! II has already begun to work on the "Sasural Apnao Andolan" as per Amma's advice!LOL
And what about the breakfast? Are they going to really go or...ROFL
SUBBU! That b****** has NO CLUE really I say! Wonderful. So contended! HhahahaROFL
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Posted: 7 years ago
Aye haaayyyeee!
No wonder she's befuddled. He's got her oversexed. LOL
What a way to keep her quiet and subservient! Wink

But now. I'm looking forward to the ass's reaction when he FINALLY realises. That's she's well and truly over him, and has moved on to someone he's sucking up to. 

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Posted: 7 years ago
ohh...i am so happy as Subbu is going to get a tight smack...he deserved itt.i am gonna llovvv the next one...Anyways II deserved much better for herself..she might be thankful to subbu at some point..loved Sam and II conversation..long live SoSy..
Posted: 7 years ago
OK in my head. Idiot SUBBU will be witness to some intense moments between RB and II. It will be great if he tries to dis II in an attempt to gain brownie points ad RB totally putting him in his place... Mazaa aa jayega.
Posted: 7 years ago
She texted him "My car's gone" and called him "My car is gone" IN TEARS

"Shhh" "I had the driver take it to the workshop"

He pulled his car out and looked up as the guard shut the gate

She set a tray by him he leaned forward and flicked her emerald jhumkas... she held it to stop it

The jhumka flicking shows he loves those ruby jhumkas a lot, hasnt he always played with II's earrings?? :) ...are they the same ones she wore on her wedding? Could we have more occurances of his Ma's pairs please?? Ok I re-read... Realized they were emrald ones from her appaLOL But my request still stands LOL
Him looking up to get her glimpse before he goes out for work... Awww... II has him really really grounded... N she worries about him seeing her... How disappointed would he be if he hadnt seen her!! The poor guy has just about started experiencing family bonds again...someone who he has most rights on...after his Ma, the way his family drifted apart or how he drifted apart, that man is only now finding his anchor, II is that anchor... Stopping him from being lost at sea, the wanderer he was... He even gets startled with her bringing food for him... The guy has sooo less expectations even from his wife. Unhappy Want II make a meal for him, repeat of breakfast poker will be funLOL But even if not, a heart tugging tat -e- tet will be awesome on some mundane stuff... Maybe about his very basic dressing - cargo n tee dressing.
The slightest of grief from II n he resorts to treating her like Lasya, shushing her!! She truly is his baby... I doubt he'll need kids until he peels off all layers of this multi-layered Present he got himself on March 8th... Oh yes, I said he got it himself coz he snatched it from appa, amma n even II!! LOL Another non-sex kanna moment when she is upset about periappa or even while leaving her family for Paris would be super awesome!!
He even tells her where exactly is he going... She doesnt want to go through his things but definitely wants to know the wheres n whys of his location LOL A thing we do with all loved ones! 
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Posted: 7 years ago

The detriments of living on the underside of the world -by the time you get to write in ...all has been said. 

The last 3 updates - Fab!  as real as it can get to depicting the lull  after a wedding hungama.  Kin from both parties meeting in a more relaxed atmosphere and initiating the first steps towards amalgamation of families that happen in most Indian weddings.  Of course Bhallas and Iyers have this social & financial Great Dividing Range that will always remain.  The practicality and sensitivity with which you've dealt it, is commendableClap

Appa R&B - Poor Appa... This cold war will go on ... but really does II need permission' to visit her folks. Dude is a caveman- confirmed...LOL

Like how Sam delicately tries to underplay Marliese's role in R&B past in front of II.    II's insecurity with Marliese may remain even after she meets M I think. The dude is not the types to go overboard to convince her -my assumption here. So she's got to read in between the lines..(or actions ?)and deduce the obvious. - Oh she'll  decode him and get there like n number of years.. LOL  But yes that's an interesting encounter to look out for

Subbu -his general intelligence is questionable, his gullibility is not!   So looking forward to seeing his jaw drop 

Posted: 7 years ago
I didn't get what happened towards the end can someone explain it . Also what is this yellow chord
Posted: 7 years ago

This one  is for R&B - really where is he from?? Like really kya hai woh?? Superman??? Nah...because even the mighty superman had very limited escapades that resulted in only one offspring some long forgotten sequel of a movie ...LOL  Super man was busy protecting mankind and R&B is busy promoting protected procreation.   anywayz jo bhi ho...his   drive ' ya   overdrive '  is  public to all and sundryROFL

II's  "2 gms of will power"  - Nisha you should patent this expression --- it had me in ROFL . OK so II will have to work on her will power...she has gotto  give the dude a run for his .

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