Software Symphony 9 Book Shelf Analogy on 144 - Page 53

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Posted: 7 years ago
Of Likes & Parallels

"First tell me if its Monday or Wed" II ordered
Shravu: I TOLD YOU! Something is wrong Uncle R

He stepped back from the bed but couldnt stop giving II curious looks
Chithi was covered up to her chin, her hair was all open and tousled, there was blood in her parting

Shravu:She even has blood on her head, someone cracked open her skull SEE!!

II: Peedai... thats not blood da! (shrieking)
During nalangu he had used sindoor "generously" she had no idea how many times she showered except that one time when he soaped her body.. and not hair

Shravu: What is wrong with Chithi

R&B: She is just woozy from sleeping too much
Shravu: Amma never sleeps too much!!


Shravu: I got a gift for the wedding!!

II: From who? (her antenaae shot up)
Shravu: Ranjan Thatha..
II blushed gloriously, her chest pounding... Bhallas were family now... ayyo!!
Eyes closed she interviewed him "What did u get"
Shravu: Get up chithi I am not telling (irritated)

II: Five more minutes?

Shravu: I am making Uncle R my favorite then'
She sprung up...
II: please take him downstairs...

R&B leaned texting...

II: Kanna u go down I will see u in 20 minutes, tell paati chithi is the shower

Shravu:Uncle R says u must never lie
II: Well Uncle R STEALS!!

Shravu looked at the dude in awe...  "Hes a robber?"

II: Umm... ya..(husky)
He stopped texting to look at her...

Bringing back a amalgam of memories from the last three days... the unmistakable glint in the eyes, the powerful grip... the fights over shaving
the flirting, the games of "revenge"

II: Give me 20 minutes kanna (begging)

She was sure she had a heart condition.. just didnt know what it was could be..."Erotic asphyxation"? Cant be biblio since it was happening for real?

Shravu ran out of the room from Chithi's craziness

II: I dont have clothes, how can I go down?

R&B: Sam says your clothes are in the closet...

II jumped up on bed kneeling down "Enge ta" "I checked ur closet u have that 44 pairs of cargos only, and 20 tees... besides those suits... where are my clothes"

He showed her the texts he exchanged a second ago "Her clothes are in the other closet West of yours...

"Ayyo said II sinking back into bed... "I was in bed because I didnt know where my clothes were?"

"THAT and" he began


"Dont u dare come in here ever... I have no idea what I will say to Appa" II was ashamed "is it really Wed?" she sobbed

He was furious at her feelings for Appa... but did not show it... "Ive been out of touch for three days?"  "I was so knocked out" she whispered

"It is Wednesday" he said calmly

He walked over to the West closet and opened the door... the walls were lined with the 51 outfits/sarees from Bhallas
She clamped a hand over her mouth  "I only picked 5 or 6 that day" "This is too much"

"Shes downstairs u could tell her" he said bluntly... She stood embarrassed clenching tangling and unclenching her fingers like she was caught stealing
"Its a lot" she whispered

He was unfazed... they exchanged a long stare...

 From her bruised face to her fat anklets  she looked picture perfect... like someone that was "loved" swollen deliciously and eyes sparkling, her entire body glowed
differently he thought

"I am heading down" he said unapologetic...

She showered slowly... didnt wash her hair as it would take too long... she wanted to save whatever was left of the "original sindoor" in her parting.
The hot water stung all over... she reduced the heat... he had quit shaving since Sunday, to her chagrin

She had scolded and abused him but there was no effect

She had refused to "give in" and that worked out "great".
There was tons of make up, art jewelry and clothes in her closet... ermmm including  a bunch of night clothes & lingerie as if Sam had meticulously planned everything in consultation with Vandu
Applied his lotion generously all over... her yellow cord was still sparkling new, she loved that... she liked the look of it the first month or two on new brides there was a "glow" to it

She picked an outfit Sam chose for her, in peach/orange chiffon, with heavy embroidery Ritu Kumar? she didnt remember, the long gauzy sleeves were devoid of work
And the back, it had a chudidaar in the most soft luscious material... the dupatta had a pattern across... hand crafted and detailed with pearls and precious stones
May have been more expensive than her most expensive saree?
She braided her hair simply

She wore  a big oval red bindi to please Amma.. and a dash of sindoor in her parting... only khol in her eyes... changed into emerald jhumkas,  Appa's 60th Birthday gift to her and Akka,
 he had cashed out an FD for Periappa's renal surgery despite her strong protest...

She stood still for a few minutes staring at her reflection, reality struck her... she was so out of place...

It was over 40 minutes when she went down, great aunt was there but no chachi

Amma stood up pleased... "Ishita kanna" she cheered

Appa turned to look from what Ranjan was showing him in the front patio... his eyes lit up like neon signs

Vandu and Sam were inside, Bala, Tan and R&B were in a far corner laughing about something
II ran up to hug Amma... her throat clogged up "Amma I am sorry I very sorry ma enakku teriyave ille it was Wed I slept"
Amma hugged her tight "U were not with a stranger, he syour husband what is there to be sorry about?" she hugged her tighter

Appa approached her... "Epdi irukel?" (how are u) she she tap danced at the spot she stood at, suddenly very uncomfortable hugging him?
"Good good kanna very good" Appa said nodding, though not smiling

"Umm eppo vandel?" (when did u arrive?)

"An hour ago?" Appa acted vague to put her out of her misery

"I am sorry Pa" she said softly

Appa nodded "U shud be?" look? "I dont approve of such behavior?"

"I dont know how" II said totally embarrassed
She talked about Periappa for 20 minutes desperate to see him once...

Ranjan finsihed up his call and walked over "Hello betaaaji, how are u?"

"Good Dad... good" "very well" she fidgeted

Amma observed her otherwise talkative daughter, there was a strange composure to her this morning...  a contentment? A glow...
Appa and her exchanged a look Amma 's eye shad a "Thank you thank you Thank you God... ermmm R&B my daughter looks positively divine and content"

Appa had a "HOW COULD HE" look "My pure innocent daughter has been tainted for ever... AND SHE LOOKS HAPPY?"

Ranjan: Have u had breakfast? ermmm mera matlab... have u eaten (trying his best not to insinuate she woke after Noon)

II: Ummm no... I will abhi, have u had breakfast?

Ranjan TEASED "Ofcourse betaji I am not married to an insomniac we sleep at night and eat in the morning

II squirmed blushing furiously... "Ermmm I ... uh... Dad... I will go get coffee?"

Ranjan nodded proud II was beginning to feel "like she belonged"

Walking into the Bhalla home like she knew where everything was...

Bala and R&B approached the group...

Appa: do u have to work when u go to Paris

R&B: I am afraid so...(softly) Not much...

Appa really didnt have much to say... he didnt like the dude any more than that evening he came proposing to his daughter... she was married to him and LOOKED LIKE SHE WANTED TO BE

Amma:  She sleeps a lot (apologetic)

R&B: thats fine... there is help (smiling)

Amma:If u dont wake her on weekends she will continue sleeping until Noon,
one time Vandu let her when she went to Munirka and she didnt wake up until 1:20 or something" (Amma shook her head in disbelief)

R&B didnt say "Well theres no possibility of that happening on my floor... I wake her usually every 4? 6? hours"

Amma: She looks very happy...


Vandu Sam and II returned bearing trays... II looked flustered and angry

Sam and Vandu looked like they had laughed their stomachs out...

"Appa lets eat" II invited

The help had laid the table... Ranjan's chef had cooked the most delicious "no onion garlic UP feast" today

The three women served while the men and Amma and Great Aunt ate

GA: Mooh dikhayi is tomorrow just before the reception so u guys are invited at 4?

Vandu was serving subzi... she began to serve for R&B "Umm ka he wont eat bhindi" she said softly in a whisper

OMG!!!! THREE DAYS AND YOU KNOW ALL THIS? 2.5 DAYS?" Akka screeched like a hyena

Amma looked startled "What happened

"amma she is saying DONT serve him bhindi, he wont eat sonna" Vandu laughed

R&B enjoyed every second of her discomfort... Ranjan looked in awe ...

There was someone now that knew who liked what... Sam appeared with dal...

Sam:Kya hua?
Vandu: Madam asked me not to serve bhindi to R&B

Tan:  Sam do u know what I dont like

Sam laughed hard

II left the bowl on the dining table and attempted to go in

Appa squirmed not enjoying the dude being his daughter's fave...

Amma smiled "She is very possessive of the people she loves she wont forget anything and she wont let u forget also SHE DEMANDS TO BE LOVED" Amma laughed uncontrollably

Vandu: vaal ma adu (she is so naughty)
Bala: she will hands on her hips, and sak "How come you brought something for everybody and nothing for me" when I return from Chennai
 R&B looked at his wife... intensely...

Vandu: And if Bala says he will visit and forgets, she will show up at Munirka at 10:30 and ask him "Varen sonnele yenn valle?" (u said u will visit why didnt u?)

Amma: She loves people and demands love at gun point (giggling)

Appa:Thats why she is the life of D II (blunt)

Ranjan: She will be now the life of Malcha Marg

"Do u want more raita?" she asked R&B...
He shook his head
"More paneer?" she asked softly

"Why dont u begin eating?" he asked

Amma watched the quiet interaction in the far corner...

"After u guys eat" II said

"Not hungry?" he asked

"Not really"

"Sleepy I bet" he chuckled without smiling

" Pigg" she hissed huskily

Vandu:Hey stop pampering the husband and serve paneer to Naniji

"Umm.. sorry... sure"

Tan: Bachon ne khaya?

Vandu: They wanted pasta... so Mahavir is making pasta for them.. they ate a week of Desi..

Tan: Bahar leke chalte hain yaar dono ko they were so good, they didnt break anything didnt set the hall on fire,

Sam: Bus karo tareef tan... they opened the hose on the poor guard...

Tan was angry "WHEN?"

Sam: The wedding morning at 10 ish...
Tan: Ground them

Sam: vandu even smacked Shravu it was Nandu's fault

Vandu: No excuses Sam

amma watched the easy camaraderie between the two how both were good parents, how they were all similar, before she could rejoice for too long...

Amma:Where is Manya? (curious)

Sam:Umm aunty she stayed with Vik at the hotel (casually)

Appa stopped eating for a second...

Amma realized how they can never be similar...
things were too different, the daughter of the house missing from greeting the brother's in laws? UNHEARD of in Iyers.
No parallels there...

Chacha's family was missing tho they lived 10 minutes away... Ranjan and Sam were the true family to R&B...
Amma worried how her daughter will fit into this "progressive family"

Ranjan: I want to eat idli sambar she makes

Amma: She cooks well I probably sound like I am exaggerating... but she cooks well,
Vandu is an excellent cook restaurant style... Ishita sings like a professional singer
They both have their strengths. Ishita makes good Punjabi food...  Vandu is interested in cooking, she bakes and tries new cuisine

Appa:Ishita is focussed on her career, she will be a Director soon, Vandita is HOD, both are ambitious

Amma:Yes she cannot think beyond her work... she works too hard...
she doesnt take a break... her light will be on many times after 1 or 2, the nurse will tell us"

Ranjan: How is your brother doing now

Appa squirmed "Ummm OK"

Ranjan: Oh! yes yes..  (he nodded understanding Appa's discomfort)

Periappa was in the hospital on Monday all day they hadnt told II as it was her first day as a married woman,
the sounds on Sunday had bothered him and his BP had shot up, remained in drips all day at Max

"This is too oily" he muttered at the baingan...

"I think it looks great"

"Tastes OK he muttered
She reached for his spoon and took a bite... "I love it Dad has the best cook"

"I dont eat much vegetarian he cooks" R&B said

"I will order him to make vegetarian only from now" she challenged baiting him

"Try it" he goaded
He let her eat the bowl of his subzi... "I wont eat any dessert II" he said softly

"Rasmalai bhi nahi?" she asked

"I will have mine" she said smiling...
"U can have mine" he said graciously


Sam: Two days and my bro speaks way more

II: Ofcourse not! I have to pull the words out of him ( grumbling)

Tan: Thats his nature... he has better things to do

Nanny brought Lasya II banadoned them... when they were all done...

 "Umm can I take Akka up to show her?" she asked him

R&B:I see u founnd some clothes (mocking)

PIG!" she hissed

R&B: I usually dont charge family so ummm... ya... (he tried to joke about II's hesitation about feeling at home but was resentful of it nevertheless)
II: I wanted to ask...
R&B: Quit provoking me around family

They stood in the patio, he drank BEER... with his food and the rest now...

Appa just hated that... II didnt care...

R&B: Will u bring my ipad?

II: No...(she sulked but stood in front) think of another revenge plan da

R&B: I had no idea your clothes were in the closet

II: U are a stinkin liar... Akka said she sent my suitcases home on SUNDAY (hissing)

R&B: I asked you to call her (defensive)

II:Kya kehti main I am in bed naked where are my clothes? (her husky voice quivered)

R&B: Thats a start...

II:U have no idea how Akka and Sam teased me...

He hid a smile

II: I almost died in there, tumhe koi faraq nahi padta Appa is angry too

R&B: Coz u were in your husband's house for three days?
They glared angrily...

Ranjan: Beta can u give me more rasmalai?

Appa: Ishita we parked your car outside kanna here are ur keys

II smiled taking it

Her husband sipped his beer wandering and chatting with Tan

Ranjan: I will ask a driver to park it inside

II:Ummm its OK

Ranjan Arey... its not OK ghar ki gaadi andar hoti hai betaji
(family's car should be inside) Mr Iyer your cars should be too I will ask Bala
Appa didnt care for extra intimacy

Amma didnt know how to decline such kindness

Amma took a ball of jasmine string out of her bag... "Can I put flowers in her hair?" she asked Sam


Amma: U know its not a Punjabi tradition

Sam: Aunty our bahu is Iyer so its right

Amma smiled "Can I have scissors?"

The help brought one... Amma layered a long string and pinned it
Appa: Mr Gurumurthy's Vedic CDs volume 7-10 is in your trunk kanna drop it off when u go to Gurgaon.. Hamilton Court..
II nodded
Amma put flowers in Sam's hair and Vandita's

She walked up to Tan to give him more rasmalai... the scent of jasmine wafted to his nostrils
Her mangal sootra was tucked in today... "Amma said it should always be hidden" she declared one night after love making
"Only u can see it"

Appa: Can u come for breakfast tomorrow? its a tradition...
R&B nodded hesitantly...
Amma:What would u like to eat


R&B: Anything is fine Mrs Iyer...

Amma: ishita loves pongal the namkeen kind with vadas... will that be OK? I can make upma or something also

R&B nodded unfamiliar with everything

II: What time Ma

Amma: 9?
II squirmed... I dont know when he will let me sleep.. how many times he will wake me... my nights are hosed


II: Umm kandippa (sure) Amma I might be late (softly in a whisper in Amma's ear)

amma smiled "I know kanna its OK:

II:Amma... I dont like to break your rules or Appa's rules aana ivan toonga vida maatengran (he wont let me sleep)(breathless) "He keeps TALKING"

Amma watched her daughter's face bloom like a crimson rose

Amma: Yes yes talking increases understanding

Appa gave his son in law  blank looks... the son in law didnt mind it at all

Akka and her walked up the steps to 2nd floor...

"Appa was almost ready to call the cops"

She was again laughing uncontrollably

"I had NO clothes, I was in bed for three days" II stopped on a step and told Akka the truth finally
In the kitchen she just squirmed and tolerated Sam and Vandu now she spilled the beans

Akka sat on the step and laughed holding her stomach
"U say that to Athim or ANYBODY I will KILL U... I dont care  if I dont get that niece I WILL KILL YOU" Ii was blushing and aggressive
"I will raise Shravu, hes mine... yaar kittayanum sonney... I will kill you" "NOT A WORD KA"

"OMGGG!! Naked and in his bed for three days?" Akka gasped and choked

"I told u he is a Rakshasan" II sat on the step. by her "He pretended he didnt know where my clothes were and..."

"And?" Akka asked innocently


"Was he good?"

"I dont want to talk about it" "I dont" II shook her head trembling holding the rail

She couldnt wait to pour her heart out after Subbu encounter now she wanted to keep her experience private

Akka looked at her sister fondly... it was no longer the Ishita filled with longing... this Ishita was soaked in love...

Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by nidhi.b23

Anu and Shevane...aap logo ka experience sun ke toh tension aa raha...shaadi is fun for everyone except bride and groom...

No wedding are fun, it's just that people around u have many expectations. The couple is the center of the attraction, u enjoy it 90% of the time and at moments resent it. But every couple is different, I had enjoyed the wedding and being a butt of many jokes etc. And your family gives groom more attentionAngryIt's the after that it hits you...U are leaving your comfort zone your home, folks and going to live in some else's house...that's over whelming. And in our case it was NRI's so court visits and relatives, pujas etc. had to be done ASAP as we heading out. Those couple of days were crazy. I had finally slept in the plane.

Posted: 7 years ago
@nisha i responded to your where is anu

we then got caught onto weddings.. lovely update..
will be back
Posted: 7 years ago
I go for all of an hour and the insanity has peaked.
No fair.
I was around for so long. With so little company. Cry
Posted: 7 years ago
"She was sure she had a heart condition.. just didnt know what it was could be..."Erotic asphyxation"? Cant be biblio since it was happening for real?"


Nisha used it in SoSy!!!!
#JoyToTheWorld #OverjoyedDiseaseInventor

Posted: 7 years ago
Calling you an awesome writer ...would be an understatement. 
Each update leaves me CRAVING FOR MORE! Embarrassed
Posted: 7 years ago
She even has blood on her head, someone cracked open her skull SEE!! - ROFLROFL
 "Hes a robber?" - Embarrassed Yes yes Shravu...he is one!!!!
"Erotic asphyxation"? Cant be biblio since it was happening for real? - AArya, tu hit ho gayi ROFL
his eyes lit up like neon signs - Appa, I know you will glare at the dude next ROFL
Okay, dude wasnt playing...Paavam...Sam and vandu were tricking her...LOLLOL
Amma 's eye shad a "Thank you thank you Thank you God... ermmm R&B my daughter looks positively divine and content" - Amma, she will open her motor mouth anytime now..No composure..No...nothing has changed ROFL
Appa had a "HOW COULD HE" look "My pure innocent daughter has been tainted for ever... AND SHE LOOKS HAPPY?" - There you go!!! Appa started it LOL
v - these women I tell you...must have teased kanna to the core LOL
Tan:  Sam do u know what I dont like - Tan!!! You are the most impossible person in every situation ROFL
Appa squirmed - there, AGAIN LOL
this Ishita was soaked in love... -I LOVE THIS Hug
Beautiful again Nish!!!!
I am just out of words..I was giggling all the while..The husband wife are now TALKING ROFL
he said FAMILY Shocked
Appa is ...I dont know..I dont care now..M in lala land ROFL
Amma is super intelligent...She teases II smugly...vandu and Sam in the open LOLLOLLOL
I so love this family now...Hug
I am in awe...I can read this thread umpteen times...BEAUTIFUL is the word ClapClapClap
Posted: 7 years ago

That was one good family meet up. Appa let go for your darling II. She is a goner now. R&B has corrupted her mind and soul.  Amma is happy looking at her daughter. Sam & Vandu had a field day teasing II.

I can never the fill of this story, as soon as i wish the update, I start thinking about the next one.LOL

which shall be 5:00 AM IST?

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