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Posted: 6 years ago
Coin toss & M.A.C Diva

They stood in a heated embrace long after kissing ended her kaliras hanging like 

vines all over his back as her hands joined on the back of his neck.
Her toes hurt from balancing her body on it, she leaned back relaxing settling down on her heel, her arms did go up to his neck any more

What strange predicament I will have the rest of my life, in order to feel his face I will have to be on my toes...
His hands molded her to his form slowly but not gently... she felt the wedding band on his left finger broad and slim... offwhite platinum like

They linked fingers quietly, her right and his left...

"Where is my charger" he asked softly soothing her skin on her cheek blowing soft kisses

"Mujhe chhodo main laakar doon"
(Let me go I will get it for you)
"Just tell me I will grab it when I go" he smiled on her cheek

"She shook her head"
"are those Ma's" he asked feeling her left jhumka with his right hand... 
his thumb feeling the ridges of the solid kundan, the burnished copper like glow

"Maybe" she muttered

He hugged her tighter with a groan, there was a knock on the door...
"Koi hai" she whispered...
He was furious at her fear... he was done accomodating requests he didnt care anymore
"they can wait" he said firmly
The knock occured again...

"Whats the lipstick?" he asked feeling the shade with his thumb

"M.A.C Diva" she said smugly

He smiled his half smile...

She pushed him moving side ways out of the bathroom towards the bed... 
HE WENT TO HIS LIL BLACK CABIN BAG/SUITCASE and set it on the bed, opening it to pull a pair of jeans out, he threw other clothes out carelessly on the bed
The knock went away

She leaned on the wall by the bed, there was a window inches from where she leaned
...  he pulled out a neatly ironed pair of blue jeans... and to her horror stripped out of his veshti in FULL VIEW

Her chest pounded at the careless display of intimacy, his phone rang on the bed... he bent down to check who it was but didnt answer it she froze
where she was refusing to turn to the window nor refusing to not stare at him
Like she was some statue... she saw the billowing folds of veshti unfurl, to reveal off white tan boxers?
She could tell he wore boxers when he stood by her in the bathroom...
His phone rang again, under the folds of veshti on the bed she leaned and pulled one edge slowly... like pulling the pail and rope out of a well in Madurai, right left right left
 until she collected the entire flowing cotton sheet... he picked it up and gave her a look she let go of it as if it was on fire...

He wore his jeans.. she heard the zipper echo across the room as he pulled it up in one swift yank
His doe eyed wife stood by the window clutching edges of her saree, her pallu folded in a neat half and tucked over her waist

Her slender form looking heavier around the waist due to the the way this red silk saree was wrapped
The border had a pattern of tiny zari squares... atleast four inches wide.. she looked like a younger version of the generic "Mamis" she had introduced him to.
The schedule had been gruelling, he wasnt used to sitting down and chanting or praying
The most he prayed was when Ma wa sraound on Holi or Diwali or Raksha Bandhan, or the yearly Lakshmi Poojas Ma hosted at Malcha Marg

He had been sitting on the wooden plank cross legged over 6 hours since last night... Ranjan's eyes had held admiration for him when he got off the stage after the wedding at 11

The Iyers had a tradition where the groom held his angavastram out  in  a bowl like fashion and the entire wedding party threw turmeric laced rice and rose petals as blessings
He had learnt to fall flat to get blessings like Mr Iyer did... his naked belly hitting the warm concrete of the stage various times during the ceremony
Women did not stretch all the way, they bent on their knees like North Indians bowed at temples
Her kaliras had caught on the edge of his veshti many times during such rituals, she would take on the task of freeing them he felt himself being aroused upon seeing her hennaed hands
 on his offwhite dhoti like that
His phone rang again, he answered turning to look at her, she bent down and pulled his veshti off the floor, and began folding it neatly, like she did that every day... holding parts of it under her chin to match the  edges
It was stained at various places with the white powdery stain of rangoli on the stage, and the vermilion border surrounding it, she peered and scraped off some stains

It was rare to see her quiet and speechless, he didnt know if she was shy or upset or mad... he had almost expected the Doc house call fee in his Bank Account, it hadnt come
She was reckless... like he was

But she wasnt quiet... so it bothered him

He answered the fourth call, speaking French... wandering around the room, she held his folded veshti in in her hand offering it to him like a prize
"Do u want it?"
"NO I dont" he  meant

She tucked imaginary locks of hair behind her ear to ward off the rejection
 he wondered if the ruby border around her face bothered her...
She stood hugging  the veshti shifting from foot to foot he saw her anklets were broad and had ROWS of bells sparkling silver like it was new unlike the one she wore to Malcha Marg many times on Sundays
She was as feminine as could be... an epitome in fact today, in that lil puffed sleeve cream blouse with tiny pearls all over to the hair the face...

She cried hugging her Appa after she got off his lap
He was scolding her holding her face in his hands like she was 5
Sending snaking jealousy through him... he wiped her tears with his thumbs
And joked about her kohl running, offering his veshti edge to wipe of
Ranjan had distracted him to introduce him to some Minister, he had turned away
She was still her "Daddy's girl"
She didnt hug her Amma as much as she did her Appa, he was seen giving her a sermon, she smiled nodding her head as if he had taught her how to cross the street
Or how to lock up at night
He counted on fingers, she looked at hthem in rapt attention following every word, snorting every few minutes fighting tears
Then they had hugged again

Ranjan wanted the Minister to be introduced to her so he walked over to Mr Iyer

"This is Mr Anirban Saha" Ranjan had interrupted the Appa-Kozhandai moment
Thankfully for R&B

She had automatically gravitated towards him... like she had never left his side
"Who is he?" she whispered
He had bent down way down so he could hear her she spoke in his ear
He bent down to say who the Minister was

Her Appa had left then, being summoned by some other greeters
 back in his room... speaking to William on the phone...

"We could meet at 6" he said in English
She took a step forward her face relaxing a bit as if she was suddenly relieved about something

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, and placed the veshti in the suitcase at the bottom... and then the folded angavastram
And then the clothes he had thrown out And pushed it back to where it sat originally

Afraid she had taken too many liberties already?

He walked towards her as his call ended and leaned over She lay back on the pillow terrified
her mangal sootra sliding on to the pillow trying to escape an onslaught her pallu stretching to expose her pearly curves

"Do u have my charger?" he asked pressing down

"WHATTT?' she muttered choked

"What were u thinking?' he asked

NOW he was back to looking and acting like someone she KNEW, the lanky Punjabi with the  devilish glint in his longer a "Good  Iyer Boy"
  he held her bare waist with his hand holding the phone she squirmed as the phone felt cold on her naked waist
She was half laying on the bed, her lower body dangling off it
"Its here" she let her right hand go under the pillow she lay on... he watched as she sent her hennaed hand on the mission... her bangles and kaliras shook as she searched

She produced it in a minute... he imagined her like that on HIS BED under him
 her eyes afraid and begging...

They fought over it for a few minutes both tugging... and knotting it
He let him self weigh down on her completely knocking her breath out, she gasped aroused and loosened her grip a bit he took it off her hand cleverly
not before giving her a half smile

She kicked him with her anklet adorned foot... he lay back in bed smiling

"U could pack my toiletries next" he offered

Sam knocked asking "Hey you guys, lets go eat and get the games started"

She scampered off to open the door panting... he lay on the center of the bed checking email

Sam walked in as she attempted to flee the room... flushed and edgy

Almost not seeing the baby, Sam giggled handing her to II
Sam: Toone change kar liya, lets eat
Looking at II" Did u sleep I gave you THIRTY MINUTES"
"Nooo"  she shook her head furiously


"to KYA KIYA?" winking

"Umm... Ummm... uh.." II fumbled

Akka came over "Lets go eat kanna, u guys have to eat and then well get going on the games, its 1:20 arent u hungry? Toongineya? (did u sleep?)

"Ummm no..." II said

Akka:She looks cho chweet in a pattu pavadai... (cooing to lasya leaning forward) "so has he begun messing with u?"

Akka:Ado anga phone la irukkaana avan (the guy on the phone)
II:I am going to eat, NO HE JUST ENTERED (II was back to lying so things were normal)
When the baby kicked her she could feel the moist area on her chest... 

R&B told Sam "I am heading home when ever u say I can to get a nap"

Sam: The car is being pinned with roses ruk ja might take a while

R&B: WHATTT WHY? (baffled)

Sam U are bringing her home right?

He grunted...

They sat down to eat ceremonially... he was scolded for changing too soon, she scolded everyone for not allowing her to change
Cameras hovered... food was served Amma and Appa served them reverentially
She ate little, HE ATE LOTS..., he fed her a piece of chocolate burfi, it cracked and fell he grabbed it with his left hand and put it in his mouth drawing "ooohs"
She fed him a spoon of kheer... safely... "feed him something with your hand" "Feed with ur hand" was demanded
Ranjan shook his head cheerfully "U are a sport beta" he said raising a thumbs up towards a her

She fed him a piece of papad "Not fair "not fair"

Vandu: She is deliberately trying to be dense so she can feed him everything one after the other

"Really?" she glared at her Akka

"Ofcourse she is " laughed Tanmay "Abhi usko sab khilaake chodegi"

She picked up a handful of juicy rasam rice "HOW ABOUT THIS?" she asked
"Yeh hui na baat" Manny giggled "Ab R&B ne RASAM RICE kidhar khaaya hoga?"

"U fed me three things already" he muttered not wnating rasam rice

"Oh no! u have to eat it" she insisted

He held her wrist and sucked every grain off her fingers... painfully slowly

"There!!" he said

"OMG!! UR brother is too naughty Sam" Vandu gushed

Sam picked up her jaw from the floor

Appa: Do u need anything kanna?

II: No pa, no rice for yogurt just yogurt in a cup

Amma: U havent eaten ANYTHING

Sam:Aunty, she can eat at home if she is hungry


Can this thing go on for ever so I never have to go there?
I can return to D II at night... I will make out with him one more time upstairs and return to my bed...
 Separation anxiety took over in the form of a 60 foot wave

Burying her towards the end of lunch

She couldnt even finish her lunch
She was led to a  colorful chatai spread on the center of the wedding hall chairs now lined the sides around it,

Akka was on R&B's side and Sam and manny on hers in a "twist"

Amma and Kamakshi Athai and were on R&B's as well Great Aunt, Chachi, Bala's mother in law were on her side

Amma suggested it should begin with II SINGING

"No Ma" "Please WHY SHOULD I SING AT MY WEDDING? ive sang at at everybody else's wedding

Chachi & Great Aunt: Puttarji humne aapko kabhi gaate nahi suna (laughed when they realized they both said the same thing)
II: Ummm... main hamesha gaati hoon har Sunday har Saturday paattu teacher ke ghar Malai Mandir mein kisi ki shaadi mein

R&B looked on amused SHE GOT HER VOICE BACK

Fiesty and energetic she was off, fighting another battle

Akka and Sam had made her take off her  head accessories though, her face seemed softer though the  area where her hair began was bruised and red

She sat there sulking, her saree riding up over her ankle exposing delicious shin and calf, covered in henna... in the criss cross view

Bala: one song Raja...

Janaki Athai: No one carnatic and one whatever (in Tamil)

II: How about one Russian and one Fren... umm (quickly checking herself) umm Arabic Athai

They all laughed

He imagined a sulk emotocon with arms across the chest tapping her feet.

They sat face to face, Vandita and Bala sat by him, her cousins Lakshmi her hubby Venkat and Aishwarya and Anusha and  her bestie Meera Naina and Fareeda

She was armed with all the Bhallas Ranjan sat by her beaming wide as if his company went public or something

Her soft lips were fuller and bruised, her eyes sleep deprived and tired but the fight? as ferocious as ever

K Athai: Cricket la panra madiri coin toss pannen (lets do a coin toss)

II: I dont trust you guys u must have a coin with two heads

They all laughed at her childish tantrum

Bala produced a 5 rupee coin, they tossed she lost (do u even have to know)

He turned to Vandita and said something in her ear

Vandu: OK OK OK Quiet Paiyyan ku aval first paadina aattu venumam (the song she was singing when he entered D II that Saturday)

II: i was practising CARNATIC!! NO WAY... PO DA!

K Athai: DA SONNEYA ? DA SONNEYA? (Did u just say DA?)

II squirmed

R&B: yes Athai (HURT!!)

 K Athai: NO Da... husband means respect... NEENGA SOLLU (Say aap)

II: If u want me to sing just shut up (waving a finger at him threateningly)

Vandu: Please kanna sing no...

She cleared her throat, "I dont have my Shruti box" she complained

Shravu ran up and got it from the "Bride's room" AMMA HAD PACKED IT... THE TRAITOR

She sang "Kanda naal mudhal" (from the moment I met you I fell in love with you)

Their eyes on each other, her words almost inaudible in some places, her lips dry and her voice quivering

He stared as if he understood every word...

The crowd cheered


There were a couple of people from the press  curious about Nalangu at a fusion wedding

The first was the finding the dude's ring in a bowl of milk and rose petals...

Shravu: Chithi I can help you I have a magnet (offering)

Nandu: Its gold its not steel dude

Shravu: Chithi can I try? can I try?

II: Go ahead da, if u win give it to me...

He leaned forward pushing his yellow thread as far back as possible on his wrist

She dipped her hand soaking her kaliras... she "stayed on her end of the pool" barely dipping her finger

Great Aunt: This will tell us WHO WILL WIN TONIGHT


II imagined GA and Athai being dragged away helplessly a smile broke out on her face... not missed by the dude

She dived in furiously trying to find and win... she encountered those goddamn slender long things in there... he grabbed her fingers the water went still... the splashing subsided



Manny returned from her hiatus "What did I miss?" making her way to Sam

"We suspect he has her hand, aapka kya khyaal hai?" ASKING HER SISTER!!!


She pulled quickly freeing her hand splashing milky water all over his jeans

"SHE GOT IT!!!" sam said in awe

"NOOO!! I HAVE MY HAND" II shrieked

The crowd went into raptures

Appa was angry his daughter was not winning he wished he could remove the dude's hand and let his daughter win

Appa would be self righetously angry every time II losta at a competition he wud always accuse the other player of foulplay

This was a PLUM OPPORTUNITY for him

Vandu: Try again, this is cheating u cant let him win

II: No its his ring he can have it

Sam pushed her hand in completely... they searched and he found it.. and held it she pried or tried to pry it... but didnt work
She leaned forward, took her left hand and carressed his cheek with a sultry look

He was taken aback for a second, he pulled on the ring and got out of water
Shravu jumped up and danced with joy...

"Winner" she said looking at him directly

The next one was rolling the coconut on the floor and trying to get it off the opponent

The coconut dipped in turmeric... was rolled she held it first... he leaned forward,  gently pried every finger off and flicked his thumb releasing it


When it was her turn. she tried for over 7 minutes huffing and panting and hissing almost falling on him but he didnt let go, she sat back quietly

The papad shattering game behind the head...

And the "shringar" game

He was to go first... he took her comb, Sam had bought a suitcase of cosmetics various brands shades and colors for the velayadal thattu ritual
He went forward held her chin and combed gently... both sides... picked up some vermilion from a container and filled her parting smearing the leftover on her chin

She stared in shock her insides hurtling at high speed...

"No no no, no lipstick please" she whispered...

He sat back giving her a break


He shrugged and picked up MAC DIVA HE SEARCHED 20 MINUTES FOR IT...


"why this one?" Vandu asked

"She said she wore it this morning"

"SHE TOLD U THAT? KAB?" Manny asked

"I asked her" he said shortly

They translated it for Athais, the dude spoke softly so many couldnt hear
Sam said it on the mike

He twisted it open and applied slowly... she instinctively rubbed her lips together

He sat back his gaze hot...

Amma had to look away...

Women cooed in shock


She leaned forward Sam gave her the brush...
She ignored her, held his chin and gave him A SLLLOW STEADY FINGER KANGI
HE CLOSED HIS EYES... feeling her breath on his face as she bent over closely focussing on the task
She held his face like she held Shravu's at home

His 5 O Clock shadow returning sending shivers down her spine

OMG!!!!!!!!! FINGER KANGI? Vandita squealed FINGER KANGI?

She sat down quietly when the job was done he opened his eyesd and looked inscrutably

"Even?" she asked

"Not even"...

Appa was talking to Gopalan the families were expected to be here for a 6 PM pooja...
It was around 3:30 now... R&B's phone was ringing non stop

Sam: Aunty can they go home and rest?

Amma nodded cheerfully when the games were over...

II sat in a chair surrounded by besties crying softly

He was on the PHONE...

Appa sat by her... "U can come over every evening"

R&B didnt listen to any more.. just took the call across the hall...
People lazed around  some went to take a nap... some chatted... some wandered
Bala and Tan discussed logistics

Amma and Appa suddenly realized the time had arrived...CryCry


Coming up...

Yep!!!Big smile

Edited by Nisha0604 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
You knnow what...I had had that thought that II never called R&B by his name ever in this story...infact she never takes his name... That calling of R&B as Raman was a masterstroke Nisha... Brought a smile... I think he wanted her to be different from others... I wish he makes her call him Raman from now on... Let others call him R&B, he should be "Raman" for her now... He can be the rhythm n blues kind sophisticated man for others.. For his wife he will be Raman... Devoid of any embellishments, layers n complexities... II should be the one to see through his each act... Ofcourse not from Day1 but maybe dheere dheere... Just like a many-layered present is unwrapped by a child... Excited as well as caring for what is inside each layer!
Loved the post-wedding observation II had of herself... She wanted a Selfie... I wish they both take a selfie in their wedding attire standing near that bathroom door... Their is more endearment in doing mundane stuff than doing over the top stuff
The atthais are at it again!! LOL Loved how Manny is starting to like II... Sam was anyway team II... The sasuma ke jhumke needs to be acknowledged by the patidev now! LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
::calling the ambulance, in case I asphyxiate, before I read::
Posted: 6 years ago
Breathe In ... Breathe Out!! Twice... Thrice!! Oh hell!! Breathing is so overrated!!
I dont think I will getused to R&B n II living together... You make me feel like I get sadistic pleasure out of II's fears of being with her dude!!
Malcha Marg awaits II Smile
Loved the jhumka moment!! Droolworthy n apt!! I loved the subtle reaction from R&B... Loved the fact that R&B realized II's silence was not her usual behavior.. N when he heard her talking again all was well in his world again Embarrassed
Rasam rice... N R&B's naughtiness... That dude has II wrapped around his little finger
The ring game was awesome but the shringar one was the one that stole the show... Finger kangi n diva lipstick!!! I think R&B will never buy hair brushes anymore after his wedding,.. II is there to comb... Shravu style chin holding comb!! LOL They do it best, when they fight with their heart set on winning!! 
Edited by harshita27 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago

I used to read a lot of poetry back in high school and even kept a journal of things that I penned down randomly myself. I haven't had the time, nor the inspiration to do that for quite some time now. This story though has left me wanting to rekindle my love for poetry and provided me with inspiration galore. Here's to "Coin Toss and MAC Diva" Smile

Kohl-lined eyes, 
Diva red lips,
A hidden half smile,
A breathless kiss.

A push, a pull,
A twist, a turn,
Fingers laced together,
A teasing burn.

Painted hands,
Stained deeply with love,
A longing caress,
A lasting rosy blush.

A quiet melody,
A soft hymn,
Unbreaking glances,
Secrets buried within.
Edited by nividances - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Coming up what????
Slow death of all of us reading each
word of ur coming update.

I hope ur kiddo is doing well now. Give
everyone haldi milk to increase immunity.
Posted: 6 years ago

I caught up with all the posts and was riding on all the discussions...and then  read...the possibility of a conclusion.. i went from a Oh no...sob finally ...a sigh and a relief... You get the drift Nisha... Smile. Thank you Hug

Now back to this chapter

R&B assessing II's actions /reaction - I love it whenever we get this peek into his mind.   He knows something is amiss when she goes quiet. Perhaps will tread with a lil caution . Okay maybe not...he knows not what caution is with IILOL

The Jhumkas Embarrassed - if passion and empathy could merge - this was it.

Romancing with a lipstick - Nisha you have like this magic bag that keeps popping out amazing propsClap

and II gives it back with a finger kangi...way to go II !!  Get to him when you can. It works both ways you know.

R&B II for more than three quarters of the chapter ...after a long time. Loved  it

Do we get the bidaai today? No stress... just curious

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by harshita27

You knnow what...I had had that thought that II never called R&B by his name ever in this story...infact she never takes his name... That calling of R&B as Raman was a masterstroke Nisha... Brought a smile... I think he wanted her to be different from others... I wish he makes her call him Raman from now on... Let others call him R&B, he should be "Raman" for her now... He can be the rhythm n blues kind sophisticated man for others.. For his wife he will be Raman... Devoid of any embellishments, layers n complexities... II should be the one to see through his each act... Ofcourse not from Day1 but maybe dheere dheere... Just like a many-layered present is unwrapped by a child... Excited as well as caring for what is inside each layer!
Loved the post-wedding observation II had of herself... She wanted a Selfie... I wish they both take a selfie in their wedding attire standing near that bathroom door... Their is more endearment in doing mundane stuff than doing over the top stuff
The atthais are at it again!! LOL Loved how Manny is starting to like II... Sam was anyway team II... The sasuma ke jhumke needs to be acknowledged by the patidev now! LOL
Beautifully phrased! Smile

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