Software Symphony 9 Book Shelf Analogy on 144 - Page 30

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Posted: 6 years ago
The palpitations have begun to gather speed, as the anticipation of THE SuhaagRaat grows.

I was out buying groceries with dad a couple of hours back. And. Suddenly I was hit with the realisation that II's daily life and routine will not be the same anymore. She's not going to wake up at DII and come back there every night. She's not going have to lie to make out with her Rakshasan. 
It's going to a whole new phase.

It's a bittersweet feeling. Like II, I've also been looking forward to this moment. The story has been building up to this too. 
Now. We leave the familiar behind. New lives and routines (for II), and new crescendos (for me as a reader).
And. New unexplored, undiscovered territories of physical, emotional and relationship intimacies (for R&B, II & FanGirl).

Thank you, Nisha.
You've given me a parallel world to exist in, and escape to.
Posted: 6 years ago
I am dead now. Never gonna hear from me you guys. 
Posted: 6 years ago

And wat a gift by II ? Wah !! Guess she made his day 
Posted: 6 years ago
reading are like blow jobs and orgasms
Totally Agree !!
Posted: 6 years ago
My heart is beating fast. this was explosive. Cant help but ask for more. I hope you are not stopping here and will continue till the part ishita will almost believe she is dead but will realize she is actually notLOL
Posted: 6 years ago

House Tours:-

II and periappa share a wonderful relationship... The love she has for him is boundless.. Reading him gossips, telling him about wedding, her sarees... love the deep love and attachment II has for the old man..Clap

appa and R&B...I just love when they are alone.. tension soar high and both don't know what to say.. Appa went into II mode and started talking about her ,revealing things unknown to him... then realized suddenly that he is sharing secrets with enemy.."Suddenly realizing he was sharing more than he should with the "enemy" he stopped".. the line cracked me if some top defense secret is out.. LOL  II is lucky... two men are secretly fighting for her.. asserting each other importance in her life..getting jealous of each other..2 men she loves dearly... I hope she never faces a situation where she has to choose one..Ouch

II suggesting him to go home and take a that even possible now that they are married.. don't they have to enter the house together or something?? "just walked as close at possible he could to her, lest she run away or something".. where will she run now dear.. everyone is ready to send her off with you.. everyone except appa... the motor mouth has started and he is happy to listen to her blabbering.. know everything is okay if she is talking.. its her silence which bothers him.."Between 19 steps she had spoken 10 SENTENCES he realized... she was a talker..."..she will speak 10 sentences and he one word..kya hoga inka...Tongue

R&B and amma are beginning to share a wonderful relationship.. his arms were folded across his chest while appa was talking to him but when amma started conversation his hands came out of pockets subtle way of showing he respects and care for her... loved this gesture of his.. amma pointed out all qualities of II like a good mother.. II here is also fighting to win.. girl amazes me every time...I so wish he calls her amma instead of Mrs. Iyer.. it sounds so formal.. may be will take some more time..

Silver Ferrari with red roses..Embarrassed." HE DIDNT HOLD THE DOOR OPEN FOR HER".. along with sleep, chivalry is not a word in his dictionary.."some of us usually get it fixed" II mocked".. loved it.. along with him we are happy that her sense of humor is back.. the ever freezing and nervous II was not acceptable..

Chachi proved that II fears as to how she will be seen by others were true.. she may have signed a prenup, didn't marry him for money but that won't stop others from making judgments...they will continue to observe her, assume things about her.. R&B may be heir to Bhalla's wealth but neither he nor she wants to do anything with it.. but I so want her to give it back to fraud company.. they have been looting poor Ranjan all these years.. R&B won't do anything coz of the hatred but I really want them to face wrath of Iyer warrior.. She already feels so compassionate towards Ranjan..if she knows about their devious plans no one can stop her.. not even R&B.. thoda filmy ho gaya but still just like subbu these fraud Bhallas should also bite the dust..Thumbs Up

II inner thoughts about marriage are really scary yaar..she doesn't have hopes from this relation..don't know if the marriage will survive for 20 years and this is her first day as a married woman.. she don't know why he married afraid she will hear something bad if she will go looking around for reasons.. she believes he married her out of lust..i don't understand how can she think lust enough reason for a person like R&B to get leave his nomadic life behind and settle down with her.. she really needs to see the picture clearly and only R&B can make her see that.. too much of insecurities in her mind and his lack of speech are perfect ingredients for a bickering , unhappy relation..Cry

loved this line though.." I CANT LIVE WITHOUT HIM I WOULD JUST DIE IF SOMEONE TOLD ME I CANT SEE HIM ANY MORE.." she loves him so much but is not ready to accept that he loves her much they have to understand about each other.. many layers still left to open..

"I will see u at dinner or at night or in the morning or in the afternoon" Ranjan giggled like a child..I can now see you whenever".. what an adorable happy with the new entry in his family.. would love to see them interacting more often..she can fight over politics and business with him..(appa would then leave R&B and will get jealous of Ranjan..LOL)

Loved how each and every family member gave some lame excuse and ran away leaving them cute.. Tongue all 20000 sq ft just for them.. you know the floors II but the job needs to be done by your husband and he will do it efficiently.."NO DONT GIVE HIM INSTRUCTIONS HE WILL DO THE JOB AND CHARGE ME".. she thought in her mind and R&B already quoted the price..mind reader anyone???

The Monet is so always gives us steamy encounters.. "her body exploded with pleasure, so intense she was flung over the edge of sanity... she shuddered helpless unable to deny the urgent needs of her body".. what a superb way to describe her feelings.. she is just not herself when he kisses her.. insanity comes up and all logical thinking goes away.. few moments ago she was in a hurry to return to hall for dinner.. I wonder if she will even remember dinner, D-II, amma-appa, cousins, akka now...anything...R&B has the power to make her  forget eveything..Embarrassed

eagerly waiting for next chapter nisha...plz usme galat time par mat rukna..please..please...Cry

Posted: 6 years ago
I cant review this.. This pool of emotipns..This is simply heaven.. Shit!!! I cant frame words also now.. 
I am in awe now.. I read it 7 times now.. I wont stop reading it... Gosh!!!! I have hot breath surrounded,  heart literally pounding away to glory as if I am being haunted by some ghost in the middle of this night... 
I held my breath again !! I am spellbound Nisha... Hats off to your work!!!! 
Edited by Ashu25 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
arey naya update aa bhi gaya...i was busy typing review.. didn't see it...silly me...

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