Software Symphony 9 Book Shelf Analogy on 144 - Page 135

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Posted: 6 years ago
Knowledge Barter &  Treachery

The priest gave them a bunch of stuff to take home and a garland that was already
on the Lord, a jasmine garland... and said some special chants for R&B and her...

She was teary eyed at the end of it, she tried not to show it in front of him... he saw she was crying...
"Do u wnat to sit down a bit?" he asked softly taking the bunch of things she held,

The priest asked to go collect sweet pongal and salty pongal and panchamrit (its a five ingredient offering, that contains
jaggery (raw sugar?) honey, sugar crystals, raisins and bananas
Its supposed to be the most special offering for the Lord

She wandered out of the sanctum there was a broad rocky periphery with balcony running all around, normal mornings were breezy today was breezier
She circled it 7 times saying the prayers Amma taught her, he followed slowly on the phone... when she was done with 7 she waited outside the
 entrance with clear view inside to the tall dark stone scuplture...
Vetri followed her and went off to get a big bag so her things can be put in it.
R&B did... and handed it to Vetri and did what she did for bowing...

She wandered... watching the sights of RK Puram below...

She sat on the rocky balcony ledge
He took a call close by... and wandered back to her "Do u want to go down and sit for a bit?" he asked

"Ummm nahi, main theek hoon" she said

Natesan Mami found her after her own chanting was done

"Epdi irukke?" she asked II probingly

"I am OK Mami, Mama epidi irukkaar? Has he recovered?" she asked worried

"Hes OK, TRYING to recover" Mami said seriously in Tamil

"Its a big surgery" II nodded

"What u did was a big shock to him, he was hoping you will come to our house as our daughter in law"
she said in Tamil, like II had stolen money and not returned

II was startled, 10 feet from her new husband and Mami just  flung an accusation on her...

"Mami I am sorry"

"If u were going to reject Sree avanoda suthiye irukka vendaam" Mami said bitterly (u need not have roamed with him u know)

"Mami I told Amma many times my decision will not be influenced by shopping with him" II responded sincerely in Tamil

"U already knew this "boy" but you chose to go woth with Sree also" Mami said disappointed

"Ayyo apdi ille Mami I am sorry" (its not how it seems) II  said deeply hurt

"Sree was very upset even when I talked to him on Sunday" Mami said

"I am so sorry Mami I never misled him" II said.. more tearful...

"I wish you well, long married life to you, come by sometime to do namaskaram to Mama if u like he wants to see you a lot" Mami ordered proprietorially

II nodded sadly

"Nee aathu kozhandai... Amma Appa va enakku 40 varushama teriyum...
onnoda 1st Brithday punyajananam elathukkum na vandrikken en madila daan amma first onna potta
Madurai paati appo varale innum"

(Ive known ur parents 40 years, Ive attendee ur naming ceremony first Bday and all functions, in fact I was the first one to hold u")

Ii nodded

R&B finsihed up his call and walked over, didnt know who it was at first

Mami smiled at him "Do u remember we met at Vandita's house?" Mami asked him in Tamil

"Natesan Mami" Ii said softly

He smiled nodding and did a namaste

"U have stolen our Iyer girl... since I like her a lot I will forgive you" Mami said in Tamil

Ii translated for him

"Umm... uve stolen my Iyer girl since I like you I'll forgive you"

"Thanks" R&B chuckled...As if he feared Natesan Mami... in jest

"she is the most accomplished do u know, she is educated she sings, see she had such long hair... and she has a great job, Sree was unlucky you are lucky"

 (Author:LONG HAIR IN IYERS is like silcone implants for hookers... apologize for the analogy)

Unlucky and lucky bit AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT Mami said in English

She saw his expression change from polite and bland...

"Aathukku kootindu vaa avanai" (Bring him home) Mami waved  a finger haq se

II nodded... "Dont cook or eat meat, your Appa is a very religious ritualistic man" in passing she threw a few gems out

II nodded

Vetri returned to say Bye

She opened her purse t give him some money to get himself some books or school supplies

R&B handed him a Rs.1,000 bill

The boy almost flew up and hugged R&B

II:U gave him too much his Dad downstairs will take it

II: Why are u not in school today da?

Vetri: Unit test aacha romba padichittena cricket match paakalam nu ketten oru naal kuduthar (I had unit test I studied too much I wanted to watch WC Cricket so am off)

II: Next month I will coem check on u da

Vetri gave her a hug "Mama pesa matrara?" (ur hubby doesnt talk)

II: Talk to him? (she asked R&B)

R&B went down and held his hands and said "School mat chhodna, college bhi jaana"

"Didi mujhe tuition degi, 8th ki tarah" Vetri giggled

"Kaun sa subject favorite hai"

"Social Studies aur Tamil" he giggled

He smiled... "Didi kya padhaati thi aapko?"

"Sab kuch... aur main aur Shravu khelte the unke ipad mein" the boy gushed

"Aap Tamil nahi jaante?" he asked sniggering...

"Nahi" R&B said

"Main aapko Tamil sikhaata hoon aap mujhe baaqi" the boy covered his mouth and laughed uncontrollably like he had cracked some ginormous joke
they cut a deal for trading expertise

"Theek hai" "Deal?" R&B asked
Doing a High five and fist bump... the boy didnt know the fist bump II offered her fist to R&B to show him

He did a bump on hers his eyes not leaving hers...

"Ipdi da" she said

The boy ran away
They walked to the shrines in the ground floor... Navagraha, Meenakshi, Ganpati etc

It was 1:10 when she was done after collecting the yummy prashad
... she leaned on the car waiting for him to unlock...

"Are u sick?" he asked

"Just tired" she lied

He drove quietly to Akka's

"Is it OK to leave the garland in your car? It will smell like jasmine"


He didnt answer...

"what did u want to take for her upstairs?" he asked

"Should we leave this here?" she asked lifting the floral garland"

"Pick for a better location if u want to throw a tantrum II" he said softly pasuing after every word

"We will be up there for two hours" Ii argued

He was frustrated, he knew she was adamant.. but not to THIS EXTENT

She walked up the stairs quietly

Akka grabbed and hugged R&B...

"Enakky illeya hug?" (Where is MY hug?) II demanded

Akka winked and hugged her

"Sleeping bag bichhaaoon living room mein?" (Should I lay the sleeping bag in the living room?) she asked R&B

II gave her a nasty look "AVAN KITTA SOLLAVE ILLE" (I havent TOLD him)

"U SHOULD" he said

Akka went in taking the bags

"Akka doesnt have to worry, I have my own room now AND MY OWN BED" she said teary eyed

If she were a cushion or a soft toy or a stress... Super squishy smiler with very stretchy tendrils,
like the yellow one on his work desk at Malcha Marg and in Paris
He could use one RIGHT NOW...

she was driving him insane

She went into Shravu's room and lay down... turned on the fan... and the AC... even tho it was not needed

Thatha Paati (akka's in laws) were asleep, afternoon siesta...

Akka wandered in with him, she shut her eyes...

"U guys just rest while I make rotis

"Vandita we should have gone out to eat" R&B protested

"WHY?' akka demaded

"U must be tired" he said

"THIS IS MY SECOND da... plus we have to eat no? NINE months of eating out? Pagal ho kya?" she giggled

R&B smiled

"When ur biwi is pregnant I want to see how u handle it u will be like the sitcom dads hyperventilating

R&B's expression constricted


"Chalo biwi ko pamper karo I will get lunch ready shravu must be on his way"

Ii got up from bed "I will help you"

"Shut up and lay down"

"Is this the "first day?" he asked

"NOO! I cant go to the temple then... maybe tomm or day after" "U must make plans to go to work for a week when we get there" she grumbled

He sat by her... reaching for the yellow cord

"Dont touch me or my things" she said tucking it away from his reach...

Shravu came in a tearing huury flung his back pack on the floor "Nobody told me you were coming dude"

R&B hoisted him, hugging him tight

II closed her eyes...
"What s wrong with chithi?"

"she has monomyobacterium" R&B said...


Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Aksh14

Originally posted by Ashu25

This is anyayam.. Ipo na match paakatuma ille update kagha wait pannatuma.. Cry
Rendum pannu Ashu! A multitasker like you should not complain!Tongue
Multi tasker aa.. Adu epdi LOL
Adu daan pannitu irrukurein..
Yen phone charging vere..uff.. Hope it lasts til the update atleast Ouch

Posted: 6 years ago
Nish is online. 
countdown starts.. Smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Omg there is another week of R&B's torture?!? Bechara paris mei akela kaise sambhalega II ko? Lag gayi honeymoon ki tohLOL
Posted: 6 years ago
M getting hyper here watchig the match... That Taylor guy seems to not stop with his shots Angry
Indians ka fielding itta bura kab se ho gaya
Update dedo Nish... Ateast will be happy with that.. 
Subahssubah I woke up to watch this eh Cry
Indians ka batting kaisa hoga pata nahi ab 
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Ashu25

M getting hyper here watchig the match... That Taylor guy seems to not stop with his shots Angry
Indians ka fielding itta bura kab se ho gaya
Update dedo Nish... Ateast will be happy with that.. 
Subahssubah I woke up to watch this eh Cry
Indians ka batting kaisa hoga pata nahi ab 
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Posted: 6 years ago
R&B's strained behavior leaves me with the impression that he is like a bomb waiting to explode. A Parisian explosion maybe? They are both behaving like they are on pins and needles with each other, slowly trying to tread the water without causing too many disturbance around them.
I love R&B-Shravu bonding over II's recurring case of monomyobacterium...perhaps she should get it checked out though; she may need some sort of prescription to deal with it. Wink LOL

Posted: 6 years ago
I dont know about II but the Zimbs are dribing me crazy with their shots... India can really go home withut a thought... They need not play the game also 

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