Software Symphony 9 Book Shelf Analogy on 144 - Page 36

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Posted: 6 years ago
yay ... Title change LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
I think I am having difficulty breathing... Need more oxygen in my lungs... The dude may say "oh its Fine" but that dazzling smile tells her about his desires... How he craves to be whole n sole of II... The center of her universe... Someone go tell him, he already is... LOL
Ok blowjob n orgasm... How do u do that awesomeness... Dude mann hi mann kitna hasaa hoga II pe!! ROFL
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Posted: 6 years ago

He lifted his head to kiss her, he held her pendants in one hand, like a child holding a piece of favorite candy...
Like cool drizzle after hurricane rains... a soft soothing kiss... she chuckled under his lips... he smiled too

They both didnt ask the other what the smile was for, for the name tattooed with henna? for the surprise discovery after giving up the search?
He gathered her and took her with him on to his body... gently peeling the pearly blouse off her body, it got caught over her choora...
She struggled unable to use her hand on him..."shhh shhh" shhh" he cooed

Pulling some bangles off

"No no no no I dont want them off" she muttered, the bangles lay strewn on the bed... burgundy circles on navy stripes...His arms held her securely to his form, yanking the right sleeve off first
She lay back weak... breathing hard... her blouse dangling off on one side up her arm on the other... one of her curves exposed, the fact that the bedside clock showed 7:07  went unnoticed

"I promise u can wear them back on" he begged

"Nahi... bilkul nahi" she fought as he reached for her bangles on the other arm

Her ruby necklace pooling in her neck, the gold chain Great Aunt pit on her at the prayer room, another gold chain that came with her wedding ceremony... he felt those..

He let go of her bangles and reached for the neck adornments.. she let him loosen the silk rope on the necklace he got it off her hair then the chains... he pushed it all out of the way they lay across the bed...
she rotated... moving away... flirting... he reached for her yellow cord...

"No da... no... " "No no not this" she begged

she turned away from him.. clutching her pendants protectively

He undid the hook on her bra... she turned startled as  she suddenly felt the pressure release the soft lace shrunk to a 4th of its size... to two slim pink traingles

His legs sliding between hers... gently, up down up down... letting her feel his hair... feeling her smooth buttery ones in exchange, his
tongue plunging into her mouth in graphic imitation of what was yet to come... he mimicked a action he had in mind... as she choked... escaping his onslaught
Her anklets shook as her legs felt his arousal... he stopped and ended the kiss... lifting his head to look at her legs.. his hands going over her anklets in sure soft strokes
Feeling every silver bead... she writhed in agony... at the fingers... and when his lips came in contact with her anklets she lifte dher upper body to pull his head off yanking the silky smooth hair on his head
her fingers slipping... and not getting a good grip, his moist lips moved up her leg... his fingers feeling her toe rings, she thrashed in bed like she was fighting a delirium after fever... unable to get one word out just short gasps
or prolonged distressed moans...
When she felt his lips on her thigh she bolted up... "Oh! please no da" she begged... closing her legs tight falling back in bed arching to get rid of his form
He stopped at her lace covered hip bone tiny bows on the trim, two colors hot pink and neon green... he felt every bow... for shape size and form... as she shook
straining like violin string about to snap

He planted kisses all over and got to her mouth and capped off the journey...
"Division of labor" he whispered hoarsely... laying back... they lay on their backs hungry and impatient and out of breath, he took her hand guided it to a place
he wanted it at since he saw her last night in her Bride's room...
She was terrified... her fingers rolled into a tight fist... " Vendaaam da no da... vendaam... enakku vendaam" (she begged in rapidfire Tamil) veshamakaran
" (u are  a tormentor) (I dont want any... no I dont)

He let her keep her hand and just slid over her... and began to move... in quick rapid movements

Her eyes flew open... "Well do it your way then" he said softly

She sobbed quivering... as he kissed her fully... again giving her the graphic lesson she moaned into his mouth

"No... no u cant sleep... no to everything II" he said gruff... his hand went behind her to her curves as he positioned her for the thrust... rubbing and teasing her curves...

"Later" she begged

He let his hand wander to the front under her lace on her waist... and rubbed once... splinters of exquisite sensation rippled through her...

"Now he said... furiously pulling his boxers off... holding her prisoner... as he shoved stuff off the bedside drawer.. to find what he was looking for... her eyes were tightly clamped? sewn... she didnt have the courage to open

He tore the packaging with his teeth and spit... she heard it, blushing gloriously...
Kissed her when he was done following through with his promise... and began moving again...
She felt her lace roll up on her thigh... as he slid it off...

"I cant wait any longer" he bit her ear lobe hard
and the first quick powerful and rough thrust
she cried out loud at first at the predatory invasion, followed by muffled sobs,
... he kissed one tear first and then another... "I am so sorry.. I am sorry" he begged... he kissed her cheek... bristly and scratchy
He felt her shutting off "II" he begged... "I swear it will get better" "Please kanna" he begged asking for more like a greedy famished man who was offered a chhappan bhog (feast) and it all got taken away before he could even take a biteEmbarrassed

her eyes opened spooked at the use of the word
"Dont kanna me... nee Rakshasan da" she groaned accusingly, sinking her teeth into his shoulder to hurt him and to control her own body's agony
"True" he agreed softly pleading with his body...Embarrassed
"No" she protested not giving him what he wanted...
He spent minutes coaxing her... and when he moved again she winced less... and less...

"Look at me" he ordered, watching her jhumkas bob helplessly begging for delicious release...
her bindi misplaced.. the various vermilion teekas smudged and almost gone...
the vermilion from her parting smudhed in places on the navy white striped comforter.
"No" her eyes closed tightly.. shy and afraid of what he was about to do
 his half smile in full view.. she missed...Beads of sweat on her upper lip and his body soaked... the collective heat in the room  enough to melt Arctic glaciers...
Absorbing him deeper... and deeper as he arched, holding her hips.. the sensation of being flung into a centrifuge,
as it began to spin and whirl and rotate..."Ramannn" she begged hoarsely, threshing, frenzied...fearfulBlushing
"shhh" shhh" he comforted her... gently,  though his body threatened quit on him
As they both shuddered helplessly, he uttered a steamy curse falling on her in a moist exhausted heap...
He held her tight and close... his face buried between her curves on the chest...he was still buried in her...
He soothed her brow and her hair and felt her steaming cheek with the back of his fingers... he saw the color rise, he knew she was awake.. and not passed outLOL
He kissed her cheek full and moist...
"Going to go through life with ur eyes closed?" he mocked...Wink
"None of ur biz... RAKSHASAN!" she cursed generously eyes still closedBlushing


"Vendaam... no" she  dismissed his attempts to talk about "it"Blushing

Notes to self:

Notes to Rakshasan:

He swung her on top laying back on the bed... his chest bruising her soft curves...he folded the comforter on both...
five seven minutes later her breathing returned from a acute cardiac condition to a steady smooth throb...

She was asleep within minutes... he slept too until 10 PM... left her sleeping... showered changed... summoned  dinner... turkey sandwich and cold beer
Checked hie email, no VM from his family but many calls from hers

He went to the balcony with his phone, one foot up on the concrete, between the rails, he called Vandita

"Hey Vandita"

"Hi! Where were u guys?"

"Home" he said

"Amma was expecting her " Vandu laughed

"Oh!" "Ummm" R&B said not knowing what he should say

"Where is she?"  Vandu asked smiling

"asleep" "Umm.. for a while now" he said softening

"Oh! Poor thing, she hasnt had a good night's sleep the last 10 or so days I think... bechaari"Vandu cooed

"Hmm" R&B nodded

"infact she hasnt had a good night's sleep since she laid eyes on you" Vandu laughed uncontrollably

He smiled

"Thanks" he muttered

"R&B she fights a lot... sambhalke (be forewarned)" Vandu giggled

"Thanks for the heads up" he said politely chuckling

"Chal talk to u soon" she hung up politely "Tell her I missed saying best of luck and Shravu will talk to her tomorrow"

"Will do" he said

Set his phone on the rail and rotated it... the flowers strung across the building still fresh and wafting cool rose like scent... lights everywhere...
the roses on his car dark...

The guards chatted... quietly

He looked across the street at the wooded ridge... reminded of a vision from not too long ago...
the night he returned from Sam's baby shower, how he fantasized making love to her when she only wore her ruby jhumkas.
The jhumkas had bobbed EXACTLY how he had envisioned them to... "good imagination" he chuckled congratulating himself...

He Googled Veshamakaran... it returned Tormentor, his half smiled appeared

It was a minute after midnight... he went in to wake her... to make love

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Posted: 6 years ago
Thud!!! DEAD!!!
He called her Kanna!! EmbarrassedHeartHug
Nuff Said!!
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Posted: 6 years ago
Nish.. I have a suggestion... You take a break from ur work, I will take a break from my studies... U write continuously.. and I will read and gush continuously. LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha you are the best.Heart
Need to calm my racing heart for now

Posted: 6 years ago
I just came back from India in january... I borrowed vacation days from future... Yet am ready to go on loss of pay for this n this ONLY!!! Are we getting more tonight... Will be torturous if we dont!!Cry Edited by harshita27 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Ok ! Now seriously looking for R&B to get married to him... 

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